Fantastic Friday 7/6/2013


Hello Patrons and welcome to the latest instalment of our Fantastic Friday Raffles.

Unfortunately the nag I backed last week came 2nd, so off to the glue factory for it.

Not a great week for labor according to the latest Rougepoll but do not Despair 99 days to go and some libbottles are sure to fall .

Our Super Staff are here and ready to attend to your needsFantastic Foursome

Good Luck to All the SA. Chapter Pubsters at the get together TomorrowimagesShort and sweet tonight, let the fun begin and lets take our minds off the lying scum that passes for Her majesties loyal opposition for an hour or so

A long weekend .



636 thoughts on “Fantastic Friday 7/6/2013

  1. Gillard will have been PM for three years on Wednesday fortnight.

    The political pundits rave on about her poor judgement and performance (even the ones who have been sacked or retrenched themselves!).

    Gillard’s poor judgement is demonstrated by that fact that her anniversary is up on Wednesday fortnight, and that Abbott has been Prime Minister for none of that time, even having had a fair and square chance to win it in the 2010 election and (according to him and the pundits) any time since.

    Despite having the entire media on his side, the federal and state police ready to react to his or his underlings slightest whims by pursuing vendettas against two Labor-aligned politicians, the services of free QCs to prosecute those and other cases cases and greater numbers in the parliament than his opponents, Abbott has been unable to take a trick from Gillard, get one piece of his own legislation up, promote one No Confidence motion, persuade one Independent to defect or to do anything else that puts him closer to the Lodge today than he was three years ago… except win polls.

    In my books that situation demonstrates two things:

    1. That Gillard has shown consistently GOOD political judgement and has prospered appropriately from the exercise of that judgement, and,

    2. Exactly why the wingnuts are so terrified of her that they feel the need to keep repeating their mantra of “Gillard gone!” day after boring day, week after tedious week, month after endless month.

    She is like Death In The Night to them. They don’t know how, or why, or sometimes even when… but every time they think they are safe she comes back and cuts a swathe through them, leaving them looking like the complete fools they are.

    Frankly, with all this latest Gillard Gone! talk, one thing is clear: they are shit scared of her.

  2. tcomma,
    after that report , bill shorten was supposed to of said I had a look at his web page, he puts his door stops on there.
    the reporter for that interview was not named, but was trying to put words in bill s mouth.
    I think it would be good if
    the ministers when they put up a door step they should say who the reporter was and we will know if they are from newsltd, or Fairfax.
    its also time to MAKE reporters say who they are at every door stop
    like the do in the US, I would think that’s good manners,
    I ask this question, of a minsters staff and I was told that you couldn’t do that .

    I thought what rubbish that is why not., we should know who we are listening to I would also like the cameras at news conf. to face the camera to the reporter
    is there a way you could suggest this.

  3. BK

    Hopefully next time the SA chapter hook up, it will be to celebrate an election victory for Labor!

    Btw Adelaide are getting caned

  4. Political Animal got banned from here for brat-like behaviour. Good on him for turning up.

  5. so this person didn’t work at the bottle shop.

    that’s the funniest bit of fiction I ve ever heard
    what a shame u didn’t have the the picture of the no
    show opposition, when the ndis levy vote was taken,

    I reckon this person is trying to justify his thoughts and vote for abbott

    in his own mind,

  6. bushfirebill, Abbott has had one success. His policy for reinstating the Howard Pacific Solution is back in place. Back in a more harsher form, is possible.

    Problem for Abbott, it DOES NOT WORK.

    This is the one PM’s big failure, well at least up to this time.

    I still have the hope, that there is a trap, waiting to be sprung.

    I believe Abbott is terrified of a proper election campaign, one were the arrangements for debates have been removed from the parties hand. One where there is a chance, the PM just might get the message out.

    Another problem is that Abbott when he goes out, saying he will demolish what the PM has to achieved, a lot of the public will realise for the first time what they have to lose.

    I am sure, the PM will point out, that her party, along with Mr,. Shorten were working on NDIS for over three years. As for Gonski, there have been many partnership trials, that has led up to now. The PM since Labor come to power in 2007, has been putting the planks down for the policy. Much is already in place. Gonski is the funding, that will allow it to go ahead.

    I believe that Abbott will have big problems, when the details are out in front of the public, mounting a case to demolish m NBNCo, Gonski and the CEF and all that goes with it.

