It aint all bad



The lights are on


download (9).jpeg

images (19).jpeg


Animals are grazing



Spring has sprung

images (20).jpeg

This hasn’t happenedkoala.jpg

images (21).jpeg

This is funny

images (22).jpeg



Whatever we live with and disagree about at least it is better than being here

images (23).jpeg




International Cat Day (so moi’s a bit late …)

As many of you may know, it was International Cat Day on Tuesday 8th August. And yesterday was International Lion Day. So, in my role as Dame Queen Fiona, I thought it appropriate that we should take time this evening to pay our respects to our true masters and mistresses …..

The Felines (lol)

First, in honour of a very special large cat:

Then (it almost goes without saying) there’s Grumpy Cat:

Shinakano the Zen cat:

and for a little ‘awwwwww!’, remember this?

not to mention the Husky kitten:

and possibly best of all, blind labrador Terfel and his guide:

Enjoy your evening, and remember …