Little Blog of Gloats AND Pets …

By popular demand, this is the place where you can post pics of your loved ones – and maybe even yourselves – in significant life moments.

Mind you, the pics will have to wait until the kind blog fairies scatter that certain type of dust around …

Meanwhile, everyone, enjoy …


94 thoughts on “Little Blog of Gloats AND Pets …

  1. Scorpio

    Great photos and glad to see someone had the sense to take his outfit off, those littlies love their cake so much they share with their whole body.

  2. Typical feline. When you find a good home, settle in and lap up the attention BEFORE you make it known you expect to be waited upon hand and foot…. Her Madge is gorgeously soft and cuddly and I would venture to say she does a lot of contented purring.

  3. Looks like the collie my sister had. Wonderful dog, soft design and colours . As a child I loved “Lassie come home” and remember the line: Tu es ma Lassie fidèle.

  4. Fantastic work Mrs. CK. I just love those paintings and could look at them for hours on end – not only do you capture emotional expressions that give a sort of animation to them, but your attention to detail is superb. I love the little mouse in the donkey picture and imagine it is about to sit and clean its whiskers!

  5. It’s rare for prose rather than pictures to be used on this site, but with the passing of my dearly-loved friend Michael Vaughan, the occasion justifies it. This is a copy of what he wrote on a card for my 70th birthday.

    The Gift of Friendship
    [Taken from a Birthday Card written by Michael Vaughan on the Occasion of Donald Wilson’s 70th Birthday 28th April 2012, and celebrating their Friendship of 55 years]

    Dear Willy,
    I suppose that neither you nor I thought, when we were co-students of Gawler High School in 1957, that we would still be hobnobbing in 2012.
    We seemed to have defied the odds in maintaining our contact over the succeeding years, with the intermittent exchange of letters or emails, the infrequent personal contact and the long distance of separation.
    What, then, has been the glue that has held our friendship together? I attribute the constancy to the common identification of values, attitudes and our respective approach to life in general.
    We agree on the primacy of family, the humanity we share with all the citizens of the world, and the obligation we have to help others rather than swanning along as though individuals should prevail in their interests, ignoring the common good.
    I hereby appoint you, and declare you to be, my brother – honorary, but brother all the same.
    Rosemary joins me in these sentiments. Love,
    [Heywood, 28th April 2012]

    Those loving, gracious words remain the noblest present ever given to me.

    [Michael ‘Lofty’ Vaughan has been my most constant friend and confidante for over half a century. His wife Rosemary, mentioned in the tribute, has been equally a dear friend for over forty years.
    Donald ‘Willy’ Wilson]


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