Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


We send overtures of joy and merriment to all our Pubsters, lurkers, supporters, and everyone in general.

It is the traditional season of celebration and of family, friends, and connection. We hope everyone gets the best they can from focusing on enjoyment and thankfulness and finds some joy

However, we know this is a Christmas in the shadow of the Covid19 pandemic. It will be, as always, not a happy time for everyone. Many people and families will be spending this Christmas-time dealing with feelings of grief, loneliness, and a sense of loss.

Irrespective of one’s beliefs or none, Christmas traditionally is a season to seek some happiness and joy. It is supposed to be the time of year to suspend the worries of the world, to put aside that which causes us and others pain, in favour of finding the best of ourselves. Just for a short while, we have social permission to experience happiness, connectivity, and charity rather than be worn down by ongoing difficulties.

Just by absorbing the social feeling of the season, we have an opportunity to suspend our cares and focus on the moment, rather than outer and future dilemmas. Every society has a celebration, historically they were based on religious and/or agricultural reasons. Everyone needs a good knees-up, singing, food, and exchange of goodwill, after all.

Christmas can also be a time when the absence of connection and sense of loss is more acute. The toll of human life from Covid19, the feelings that governments are not in control, and frustration at blocks to progress in applying scientific rather than superstitious responses to this plague can be overwhelming.

In this time, it is also wise to be patient, gentle and caring of others. Overworked shop assistants, exhausted health workers, worried people … a smile (smiling eyes over your mask), a friendly word and phone call to a friend, finding happiness in little things, all can make someone feel good.

We love to pay that extra attention to family, especially the kids. If ever a lockdown was ever to occur, this time is the best. We live in an age of electronic communication miracles. We can see, hear and join in with our loved ones, see our young ones, especially grandkids!, happy faces and make our connections. We no longer have to wait for a sailing ship to deliver a letter 11 months old.

We are coming from a hard year, 2021. In a lot of ways, we have been left to our own devices in this Pandemic, as our Federal and some state governments fumble their responses and then back away from the hard tasks, or fob them off onto others (Looking at you, PM Scott Morrison!). Mostly the quieter majority have tried to act as a community, wearing our masks, getting tested or staying home, and social distancing. Vaccination rates in the 80%. Regardless of the few loud complainers or rule-breakers, most have pulled their weight. We have much to be proud of here in Australia.

So we can make the best of our Christmas, even if it means enjoying a Bah Humbug or cancelling it altogether for a good lay-in or watching TV with your favourite snacks!

The Pub invites you to raise a glass with us to wish all the best of Season’s Greetings.


456 thoughts on “Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

  1. NoVax demanded a personal chef while he is being detained – his request was refused.

    He also demanded to be moved to rented accommodation with a tennis court – also refused.

    Just who does he think he is? Visiting royalty? I think he is enjoying all the attention and fuss.

    Meanwhile to Australia’s great shame and the shame of all politicians in and out of government since Howard first made harsh treatment of refugees and asylum seekers a vote winner, others have been locked into that same “hotel” for years. (I include members of the last Labor government because they tried to be even more cruel than the Liberals)

    Read this –
    Mehdi Ali
    ‘I grew up in this cage’: Life inside the Park Hotel.

    I came to Australia by myself when I was 15 years old. I asked this country for help. I was a boy who needed a safe place to live. Instead, they locked me up for eight years, with no access to proper healthcare or education. I have been robbed of my most basic human rights. I am considered a threat to this country because I fled my home and came by boat. I am serving time for no crime because of this cruel system. There is no justice for me. Most of those who arrived by boat since 2013 have been released, except for a handful of us who are being used as political pawns. We are locked up like this to make sure the boats don’t start coming again

    Poor delicate NoVax can’t cope with a few days in detention – Mehdi has been there for NINE YEARS!

    • RonniSalt, not sure if this is relevant, but you’ve reminded me of a big laugh I had only last night. My cat woke me, miaowing as if to announce her pride in having laid a dead rat on the floor beside my bed, or was it to warn me? I was able to pick it up by its long black tail and stagger to hurl it out into the garden. The security light on the porch went on, so I could well have been silhouetted to be seen by some passing driver; a naked lady, right arm high above her head! I can’t recall hearing car horns or screeching brakes, but I do remember laughing to myself as I fell back into bed. By then Sheba was curled up on on her blanket, fast asleep. Or was she purring to herself?

