Lock Up Your Onions!

Puffy and Jaycee, my apologies. However, sometimes even the best submitted posts have to give way to something that really crunches the onion! As does the latest from Jennifer Wilson – with, as always, many thanks from The Pub.

No Place for Sheep

Abbott can’t take rejection. Hide your onions.

In what can only be inspirational news for the ALP, failed Prime Minister Tony Abbott has announced his intention to embark on a DIY election tour of marginal seats. This piece by Paula Matthewson spells out the possible consequences of this decision, none of which are especially enticing from the LNP point of view.

Abbott, it appears, is incapable of dealing with rejection by his party. He simply cannot accept their decision to lose him as leader. He’s lately taken to informing the public that of course he supports the Turnbull government because it’s built on Abbott policies. This claim led in turn to Turnbull’s bizarre plagiarising of a line from the US television series Veep, to the effect that what he signifies as Prime Minister is “continuity with change.” Julia Louis Dreyfus, star of the show, is reportedly “dumfounded” at Turnbull’s appropriation of a slogan writers decided upon solely because of its utter meaninglessness.

Obviously, the continuity with change to which Turnbull refers is his appropriation of Abbott’s policies (continuity) delivered to the people by the new PM whilst wearing a better suit (change).

If the Veep people are ever short of material they could do worse than check out the LNP: Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce threatening to slaughter Johnny Depp’s dogs, Bronwyn Bishop’s penchant for helicopter rides, Tony Abbott’s strange compulsion to publicly consume raw onions, George Brandis and his electrifying description of meta data, please, somebody stop me.

Few would disagree with Abbott’s belief that Turnbull’s government has retained his policies. However, the most relevant question Abbott apparently declines to ask himself is, why did his party get rid of him if it wasn’t about his policies? There had to be a sound reason for them to resort to the trouble and embarrassment of chucking him out, and in the chucking risk the ridicule of being perceived as just like the ALP with its Gillard/Rudd musical chairs.

The LNP is a gift that keeps on giving. Abbott is a gift that keeps on giving. His inability to deal with rejection is a godsend for the ALP. Have you all got your popcorn?

Cathy Wilcox


364 thoughts on “Lock Up Your Onions!

  1. You’ve got to give it to Birmingham, Leone. He fronts the media after every brainfart from his “leader” with a straight face as he finds the same old words to make a supporting case. It makes no difference to Birmingham that he is obliged to do an about face the next day or the next week!

  2. By my rough calculations we’ve still got 13 out of the 15 weeks of the election campaign to go.What’s next?
    Fiona it would almost be a worthwhile exercise to theme a Friday night on inventing the most ludicrous policies Turdbull will come up with over the next 13 weeks

  3. I’m going to my first “politics in the pub” next Wed. saw the notice from the Aus institute on twitter – Cathy Wilcox is at the Uni Pub (Canbera) on “the role of cartoons and political cartoonists in political commentary” I thought this would be worth listening too as (many here have observed) the cartoonists seem to be the only ones in the CPG who have a clue…

    • L2 – don’t you go along and watch adoringly whenever your local Nat has a press conference to claim credit for initiatives negotiated by former ALP govt/oakeshott..?

    • Can’t. I don’t think our newly redistributed MP (fondly known as Pruneface here) even knows where Port Macquarie is.

      The old bloke rarely appeared in public anyway. He is widely known as The Invisible Man around here, a title his successor will inherit.

    • I still have issue with his commentary on Tasmania

      TASMANIA: ALP would win Election

      No they wouldn’t, the best they could hope for from these primaries is a hung parliament

    • Primary vote: Liberals 39.5% (down 3.5%), ALP 33% (up 2.5%), Greens 21.5% (unchanged) and Independents/ Others 6% (up 1%).

  4. The lack of health funding was blamed on Julia Gillard by both Turnbull andd that loon from WA. It was all HER fault, she left them a black hole ….. blah blah blah.

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