Australia Votes 2022

IMPORTANT UPDATE: ALP WINS! The Honourable Anthony Albanese is sworn in as Australia’s 31st Prime Minister.

Get your Democracy Sausage!


The most important day of 2022 for Australia is almost here.

Tomorrow, Saturday 21st May 2022 is the day Australians decide how they are going to live in the next three years, and the decades influenced by that time.

We vote in the 2022 Federal Election. 

It is a stark and clear choice. We either continue to live the same or worse lives under a nefarious, disingenuous Right Wing government driven by religious and political zealotry, partisanship and questionable ethics or we can choose the only other major party who can change the course of the nation towards a better future. 

We can choose the incumbent Liberal Party Prime Minister who mixes his politics with his religion and who claims a divine message from an eagle in a painting inspired his ascent to the top job of leading this nation.  Otherwise, we can choose Labor, the party whose leader will become the Prime Minister and whose solid experience includes living and working amongst some of the most disadvantaged in Australia, with the residents and workers in working-class suburbs. 

The Labor Party has an extensive team of talented experienced and enthusiastic candidates. The Liberal Party and National Party have a team that appears to be dead-scared of a FICAC, going by the Prime Minister’s refusal to keep his election promise to set up a Federal Independent Commission Against Corruption. 

I am hoping that Labor and good Independents win their seats tomorrow so we can escape this nightmare of a government at last and see off our inhumane, international embarrassment of a Prime Minister.

It is the people’s turn to have their say.

For all volunteers from all parties and independents who have and will be helping in this and every election, thank you for your commitment to our democracy.

A big thank you from a grateful nation goes to some of the most under-rated, hardworking, and dedicated people whom Australia has the privilege of employing; the staff of the Australian Electoral Commission. If anyone wants to dispute that Australia’s democracy stands on their shoulders and that the AEC should be the envy of the democratic world, just look over the street at elections in the USA.

There is even an AEC site where you can practise voting.

Hopefully, AEC staff hand-counting every vote will see more thankyou messages scribbled in the margins of ballot papers than the usual drawings of penises and testicles, or the universal message to our politicians to Eff Off. I like to leave a kind message, in the margins away from the candidate’s boxes on my completed ballot. I feel very proud after I vote. It is both a right and a privilege in our uncertain world.

Please enjoy your Democracy Sausage!

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A contrast between the two major parties:

Here is an interesting article that uses a different style of map that shows the distribution of federal electorates held by the major parties.

The Australian election map has been lying to you

By Colin Gourlay, Georgina Piper, Tim LeslieCristen Tilley and Matt Lidd



It is the time of the major Christian festival, Easter. Its name is said to come from Eostre, or Eostrae, the Anglo-Saxon Goddess of spring and fertility. This was a time in the ancient Britannic world when the new season was welcomed. After the dark Winter, people enjoyed festivals to mark the new life of Spring. This also explains the giving of eggs for Easter, to signify the new lives to come and the celebrations of hope, joy, and fun. The bunny celebrated fertility.

 Are there themes that the non-religious or those from other faiths, take from the Christian Easter? What can voters in the next Australian Federal election take from Easter?

The Christian festival is wrapped up in the story of Jesus rising from death, to proclaim new life for all people. Most cultures and religions have a festival to celebrate the shedding of the old and welcoming the new. We are now in Ramadam, the period of fasting and giving in the Moslem faith, which is followed by the family celebrations when it is finished and a new cycle of faith begins.

We can go back to the pagan ceremonies, taken over by the Christians for convenience, which looked forward to a new spring, new plants, fruits, new wildlife, and new humans being conceived.  It was a time when there would be plenty to eat, the weather was nice and the daily grind of survival was easier than during the dark and cold, often frozen Winter. Old straw mattresses were tossed out and new, fresh beds made up.

Easter also says it is never too late to take a better path or live a different life.  The despair of Easter Friday is lifted on a joyous Easter Sunday. Although from then on, the next day or week may still be difficult, and the next month and the next year, and even the next decade hard, that bright day when the Ancients hoped for nothing more than another good season, can be our inspiration as well. 

Sometimes to survive until your time comes is enough.

