The Prime Muppet’s Bible

For some strange reason, I’ve had the feeling for quite a while that any resemblance between extreme evangelical Christian scripture and that of mainstream Christianity is accidental at best.

As I’ve said before, I am an atheist, but from my education (not my family upbringing) I am very familiar with the Bible, especially the King James version. I’ve also read it, including the Apocrypha. (And I’ve read the Koran, and numerous Buddhist and Hindu texts).

So, tonight I am wondering what bits of the “mainstream” Bible our dear Prime Muppet might adhere to.

My choice should be obvious by the image above.

Yours? (Play fair, only one nomination per Pubster).


America’s Midterm Elections 2018

From fascinators to fascination.

Or maybe fascinated fear?

Are these particular Americian midterms the most important elections in a long time?

Gippsland Laborite has already started his superb coverage: these are the comments he has already posted today:

First Tuesday in November

It was ordained that, on the first Tuesday of this November, a couple of dozen hexapods would chase each other round a track for about 3 minutes and 20 seconds. This, apparently, is cause for much celebration and the wearing of outfits.

This seems to have been the case for some years.

1881 (from Wikimedia)

1896 (National Film and Sound Archive)

1896 (National Film and Sound Archive)

1896 (National Film and Sound Archive)

1930 (Wikimedia)

1937 (Fin Review)



1970 (

1980 (Goulburn Post)

I’ll close this one for comment after tomorrow