Merry Christmas to All


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With Merry Christmas in Different Languages

Australia is such diverse multicultural society that a guide to giving this traditional greeting in a few different languages seems warranted. This diversity in our population brings a variety of holy days, celebrations and traditions as well as modern variations for us to enjoy.

Merry Xmas around the world.

Please share other greetings, languages, practises, traditions, anecdotes, stories or memories as you like, in the Comments.

From all at The Pub we wish you a Merry Christmas or equivalent and a Happy New Year.

Thank you, all our The Pub readers, contributors, commenters and lurkers. Pull up a seat at the bar, get your favourite beverage and toast all your wonderful efforts, and results in 2022. You are never alone in The Pub!

Do you want a game for Christmas guests? Go to this site to print off these, free for personal use.

‘Merry Christmas’ Language Match Around the World Game

The website has the most comprehensive list of translations.


KYIV Children′s Choir singing ′The Carol of the Bells’ in Carnegie Hall to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of its first performance there

It was written by Ukrainian musician Mykola Leontov. . The children′s bravery, singing in Carnehie Hall as their country is beset by invasion, is awe-inspiring and humbling. No doubt some of them have experienced loss of loved ones and homes, while practising in the dark as Russian missiles hit their citiesand villages.. Or their families are in danger back in Ukraine, their parents, siblings, in a war zone.

If anyone deserves love and mercy this Christmas it is the children of Ukraine.

May it be so.

Princess Lily White with a Xmas Rose.

AND…Grand Dragonette’s hand-made Christmas decorations, do you notice the grumpy koala? 😁

Deadly Conclusion

At what point do we stop pretending that extreme right-wing ideology does not lead to death?

The killers of the Queensland police officers and the helpful in recent hours shocked us all. But even more shocking is to watch the media try to shift the blame.

From job dissatisfaction to a love triangle to drug consumption to mental illness, all have been canvassed as a reason for the murders.

Reports of the perpetrator being a member of numerous extremist rightwing online groups, involved in conspiracy theories of the kind perpetuated by extremist right-wing commentators in the mainstream media and held as normal even by some politicians, seem to be ignored in the plethora of excuses. We are being led to believe this was a good citizen reacting violently to social pressures while suffering mental illness.

People with mental illness, in my opinion, have a right to be outraged by this media assumption.

In fact, those most at risk of harm from people with mental health issues are THEMSELVES!!!! They are more likely to self-harm or kill themselves than hurt other people. Read that sentence again and imbed it into your mind. Recall it every damned time some media person or other lowlife tries to use mental illness as an out for white domestic terrorists.

We ask for fair and accurate reporting, We are not getting that.

I also ask; When will we accept the inevitable conclusion to years of broadcasting and sharing hate, social division, white self-pity and demonisation of social progress and to perpetrating the extreme rightwing ideology which justifies and gives permission for murder? When will these issues be seriously discussed by our media? When was the last time you turned on your media device to see the MSM tackling this issue.

What politicians, whom we cannot name because Australia’s libel laws protect them, trade division for votes? Who goes on tv sitting next to white extremists, or coddles hate-merchants or offers comfort to racist, sexist bigots? They have the ‘freedom of speech’ to do it, after all. But eventually, someone with a social gripe enters a mosque and kills worshippers, they go to a school and kill children, They spree kill people at a concert, they storm a political building to overthrow an election result, they go to an island where the leftwing Labour Party is having a youth camp where they hunt down and shoot teenagers, and they ambush cops.

We have a lesson to learn and a society to repair.

Merry Christmas, but not for some.

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