Budget Measures to Address Poverty

I (Billie) would like:

1. Workforce Australia abolished along with Mutual Obligation.

2. Cancel contracts of Job Network providers who engage in illegal activity even if it’s one unqualified junior counter staff in remote WA.

3. Covid showed poverty is a policy choice, raise the rate to pandemic levels, $750 per week??

4. Fix NDIS, get rid of the rorters.

5. Fix Medicare.

6. Build social housing, use pre-fab and modular.

7. Stop logging native forests.

8. Fix Murray-Darling water allocations.

9. Get cracking on NACC.

10. Rebuild Public Service.

23 thoughts on “Budget Measures to Address Poverty

  1. Why is addressing poverty important?

    1. Australia choses to keep 25% of the population in poverty.
    1 in 6 children live in poverty
    1 in 3 aged pensioners live in poverty
    1 in 4 or 5 working age Australians on JobSeeker live in poverty

    2. Poverty is unfair. A society riddled with inequality has a lower GDP that a more equitable society. Societies which entrench privilege stagnate and if our grandchildren are going to have a life we have to become innovative fast and apply science to climate change

    3. JobSeeker rate is acknowledged to be so low that it inhibits access to employment

    4. Mutual Obligation to prepare job seekers for the workforce is a wonderful idea but you actually need to create the jobs

    5. bring back full employment and a living wage by reintroducing ticket collectors, checkout operators. When I started work public service heads used to have a pecking order ranked by the number of direct employees.
    As Optus has found to its detriment that if you hire contractors for a particular contract you have do not retain organisational memory and no oversight of your systems architecture leading to security breaches you can drive a truck through. Accenture used test data base loaded with live data on an unsecured URL. Interesting that Singtel is keen to help staunch the bad publicity

    • Employment rates and unemployment numbers
      Vested interests are screaming out for more employees to be brought in on working visas.
      In Melbourne good looking teenage girls in inner suburbs can’t get weekend retail work
      Every taxi and uber driver is an Indian accountant who has australian qualifications

  2. Billie – I get what you said about too many comments. It never worried me until I had to go to hospital because I prefer to use my PC or laptop when I’m at home. The wifi in Port Hospital was fine, I was able to use my laptop, but once I was moved to Wauchope the wifi was not worth a stale crumpet so I had to use my phone. (I’m lucky that worked.) Flicking through many comments every time became beyond annoying. So I do understand.

    Someone with more skill than I will have to adjust the number of comments, if that is possible. I don’t have a clue how to do that.

    • reminds me of changing the made in Australia logo from the vibrant green & gold kangaroo to a pale gold starburst which was harder to see and not uniquely Australian

      But his Christian maate at agency c-word on the BoM board made $250K for a rebrand that BOMBED

      Shame they had to fire 2 meteorologists and close the long range weather observations for THAT

  3. Moderator I think you have to revert to the original heading to link page back to home and to previous page, original heading was

    This is anti-poverty week. The budget is next week, what would you like to see?

  4. A very good article from Rod Bower. It is appalling to know that so many children go hungry in Australia because successive governments over years, on both sides of politics, have tried and failed to balance their budgets by hitting the most vulnerable. Surely giving more to the most disadvantaged would result in a benefit to the whole economy.

  5. Something else for us to worry about – Japanese encephalitis is on the rise. You can relax unless you live a few k’s from a piggery or a wading bird habitat. Which would be most of us.

    Floods and warm weather perfect storm for Japanese encephalitis outbreak in Australia, researchers warn

    Warming temperatures combined with flood waters could leave almost 750,000 Australians vulnerable to Japanese encephalitis – a disease that until last year was confined to Asia and far-northern Australia.

    The mosquito-borne disease was first detected on the Australian mainland in 1998, but its range expanded dramatically earlier this year. Cases were reported in dozens of southern piggeries (pigs are one of the main carriers of the virus) and there were also 31 confirmed cases in humans and six deaths.

    A paper published on Monday in the medical journal Clinical Infectious Diseases warned that anyone living within 4km of an infected piggery is potentially at risk. This is because the mosquito that spreads Japanese encephalitis, Culex annulirostris, is a strong flier and can fly several kilometres


  6. I notice that the recent comments is still pointing to the last topic, could this be why BK has not appeared this morning?

  7. I am still plugging away at writing my story for my uni assignment. The genre is Fantasy. I usually have a good imagination but I think putting up with all the bullcrap fantasies from the Rightwing dopes, Drumpf, Scummo, Boris the Boor and the malignant Murdoch media has dampened my enthusiasm somewhat.
    I have gone for a sci-fi story, which is an unusual choice for me. I am having the hero find a new Blue planet like Earth. Earth was saved from becoming a brown planet 500 years previously and now sits under guard as a sort if Interspace Heritage Park only inhabited by Earthians.
    The newly discovered Cool Blue will need great protection against pirate resource miners, who especially will want its natural water.
    The Universal Policing Fleet ship has to deal with exploiters already causing chaos through murdering the inhabitants in an attempt at genocide.
    Did I forget to say that the UP got there by falling through an illegally created fold in space-time?
    I have to put it in 3,500 words. I will post it here when it is graded, if you like.
    Wish me luck.
    This is me, Puffy. I am using my old WordPress account because I am having trouble logging into my usual one.

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