Celebrated Aboriginal musician, songwriter and artist Mr Roach has passed away, at the age of 66.

We meet on the land of the First Nations people and pay respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

Warning. Names and photos of Mr Roach, as a deceased person, may appear in this thread or links.

Archie Roach and his sister were taken from their family when Archie was two years old and so they were members of the stolen generation.

Mr Roach went on to become a legendary musical artist with great acclaim in Australia and abroad.

This is really a time of seeing an era ending, knowing the people who have died are such that we will not see the like again. The times that made them have passed and a new age with new people responding to challenges, injustice and opportunity will emerge.

People like Mr Roach will always be the star who lights the way for all of us, while remind us of our past.

We hope The Indigenous Voice in Parliament is a permanent legacy for those lije Mr Roach and his Sister, who suffered as The Stolen Generation and to aid reconciliation for the sorrowful descendants of the regime who caused such harm.



Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II Under Medical Care.


Queen Elizabeth II died on 8 September 2022.

The best tribute to this lady I read was from our former Prime Minister, the ALP’s Paul Keating.

Thank you to The Little Black Duck for this. There are many who, with good reason, whose countries were devastated by English aggression, who will see this as not an event to mourn.

I look past the history to the life of the woman, Elizabeth, to her impact as a woman in a world ruled by men. The lottery of life put her in a role both powerful and powerless. What Elizabeth made of it will be the subject of debate, discussion, and research as much as her namesake Queen Elizabeth the First

”The former prime minister has released a tribute to the Queen. Keating incensed the British press when the Queen visited Australia and he touched her back to guide her along.’ (quote TLBD)

Mr Keating says:

In the 20th century, the self became privatised, while the public realm, the realm of the public good, was broadly neglected.

Queen Elizabeth understood this and instinctively attached herself to the public good against what she recognised as a tidal wave of private interest and private reward. And she did this for a lifetime. Never deviating.

She was an exemplar of public leadership, married for a lifetime to political restraint, remaining always, the constitutional monarch.

To the extent that an hereditary monarch can ever reflect the will or conscience of a people, in the case of Britain, Queen Elizabeth assimilated a national consciousness reflecting every good instinct and custom the British people possessed and held to their heart.

In a seventy-year reign, she was required to meet literally hundreds of thousands of officials – presidents, prime ministers, ministers, premiers, mayors and municipal personalities.

It was more than one person should ever have been asked to do.

But Elizabeth the Second’s stoicism and moralism welded her to the task and with it, the idea of monarchy.

Her exceptionally long, dedicated reign is unlikely to be repeated; not only in Britain, but in the world generally.

With her passing her example of public service remains with us as a lesson in dedication to a lifelong mission in what she saw as the value of what is both enduringly good and right.



7 September 2022. The Queen is reported to be under medical care in Balmoral Castle.

It seems to me The Palace is preparing the public for her death. I may be wrong but her latest photo showed her to be very frail, possibly from the recent death of her husband. Those who have been with loved ones close to us who have passed away are all too familiar with this.

As a friend said to me in my time of caring, death is just another of the body’s processes, But I do predict the passing of Her Majesty will remind people of their own personal grief, so please be compassionate of those around you. Like the Monarchy or not, Elizabeth has been like an unnoticed tapestry on a hallway; there and not there, but still a backdrop to Australian life. .

As a woman’s story and part of of women’s history or Herstory if you prefer, Elizabeth’s story is remarkable. She will go down in British history as a great Queen like her namesake, Queen Elizabeth the First, the Warrior Queen.

I have known no other monarch in my lifetime and it will be a real passing of an era when HRH Queen Elizabeth II passes away. As my own Mum always said, ‘We all got to go sometime’. It will, however be strange to not have Elizabeth on the throne. She was this unnoticed constant in life. My Mum was my very much noticed loved one in my life until she wasn’t there any more.

I hope Elizabeth goes in peace and without pain, after her lifetime of service.

It may not be this time but I can see that her life journey is reaching its end destination. I am sure HRH Queen Elizabeth II will be not be forgotten, not her bravery serving her nation in World War 2 nor her dignity now.

Our thoughts are with her family and the families of all who are caring for loved ones in such sad and worrying circumstances.

Australia Votes 2022

IMPORTANT UPDATE: ALP WINS! The Honourable Anthony Albanese is sworn in as Australia’s 31st Prime Minister.

Get your Democracy Sausage!


The most important day of 2022 for Australia is almost here.

Tomorrow, Saturday 21st May 2022 is the day Australians decide how they are going to live in the next three years, and the decades influenced by that time.

We vote in the 2022 Federal Election. 

It is a stark and clear choice. We either continue to live the same or worse lives under a nefarious, disingenuous Right Wing government driven by religious and political zealotry, partisanship and questionable ethics or we can choose the only other major party who can change the course of the nation towards a better future. 

We can choose the incumbent Liberal Party Prime Minister who mixes his politics with his religion and who claims a divine message from an eagle in a painting inspired his ascent to the top job of leading this nation.  Otherwise, we can choose Labor, the party whose leader will become the Prime Minister and whose solid experience includes living and working amongst some of the most disadvantaged in Australia, with the residents and workers in working-class suburbs. 

The Labor Party has an extensive team of talented experienced and enthusiastic candidates. The Liberal Party and National Party have a team that appears to be dead-scared of a FICAC, going by the Prime Minister’s refusal to keep his election promise to set up a Federal Independent Commission Against Corruption. 

I am hoping that Labor and good Independents win their seats tomorrow so we can escape this nightmare of a government at last and see off our inhumane, international embarrassment of a Prime Minister.

It is the people’s turn to have their say.

For all volunteers from all parties and independents who have and will be helping in this and every election, thank you for your commitment to our democracy.

A big thank you from a grateful nation goes to some of the most under-rated, hardworking, and dedicated people whom Australia has the privilege of employing; the staff of the Australian Electoral Commission. If anyone wants to dispute that Australia’s democracy stands on their shoulders and that the AEC should be the envy of the democratic world, just look over the street at elections in the USA.

There is even an AEC site where you can practise voting. 


Hopefully, AEC staff hand-counting every vote will see more thankyou messages scribbled in the margins of ballot papers than the usual drawings of penises and testicles, or the universal message to our politicians to Eff Off. I like to leave a kind message, in the margins away from the candidate’s boxes on my completed ballot. I feel very proud after I vote. It is both a right and a privilege in our uncertain world.

Please enjoy your Democracy Sausage!

Image from https://junkee.com/democracy-sausage-history/330115

A contrast between the two major parties:

Here is an interesting article that uses a different style of map that shows the distribution of federal electorates held by the major parties.

The Australian election map has been lying to you

By Colin Gourlay, Georgina Piper, Tim LeslieCristen Tilley and Matt Lidd