    With NBN, the Opposition has already moved from the copper network to fibre, which they fought against.

    They will have problems selling their NBN lite and Direct Action.

    As for the extravagance PPL scheme, that is an impossibility.

    Abbott can keep up his slogans and motherhood statements.

    Everyone else will be busy, comparing all that Abbott offers.

    Most, I believe still want something done about man made climate change, cause by carbon emissions. As Combet said, the cost on carbon emission is only a small part of the package,

    I believe that many industries will not want to see it go. They benefit greatly from it. How many jobs did Combet say, that has already been created, was it 29,000.

    No Rudd is correct about one thing, the PM has much to sell.

    Yes, Abbott and MSM have much to fear.

  7. I seem to recall, the Opposition Leader did not bother to turn up when the funding for the NDIS was introduced.

    I would not truest him, not to emasculate the scheme. Anyone that has any connection to the disable, would never trust the Coalition.

  8. I seem to recall, the Opposition Leader did not bother to turn up when the funding for the NDIS was introduced.

    I pointed this out to the bloke this afternoon and his glib answer was that, having done the initial brainstorming – a sentence in his book, a paragraph in an obscure speech… whatever – Abbott left it to the plodders like Gillard to figure out the details, hold the meetings etc. and even slower thinkers like Hockey to work out the finances.

    The whole plan was to seem unenthusiastic and half-hearted on the NDIS to goad Gillard into taking action to nark him… she fell into his brilliantly laid trap.

    This guy really seems to believe Abbott is some kind of social and political guru, so far ahead of his competitors that they think he’s dumb.

  9. Bushfire Bill,

    The man I was talking to is a department manager in the Defence Department, in charge of hundreds of millions of dollars in naval infrastructure and IT innovation.

    IF the women and men of Australia are crazy / deluded / stupid enough to elect an Abbott-led gummint on 14 September 2013, the pity of it all (among many other things) is that your interesting acquaintance will most likely keep his cushy job.

    Defence, after all, is sacrosanct when it comes to the knife – at least, as far as the Coalition is concerned.

  10. You could probably do some forensic research on the issue of when Abbott came to the NDIS party, to pin him down, however, off the top of my head I seem to remember that he hopped on board the bandwagon when Bill Shorten first mooted the concept as Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities.

    Abbott could smell a winner back then and it was when he started demanding ‘a place at the table’. He was rebuffed, quite rightly. Then a fair amount of time passed, probably while the Public Service did all the i dotting and t crossing to the point where the government could start announcing Trial NDIS sites. Then Abbott popped his head up for the 2nd time, and now he’s doing it again since just about all the States and Territories have signed up and he is acting like the presumptive heir to the throne. Even if he is only the bastard child.

    Though there’s nothing new here for the Liberals in this sort of behaviour. The Liberal candidate for our seat is doing it all the time. Apparently, even though the federal government did all the heavy-lifting to get the concept to the ‘Ready-to-go’ stage, and provided the $400million in the Budget, the F3 to M2 link tunnel is a Liberal achievement. Or so it’s being portrayed in the Liberal campaign ads in our local paper. Repetitively. Shamelessly.

    So, it’s probably via one or other of these avenues of false pretences that the joker at the bottleshop has gotten his misapprehension about Abbott’s genesis of the NDIS.

    Gullible fool.

    Tony’s no political genius. Just opportunistic political pond scum.

  11. By george, I think I’ve got it!

    It just occurred to me while I was reading that Robert Macklin article that the reason why the electorate, and the media, wants to see the incompetent Opposition elected over the outrageously competent Gillard government, is because they are bored by competence and want to witness a car crash of a government!

    ‘By their actions so shall ye know them’.

    Well, people can see what the Opposition would be like in government. Diplomatic crises with Indonesia. More excitement with the Boat People than a Lisa McCune ‘Patrol Boat’ series; more stunts from an Abbott PM than even Kevin Rudd could squeeze into a day!

    The people want their ‘Bread and Circuses’ and they’re prepared to make the nation pay a heavy price to get them.

    And like a Performing Seal, Tony Abbott is only to willing to oblige if it means he can get his hands on his ‘Precious’.

  12. C@tmomma,

    … because they are bored by competence and want to witness a car crash of a government!