      PS I know it happened. I cleaned bloodstains off the polished floor boards first thing this morning.

  2. A positive rapid antigen test result will now be accepted as confirmation a person has tested positive for COVID-19 in the ACT.

    People who test positive on a rapid home test will no longer need to line up for a PCR test to confirm their result.

    The territory’s acting Health Minister, Chris Steel, said the change would save time and reduce the pressure on pathology laboratories in the ACT.

    “[Rapid antigen tests] are becoming more available, and we know that significantly more are arriving later this month,” Mr Steel said.

    People who test positive on a rapid test kit have been asked to keep a record of the date of the result, so it can be entered into an online reporting system.

    The reporting system is expected to become available next week.

  3. Hi folks. Been offline for a few days. I’m on my new laptop at the moment which didn’t have any passwords saved to log on to just about anything.

    Any to make a long story short I’ve been laid up with a broken right foot. This silly old fool went and fell down the stairs didn”t he.

    So for the second time in 37 years, I scored myself a ride in an ambulance to A & E at the Base Hospital. Was discharged into the care of Mrs Scorpio who luckily for me, just happens to be a highly experienced Registered Nurse.

    About the only thing I can be thankful about is being bedridden, there is little chance of me joining the hundred percent of people that our QLD HO reckons will be infected with Covid for a little while yet. LOL.

  4. patriciawa6,

    [ I was able to pick it up by its long black tail and stagger to hurl it out into the garden. ]

    Blimey Pat, for a while there I was thinking that this was a reference to your cat!

    Now that would have been a sight to behold. A naked woman swinging a cat around over her head about to hurl it out into the garden! LOL

    • Scorpio! For an odd moment this morning, I had thought it was all this talk of RATS which had me trying a bit of satire in my head (as you do) so maybe when I went to bed I was on auto pilot about rats and cats. But no, it did happen. It was a sizable rat too! Don’t you think a naked woman in her alarm-lit porch throwing a rat as far as she could see was a sight someone could have missed out on? Some fellah could have been driving home from the pub! Tonight they’d have a “WOW!” yarn to tell. Nice to think he wouldn’t have time to realize it was just a Wrinkled Old Woman cleaning up after her cat!

      PS Glad to know you’re in good hands. You can get lots of reading done while you rest up that leg, and blogging too on that new laptop of yours.

  5. And on a lighter note.

  6. Oh Scorps,
    Going around stumbling and ending up tumbling is no doubt humbling.

    So take more care there and everywhere but especially on the stair.

    Pubsters are in a worry so heal up in a hurry, for your free drink, to The Pub you must scurry.

  7. My personal opinion of Djokovic aside, he and the other player refused entry i to Australia to play in the tennis tournament both have valid medical reasons for being unvaccinated at this time.

    They both Covid19 in December 2021.

    That is a valid ground for exemption.

    Yes, the idiots should have vaccinated before then, it that is beside the point.

    Morrison has peed on his own foot again, I reckon.

