Einstein, Mack Dog, and the Interregnum

Two wise sages to support us into this interregnum – now that a 3rd March 2019 poll is predicted.

However, I wouldn’t be totally surprised if FauxMo were to call it sometime in February. St Valentine’s day is, perhaps, a tad too soon (and, anyway, it’s not a Saturday), but I still wouldn’t rule out February … after all, there might be the distraction of disasters, like cyclones and bushfires. Surely, Shirley, that would play best for the Coalition.

Meanwhile, I hope Mack Dog and the ghost of Einstein will – somehow – preserve us.


24 November 2018: Victoria Votes




The promised Vic Election thread.

I know that some here are feeling nervous, as are a couple of my closest non-Pubster friends.

Yet I am beginning to feel a little – just a little – and very cautiously – optimistic.

Fingers crossed I don’t have to eat my words!

The Prime Muppet’s Bible

For some strange reason, I’ve had the feeling for quite a while that any resemblance between extreme evangelical Christian scripture and that of mainstream Christianity is accidental at best.

As I’ve said before, I am an atheist, but from my education (not my family upbringing) I am very familiar with the Bible, especially the King James version. I’ve also read it, including the Apocrypha. (And I’ve read the Koran, and numerous Buddhist and Hindu texts).

So, tonight I am wondering what bits of the “mainstream” Bible our dear Prime Muppet might adhere to.

My choice should be obvious by the image above.

Yours? (Play fair, only one nomination per Pubster).