Fantastic Friday 7/6/2013


Hello Patrons and welcome to the latest instalment of our Fantastic Friday Raffles.

Unfortunately the nag I backed last week came 2nd, so off to the glue factory for it.

Not a great week for labor according to the latest Rougepoll but do not Despair 99 days to go and some libbottles are sure to fall .

Our Super Staff are here and ready to attend to your needsFantastic Foursome

Good Luck to All the SA. Chapter Pubsters at the get together TomorrowimagesShort and sweet tonight, let the fun begin and lets take our minds off the lying scum that passes for Her majesties loyal opposition for an hour or so

A long weekend .



636 thoughts on “Fantastic Friday 7/6/2013

  1. I have not head anyone use the word ‘spastic’ as an insult in a good many years. I thought that was well behind us. No wonder the LNP was not in the chamber to vote on the NDIS.

  2. Victoria,
    If Rudd does take over I wonder what those numbers would be after the media starts reminding people why they stopped liking him in 2010.

  3. leonetwo,
    I’m glad I don’t bother putting up with that crap any more, ‘over the road’. I’ve had enough of it directed towards me personally to last 10 lifetimes!

    I still don’t know why people like Mari don’t just come here and be done with Poll Bludger, if that’s the sort of crap they have to endure. It’s their choice though.

    Have the insensitive and cruel Conservative bastards started making fun of Anna Bligh’s Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma yet? If not, it can only be a matter of time before they become brazen and insensitive enough to do it to her, in absentia, too.

    Frankly, however, I believe the biggest fault in all this lies with the Moderator. Bowe could tell them to pull their heads in and give them an object lesson in what standards are for blog behaviour. But he does not. Why?

    You know, two can play Rummel’s game. For example, if I wanted to I could go ‘over there’ and simply type into the Comment Box,

    Hey, Rummel, did your friend ‘die of shame’ from knowing a nasty piece of work like you?

    See how easy it is?

    However, restraint is a talent which is a lot harder to develop. 🙂

  4. ‘Automated phone polling firm ReachTEL uses Australian Bureau of Statistics and census data to identify people in the targeted electorates and weights responses to match the age and gender profile of the seat.’

    I was polled by Reachtel today too, on local politics, obviously on behalf of the National Party. While it was an interesting experience – I’ve never been auto-polled before – it really made me understand just how flawed their process is. Then I saw the above comments in the link to the poll done for Channel 7. Fascinating. how to rig a poll in one easy lesson – choose the desired target group and ring only those you expect to give a certain response. Then, just to make sure you get the result the client paid for you ‘weigh’ the responses and adjust them.

    How many of these carefully selected respondents even bother to reply? I thought at first it was just another Microsoft scam caller until I heard an obviously Aussie male voice – obviously a recoding, too. How many carefully selected people would bother to hang around listening to questions and hitting numbers to respond? How many wrong buttons were hit by respondents? And about a zillion other problems.

    i’ll be fascinated to see the results of my poll. I bet if it shows a bad result for the Nats we’ll never hear about it at all.

  5. I couldn’t give a crap what The Sun Herald’s latest rinky tink poll says. They can shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. Up Tony’s fundament!

  6. C@tmomma
    I’ve tried to persude mari to come over here, she’s thinking about it. I wasn’t there when the ‘jokes’ were made, I went in and commented after she sent me an email about what had been said. I don’t like people attacking my friends. Mari complained to Mr Bowe about it but apparently he said he was sorry about it but he couldn’t do anything. Why not? It’s his blog, he sets the standards.

    i barely bother going over there now even just to lurk.

  7. C@momma,
    Yeah we probably shouldn’t give a crap about this poll. Anyway the only thing it tells us with certainty is how desperate the libs and their media mates want Rudd back.

  8. If Rudd does take over I wonder what those numbers would be after the media starts reminding people why they stopped liking him in 2010.

    The whole thing is the most obvious set-up since the Keystone Cops.

    The Abbott Opposition, as. Aguirre has pointed out repeatedly, have NO POLICIES. They are hoping to slide into office, not based upon a positive plan for the future of Australia, but upon negative perceptions of the government. Which would only be amped up to eleventy if Rudd returned to the top job.

    All that poll shows is how easily manipulated some people are

  9. And we all know why the Libs and their media mates are so desperate to have Rudd back. They have the anti-Ruddd dirt all ready to go. What a shame they will never get to use it.

  10. The reason those polls exist is because the media proprietors are scared of what effect on the electorate a combined effort by Gillard AND Rudd would have. So they are trying to circumvent it by driving a wedge between them and presenting an either/or choice to the electorate, when the Labor Party, and Kevin and Julia, it seems to me, want to work together, in their present roles, to roll Abbott. Which Rupert Murdoch signally does not want.

  11. GL

    As I said this morning, the media were always going to ramp up the Rudd factor. As surely as night follows day.

  12. There’s not even an attempt to cover it up now.

    All they want to talk about is polls and Rudd. It’s like the high-jump bar being raised for each new competitor.

