Friday with a election tomorrow

Hello. It,s Friday and apparently there is a election in WA. tomorrow.

By all accounts could see Labor returned to power after 8 years and  consign Barnett and his ilk to oblivion with a record of doing ok when the miming boom was on but no strategy for when it finished.

Labor should win the lower house easily but the upper house will be interesting with the libs /Onenation loonies preference deal.

So but Sunday morning Malcolm will be on tv saying the election was fought on state issues nothing to do with his inept federal government and the msm will probably go along.

Bob would Bite Malcolm if he could

Bob Walk

So would these 2


Should be a happy night tomorrow. Enjoy the  victory




During the week there was a very interesting display of Photo,s from Bushfirebill and some discussion about what lenses were used and there respective merits. All over the top of my head but all very informative. It,s Friday so put up your favorite photos no matter what the subject .here are a few of mine taken with disposable cameras with some sort of film.

Bluey Takeoff


More  Freeloaders20170303_172812.jpg

The  addition to the rustic pool shack with Ned’s Hill in the background.


Beat them pics with your fancy 3’2 5″9 Lenses