Flippant Friday Raffles

That sounds about right for a Friday evening Raffle

While  we have this Idiot as PM

1378197_744480138899926_338119738_nWE can all need a bit of frivolity in our lives


238.gif.pagespeed.ce.nVgE5VOYXOtumblr_mvbviv5fJy1rvtlumo1_250cute-puppies6Did That cheer you up after putting up with the Idiots attacks on the ABC This week?


Don,t like a bit of critisim. Are you going to shut us down next?

imageHave a good NIght

CK will take your numbers

Good Luck.

An Australia Day Confession

My fellow Pubkateers, I have to make a confession about a surprising epiphany that occurred a few minutes ago …

(Image Credit: Pets Diaries)

Moi has suddenly, overwhelmingly, DEEPLY, DESPERATELY, AND DANGEROUSLY, fallen IN LOVE with Our Dear Leader, PM Blood Oaf.

So moi simply cannot resist sharing moi’s feelings and, more importantly, reasons, with youse humanes.

Moi loves PMBO with:

A because he is ABYSMAL

B because he is BELLICOSE

C because he is CRASS

D because he is a DOLT

E because he is EGREGIOUS

F because he is FRIGHTENING

G because he is GORMLESS

H because he is HORRIBLE

I because he is IMPOLITE

J because he is JINGOISTIC

K because he is a KILL-JOY

L because he is LOUTISH

M because he is MISOGYNISTIC

N because he is NASTY

O because he is an OAF

P because he is a PRICK

Q because he is QUINTESSENTIALLY appalling

R because he is REPULSIVE

S because he is STUPID

T because he is TERRIBLE

U because he is UNCOUTH

V because he is VICIOUS

W because he is WORTHLESS

X because he is XENOPHOBIC

Y because he is YUKKY



Toodle pip 😉

PS: Well done and fantastic choices (which I bet got up a few people’s noses):

Adam Goodes – 2014 Australian of the Year

Fred Chaney – 2014 Senior Australian of the Year

Jacqueline Freney – 2014 Young Australian of the Year

Tim Conolan – 2014 Australia’s Local Hero

All thoroughly well-deserved (as were all their fellow nominees).

Australia Day Raffles

art-353-kangaroo-20pie-200x0It’s Australia Day weekend and I am going to celebrate it.

Yes we have an embarrassing Dickhead as our PM.

And there are some problems in our country atm. but that is not going to stop me celebrating what a great place  it is that we live in, generally in peace and with a much better life than most.

Who is your pick for Australian of the Year .

austoftheyear I for one hope it isn’t a entertainment/sporting recipient, but The Idiot will probably push for one of his mates like Hadley or Jones, or even worse

murdochNot being  a Australian Citizen won,t make any difference to Tony

I’m nominating Neddy  because he Never upsets anyone and is good with kids big and small.

Drink up,smoke em if you got em and want to,pat your pets, give your OH a kiss and a cuddle, walk around the house in your undies with a beer or a glass of wine .

Enjoy what we have .


It could be a lot worse

Have Fun