    Each media mob tries to outdo the other.

    You can hear the editor in the newsroom, “I don’t give a shit what it’s about. AS LONG AS IT’S ABOUT RUDD!!! Now GETTOUTAHERE and get me a story!”

    I must say that anyone who thought Rudd hasn’t calculated all this to within an inch of his life is dreamin’.

  13. What annoyed me about ML and Rummel when they upset Mari was ML saying ‘Sorry Mari if I upset you, that was not my intention’. Pissed me off to no avail. ‘IF’, he/she says, after couple of times Mari said what they are saying is hurtful, personal for Mary. Also Mari said she expected more from someone like ML (don’t know why Mari expected more but that is a whole other point). ‘IF’, like telling someone they are being hurtful is not enough but they still have to question it with ‘IF’. So I had a little rant and finished off by telling ML to go and learn how to apologise.

    I also said I think the only reason William lets them do what they do is the reaction they get from other posters. More reaction, more clicks but that might be cynical of me. In any case it is his blog he can do whatever he wants (for that reason his excuse that he couldn’t do anything about it doesn’t wash with me).

  14. BB

    It was reported today that PMJG is on board with Rudd becoming an integral part of the campaigning team.
    It could well be as c@tmomma as intimated.
    I continue to reserve judgment. But whatever the case, the msm will only serve to drive a wedge. They are not interested in any unity ticket so to speak

  15. That aimn story about the misbehaving LNP person – here’s the clue, it narrows the field a lot. Obviously a front-bencher.
    ‘It is in the public interest that these allegations either be verified if true, or dismissed if they are indeed untrue, because of the prominence of the person who is the subject of these allegations, and the high office he is likely to hold.’

  16. Now who looks like the sort of bloke who would think pissing in someone’s shoe is hilarious? Sounds like the sort of thing someone who had been at one of those uni colleges for the drunken sons of the bunyip aristocracy would do.

  17. slav g,
    Apologies are a dime a dozen to Conservatives now. They just roll off the tongue like every other one of their lies. They’ve even figured out the form of words for the ‘Non-Apology’. They think they’re so smart. They have no integrity. They think they don’t have to any more.

    However, dogs don’t like getting kicked forever. Eventually they turn on their ‘Masters’ and remember what their teeth were for and bite back.

    As Abbott likes to keep quoting interminably for other reasons,
    “It’s happened before, and it can happen again.” 😉

  18. In the workplace bullying has occurred when the recipient of said ‘fun’ feels they have been bullied.

    You know it when you see it even if it can’t be defined in measurable terms.

    So it’s possible for the bully to complain their victim is harassing them ie get the first word in, Mod Lib is a master at this .

  19. There’s a few heavy drinkers on the L/NP side definitely. I remember it well from my time down there in ’04. Frankly, I don’t know how they keep up the pace. It’d kill me. 🙂

  20. Mod Lib has to be an operative put onto Poll Bludger to disrupt and destabilise and dispirit. I can’t think of any other reason for the constant presence of a seemingly intelligent and highly employable individual like that.

  21. Another thing that’s disturbing from the allegations posted on aimn is this:

    It is also alleged that a witness was informed that to make this public would result in their ‘ruination’. It was said that this alleged threat was made from a member of the mainstream media.


    Now, you can look at that two ways.

    Firstly, as a result of the fact that the People Traffickers, knowing of the likelihood of an Abbott government, as has been reported elsewhere, are herding asylum seekers like cattle onto boats before the expected crackdown by Abbott & Morrison, and are the ones to blame. Abbott & Morrison for their rhetoric. The People Traffickers for trying to make a buck before the drawbridge goes up.

    Or, as Abbott and Morrison will cynically and heartlessly play it, it’s the Gillard government’s fault, ‘for keeping the sugar on the table’.

    Simplistic nonsense which should be called for what it is. Playing politics with people’s lives.

    Then the government should bring back Oakeshott’s Bali Bill into the next session of parliament to put the cat among the pigeons. See if The Greens can still excuse the loss of life at sea for their ‘principles’. I know the Coalition will, but that’s not the point.

  23. LeoneTwo the aspirant for Tony Windsor’s seat springs to mind.

    I’d say you might be on to it there because the AINM report made a point of saying, ‘The incident is alleged to have involved offensive behaviour from a prominent member of the Liberal National Party.’ The LNP, for short.

  24. Hmmmm…the aspiring member for New England does seem overly fond of alcohol. There was that time he did a TV interview obviously very much under the weather……….but would he wee in someone else’s shoe? Probably.

    There seems to be a real problem with drinking among the ranks of the opposition – from the leader down. Abbott’s own office has had a few issues lately with staff over-doing the booze. And there was Abbott’s falling asleep in his office after too much wine with dinner thing.