  8. Good morning Dawn Patrollers

    Novak Djokovic claims he received a letter from Australia’s immigration department days before his arrival in Melbourne saying he met the requirements for quarantine-free travel to Australia because he had been infected with COVID-19 for a second time in December. Is the plot thickening?
    Too late now, but ‘let it rip’ might prove tricky for Scott Morrison come election time, opines Hugh Riminton.
    Dom Knight reckons Perrottet is learning there are limits to how much pure enthusiasm can do.
    Despite the recent move to bipartisan support for net zero emissions from both major parties, Australian companies are buying the vast majority of carbon credits they use to offset their pollution from projects in other countries such as India and Indonesia, writes Mike Foley.
    More from Foley who tells us that a new paradigm has emerged in the climate wars that will likely see a ceasefire between Labor and the government during the upcoming federal election campaign, as both major parties seek to balance pro-mining sector messages with their upgraded climate action policies.
    The Canberra Times informs us that a ramp-up in laws to the tax office could combat the prevalence of wage theft in Australia. Treasury has urged legislative changes to give more power to the Australian Taxation Office to recoup employees’ stolen wages and superannuation contributions from businesses.
    Melbourne’s Deputy Lord Mayor, Nicholas Reece, argues that the failure of the federation has gone too far this time.
    Terrorism experts say there is a serious risk that volatile individuals in the “freedom” movement will carry out lone attacks as they become radicalised by talk of executions, taking up arms and martyrdom. Leading terrorism expert Greg Barton said he was most concerned about the potential for a vulnerable individual to be inspired by extreme rhetoric promoted by influencers within the anti-vaccination movement, writes Rachel Dexter.
    This is not good. In Victoria, coronavirus testing labs facing a “tsunami” of demand have sent text messages to people waiting for results that their swabs can no longer be processed.
    Staff at the hospital serving tourist mecca Byron Bay in northern New South Wales say the facility is under “extreme strain”, with Covid-positive patients left in bays behind curtains and one patient waiting 45 hours to be transported to the region’s designated Covid hospital.
    It’s not Covid that’s broken our health system, it’s years of neglect, laments a Victorian doctor.
    The politicisation of the COVID-19 pandemic is making the crisis worse, furthering the spread of the virus and resulting in more deaths, writes Bilal Cleland.,15913
    The number of Australians dying each year is expected to double by 2050 as the population ages but the palliative care sector says access to services is a “postcode lottery” that must change. Demand for palliative care services, particularly to help people die at home, has increased significantly during the pandemic – by more than 60 per cent in some areas, explains Katina Curtis.
    The impact of toll roads on a predominantly car-dependent Western Sydney risks exacerbating financial precarity and movement rights for residents, writes Navishkar Ram.,15915
    We have every reason to expect that Scott Morrison should exemplify the moral teachings of Jesus, but that’s not the way the church game is played, write Roderick St George who explains what the PM is really saying by aligning with Pentecostals.
    “It speaks volumes for the ABC that one of its key current affairs programs has discussed the first anniversary of the Capitol building riot in the US but ignored the alleged arson attack on Old Parliament House in Canberra on December 30 last year”, whines Gerard Henderson in predictable fashion.
    Between Labor leader Anthony Albanese’s hip new spectacles, sharper suits, oversized Akubra and Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s white thongs, fish curries and Australian flag face masks, it would appear the image makers are well into campaign mode ahead of the next federal election, explains Andrew Hornery.
    Nearly 500 aged care facilities in Australia are currently affected by COVID-19 exposures, placing tens of thousands of elderly residents in lockdown. According to data released by the federal government, which had not been reported for the past fortnight, there were 495 active outbreaks in residential aged care facilities on Friday, up from 105 on December 23.

    Cartoon Corner

    Peter Broelman

    Matt Golding

    Glen Le Lievre

    From the US

  9. This morning’s covid figures are, on the surface, somewhat confusing.
    However what must be borne in mind is that the NSW figures do not include self-reported RAT results, while the Victorian figures do.

    A concerning figure is the increased number of deaths in NSW.

    What we are not being told anymore (is it even being investigated) is how many of the cases are Delta ande how many Omicron.

    • Domicron does not want people in NSW to know just how badly his “Let it rip” policy has gone wrong.

      He will go against all advice to include RATs results in ail figures.

  10. Tomorrow will be interesting in my humble abode.

    Here’s why.

    I did some online supermarket shopping on Friday night., the earliest day for delivery was tomorrow. That should have been enough warning, but I pressed on.

    I was there mostly for cat food – you would not believe how much two very small and not at all overweight lady cats can eat – and a few groceries. Just as well I was not planning a big stock-up shop, because most of the fruit, vegies, meat and toilet paper were “out of stock”.

    I ordered some blueberries and strawberries, about the only fruit available, I’m not expecting them to arrive.

    Things are now so desperate in supermarkets across the eastern states that it’s about time Scovid called in the ADF to deliver supplies. Or maybe he could round up his merry band of rorting MPs and shifty senators and sort it himself – not that any of them would soil their delicate hands with such menial work.

    What happens when we have all eaten the last of our hoarded stocks? I will be OK for a couple of weeks, then things will get dire. Should I and other pensioners just quietly starve to death and save this rotten, useless government the cost of our pensions? Is that what our Supreme Dictator really wants?

