Bad joke Easter.

What do you call a happy Easter Bunny?

Easter-Bunny-Free-HD-Wallpaper-35A Hop tomist. What a classic.

How much does a pirate charge for a earring?


A Bucc an ear.   

What do you get hanging off banana trees?


Sore Arms. How I laughed.

There you go folks I can’t tell any more as it’s hard to see the screen from wiping tears of laughter from my eyes.

Add your own and a prize will be given for the funniest joke of Easter.

Sometimes it’s good to forget the bad and be silly. If your driving over the break please be careful and stay safe

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  1. I better ask on this new page..:
    Joe6p’ ; What happened to the gold-plated merc’?

    • I understand it was a realisation that Mercs and beach-loving dogs, one of whom enjoys rolling in dead fish, don’t really mix.

  2. A letter to The Age from a Geelong reader

    The irony behind the flashy billboards promoting the government’s newfound fascination with “innovation” is that it wishes to shackle a fantasy highly skilled workforce in high-tech, niche manufacturing to an IR approach that is more akin to a 19th-century workhouse. This one-dimensional approach to “innovation” needs to seize the opportunity to look at new ways of organising the workplace. Numerous studies have shown that staff with a genuine say in their workplace are more productive. Furthermore, workplaces with genuine programs of industrial democracy (let alone worker shareholders or other forms of shared ownership) are significantly more dynamic and efficient. What a far cry from the disconnected, highly casualised workforce to which Liberal party policies have given rise.

    Geoff Drechsler, Bell Park

    • Well, that’s all very well but it doesn’t hold up if ‘Innovation’ is merely being used as a slogan. Which it is. There’s nothing at all behind it. For Turnbull, it’s just one of those feel-good words that lets everyone think of him as progressive without him having to lift a finger.

      At its most sincere, it’s saying “We don’t have any ideas, so does somebody want to offer us some?” But I doubt it’s even as advanced as that. It’s just a pretence at achievement without any expectation that anything will come of it. Sloganeering.

  3. Is it too late to tell a joke?


    Bloke (a travelling salesman) walks up to the bar in a country pub and orders a schooner.

    Barman takes his order and says to the bloke next to the Bloke, “Another one, Donkey?”

    “Donkey” nods. Two schooners are produced.

    Bloke orders another beer. Barman takes the order and asks the other guy, “Schooner for you too, Donkey?”

    “Donkey” nods. Two more schooners are poured.

    Other locals pass by the bar. They all say hello to Donkey. “Gidday Donkey? How’s the wife?” and “Geez Donkey, don’t you have a home to go to?” and similar greetings.

    When it’s time for a refill the Bloke orders a schooner. He tells the barman, “And one for my mate… Donkey.”

    By the time it’s last drinks, the Bloke and Donkey have had 11 schooners each, and both are pretty ripe.

    Barman calls, “Final orders gentlemen!”

    Bloke orders a drink and wakes up Donkey (who has fallen asleep at his bar stool).

    “Wannanther beer Donkey?”

    “Yessssh thanksssssh,” replies his companion.

    “Two beershhhh, please Mine Host,” blurts the Bloke.

    “These are the last,” the barman says. “Boss says: they’re on the house.”

    “Thankshhhhh buddy,” both the Bloke and Donkey retort.

    As the lights are gradually switched off, the Bloke and Donkey are the only two patrons left in the pub. The bloke says, “I’m back off to Sydney tomorrow. I’ve done my time in the bush.”

    “That’shhhhh gooodddd, Bloody bewdy,” says Donkey, by now completely in his cups.

    “So, before I go, tell me,” asks the bloke, “because we’ll probably never meet again… why do they call you Donkey?”

    “That’shhh a good queshhhtion,” he replies. “I dunno why…”

    “Oh, you MUST kknow why,” the Bloke complains.

    “No…I don’t. It’s just that—”

    “It’s just that WHAT, Donkey?”

    “I dunno, shorry… ‘e-awww, ‘e-awww, ‘e always calls me that.”

  4. ” Numerous studies have shown that staff with a genuine say in their workplace are more productive. Furthermore, workplaces with genuine programs of industrial democracy ,,,are significantly more dynamic and efficient.”
    Come on down Germany. Labor should suggest we adopt German laws on this matter just for the fun of being able to witness a mass head explosion in LNPland , BCA world and planet IPA.

    Codetermination in Germany is a concept that involves the right of workers to participate in management of the companies they work for.[1] Known as Mitbestimmung, the modern law on codetermination is found principally in the Mitbestimmungsgesetz of 1976. The law allows workers to elect representatives (usually trade union representatives) for almost half of the supervisory board of directors. The legislation is separate from the main German company law Act for public companies, the Aktiengesetz. It applies to public and private companies, so long as there are over 2000 employees. For companies with 500-2000 employees, one third of the supervisory board must be elected..

    There is also legislation in Germany, known as the Betriebsverfassungsgesetz, whereby workers are entitled to form Works Councils at local shop floor level

    ……….Codetermination aims principally to give worker a voice in the company decisions. This means matters on organisation of the business, the conditions of work and the management of personal and economic decisions affecting the future of the company and jobs. Workers therefore choose Works council representatives and members of the board to represent them.

  5. I am disgusted by the officeholders of the SDA, the shoppies those right wing faction warriors who have control of the union to force their world view on their union. The SDA BA Santamaria acolytes work hard against their members interests to ban abortion and same sex marriage

    The HSU is another story of union officials working against their members interests. Craig Thomson said he was sent to Victoria to clean up the union – I think he wasn’t lying

    • Damned right the SDA. The “management” are a blight . That particular archaic social attitudes dominated management for so many decades says democratic

  6. lated mjaycee423
    I better ask on this new page..:
    Joe6p’ ; What happened to the gold-perc’?

    The silver Merc was finally decided as being a fantastic car but not suited to our requirements in the end.

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