  25. Section 2 . . .

    Yes – the Land of the Free! World leaders in incarceration rates.
    This clip came from the outstanding series “Inside Nature’s Giants”. This relates to a giraffe. Ricahard Dawkins debunks “intelligent design”.
    THE UNBELIEVERS (2013) – Official Movie Trailer (Richard Dawkins & Lawrence Krauss) Pell gets a gig in the movie.
    Mike Papantonio on military sexual assaults.

  26. So, a Middle Aged Conservative White Man is who we need to run the country in the 21st Century? As written by a conservative middle-aged white male journalist. I detect a pattern here. Old Media trying to impose an Old Media ideal of a politician on the country. One who has promised to keep us shackled to the old century in ways which will hold the country back and make us the Poor White Trash of Asia, the Coolies in the food fields if Bishop and Abbott are to be believed, while the rest of Asia in the Asian Century streaks ahead doing all the value adding to products that we will find it increasingly hard to buy for ourselves as our wages fall behind due to the WorkChoices Lite policies that will be imposed.

    Oh, but Tony has assumed the facade of Prime Minister, so we should all be reassured by that.

    As he leads the Progressive nation Labor is trying to develop, to the slaughterhouse.

    Well, over my metaphorically dead body. Chris bloody Johnson, who just seems to have crawled out of the Fairfax woodwork in time to write these puff pieces about Abbott, and destructive ones about Labor, doesn’t convince me. Nor do the new style ‘Prime Ministerial’ photos of Abbott.

    It’s just branding like the guy from the ANU said. Flip the lid and the old Abbott will come pouring out.

  27. And what’s more, Abbott wants to Privatise our society for the financial gain of the Super Wealthy. All those fine-sounding words about ‘Community Control of our Schools and Hospitals’ is just code for selling off still more of our Public Assets to Private Enterprise because I sure as hell know I can’t afford to buy a Hospital or a School and run it as Chairman of the Board. Can you?

  28. Good morning all!
    C@T.. “Mod Lib has to be an operative put onto Poll Bludger to disrupt and destabilise and dispirit. I can’t think of any other reason for the constant presence of a seemingly intelligent and highly employable individual like that.” gotta be talking tounge in ‘ surely…I see very little other than fatuous, cynical, bumtuous bullshit from the above jerk-off!….But of course you are 🙂 🙂 :)!

  29. Every part of Australia matters and every Australian counts. The last thing that you’ll ever see from me and from Coalition frontbenchers is dividing Australian from Australian on the basis of class, gender or whether you were born here or not.”

    Read more:

    are these lies and more dam lies

    does he think we believe a word he says.

    that’s sound very similar to what Howard said in was it 96
    word for word,,,, hope its on the net somewhere,
    I remember the Sunday morning as though it was yesterday, my labor
    neighbours ( the ones that lost their son last year} and I where both outside sweeping our drive way , funny thing to do,,, but i burst in to tears and she
    said ; swings and roundabouts I give him one term,’
    the media saw to it he had 11 long horrible years of doing nothing, there was no way howard thought of the people that didn’t vote for him
    abbott is trying to come across as some old lost uncle or father confessor
    don’t be fooled, people this man, doesn’t like us at all
    none of us,, unless you are in the top 1 percent

    this mob of hollow men are panicking,, ive noticed the author of this has wrote a nice cosy little chatty type pieces with abbott,

    its the rudd factor,,, and photo of him,,

    nasty pictures which are not hard to find, put together with nodding head video of the video in 2010 , or the story with k Obrien repeated and repeated.

    words don’t describe how I feel about him ,,,

    keep this handy and every time he says something that is nasty
    bring it out,, the pm was very very good to us for announcing the election
    early ,, these are the things you say the day before an election.
    abbott will forget he said the above In 24 hours,,,,
    just wait and see,

    there must be a list somewhere where he is non inclusive of ordinary people

  30. Chris Johnson’s little effort covers the bottom half of today’s Canberra Times.

    For good measure, Jack Waterford has an article on page 21 headed “Youth turns to the liberal path”, containing gems like:

    Compared with their elders, they are welfare cynics.


    Yep, they ARE shit scared of Julia.

  31. I haven’t looked re mod lib this past few weeks,
    but mr bowe seems to enjoy her company

    any way I wonder some times if this is another mod lib
    , when we first came across her , she said she was at a conference in NZ\ and seemed to be pleasant ,, told us she was at conf, which seemed to make me think she was in science, ?
    that’s why I got such a shock when she started trolling and saying things, seemed like a different person.
    I have noticed that liberals on pb seem to be a clone of abbott
    the expressions the slogans, and the nasty tone in the voice
    yes I do hear the voice, not going nuts,,, I just do

    once mod lib posted to me,,,, why don’t you talk to me’

    shiver s went down my spine I went cold all over ,
    serious question what causes that feeling , if I hear something about jullia I that worries me,,, or a nasty poll ( their polls} I go cold ,

  32. Anyone who takes as gospel the “Here comes Rupe so let’s give his boy another 4 points” polls needs to change whatever he’s on.

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