  11. This does not sound good.

    Alarm as three major Sydney hospitals ‘stop treating Covid-infected patients differently to the uninfected’

    Hospitalised patients with COVID in New South Wales will no longer be segregated and surgical staff will wear full PPE permanently. in NSW as hospitals move to a ‘war-footing’ to the one used during the AIDS-HIV epidemic. Liverpool Hospital, Nepean Children’s Hospital and St George Hospital are changing the way they deal with Omicron patients as revealed by a leaked email obtained by News Corp. The email from Nepean Hospital Head of Surgery Professor Mohammad Khadra Hospital stated COVID-positive patients will now be treated the same as those who haven’t contracted the disease. New South Wales Opposition Leader Chris Minns criticised the state government for its failure to heed warnings about a case surge overwhelming the hospital system. Hospitalised patients with COVID in New South Wales will no longer be segregated and surgical staff will wear full PPE permanently. in NSW as hospitals move to a ‘war-footing’ to the one used during the AIDS-HIV epidemic. Liverpool Hospital, Nepean Children’s Hospital and St George Hospital are changing the way they deal with Omicron patients as revealed by a leaked email obtained by News Corp. The email from Nepean Hospital Head of Surgery Professor Mohammad Khadra Hospital stated COVID-positive patients will now be treated the same as those who haven’t contracted the disease. New South Wales Opposition Leader Chris Minns criticised the state government for its failure to heed warnings about a case surge overwhelming the hospital system.

    • So far that seems to be a Murdoch fantasy – or maybe instructions.

      I saw a Sky News video this morning saying the same thing word for word.

      I tried to find non-Murdoch verification but right now have not been able to. I do not trust articles that get the name of whoever they are quoting incorrectly. It’s “Mohamed” with one “m”.

      I hope it is fantasy, but with Domicron in charge it might well be true.

  12. Scovid really, really does not care in the least about struggling Australians, especially those forced onto the CDC.

    Now they cannot buy medical grade KN95 masks online with their cards, so what do you do when the shops in your area don’t have any stocks? Die?

    Here’s Kathryn Wilkes explaining the issue.

  13. The government and/or their spokespeasants have said that having covid within the last 6 months is not a reason for exemption. BUT when the Novax circus got rolling I posted this over the road from the SMH or Guardian. Personally I think he’d get number 5 but number 3 seems to contradict what the rabble have said.

    Australia’s Department of Health says medical exemptions . if the individual has an ‘acute major medical condition’………these conditions could include:

    1- Inflammatory cardiac illness in the last three months

    2- Undergoing major surgery or hospital admission for a serious illness

    3- A Covid-19 diagnosis that means vaccination cannot be made for six months

    4- Any serious effect to a Covid-19 vaccine in the past (Note: Djokovic has not confirmed whether or not he has been jabbed)

    5- If the vaccine is a risk to themselves or others during the vaccination process

    5- Underlying developmental or mental health disorders

  14. Do not be surprised in the least if the Judge rules in Novax’s favour and he plays in the Tennis Open.

  15. The Government For Putting Things Off, Hoping They Will Go Away

    The federal circuit court has today published an order judge Anthony Kelly made in the Novak Djokovic case yesterday.

    The order refuses an application the government made on Saturday to delay the hearing of the case to Wednesday, but does so while acknowledging the commonwealth has another opportunity to ask for a delay after Djokovic’s opening submissions on Monday.

  16. Spot The Twat.

    Queensland –

    Palaszczuk turns to the school year. She says because of the wave Queensland will be experiencing when students are due to return to school, children won’t return to classrooms on 24 January.

    Instead, the school year will start on 7 February, and finish a week later on 16 December

    NSW (aka Plague Central) –

    Premier Dominic Perrottet says that kids will be returning to school on day one of term one in a safe environment for staff and students

  17. This little black duck,

    [ The Government For Putting Things Off, Hoping They Will Go Away ]

    Yeah. They tried to get an adjournment to Wednesday knowing that the tennis organisers had a deadline for nominations on Tuesday so they could finalise the draw etc.

    Too tricky by half with the government fully aware that even if the judge finds that the government must reinstate Jovax’s visa, then it will be too late for him to nominate and be included in the draw.

    He will have no option then but to get on a plane and head for home!

  18. Since when have ministers been allowed to advertise by using brand names?

    The stuff is called “paracetamol”. Panadol is the most expensive way to buy it. I’m surprised he didn’t tell us to stock up on Nurofen instead of ibuprofen.

