Decline and Fall: The Faustian Compact


I wrote this article, which was published on Webdiary, nearly six years ago – just before the 2007 election. I stand by everything in it, including the original final paragraph.

Being an atheist, I do not think we have souls. However, for the sake of the Faustian analogy, let me take the position that Philip Ruddock once had a soul. One interesting question is, to whom did he sell it?

Ruddock was a founder of the parliamentary branch of Amnesty International. He was an advocate of Australia’s increasing its foreign aid budget, and he took part in several peace missions to Cambodia when that country was enduring its civil war. He was also a member (one of the few Liberals) of the Parliamentarians Against Apartheid group. With such principles, it did not surprise me when, in 1988, he and a few other Liberal MPs defied their then leader, John Howard, and crossed the floor to support Bob Hawke’s resolution opposing any immigration policy based on racial discrimination.
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Friday night Frivolities

Good eveninig to all patrons and welcome to another fun filled Friday Night at “THE PUB”

There will be music,laughter,dancing and of course the getting more famous by the week “FRIDAY NIGHT RAFFLES.

Come in have a drink,,chat up the barmaids if you wish they won,t mind in fact I suspect they would be annoyed if they weren’t getting chatted up.

Drinks are free on Friday,s just ask for your tipple and it will be cheerfully supplied,just don,t overindulge and get nasty as we have the best bouncers in town keeping a watchful eye out.

A big week for “THE PUB” as we now ( thanks to MR. Bushfirebill ) joined the ranks of the tweeters or tweeterate or what ever they are called.

Join in for all you users and we will grow and improve that as we go along. I am in  the process of trying to link it to the main blog so bear with me on that.

On Another note are there any rugby league supporters that would be interested in joining a footy tipping competition? IF I get enough takers I’ll set something up,Same goes for the AFL.

If we get a comp.up and running I.ll work out a prize for the winner at the end of the season .

A thank you also to the patrons that have offered suggestions on how we can improve the looks/layout of the blog. All suggestions are welcome as we are by no means experts at this and all ideas will be considered.

So Drink up ,Have Fun and remember

Julia Gillard se toujou Premye Minis nou an

Tony Abbott se yon psikopat danjere kouche 

Courteous Bar staff

Kleptocracy and the Dairy Farmer: A Morality Tale for All Food Producers

ACCUSATIONS that Australia’s two grocery giants, Coles and Woolworths, engaged in improper practices to force down prices from suppliers are being investigated by the nation’s most powerful competition regulator.

The head of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Rod Sims, will investigate the two retailers – which between them control an estimated 70 per cent of the nation’s grocery spending – about potential breaches of the law and bullying tactics against food and grocery suppliers.


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