In the Southern hemisphere, we go into Winter after Easter but we can always look to the Spring beyond. Those who plant our Autumn bulbs know that the plants are absorbing energy and growing, quietly, out of sight. They bloom gloriously when our side of the Earth reaches the part of our orbit around the Sun which gives the flowers their time in the sun. 

And so the world turns.

We also may think our lives will never see the sun, that we are in a perpetual Winter.  I am certain the grief-stricken victims of the wars in the world think that, too, with very good reason. We can only hope they get a time when they can safely sit in the sun with memories that comfort them. 

 This is also a time when those who bring Winter into the lives of others can step back, and just stop doing it. They can count the cost to themselves as well as others, and realise that at the end of it all, it just is not worth it. All the energy, resources, and time spent to make others unhappy is a lost opportunity to gain their own happiness. Does the dictator sleep well without guards, locks, and alarms? Does their power bring them anything but their own self-imposed prison? Can he or she just sit in the sun, with their memories, without dragging Winter into the seat next to them?

Can a President or Prime Minister, or any leader who lets only some select few sit by the fire in Winter while leaving others outside to bear the cold as best as they can, expect his or her Springs to last forever?

 The Story of Easter says not, unless they cast aside their destructive ways forever and make good, and atone for their past behaviour and the consequences of their actions.

During this festival of giving eggs and chocolate and celebrating happiness, we can look at ourselves and see if our choices are bringing Spring to others and ourselves. 

In Australia, we do that every time we vote, for we are fortunate that we do not have to do it with weapons. The vote we make is critical, so I say, vote to bring in Australia’s Spring, the new life we need. Wave off our long Winter, and those who brought it to us. Bring in new talent, new ideas, and new hope. 

How does Easter help voters?

In my opinion, in Australia the current government has given us a nine-year social and economic Winter. I see the most vulnerable left out in the cold, and also many others kicked out into the cold with them, judged worthless.

If we want a new Spring in Australia we have to make sure the political world turns towards the sun, and new life is breathed into our Parliament.  Change the government.

Give our people their Spring. 



Our best wishes go out to Moderator Leone2, who is in hospital with a broken hip. Her son Steve kindly informed The Pub. I must say to be thinking of other Pubsters at such a traumatic time is going beyond expectations. We will organise a Gold Echidna With Bar for Leone2 and her son Steve to thank them and recognise Leone2’s valued contribution to The Pub.

Puff, the Magic Dragon.

F#ck Off Putin! Zelensky is the Real Leader.

Ukraine President Zelensky’s speech to the Russian People. English Subtitles. Zelenskyy’s, speech Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky has given a powerful address directed to Russia. ‘We will defend ourselves, he said. ‘Not attack, but defend ourselves. And when you attack us, you will see our faces, not our backs, but our faces.’ Zelensky made the remarks in a 10-minute address posted on Telegram during which he spoke in both Ukrainian and Russian. The Ukrainian leader said Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, had not replied to his invitation to hold talks. (from The Guardian website.) 

President Zelensky is a real leader. Putin is another megalomaniac authoritarian bully, who has no role in leading a country in this, the 21st Century. The time of such dinosaurs is over.

I wish Ukraine and working-class Russians who were not asked if they supported this war (huh, we have been there, done that ourselves…looking at you LIttle Johnny Howard!) safe peace as soon as possible.

I wish Ukraine to win and keep its independence, to write its own story. The rest of the world must support the Ukrainians, in ways which is appropriate for them. We cannot send troops, but we can send arms, supplies, help impose sanctions and donate to organisations like The Red Cross to care for their population.

The bravery of President Zelensky is new to our times. Whatever the quality of his Presidency, and not all he has done I know a lot about (some bloggers are saying it was neither bad nor good so far, and he is dragging his feet on a promise to confront Oligarchs and their influence), this is where Zelensky is now. He is leading from the front. His people’s defence of their country against overwhelming odds is extraordinary.

My son follows this USA You-Tuber sometimes, an USA guy who identifies as a Socialist from what I can discern. This video expresses exactly my feelings about the Ukraine President.

If ever a country deserves victory in their defence, it is Ukraine.

I am sorry for errors. This has been posted in haste. I will correct any you find.