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  2. What a dashing and debonair young man about Adelaide you must have been, BK! You also made a dashing and debonair Father of the Bride. 🙂

  3. I sure am a proud Granddad and a very grateful one also.

    Thankful that we have such wonderful, caring and skilled medical practitioners and a Medicare System courtesy of Labor.

  4. Here are some photos of Ridgiesrule’s greyhound girls – in once-upon-a-time racing mode and current couch potato mode.

  5. Ridgiesrule,
    My neighbour up the road a piece, who is actually my ‘next door neighbour’ but we are separated by some National Park bush, is a Greyhound Racer and Breeder.

    I’d like to adopt a greyhound but I’m worried they’ll chase the native fauna around here. 😦

  6. Mr and Mrs Rummel’s daughter – two minutes after birth.

    The intense gaze of babe to mother, mother to babe, is just gorgeous (and so typical).

    Congratulations to all of you!

  7. Puffy,

    Are you going all Chinese on us?

    In Western culture, isn’t the first birthday when one attains 12 months of life? As opposed to the day of one’s birth?

    (That quibble aside, she is indeed a cutie, and I am sure Rummel has a suitable cactus in mind, if not already in place.)

  8. As Bemused said “I’m sure your wife will do the right thing raising her and we will have another loyal Labor voter in 18 years time!!!”

  9. Some examples of CK Watt’s OH’s spectacular art.

    Now, that’s a tiger:

    Old Uncle:

    Remember me:

    Thank you for sharing – truly delightful.

  10. Wow. Spectacular indeed.

    Mrs CK Watt is an extremely talented artist. Congratulations and thanks for sharing

  11. Thanks Fiona and Victoria,

    Now we just have to wait for her eye to get better so that she can continue to produce such beautiful works,

  12. CK Watt

    Hoping OH makes a full recovery quickly. The artwork is simply exquisite..
    I can barely draw stick figures. I am always blown away how these paintings are created. They are marvellous!!

  13. CK Watt
    Please pass on my appreciation for the artwork to your OH. They are just wonderful, would make any household proud to have them hanging on their walls.

  14. Thanks to all for the kind words. OH is so concerned that she won’t be able to paint again, we are both hoping for the best outcome after the eye operation, we go back to the surgeon tomorrow for a follow up. Fingers and all other appendages are crossed.

    At present OH is doing a 4 person portrait only 3/4 done so far, last week one of my neighbours was chatting to me outside and saw the picture through the window and said to the painting “Hello how are you”, needless to say she was dumbfounded when I told her it was a painting. That is how real they look.

  15. My beautiful grandson, Brodie, in deep thought. Thanks Fiona

    You are welcome, Leftrightout – Brodie is just gorgeous!

  16. my grandma use to say , that some children look so wise you would think they have been here before,,

    that’s how I see brodie

  17. Absolutely fan-bloody-tastic. I just love every one of those paintings and if I had the money I’d be trying to buy them all.

    Thank you so much CK and your OH for sharing them with us.

  18. Me and great–niece Milly.

    Early in the 1990s I decided that when my favorite niece had kids I didn’t want to be a shuffling, ventolin puffing, farting old wreck and stopped smoking for good.

    26 May 2013, 2 days before my birthday, I got my reward:

  19. This has been published on another thread, but Scorpio asked VERY nicely:

    Is it possible to put this one up on the Pub. I think this was what started up a bit of a trend that has led to E friends becoming real friends. I hold many of the commenters from PB & the Pub as lifelong friends now!

    so …

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