11th Hour, 11th Day, 11th Month, 1918. Lest We Forget.

The final ceasefire of World War One, the war to end all war except it didn’t.

Let these images help us remember the animals who served. Let us also remember the farm animals, pets and wildlife who were the innocent victims of human stupidity, stubbornness and sense of superiority. We had a choice. They did not. Lest We Forget.

Only one horse was taken back to Australia at the end of WWW. Some were transferred to the British Army in India, some went to the abattiors to become meat for the troops. A lot were shot by their own riders to give them a quick and humane end. It is understandable but tragic that these horses were fated not just by the logistics of returning., but our animal diseases quarantine laws.

Of course WW1, in my opinion, was just the royal houses of Europe and Britain, all related, squabbling over territory. A family feud played out with the lives of millions. Then the end of WW1 was the beginning of World War Two, followed by the cold war, and the crazy era of nuclear Mutually Assured Destruction.

(I will load citations later).

231 thoughts on “11th Hour, 11th Day, 11th Month, 1918. Lest We Forget.

  1. ckwatt

    Cooker, in this context, is a uniquely Australian slang word! On Twitter and YouTube there are a few anti fascists and the sort of left leaning people who have debunk weirdo anti vaxxers and the like who started using the term cookers and cooked in relation to the big upsurge of nutters, sovereign citizens, local Qanon and related people.

    They use it about people who have really erratic systems of belief they’ve picked up off the internet or who have long standing reality defying beliefs, whereas more coherant but vile people like actual Nazis (for example) are still just called Nazis or whatever. This use of the word cooker is only a couple of years old.


    • Thanks Leroy. As I mentioned to Kirsdarke the label doesn’t really describe the ratbaggedness of the actual group.

  2. Well done Victoria!

    This result shows all Australia that Trumpian campaigning is not welcome here. Also Murdoch is not wanted – the only ones taking any notice of him are cookers and rusted-on Lib voters.

  3. I’m pretty happy with the results in my area. My own electorate, Wendouree got a swing to Labor of 2.5%, Labor won the regional seat of Ripon from the odious Louise Staley, and also Labor managed to hold the tide with Eureka, which was something of a difficult regional seat to retain, what with the large amount of area to switch over.

  4. I think originally ‘cooker’ referred to those ‘cooking’ up methamphetamines.

    People typically cook Meth in pots on the stove or in microwaves. Methods known as the “shake and bake method” allows individuals to shake bottles made of ingredients to make Meth. As a result, they create highly damaging effects that can be fatal to the user and other people in the vicinity.

  5. I’m watching the Sky News coverage of this election, picking up that the analyst boy refers to numbers for the Liberal party as “us”. Hope the nasty bile in this lickspittle grows more bitter through the night.

  6. The best part of the result is remembering the headlines and articles today and yesterday in the Rupert Rags.

  7. Biggest surprise for me: Polwarth!

    Southwest Victoria rural area, covering south of Ballarat, west of Geelong and east of Warrnambool, turns out sitting Liberal MP Richard Riordan was so crap that he lost that seat.

    And this roughly covers the area of Henry Bolte’s old seat of Hampden back in the 1950’s-1970’s.

  8. Good morning Dawn Patrollers. A rather pathetic compilation today, I’m afraid.

    Want a laugh? Then have a look at the Herald Sun’s Opinion page. Talk about sore losers!
    Annika Smethurst didn’t get her hung parliament. Here she sums up Dan Andrews’ thumping victory.
    Labor easily wins Victorian election, but the Greens could win eight lower house seats, says Adrian Beaumont.
    Paul Sakkal wonders where now for the Victorian Liberal Party.
    The Australian’s John Ferguson writes, “The fracturing of the Liberal vote in Victoria is an enormous issue for the party across Australia. It is hard to see how the Liberals will be able to win in 2026 after such a poor result. There will – and should be – bloodletting in the Liberal Party. The Liberals are on their knees.”
    According to Chip Le Grand, Victoria blocked out the noise and stuck with Labor.
    “The only defence that we, the people, have against an arrogant leader who is thumbing his nose at our democratic arrangements is by shining a light into dark corners and ensuring that our democracy has the ability to assert the power of those democratic fundamentals”, writes Terrence Mills about the Virginia Bell report on Morrison’s ministry antics.
    Qantas profit estimates just jumped again this week when Alan Joyce threatened to axe regional routes, ramping up pressure on politicians to stop the looming industrial relations reforms. Michael Sainsbury reports.
    Human rights advocates have blasted Australia’s response to Iran’s brutal crackdown on protesters as embarrassing and morally reprehensible.
    Piety and prayer loom large in the Exclusive Brethren community, but for the church’s leading family property also makes a big impression. Luxury property at that, judging by the $9.5 million paid this week for a resort-style estate in Dural by Gareth Hales, the son of the church’s global leader Bruce D. Hales. And we financially support these bastards!
    John Bolton, former national security adviser to Donald Trump, has described the former US president’s act as “old and tired” and said the Republican party is ready to move on to a “fresh face”.

