444 thoughts on “The NSW Election – Gladys versus Michael.

  1. Got home from the hospital just as scumbag was rabbiting on, muted on our tv, then listened to Bill Shorten. His speech should be blared from every media outlet in Australia. He told it like it was. I know it will be ignored. Sad, Australia, so so sad.

  2. If you are concerned about all children getting a good start in life, child care and kindergarten should be free, not tax deductible 18 months after the expenditure was incurred, because poor people can’t afford to carry the cost for 18 months . Thus Labor’s plan to introduce free kindy for 3 year olds is a step in the right direction

    Electric vehicles are really a no brainer as no one is going to be producing petrol or diesel cars by 2030. Once California bans petrol cars – it’s all over

  3. I wandered into JB HiFi to get a hands-free device to connect my mobile phone while I am driving
    Foolishly I allowed myself to be signed up for Telstra cable internet plan.

    well . . . .

    a telecomms company that uses shitty old asynchronous telephony doesn’t inspire confidence

    I waited all yesterday for the outside box to be installed – it wasn’t because they had placed it on the neighbours house and run conduit under the fence (I am away a far bit)

    Neighbours house is vacant and the NBN starts rolling out in June so chances are I will be forced onto NBN when neighbours move in as I can’t imagine one side of box is cable and teh other side is NBN

    I expect the inside installation will occur on Thursday.

    Today I got a call from an unidentified number with an Indian voice that said “this is Telstra . . ” before I cut the call with “Fuck off” . . . thinking it was another scammer. I hope that wasn’t really a Telstra installation or help desk person…

    Why doesn’t Telstra use onshore call centres with modern telephony?

  4. There’s really no point paying any attention to tonight’s budget. It will be Fraudenberg’s only budget, it will be not so much a budget as the opening speech for the government election campaign,and it will be irrelevant.

    This government will not be able to get more than the basic appropriations bills through both houses of parliament before the end of this sitting week. Any major budget plans will have to wait until parliament resumes, whenever that may be, for proper debate.

    Labor will present a mini-budget once in government and tonight’s useless rubbish will be clogging up recycling bins in Canberra.

    The only fun will be watching the usual media suspects trying to convince us that a predicted budget surplus built on welfare cuts and underspending on the NDIS, happening somewhere down the track is a major triumph.

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