    ‘Twas ever so. At any rate, it’s been that way for about the last 3.5 decades.

    The CPG loves nothing better than the smell of blood in the water – and if the odour isn’t there, they will do their darndest to manufacture it.

    I would call them sharks, but that is to insult a fine fish.

  13. Does anyone know what was said

    Craig Emerson MP ‏@CraigEmersonMP 3m
    Ciobo showed no remorse about use of violent language against a PM. Put the politics aside & realise this is a worrying trend #auspol

  14. Victoria,

    From last night’s Lateline, the always charming Mr Ciobo:

    STEVE CIOBO: Well, I think if anybody saw today’s press conference that Kevin Rudd conducted Emma, they’d know that they’re anything but united behind Julia Gillard. For Nick to just turn around and say they are all united behind Julia Gillard this is from a guy who shade that Kevin Rudd’s leadership is unfinished business, that the Australian people want to have a second round. So I think that if anybody had the opportunity to slit Julia Gillard’s throat, Nick would be one of the first ones to be there.

    (My emphasis.)

    Class act.

  15. victoria,
    On Lateline last night Ciobo used the Liberal metaphor that is becoming all too common to hear lately when he said that Julia Gillard deserved to have her throat cut by the electorate.

    Pity help the nation if that bunch of thugs and bullies get into power federally.

  16. BB
    I have met PolAn more than once. He is ALP and PMJG through and through.

    That wasn’t the point, Puffy. I don’t want to seem all “authoritarian” but a decision had to be made whether HE ran this blog or US.

    Getting rid of people like Pol Animal, Bemused, Early Opener and a couple of others has been necessary to keep this place running smoothly.

    You all compliment us mods on how pleasant this place is compared to other blogs. The reason is that “bad news” commenters, no matter how strong their credentials, have been booted when they don’t accept the authority that the site’s founders have to run the place.

    Generally we run a pretty light touch, but occasionally harsher measures have to be taken.

    It’s well-known now that if you come here you behave. That’s why the place runs smoothly. But every now and again unpleasant things have to be done to maintain that equilibrium for the greater good.

  17. The members of the coalition have been trying to claim the credit for good things Lasbor has done for quite a while.Why come up with policy or spend money on infrastructure when you can claim all the credit for the work of others without ever having to do anything?

    ven up here it happens. The state member for Port Macquarie, Mrs Leslie (Useless as tits on a bull) Williams tried it on during her 2011 election campaign. Rob Oakeshott had famopusly wangled $96 million from the feds to extend the local hospital and his mate Peter Besseling, then our independent state MP, had wangled about $16 million from the Keneally Labor government as the state’s contribution. Mrs Williams, who was not yet in parliament at the time claimed that she alone had obtained all the funding from the not-yet-elected O’Farrell government. Even rusted-on Nats couldn’t stomach that huge porkie and the silly cow was howled down.

    Then Williams and state Nats leader Andrew Stoner tried to claim all the credit for the Kempsey bypass which had been totally planned and funded by Labor. Albo had a couple of goes at them over this but it did not stop their frequent photo sessions taken while ‘inspecting’ the works.

    Just a couple of months ago a new geriatric evaluation and management unit was opened at the local hospital. It too had been federally funded thanks to Mr O. He wasn’t even invited to the opening, it was a Nats/Liberals function only with Mrs Useless once again claiming all the credit.

    Just this week Mrs Williams and NSW minister for health Jillian Skinner were photographed ‘inspecting the works’ on the new hospital extension, once again deliberately trying to give the impression that they were responsible for it all. The complicated history of the hospital with the despicable invovlement of the Greiner/Fahey government in a failed privatisation attempt tell a very different story.

  18. do u know I have seen the word ciobo here and thought it was short for something else,
    does he ever say or do anything in parliament why interview him,

    what a disgrace, that sort of language and why didn’t alberici pull him up

    we should be writing her a stern email
    just reading the sentence is to much

    imagine if a child at school used such language , there would be an out cry

    nothing said,, Mark scott should be bought in a committee or what ever to be reprimanded, because his staff should of immediately pulled him up

    I suppose ciobo thinks he is very smart and rather cool as they say

  19. An example of the way the minds of LNP supporters work- sorry about the language.

    Craig Emerson MP ‏@CraigEmersonMP
    Ciobo showed no remorse about use of violent language against a PM. Put the politics aside & realise this is a worrying trend #auspol

    Greg Jessop Greg Jessop ‏@GregJessop1
    @CraigEmersonMP don’t be so fucking ridiculous. It was used like “stab in the back” is used. Grow up you spastic.

