Would it be nasty to hope they all catch The Plague?

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What mind-bending hypocrisy! One day the federal Libs are whinging about having to go into quarantine, the next they are planning fundraisers starring the PM’s mate Ben Morton.

Would it be nasty to hope they all catch The Plague?

Liberal party plans three $2,500-a-head fundraising events in Canberra amid Covid risk
Attendees told social distancing will be in force and plans may change if crisis deteriorates

The Liberal party is attempting to organise at least three fundraising events in Canberra to coincide with the looming resumption of parliament, despite prior health advice warning of the heightened Covid-19 risk posed by sitting periods.

Guardian Australia understands that the party’s Western Australian division is organising three separate Liberal party fundraising dinners featuring the prime minister’s assistant minister, Ben Morton, for the two-week sitting period starting 24 August.

The events are planned for 25 August, 26 August and 2 September, and are advertised as featuring appearances from Paul Fletcher, the communications minister, Simon Birmingham, the trade minister, and Anne Ruston, the social services minister, respectively.

Attendees are being asked to pay $2,500 a head, and told that social distancing will be in force and that the plans may change if the Covid-19 crisis deteriorates further.

The party’s decision to plan fundraising events in Canberra sits uncomfortably with previous health advice about sitting periods


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  1. The ACT Legislative Assembly’s decision tonight to legislate for Truth in Political Advertising, backed by all sides of politics, is a stunning breakthrough, according to progressive thinktank, the Australia Institute.

    “This legislative advance shows it is possible to regulate political advertising in a way that protects free speech and robust political debate,” said Ben Oquist, Executive Director of the Australia Institute.



  2. I wish we could see this sort of fighting spirit from Labor.

  3. WTF!!!!

  4. An audit of parliamentary records has found several instances where country MPs have received an accommodation allowance for staying in Adelaide on the same nights they were travelling within SA or interstate at taxpayer expense.

    One MP has admitted to honest mistakes, others have opted not to address the inconsistencies, while some politicians have defended their claims, insisting the inconsistencies are mistakes on the part of the Parliament, and that they have not double-dipped.

    Several of the inconsistencies relate to former agriculture minister Tim Whetstone, who resigned from Cabinet after admitting to making more than 90 erroneous claims and agreeing to repay nearly $7,000.

    The new inconsistencies are not among the mistakes he has already rectified.


  5. The above pdf link is great background reading, few within the media will write this way about how arbitrary editorial leanings are or how things really work at a petty level the way Mayne does here, even as history.

  6. An Australian living in Japan that I follow for his reviews of audio gear gives his ‘outsider’ observations on covid 19 and Japan.

    I have been living in Japan for a number of years now. A month ago, I thought that things were going to get very bad here, but they didn’t. Here’s my take on why Japan hasn’t been overwhelmed with the virus.

  7. Sorry for the late time of posting but here in realtime it’s only 8:30 pm.

    Stephen Colbert –

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