Extended thread

                                                     Not Quite The Neverending Story



This will be the thread that will be in use for a extended period of time unless some one else wishes to post one.Now that Ned is well again I will be away for some time doing bits and pieces, going back and forth ,flying,boating but no driving or as little as possible.

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Things are still relatively quiet even with Barnyards rorting so the blog will just continue along with all your wonderful comments . I’m sure things will heat up as the year rolls along and we can expect the later half of the year to get busy as we get closer till the next federal Election .



The people here are what makes this place special so keep commenting,chatting and sharing your thoughts. I will still checking in and keeping a eye on things .

As always enjoy The Pub and yourselves.



winter olympics



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Tonight the opening ceremony is on but some competitors have started thier competition . I  wish all Australian  participants  the best of luck and all athletics have a safe and happy games.

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On pollies and the media you can tell it is a closed club and they are all probably bonking each other and treat the rest of the public like shit/ They are already closing ranks and digging in and I would invite one of them to comment how this serves the public/


The first time we see a puff piece about barnyard and his  ex News corp lover  and sprog should be met with howls of indignation  over his demands that his private life is private.

Imagine if it was a Labor deputy female pm who split from her partner and fell preggers to a toy boy staffer/ she would have to resign within hours .

Bugger it lets enjoy the curling while its on

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A Friday Rant

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OK . Australia has it’s problems and things could be better. Turnbull and his mob will be voted out at the next election and then Bill and his mob will have a chance to make things a bit better, but I am getting sick off all the doom and gloom that seems to be prevalent in every form of media be it MSM, Social or blogs.

The right hates the left and the left hates the right and the greenies hate everyone that dont wear scivvis,  but FMD, in the middle are some great people working, living ,having fun be they white, black, brown, yellow, christian, muslim, jews, droids etc or straight, gay, bi, tri, quad or whatever.

Most of these folk whom the pollies , media . and social media  try to play against each other as some sort of sport do get along, and do interact and have fun together but in the quest to make out that Australia is getting close to Armageddon and everything is shithouse they will say, video, print upload any crap to further their social,  money making agenda.

Would it hurt to be a bit more positive and not solely focus on the negative all the time. The same sex marriage issue. OK it took a while and could have been done better but in the end it is now law. Who cares who was PM. or which party was in government when it was passed .It passed FFS now life goes on .

International its the same Trumps a Idiot but he is the President of the USA , Putin is a dictator but is the president of Russia, Brexit is happening, North Korea as well as a heap of other countries have the bomb.

The sun comes up, you all hopefully wake up tomorrow and life goes on.

Sure be passionate about politics and your beliefs but remember to live life and enjoy it whatever its faults.

thats my rant



Neddie update

He has unfortunately gone blind which is apparently normal with doggie diabetes but he is having specialist surgery on Monday which has a %75 of working.