  19. Got my booster today, pfizer after 2 x AZ in June and August. So I’m hopefully protected from severe symptoms of covid until the next variant comes along. They’ll probably jump to sigma for the next one, so we wait and see.

    • “mix and match’ is supposed to be extra good. Should be ‘Omicron ready” 🙂

    • I’m booked for mine on 18 January – Moderna after two AZ. At least, I hope so. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if they cancel my appointment.

      I booked with NSW Health’s local vax clinic – if they run out of supplies we are all doomed.

  20. Good morning Dawn Patrollers

    Home Affairs lawyers want the door left open for the government to cancel Djokovic’s visa a second time, even if the tennis star wins the case.
    Anthony Albanese has accused the Perrottet and Morrison governments of pursuing a “let it rip” approach in opening up from the COVID-19 pandemic, saying there were now major issues with the hospital system.
    Morrison’s chances of another election victory may be undermined by his eroding plausibility and overly heavy reliance on the Murdoch media, writes Dennis Muller.
    Former human rights commissioner Chris Sidoti says that he holds Morrison and Perrottet personally responsible for making his grandchildren suffer.
    Jack Waterford lays out a long argument in support of an assertion that health experts being set up for blame they may deserve.
    Also in The Canberra Times, Nicholas Stuart writes that the changing public health advice is eroding trust and breeding a broader scepticism towards the capacity of authority. The best practice hasn’t changed, but the situation in which it’s being dispensed has. This is why, like the virus, the idea of best practice is mutating.
    Hundreds of nursing homes around Australia are yet to get booster COVID vaccine shots – but Health Minister Greg Hunt says the program is “ahead of schedule”. Yeah, well done Greg (and Richard)!
    The SMH editorial warns that governments can’t wing their return to school plans.
    This period of the pandemic is marked by widespread confusion, forcing us all to come up with rules that chop and change according to our circumstances – or our mood. This is what personal responsibility looks like, writes Sean Kelly.
    Jennifer Duke argues why making rapid antigen tests completely free makes economic sense.
    Scott Morrison and John Howard have endorsed different candidates for the vital marginal seat of Dobell, as members of the NSW Liberal Party express their concern about the threat of ongoing preselection delays to their ability to retain government.
    The energy regulator has challenged the Australian Energy Market Operator’s prediction of the rapid retirement of coal power plants, asking AEMO if it had considered whether plants could be operated more flexibly, which may extend their life span.
    The Morrison government, Immigration Minister Alex Hawke and the business lobby desperately want a surge in immigration to fire the economy but 330,000 migrants are stuck on bridging visas as the permanent migration program remains – contrary to reports – mired at an intake of 160,000. Former immigration chief Abul Rizvi writes about a murky MYEFO and the migration backlog.
    Paul Karp reports that the New South Wales and Tasmanian state Liberal governments have expressed concern the federal religious discrimination bill will override their anti-discrimination laws. What a mess, Michaelia!
    At the current rate of infection, every aged-care home outside of Western Australia will be suffering COVID-19 outbreaks in a little over two weeks. In round numbers, 180,000 residents will be locked down in 2400 homes, explains Michael Pascoe.
    Australia’s vote for Scott Morrison’s government in 2019 was a triumph of naive hope over bitter experience. History must not repeat itself, urges Stephanie Dorwick.
    Anthony Galloway tells us that Australia has locked in its purchase of more than 120 tanks and other armoured vehicles from the United States, at a cost of $3.5 billion, as part of a major upgrade of the army’s fleet.
    Dechlan Brennan reviews former Liberal MP Scott Ryan’s ‘Challenging Politics’, which looks at how modern politics shuns negotiation and compromise in the quest for easy answers.,15906
    The government’s economic forecasts are highly questionable and the uncertain budget outlook raises doubts about the future funding of essential services., warns Michael Keating.
    Owning your home has always been the Great Australian Dream, but the increasing popularity of complexes built specifically for renters may be set to change that., explains Sue Williams.
    The Coalition would have us believe that Australia’s financial ombudsman is on the money, but it’s an expensive and elaborate charade, writes Dr Evan Jones.,15893
    The fact that Americans can’t agree about what really happened on January 6 is disturbingly symbolic of how bitterly split the US is one year on, says the editorial in the AFR.

