11th Hour, 11th Day, 11th Month, 1918. Lest We Forget.

The final ceasefire of World War One, the war to end all war except it didn’t.

Let these images help us remember the animals who served. Let us also remember the farm animals, pets and wildlife who were the innocent victims of human stupidity, stubbornness and sense of superiority. We had a choice. They did not. Lest We Forget.

Only one horse was taken back to Australia at the end of WWW. Some were transferred to the British Army in India, some went to the abattiors to become meat for the troops. A lot were shot by their own riders to give them a quick and humane end. It is understandable but tragic that these horses were fated not just by the logistics of returning., but our animal diseases quarantine laws.

Of course WW1, in my opinion, was just the royal houses of Europe and Britain, all related, squabbling over territory. A family feud played out with the lives of millions. Then the end of WW1 was the beginning of World War Two, followed by the cold war, and the crazy era of nuclear Mutually Assured Destruction.

(I will load citations later).

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  1. TPP: ALP 55 (0) L/NP 45 (0)
    Primaries: ALP 39 (+1) L/NP 35 (0) GRN 11 (0) ON 6 (0) OTH 8 (-1)

    Preferred PM: Albanese 59 (+5) Dutton 24 (-3)
    Albanese: Approve 62 (+3) Disapprove 29 (-4)
    Dutton: Approve 36 (-3) Disapprove 45 (-1)


    Anthony Albanese on a high after year of success: Newspoll
    8:30PM DECEMBER 4, 2022

    Anthony Albanese will end the year in a commanding electoral position, posting his highest voter approval since becoming Prime Minister after declaring to have delivered on Labor’s core election commitments in the first six months of office.

    The Labor leader has also ­enjoyed a surge in support as the preferred prime minister despite pressure mounting to act on ­energy prices.

    An exclusive Newspoll commissioned by The Australian shows popular support for Labor also lifting after delivering controversial industrial relations ­reforms and following a week of partisan political battle over the censure motion against former prime minister Scott Morrison.

    But support for minor parties and independents fell to the ­lowest level since the May ­election.


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