    Cartoon Corner

    Peter Broelman

    Matt Golding

    From the US

  9. The Hun sounds defeated but fear not, battling on is Andrew “Hiroo Onoda” Bolt…..

    OPINION Andrew Bolt
    Wounded Andrews should quit

  10. John Bolton, former national security adviser to Donald Trump, has described the former US president’s act as “old and tired” and said the Republican party is ready to move on to a “fresh face”.

    John Bolton is a war mongering nut job, has been for decades. His only real problem re Trump is that Trump thought the US should not be heading off to so many wars. That is burning at the stake heresy for the likes of Bolton. The real problems re Trump are no wuckas for Bolton.

  11. Some sample headlines re the toxic walrus.
    John Bolton on: bombing Iran, North Korea, Russia and the Iraq War
    Bolton’s most lasting impact may be the fallout from his open contempt for international institutions.
    John Bolton left because Trump wouldn’t let him start a war

    There was always going to be a conflict between Trump’s “America First” and Bolton’s “America Everywhere.”

    Elizabeth Warren
    John Bolton has never met a war he didn’t like. He never should have been National Security Adviser in the first place.

  12. Anyone else think the real losers of last night’s election are The Age and the Herald Sun?

    Victorians ignored their hate-filled articles and instead found their news online. The only people who buy newspapers now are oldies who cannot give up having their paper delivered every morning and punters who want to study form guides. As an example one of my sisters still has the Daily Smelly delivered every morning – she will turn 74 next week. No wonder she religiously votes L:iberal

    The days of dead-tree newspapers are almost over, they are useful now only for packing boxes. lining the cages of birds and in a dire emergency as toilet paper. Although what wiping your arse with the Herald Sun would do to one’s nether regions is too horrible to think about because its pages are so filled with bile and lies.

    • I think Victorians turned off ABC as well. The bile emanating from the Sydney newsroom was out of touch, incendiary, juvenile and just plain wrong

      SBS has been the beneficiary

  13. I am thrilled that Labor has been returned. I can’t get excited like I used to, but I’m sure Razz would be.

    Had a friend call in on Friday afternoon. Her son died under very sad circumstances. I was so pleased the words “passed away” was not uttered. I thought I was the only person who says died, as did she. It made our conversation easier to me.

    • Add my name to your list. The words ‘passed’ and ‘passed away’ are on my ‘do not ever use’ list.

  14. The Libs have no-one who can replace him.
    The Vic. Libs suffering from some lingering ‘Krogergenic’ ailments ?

  15. In my area, I’m glad to see the end of Louise Staley of the Liberals in Ripon. I haven’t met her, but I’m told she’s quite a nasty person.

    Labor seems to have won the seat, after getting a favourable redistribution (losing the conservative towns of Donald, Charlton and Stawell and gaining progressive-leaning satellite towns around Ballarat).

    In Ballarat itself, Wendouree got a small swing to Labor and Eureka got a small swing to the Liberals.

  16. I’m enjoying watching the Sky News ghouls frothing at the mouth about the election. They were screaming over each other on Outsiders that the Liberals lost because they were too woke, and that they need to be more conservative, and cite Ron DeSantis Republicanism as the way forward.

    Long may they think that. USA Conservatism never works in Australia because unlike them, as a population we are much more urbanised. Most voters live in big cities, so policies that favour urban and suburban voters win out in the end, not ones for the Barnaby voters.

  17. I don’t think it is the urban rural difference, Aus v US rural % are not too far apart.. However US political nut jobbery has a heapin’ helpin’ of cultural differences. What works there does not readily translate, if at all . Religiosity is one aspect, people like the Evangelical hucksters are bigly over there their ‘model’ wouldn’t really translate readily here. Ask SfM 🙂 . The Coalition’s fluck up is thinking the US ‘model’ can transfer directly to Straya.

  18. 😆 The Shovel

    Ruthless Dictator Dan wins yet another democratic election

    Tyrannical despot and leader of the Victorian Labor Party Daniel Andrews has romped home to an historic third state election win after he strong-armed citizens into taking part in a callous process that forces them to choose who they vote for.

  19. Several important differences between Australian and American elections:

    1. We have an independent and (I think) impartial Electoral Commission that independently sets within-State/Territory boundaries without skewing to one or other of the formerly major parties.
    2. That same independent and impartial AEC sets the rules for counting votes i.e., what is and is not a valid vote.
    3. Voting – or, at least, turning up – is mandatory.
    4. Votes are done manually, on paper, which then get scrutineered within an inch of their lives. (Guess what I was doing yesterday evening!)
    5. The rules regarding counting and scrutineering are also set by the AEC, and are strictly enforced.

    I’ve had a few friends complaining about paper ballots in the last couple of days. I reminded them of the Medibank hack, and asked them how they’d feel about an election hack.
    Dropped jaws.

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