I thought today is as good a day as any to honour our furry companions.Pets are fantastic. They are always happy to see us,never judge,make us laugh and sometimes sadly make us cry. They care not about politics,terrorists,the economy or the state of the world,they care about us. Sometimes we may get angry with them, they never do when we do far stupider things than their little mistakes . They keep us company, comfort us when we are feeling blue and share in our joy when we are happy.

Our furry friends as you know are loved by both of us and they give back soo much more than we give to them

Starting with Ned The Boss


Neddy is the best natured dog I know. Never complains ,never demands Is quite happy to sleep and eat Chicken sticks

SYD on the other hand

20141028_112815 (Copy)

Is the happy energizer dog. If he could find someone that would throw balls to him all day he would be in Heaven. Loves his mum

The feline part of our family consists of KIRRA


Our 14 year old ginger and white girl who is having a little trouble with her thyroid at the moment. Used to beat up syd all the time but loves Neddy.


Phoebe is our quiet one who sleeps and eats, and that’s about it. I almost Killed Phoebe when she was about 2 by running her over. Luckily she moved just enough and her tail was the only part of her damage. Sadly she had to have about a quarter of her tail removed. Not sure if she and the OH. have forgiven me yet..


WE also have about 15 goldfish ,assorted lizards,,birds and other wildlife that have been  deemed unable to feed themselves naturally that OH has adopted.

So Cheers to our furry and other  friends.

Post a pic of your Pets past and present  Give them the fame they deserve. Email either my self or Fiona if you are having troubles posting  and we will gladly do it for you.Enjoy

Philharmonic Friday with Penguins

King Penguins at Volunteer Point, Falkland Islands
I have no idea why

It’s up to you patrons to instill a bit of kulture into the joint with your Favourite orchestral ditties

Be it from the London Philharmonic mob


Or these jokers from Vienna

Vienna_Philharmonic_11_eventOR even this rather unusual pairing

KISS and the 60-piece Melbourne Symphony Orchestra put the "bomb" in bombastic for a one-off gig at the Telstra Dome.
It is up to you to enlighten us all with some uplifting tunes.

Now the penguins


adelie-penguins-on-iceberg-lgI Think I may be going a little nuts



images (5)

Anyway enjoy.

Feeling Good Friday

It,s Friday . I’m Feeling Good and so should we all. The libs are in damage control over just about everything. The shock Jocks and MSM Cheer Squad are going ballistic and refusing to believe that most sensible people have come to the conclusion that their prick Abbott is a dud .

They have cheered for him ,tried their best and thrown enough dirt around about labor and the Unions to fill Sydney Harbour twice but still after all they have done the public have rejected their pick Tony.

That,s why I am feeling good this Friday and we should all be a bit upbeat now. Plus their is plenty of stuff to be happy about.

The Aussie Girls won the netball world cup.



Australia in the cricket have made more than 100 runs.


Astronomers have found a star with 3 super earth’s



NED and Syd have found a intellectual equal.


And Did I mention the Libs are down in the dumps

images (4)

Labor seem happy