    ‘Greg Jessop’ ( I doubt it’s his real name), according to his Twitter profile, is ‘anti-refugee, anti-communist and proud LNP supporter’. His profile avatar is a hangman’s noose, his profile shos a picture of PMJG with the noose over it, as near as Mr Jessop could arrange an actual picture of a hanging.

    Here’s some more about him. He sounds like a real charmer.

  20. just to show you that the presenter did not interrupt it was left to
    nick champion,

    EMMA ALBERICI: Steve Ciobo your side doesn’t seem to think Kevin Rudd should be believed when he says he no longer seeks the leadership. Why not?

    STEVE CIOBO: Well, I think if anybody saw today’s press conference that Kevin Rudd conducted Emma, they’d know that they’re anything but united behind Julia Gillard. For Nick to just turn around and say they are all united behind Julia Gillard this is from a guy who shade that Kevin Rudd’s leadership is unfinished business, that the Australian people want to have a second round. So I think that if anybody had the opportunity to slit Julia Gillard’s throat, Nick would be one of the first ones to be there.

    NICK CHAMPION: That’s an appalling way to refer to any politician and Steve should moderate his language.

    STEVE CIOBO: Oh okay, Nick, would you prefer if I said stab in the back?


    why do we have to put up with such appauling words
    the presenter should of stopped the show and told him to leave
    I have sent her an email,, if any one feel s inclinded the link is below

  21. mark scott must be ask is there policy some where in the abc,
    so that a presenter could stop an interview and ask the person to leave,

    this violent speak has got to stop. no one know s where if could lead

    people go on about school bullying,, well?

  22. I have said a few times recently, all this belittling of violent language and of throwing harmless sandwiches will turn into death threats and house bricks if we don’t stop it now.

  23. Clearly the male members and supporters of the LNP have absolutely no respect for women. The female members can’t have any self-respect either if they are happy to allow this stuff to continue. So far I have not heard one word of protest from any female coalition MP or pundit. Should this bunch ever win government the women of Australia are in for a tough time. I do not, cannot understand why any women would think for even a few seconds that voting for this sexist, chauvinist mob might be a good idea.

    Last weekend we had a litle glimpse of this attitude and the glass jaws those who perpetuate it have, right over the road. Rummel and Mod Lib made some pathetic supposed ‘jokes’ about asbestos related cancer, including lymph node jokes. Mari was very upset by this and said so. Her recent personal circumstances make it a deeply emotional issue for her, as it was for others who were also upset and offended. I also had reason to find thoses so-called ‘jokes; offensive and hurtful and I said so. I was then accused of beung ‘hysterical’ by one of the Tory trolls. Women who stick up for themselves and their friends are always ‘hysterical’.

    Rummel is still going on about the reaction to his ‘jokes’. Talk about a glass jaw! He cannot accept the criticism, will not admit what he said was in poor taste and has refused to apologise to those he upset. Instead this pathetic excuse for a man, coward that he has shown himself to be, dumped all the blame on the other chief offender. ‘( I wonder how Rummel will feel one day when some cowardly male hurts or upsets his daughter and then refuses to accept and deal with the consequences of his actions.)

    Rummel’s reaction is typical. We are now seeing it as the response of LNP supporters and MPs to criticism of Steve Ciobo’s words, just as we have seen it countelss times before when some Tory fool has said something appalling about women. ‘It’s just Tony being Tony’. ‘We were just joking’. ‘You women can’t take a joke’.’ It wasn’t me, it was him and he was just having a bit of fun’. ‘you are just over-reacting and being hysterical’. Get used to it ladies, should Abbott win we’ll be in for this abysmal treatment every day.

  24. Speaking of bullying behaviour:

    A number of independent journalists have been approached by a source for help in making public an incident they witnessed in a Canberra restaurant recently. This source is believed to be credible, however, the incident is yet to be confirmed. The incident is being made public in an attempt to encourage more witnesses to come forward.

    The incident is alleged to have involved offensive behaviour from a prominent member of the Liberal National Party.


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