Australia Votes 2017: Part 2 – New South Wales

Welcome to Gippsland Laborite’s prognoses for New South Wales. Especially apt given Labor’s demands for the release of unredacted Departmental material about the MDBP!


Australia Votes 2019: Part 1 – Victoria

Some weeks ago Gippsland Laborite offered to prepare a Victorian seats election guide. His offer was accepted with gratitude.

Once started, however, he couldn’t stop. So this evening I am publishing the Victorian guide.

The New South Wales guide will be published on 24th April, Queensland’s on 30th April, South Australia and Western Australia on 6th May, and Tasmania and the territories on 12th May.

GL many thanks.


download (5).jpg


Bribe night is upon us and this will be the Coalitions major last throw of the dice to win over the voters. If they get little or no bounce in the polls even they must come to the conclusion  they are gone.

Make no mistake though they will go hard aided of course by newscorp/shockjocks and most other media companies that want to keep there puppets in power.


download (6).jpg

Hang on folks and remember the main attack game hasn’t started yet.