    Cartoon Corner

    Peter Broelman

    Mark David

    Joe Benke

    Matt Golding

    Megan Herbert

    Warren Brown


    From the US

    • I knew this would happen – typical Scovid. Promise anything then once the cameras and journalists have gone set impossible conditions.

      Pharmacies will be extremely lucky if they ever see any of the cost of these RATs reimbursed.

  21. Try this again . . . .

    from Dr Henry Madison@RageSheen

    Such a rich vein of horseshit here to be mined. Most obviously ‘balance’ and ‘proportionate’ as weasel words again, where nothing is being balanced, and the only proportional weighing is just how sick workers can get before they collapse on the job. /1

    But ‘we need society to remain open’ deserves special treatment. Libertarians DON’T BELIEVE IN SOCIETY. Their arch-priestess, Maggie Thatcher, said those actual words, explicitly: “who is society? There is no such thing!” This is the gobsmacking gall of libertarians,…/2

    …whose precious individual freedom is created and sustained BY SOCIETY. Discovering that dumping responsibility for a pandemic back on individuals causes the collapse of their comfortable lives, libertarians enact draconian anti-individual laws to force individuals to work…/3

    …while infected, so that the delusional bullshit of them living their free, individual lives can be maintained. Libertarianism is a philosophy of privilege, of aristocrats with their servants. Society being ‘open’ to a libertarian translates literally as ‘the working poor…/4

    …must continue to work, so that we here upstairs can continue to hunt, eat, fuck the nanny and travel to exotic destinations.’ They don’t want society open, they don’t believe it even exists. They pillage all collective equity for their individual benefit, privatising…/5

    …collective effort for (their) individual gain. And they get away with it because they’ve skilfully reframed the lives of us, their servants, as ‘aspirational’ to their nanny-fucking example. The American Dream, the great ‘levelling up’, as the UK Tories laughably say. ‘You…/6

    …too can be a parasitical fuckwit, just like us’.

    But you can’t be, of course. They don’t intend to ever let you join. /end

    • Billie – your original comment went into Spam. Dunno why, just another WordPress hissy fit, I suppose. I deleted it as you had already posted it again.

    • I set it up in Pollbludger first, then copied it across

      Does WordPress recognise that the same comment has been posted, even though on different site?
      I notice that I can’t link to Twitter without an additional comment

    • I don’t see why WordPress would try to spam comments that have been posted on another WP site, I don’t think that is even possible.

      As for Twitter – I don’t know why you would have that problem – I and other posters here don’t seem to share it. It could be a problem at your end or with your equipment is all I can suggest.

  22. “Former human rights commissioner Chris Sidoti says that he holds Morrison and Perrottet personally responsible for making his grandchildren suffer.”

    Chris Sidoti does not mince his words – “This is child sacrifice to economic gods”

    He is absolutely right!

    The Plague took another child last Friday. Because that child was born with a serious condition his death was not even included in the daily figures. He was just one of the many dying every day “with Covid”,

    The NSW government will go to any lengths, try any dishonest tactic to hide the true number of deaths from us.

    Sydney 3yo with rare genetic condition becomes youngest to die with COVID-19 in NSW

  23. Well many people falsely believe that Omicron is mild and children don’t get covid

    New research into long covid indicates that covid might be a vascular disease that attacks the organs, transmitted via respiratory tract

    • Yep – a false idea happily spread by the media.

      Tell that to the parents of the hundreds of kids who have died from Covid in the US.

  24. LOL from the Guardian.with their list of ‘bad news’ items re covid in their update.

    Live Australia news live update:
    NSW child aged under five dies with Covid; Victoria records two deaths and 818 in hospital; Scott Morrison speaks.

  25. From Guardian live blog;
    Chief medical officer, Paul Kelly, says Australia has moved into a new stage of the pandemic, the “living with Covid” stage, which I think it’s safe to say is a pretty generously optimistic reading of the current mood in the country.

    And what exactly is his big advice for “living with Covid”?

    Keep some panadol in the cupboard.

    Yep… Here is Kelly:”
    Pandemic management reduced to……………….

