International Cat Day (so moi’s a bit late …)

As many of you may know, it was International Cat Day on Tuesday 8th August. And yesterday was International Lion Day. So, in my role as Dame Queen Fiona, I thought it appropriate that we should take time this evening to pay our respects to our true masters and mistresses …..

The Felines (lol)

First, in honour of a very special large cat:

Then (it almost goes without saying) there’s Grumpy Cat:

Shinakano the Zen cat:

and for a little ‘awwwwww!’, remember this?

not to mention the Husky kitten:

and possibly best of all, blind labrador Terfel and his guide:

Enjoy your evening, and remember …

International Beer Day friday

Today is International Beer Day .


And as I am a world citizen I am fully embracing this celebration with a few lovely refreshing beers from my cellar



I bet our suck hole PM wishes he could hide in his cellar after his Pathetic  call to Trump was released

C_RAsQNVoAAXIG_ (1).jpg

If there is anymore evidence needed that the people on manus are just cattle the transcripts confirmed it all.


Have your favorite Tipple Peoples

download (2).jpeg

It will all be over in a year or so