2 more sleeps

2 more sleeps till xmas day and things seem to be working ok.

The log in probs. some are experiencing re. blog names is apparently due to wordpress recognizing  your original email,gravatar profile.

It does”t  recognize any changes you made when you log onto a new blog like this,so I am told.

You should be able to edit your profile after i have approved you to the site. Again so I have been told.

If not embrace your new name for the 2 weeks while PB. is on holidays, you are still the same person and you can always out yourself or let people guess who you are.

BB,and Fiona have kindly agreed to help me out by becoming moderators of the site as I will not be able to be here all the time,and for that I thank them.

Merry xmas and happy new year to all.