  26. They really have NFI what to do about Covid.

    Advice from Paul Kelly –

    Chief medical officer, Paul Kelly, says Australia has moved into a new stage of the pandemic, the “living with Covid” stage, which I think it’s safe to say is a pretty generously optimistic reading of the current mood in the country.

    And what exactly is his big advice for “living with Covid”?

    Keep some panadol in the cupboard.


  27. Oh what a surprise. Jules’ love interest at the head of the queue.
    The entrepreneurs riding the rapid test rollercoaster

    Pantonic Health was one of the first suppliers to gain approval to sell its CareStart tests, manufactured by US company Access Bio.

    Pantonic is run by David Panton and his daughers Sally and Laura. The property developer Mr Panton is perhaps more well known for being partnered with former foreign affairs minister Julie Bishop.

  28. Interesting to read on the live feed of Dovixes visa appeal that his celebrity legal team is costing $50,000 a day.

    5 days worth adds up to Dovix forking out a cool $250,000 so far. (although I’m sure he can afford it)

  29. I’m still getting over the “health advice” from this government – first last night and now today – just keep some paracetamol or ibuprofen in the cupboard.

    No word about boosting your immune system by taking Vitamins D and C, or zinc, or using an anti-inflammatory like curcumin. Just a dopey assumption that all we will get should we come down with The Plague is a slight headache.


    This fracking virus is dangerous. It is far worse than an inconvenient headache, it has serious consequences.

    You should be taking at least Vitamin D and zinc, as immune boosters, plus maybe Vitamin C and an anti-inflammatory like curcumin. Most older people have a Vitamin D deficiency, you won’t know about it unless you have a blood test or fall over and snap a bone. Just ask your GP to add it to your annual blood tests. What? You don’t have them? Then you should, right away.

    I already take supplements to boost my immune system and yes, I have discussed this with my GP, who approves. Having an auto-immune condition and a medically diagnosed Vitamin D deficiency makes supplements essential. Taking such supplements BEFORE you catch Covid will at least give you a fighting chance of avoiding the known long-term side effects.

    • Good info on Vitamin D, Leone. Some months ago my doctor reviewed where I was having to live with Type 2 Diabetes and high blood pressure. She felt blood sugar and blood pressure were both a bit high. She upgraded some of those, and urged me to add Vitamin D. I did, and the impact was very positive. Blood sugar is consistently in either the low 6s or high 5 readings, which is much better than I’d previously had. Vitamin C, especially via berries, tropical fruit and Kiwi fruit has been regularly in my diet under Sim’s instructions when I went through chemotherapy treatment.

      Warm regards to all. Don -GD.

  30. McGowan said:

    We are also sharing some of our paediatric vaccine supply with GPs who didn’t receive the supply they were promised by the Commonwealth. It is disappointing this far into the pandemic after assurances were made. We received 33,700 doses on Friday and expect to receive that each week. But we will provide some of the doses where we can to GPs and pharmacies which have not yet received the doses they were expecting from the Commonwealth.

  31. The only like for the following tweet is from Ian Ricksecker . . . .wow

    • After reading all of his thread I’d be keeping my kids – if I still had school aged kids – at home. It is not worth risking your child’s health by obeying politicians who insist they can safely go back to school.

      Chris Minns (NSW Labor leader) scored a huge black mark from me today with this ridiculous “me too” tweet

  32. Update on my online grocery/food shopping – Everything I ordered arrived, more or less. Only three items had to be substituted – cat food, ibuprofen and pickles, but their choices were good.

    I didn’t order any meat, I have a freezer full. Maybe I would have been disappointed – the choice on Friday was very limited.

    I also did a full-on fruit and vegie online shop from a local place that gets their stuff direct from local growers or in their own truck from the Sydney markets.. A perfect order, everything nice and fresh, as it always is.

    So it is possible to buy basic supplies online, as long as you do not need toilet paper. My advice choose where you shop carefully and do a flick around to see what is in stock before you start ordering.

  33. This bloody mongrel government is intent on ensuring Doxic, even if he wins this ( and it seems the government reasonably suspects he will even though it is using every possible legal loophole to win ) is damned if he wins and damned if he doesn’t.

    If he loses, he will be then subject to that awful and unfair 3 year ban from entering Australia.

    [ In written submissions the home affairs minister, Karen Andrews, has asked the court, if it sides with Djokovic, to quash the original decision but not to order his release.

