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Bribe night is upon us and this will be the Coalitions major last throw of the dice to win over the voters. If they get little or no bounce in the polls even they must come to the conclusion  they are gone.

Make no mistake though they will go hard aided of course by newscorp/shockjocks and most other media companies that want to keep there puppets in power.


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Hang on folks and remember the main attack game hasn’t started yet.


Merry xmas 2018

MAIN-Dog-in-christmas-costume.jpgchristmas presents under treeHello Pub Patrons

A very merry Christmas and wishing you all the best for the new year.Next year could be a fantastic one for us progressives and we can only hope that the good people of Australia will do the correct thing at the ballot box and kick this filthy,lying.smug,smary. homophobic,  corrupt bunch of entitled pieces of crap out of parliament and elect again a fair and balanced labor government.I hope you all stay safe,well and healthy and hope to see you all back after Christmas and I hope that I will be able to be here a little more.Dont eat too much or drink excessively

Who am I kidding have a ball all of you




Introducing our new management



It is with great pleasure that Inform Pubsters that Leonetwo and TLBD have agreed to take over management duties of  THE PUB

THE PUB needs a more hands on team that I can offer now and I can’t think of 2 other people that are more suited to this than Leone and The Duck.

I am sure that they will continue THE PUBS traditions of respect ,information and fun that has the made it a popular place with all Pubsters.

I along with all of you I’m sure look forward to their first posts and wish them all the best in their stewardship of THE PUB

My Thanks go to Fiona and Bushfirebill for their valuable contributions to THE PUB over the years.

I will still be around as a occasional contributor

I’m sure you all wish them well and will forgive any minor mishaps during the transition.