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So Called SUPER SATURDAY is upon us when 5 Federal by elections are to be held.2 of them  in WA.Perth and Fremantle seem certain to be retained by labor with the Libs not even bothering to contest them.

Mayo in SA. held by the NXT (or whatever party she represents nowadays) Rebekah Sharkie looks like it will ,against all common sense and decency ignore the overtures from their lords and masters and reject the pure blood ,snooty snobby entitled princess Georgina Downer and stick with Sharkie. How I pity the servants in the manor on Sunday morning. It will be floggings all around with salt afters and no food for few days .

Which leaves Braddon in Tassie and Longman in QLD,

Both seats were held by labor but both members Justine Keay and Longmans Susan Lamb ruled ineligible due to dual citizenship.Both are re contesting.Both are held by slim margins 2.2% for Braddon while Longman is on a slender thin.08%.

Opinion polls in these seats have put the libs slightly ahead which has sent the MSM into a meltdown over Bill Shorten and his leadership and praising Turnbull over how wonderful he is,  he has turned things around and will now go on and win at the next Election and finally fulfill his ordained destiny as the greatest PM. Rupert could ever construct.

Never mind the fact that Shorten and Labor have beaten Turnbull and the coalition in the polls since roughly the last election ,it is all about Leadership  in Labor and unrest in the ranks while the libs are all hunky dory and one united tribe . I seem to think I have seen this all before but I may be mistaken as I get older.

If Labor hang on and win both it will be portrayed as nothing spectacular. You know no government winning a seat  from the opposition in a byelection for 100 yrs blah blah blah. If they lose one it will be regarded as savage test of Shortens leadership and a firming of Malcom’s magnificence .

If  labor lose both get ready for the biggest Kill Bill Campaign yet. It will be wall to wall,blaring from the mountains over the top non stop continuous bleating sniping unnamed sources from all the usual suspects.They will try to have him gone by next Friday.

I doubt we will know the results on Saturday night as if things are as close as predicted postal votes will have to taken into account and that can be up 13 days after polls close but if at the end of counting Saturday the Libs are even ahead by 1 vote the resulting avalanche of Leadership speculation will still begin.

Better get some drinks handy.






1,108 thoughts on “BIG BY ELECTION BLURB

  1. I do like how the usual suspects in the political media sniffed the breeze and then smoothly segued into portraying Dutton as a nice guy. Talk about venal. They have less spine than Turnbull, if that’s possible.

  2. A $5M pre-feasibility study of running a gas pipeline from the Pilbara to the East Coast has found the plan is not viable. No surprise there, that has been known for 40 years, but at least the Federal Government can no longer use the pipeline as an excuse to push fracking in WA.

    This pipeline was supposed to be a big deal for the federal government,the study was funded in last year’s budget, but news of the failed feasibility study has been deliberately kept quiet since March.

    Gas pipeline proposal buried.

    But – another pipeline is underway, construction started in June.

    Natural gas pipeline to create up to 350 jobs, but raises questions about foreign investment

  3. A few reminders of Dutton’s past achievements, because the MSM and especially Their ABC won’t be mentioning them. They are all busy trying to persuade us Dutton is a really lovely chap.

    The “I didn’t see the mike” joke about climate change affecting Pacific islands.

    That time Dutton refused to attend Rudd’s apology to the Stolen Generations and also threatened to resign from his shadow portfolios as a protest.

    The time Dutton was voted worst health minister in 35 years by doctors.

    The time Dutton took away all funding for the Paralympics soccer team while giving millions to Many and the Broncos.

    The time he called Samantha Maiden a “mad f**king witch”, saying the offensive text was sent by mistake.

    There’s more, but I’ve taken up enough space. Just listing his persecutions of sick refugees and asylum seekers, both kids and adults, would take pages.


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