    The government submitted it had the power to make a fresh cancellation decision and noted “other powers” including re-detention.

    Wood sought an interlocutory injunction to release Djokovic pending the result of the case. Kelly noted on Thursday Tran had ruled out deporting Djokovic before the result. ]

  34. I had heard that Abrams tanks are too heavy for Australian roads and too wide for our bridges

    Bruce Haigh says

    • I hope the US has something substantial that can carry these useless pieces of junk to wherever they are needed – or is Australia expected to spend more billions on suitable aircraft?

      I hope these are brand new tanks, not rusted-out second hand garbage like the ones Howard bought.

      The M1 Abrams tank

      In 2004 Australia agreed at a cost of $539 million to purchase 59 second-hand Abrams M1A1 main battle tanks to replace Australia’s current fleet of 100 German-built Leopard tanks purchased by the Whitlam Government in 1974. Due to the necessity having US contractors service the Abrams, rather than domestic contractors, only around 30 are expected to be operational at any one time. In contrast to the life expectancy of the Leopard, which have so far been operational for 25 years, they are expected to last only 10 years.

      The Abrams is too heavy for use on Australian bridges and roads. It cannot be airlifted by any of the ADF’s transport planes and cannot even be loaded onto any of the Navy’s six heavy landing craft, let alone its smaller LCM8 landing craft, so they are entirely unsuited to the defence of the Australian continent and could only conceivably be used as part of joint combat operations with the US.

      The Abrams’ reputation for indestructibility has been laid to rest by the experience of Iraq where its armour has been penetrated with surprising ease by low-tech bombs and rocket propelled grenades used by Iraqi insurgents. At least 80 have so far been destroyed

      The current Abrams are the same ones Howard bought in 2004. They did not enter service until 2007.

  35. Border Farce

    Judge Anthony Kelly, reads out a minute agreed to by both the government and Djokovic, where he quashes the decision to cancel Novak Djokovic’s visa, orders government to pay costs, and for Djokovic to be released from detention in 30 minutes with his passport and personal effects released to him.

    The minute notes Djokovic was allowed until 8.30am when he was originally detained to response to the notification to cancel his visa, but the decision was made at 7.42am.

  36. Sounds like Chief of The Froods is going ti be doing some “emmerderer” of the unvaxxed a la Macron.
    “We know that unvaccinated people are well and truly enormously over-represented when it comes to cases, serious illness, hospitalisations, intensive care presentations and deaths.

    “Far too many resources are being used over east to care for individuals who would not take the basic steps to care for themselves.
    “If you, for some reason, have not had your first dose yet my advice would be to make a booking today, otherwise life is about to get very difficult for you.”,There%E2%80%99s,-a%20bit%20more

  37. If immigration minister, Alex Hawke, personally intervenes and decides to cancel his visa anyway on entirely new grounds then it could result in an international and domestic uproar such as we have never witnessed ever!

    That’s my opinion and prediction for what it is worth!

  38. [ Hiya @Dom_Perrottet
    any chance you could go via an ambulance station, pick up a green whistle and drop it out to me at Kellyville. I’ve been laying at the foot of a set of stairs for well over an hour coz no ambulance available…and IT FUCKING HURTS ]

    That’s almost a carbon copy of what happened to me last Sunday. I couldn’t move even an inch from the position I ended up when I had my fall down the stairs. The pain in my smashed ankle was unbelievable just like Turdine Cupcake described. A week later and it’s only marginally better with the help of Tramadol, Pregablin Panadol, Ibuprofen and Aspirin. The latter two in the hope that they could help reduce the swelling.

    The whole of my foot and ankle is still various shades of purple except for the ends of my toes which strangely, are still white!!!!!

    I have an appointment at the fracture clinic at 8.30 tomorrow morning and hope to get the fractures set so I can possibly have it stable enough to be able to use the crutches that the hospital kindly loaned me. They’re standing up in the corner of the bedroom as I can’t use them without falling over yet.

    At the hospital they tried to get me to use them to go to the toilet about 6 meter’s from the bed. I almost fell with two people helping me and had a god awful crash just as I was trying to close the door to the toilet. People came rushing from everywhere as I came down against a rubbish bin and made one hell of a noise. ( verbally too I must add )

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