Merry xmas 2018

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A very merry Christmas and wishing you all the best for the new year.Next year could be a fantastic one for us progressives and we can only hope that the good people of Australia will do the correct thing at the ballot box and kick this filthy,lying.smug,smary. homophobic,  corrupt bunch of entitled pieces of crap out of parliament and elect again a fair and balanced labor government.I hope you all stay safe,well and healthy and hope to see you all back after Christmas and I hope that I will be able to be here a little more.Dont eat too much or drink excessively

Who am I kidding have a ball all of you




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  1. I do not believe all these “We weren’t sent notifications” excuses from NSW drivers.

    I was sent reminder letters – several of them – by both the NSW government department and by my insurer last June, ahead of the renewal in July. Maybe Service NSW only send letters to pensioners, but the reminder about your CTP insurance, whether it’s a letter or an email, should be enough to jog your memory.

    The excuse pushers seem to have forgotten they also get insurance reminders, something the NSW government does not handle.

    Because I always have my car serviced at the same time as the inspection is done I also get a letter from the car dealer reminding me a service is due.

    Surely everyone remembers when their car rego is due. How could you not? It’s a big yearly expense. I have to budget for it. Are people lying in the hope they will avoid a fine? Are they not checking their mail? Or are they just plain stupid?

  2. Dutton has also made an extraordinary election promise –

    Ignore the link in that Sky News tweet, it takes you to a story from November about refugees sent to the US begging to return to Nauru. It was a lie pushed by the Murdoch media.

    Nothing from the government about new policies addressing the issues that really worry voters – climate change, falling wages, funding cuts to health and education. Just snark, insults, threats and a lot of nonsense about an alleged apocalyptic monster named “Bill Shorten” who will bring destruction if he becomes PM.

  3. Adani provided ‘persuasive’ evidence of ‘illegal’ water bores, environmental lawyers say

    Mining firm Adani has unwittingly provided “persuasive” evidence for a Queensland Government investigation into allegedly illegal works on its Carmichael mine site, environmental lawyers say.

    The evidence includes specifications of groundwater bores registered by Adani on a government website, which Queensland’s Environmental Defenders Office (EDO) said could only be used for prohibited dewatering operations, and not for monitoring as Adani has claimed.

    Adani has also confirmed it cleared 5.8 hectares of land when correcting an “administrative error” in its reporting to government, an action the EDO branded unlawful

    This backs up Tony Burke’s explanation of why a Labor government will not “Stop Adani – at least, not in the way protesters demand.

    The “Stop Adani” campaign is misguided, because we need to stop all coal mining, not start new mines. We should not just focus on one company, one that probably won’t even get their mine running. The whole coal industry will take time to shut down, and there has to be a lot of work done on ways to re-employ those affected by eventual mine closures. “Stop Adani” has been taken over by the Greens, keen to use it as a way to wedge Labor and steal Labor votes. The Greens don’t care what happens to local economies or to workers, they just want to steal Labor seats.

    • I have doubts too. I understand the point he makes, but when you look at the way the Queensland government has bent over backwards to accommodate Adani, and when you remember the damage the last NSW Labor government did with their pro-mining stance it all sounds a bit suspicious.

  4. Just had a wonderful day. Had to go to Corringle to pick up grandson to play in Gippsland Cricket thingy.

    Saw their actual camp set up, looks different and far better in person than in a photo. There were 3 or 4 lots camping side by side, with lots of little kids, who were having a ball paddling in the water and stuff. Got 14yo grandson to take me for a short cruise in the boat. I love being on the water. Ended up bringing home both grandsons and a heap of camping gear. Now have to find them something for dinner.

    Hunter had a wonderful time. He usually never leaves Razz’s side, but we had to keep asking everyone had they seen him. He had a small dip in the water, then had a wonderful time rolling in the black sand. He will certainly sleep well tonight.

  5. HI and I discussed that go story this morning on the strength of my reading it and finding the whole situation overblown. With insurers and Service NSW sending the forms for both rego and insurance you would have to be living down a hole not to notice. I’m thinking there is a significant section of the motoring Community that underestimates the extent that photo recognition of licence plates is in use. The police, toll roads, even Car parks use it now so chances are you are going to get caught.
    That many road users are struggling financially these days despite the economic prowess of the government, means defaulting on rego payments for a few weeks to make ends meet probably segways into longer and longer periods as well.

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