Flabbergasted Friday

Thank you, most wonderful Dragon aka Puffy, for coming to the rescue with the following thread-starter:

Our pollies are toppling over like nine-pins under  S44 of our Constitution

South Australia and Victoria find out the water allocations upstream are not all smooth flowing, in fact the stench of rotting fish hangs about the air.

Barnaby has been ranting over few coldies and not all are happy.

The international bat-dung crazy embarrassment,  The Peter Principle President of the USA, decided a serviceperson’s sexuality is more important than if they can operate millions of dolalrs worth of lethal machinery of war.  There will be no lace in the armed services!

The ALP is busy developing policy, getting their message out and not interrupting an enemy while he is shooting himself in both feet.

And our fearless Prime Minister is….

so just relax…

Liu Xiaobo Has Died

Photo credit: Committee to Protect Journalists

Some of you may ask, who was Liu Xiaobo?

A Chinese scholar, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010.

A proponent of human rights, someone who called for political reform in China. Someone who was brave enough to campaign for political rights – indeed, for the end of single-party rule in China. Someone who was made a political prisoner, convicted in 2009.

He died of liver cancer today.

Requiesce in pace

Why is this important?

Because we all know what happens to a country when critics are silenced.