Fantastic Friday 7/6/2013


Hello Patrons and welcome to the latest instalment of our Fantastic Friday Raffles.

Unfortunately the nag I backed last week came 2nd, so off to the glue factory for it.

Not a great week for labor according to the latest Rougepoll but do not Despair 99 days to go and some libbottles are sure to fall .

Our Super Staff are here and ready to attend to your needsFantastic Foursome

Good Luck to All the SA. Chapter Pubsters at the get together TomorrowimagesShort and sweet tonight, let the fun begin and lets take our minds off the lying scum that passes for Her majesties loyal opposition for an hour or so

A long weekend .




636 thoughts on “Fantastic Friday 7/6/2013

  1. Aguirre
    Exactly. I find everything I need to know from the same sources and from Twitter. I don’t need to be told what to think by a bunch of craven sell-swords in the OM. A pox on them.

    I didn’t need to sit through an hour of the usual dross, drivel and man-love for Rudd that is Insiders. Al lthe crucial bits were tweeted.

    I think Barry Cassidy jumped the shark this morning. He’s destroyed what litlte credibility he had. In a few more weeks he will be wiping huge amounts of egg from his face.

  2. NSW getting serious about synthetic drugs. Temporary ban issued. Enforcement measures also announced. Well done.
    The O’Farrell government has been quite enigmatic.

  3. Political Animal,

    Good to see you again. Congrats on your recovery, and you are so right about oxycontin and addiction. I had to monitor my mother VERY carefully a couple of years ago when she was on both the immediate and slow release forms, plus valium.

    Oddly, she has almost no recollection of those three weeks.

  4. BK

    I only heard about the synthetic drugs on the news the other day. Sounds like they were legal and easy to buy. Don’t know anything else about them.

  5. 2gravel
    The drugs are synthetic copies of marijuana and other illegal drugs, they give the same effects when taken. Do a Google for ‘synthetic drugs’ and you’ll find enough information to keep you reading all day.

  6. Hello again everyone! I’m just back from our local branch meeting and we had a fine old time discussing the issues of the day, and he who shall NEVER be PM. 😉 I also got a motion passed which we are going to send to the PM and Immigration Minister asking her to get together with Rob Oakeshott to reintroduce his Bali Process Bill to Parliament in the last sitting in order to make the case that they are serious about trying to do something about stopping the vile trade in people seeking asylum, too many of whom are finding their new home, not in Australia, but in Davy Jones’ Locker.

    So close to the election it would really put the weights on The Greens and the Coalition to state explicitly why they believe in supporting more deaths at sea. In contrast to Labor who have a plan to minimse them as much as humanly possible by seeking to put a big spoke in the wheel of the People Smugglers, so as to give an even chance to all refugees around the region and from refugee camps around the world to get here safely and start a new life.


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