Fab Friday Fun


Hello patrons . I’m back on deck for tonight’s version of raffle night, thanks to Fiona for running it last week.

Things are looking a bit grim on the election front so lets relax forget about it for a night and have fun and listen to some tunes.

For the footy tipping people bomberrose is winning the AFL while MassiveSpray is in the front on the NRL . The less said about my performance so far the better. 

The kitty stands at $60.70 with 1 bet on the election being held and 1 still to be placed.( leftrightout).

Remember our beautiful Barmaids are here to attend to your needs
Courteous Bar staffMyself and bushfirebill will be doing what we usually do 

Raffle now starts as soon as this is posted remember first in first served.

Have a good night


533 thoughts on “Fab Friday Fun

  1. Confessions,

    Woofle dust (or powder) apparently featured in many TV children’s shows in the 1950s and early 1960s. I led a deprived childhood, and did not become aware of its existence until a few weeks ago.

    Further research suggests that it’s a substance commonly used by magicians.


    I hoped it would do the trick … 🙂

  2. You also need a magic wand.

    I can attest to the fact that a piece of dowel, painted black, with one-inch long white tips may LOOK like a magic wand, but has no miraculous powers whatsoever.

    Likewise spinach does NOT allow you to punch holes through walls. It does however permit you to break your knuckles trying.

    A Robin Hood suit does not bestow any extra accuracy on rubber suction-tipped arrows fired from your 10/- long bow.***

    Itching powder does not make you itchy.

    And you can’t tip up a milk bottle, preventing the milk from falling out by inserting a straw into it.

    Woofle powder makes all these things work, but Mr. Brown (proprietor of the toy shop in Strathfield when I was a kid) was always out of stock. Very sad. He always looked sad when he told me he’d just sold the last jar of the latest shipment. Oh well…

    On the other hand, Mr. Ciggs, who lived a few doors up the road from us, and who was an “SP Bookie” (whatever that was) did, in response to my request for a pristine copy of a particular Mickey Mouse comic, produce an exact replica. So at least I went through my first ten years thinking bookmakers actually made books.

    I believed that long after I’d sprung Dad putting Xmas presents under the tree, necessitating he and a teary I to sit down and have a long, rather depressing chat about Santa Claus.

    And no, you can’t fly by either tugging on your own hair OR by pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps.

    Only the Murdoch and Fairfax press can do that. They’ve been doing it for years.


    *** Hopalong Cassidy suits don’t work either, as regards straight-shooting.

  3. [Hopalong Cassidy suits don’t work either, as regards straight-shooting.]

    But white horses always made it a certainty (even on F-Troop).

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