Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


We send overtures of joy and merriment to all our Pubsters, lurkers, supporters, and everyone in general.

It is the traditional season of celebration and of family, friends, and connection. We hope everyone gets the best they can from focusing on enjoyment and thankfulness and finds some joy

However, we know this is a Christmas in the shadow of the Covid19 pandemic. It will be, as always, not a happy time for everyone. Many people and families will be spending this Christmas-time dealing with feelings of grief, loneliness, and a sense of loss.

Irrespective of one’s beliefs or none, Christmas traditionally is a season to seek some happiness and joy. It is supposed to be the time of year to suspend the worries of the world, to put aside that which causes us and others pain, in favour of finding the best of ourselves. Just for a short while, we have social permission to experience happiness, connectivity, and charity rather than be worn down by ongoing difficulties.

Just by absorbing the social feeling of the season, we have an opportunity to suspend our cares and focus on the moment, rather than outer and future dilemmas. Every society has a celebration, historically they were based on religious and/or agricultural reasons. Everyone needs a good knees-up, singing, food, and exchange of goodwill, after all.

Christmas can also be a time when the absence of connection and sense of loss is more acute. The toll of human life from Covid19, the feelings that governments are not in control, and frustration at blocks to progress in applying scientific rather than superstitious responses to this plague can be overwhelming.

In this time, it is also wise to be patient, gentle and caring of others. Overworked shop assistants, exhausted health workers, worried people … a smile (smiling eyes over your mask), a friendly word and phone call to a friend, finding happiness in little things, all can make someone feel good.

We love to pay that extra attention to family, especially the kids. If ever a lockdown was ever to occur, this time is the best. We live in an age of electronic communication miracles. We can see, hear and join in with our loved ones, see our young ones, especially grandkids!, happy faces and make our connections. We no longer have to wait for a sailing ship to deliver a letter 11 months old.

We are coming from a hard year, 2021. In a lot of ways, we have been left to our own devices in this Pandemic, as our Federal and some state governments fumble their responses and then back away from the hard tasks, or fob them off onto others (Looking at you, PM Scott Morrison!). Mostly the quieter majority have tried to act as a community, wearing our masks, getting tested or staying home, and social distancing. Vaccination rates in the 80%. Regardless of the few loud complainers or rule-breakers, most have pulled their weight. We have much to be proud of here in Australia.

So we can make the best of our Christmas, even if it means enjoying a Bah Humbug or cancelling it altogether for a good lay-in or watching TV with your favourite snacks!

The Pub invites you to raise a glass with us to wish all the best of Season’s Greetings.


456 thoughts on “Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

  1. I predicted this outcome for the Dokjovic case. Morrison fecks up everything he touches. I was hoping for this, not because I have any care or respect for Dokjovic but so that Border Force and Morrison get a slap in the face by the courts.

    It may also help raise awareness of those poor blighters who have been locked up, against all international human rights, for years in detention.

    As soon as I saw Morrison do his hairy-chest act, I knew he was going to fail. He fails at everything.

    Now Alex Hawke could cancel Dokjovic’s visa, which would lock Dokjovic out of Australia for three years. I suspect this could lead to Melbourne being removed from whatever international tennis tournament competition this is, and it going to another country. Tennis Australia, Victoria, and sports fans generally will not be happy about that.

    So Minister Hawke can court the right-winger border-security botherers by cancelling the visa, but enrage Melburnians, sport and tennis fans and the anit-vaxxer crowd, or do the reverse and enrage people who see favouritism for rich sports stars and unnecessary support for the anti-vaxx knobhead mob.

    Either decision could feed into a swing against the Lib candidates in Victoria, both State and Federal.

    It is lose/lose for Minister Hawke and PM Morrison.

    For Labor this is a strategically helpful decision.

    For the imprisoned asylum seekers, perhaps a beam of light.

    I said I would like to see Morrison peeing on his own foot, and he managed to hose down both of them!

    • To the mods

      A gold echidna with laurel wreath for the excellent imagery portrayed in this excellent post. 😀

  2. Novax was just another dead cat (that seems to have developed another lease of life to come back to give Scovid a lot of scratches)

  3. Don’t celebrate NoVax’s win just yet, or gloat about Scovid’s bad decision, that was only Round 1.

    Immigration minister Alex Hawke, who so far has not been involved in this case, could still decide to usehis personal power to cancel his visa.

    Djokovic freed, but visa worries continue

    I think Hawke and the government will try to keep NoVax in limbo until it is too late for him to compete, then he will be deported.

    • Whatever #MorrisonDoesntGiveaRats does, he is going to upset somebody. He cannot please all of the nutters all of the time. He either loses the Serbian voters, the sports-viewers and the anti-vaxxers by deporting Novax or he pees off the Border Security, rightwing hardline ‘Rules is Rules’ mob by letting Novax stay. lol, have a good night, Morrison as you burn the midnight oil.

      BTW, I wonder which seats have a high ratio of the Serbian community?

    • I don’t care either, but I am enjoying Scovid continually backflipping as he searches for avote-winning stance.

      The Shovel nailed it –

  4. This is a must watch, I’ll probably post it again down thread to make sure nobody misses it.

    Michael West –

  5. Good morning Dawn Patrollers

    Many Australians will hold Scott Morrison to account for the summer COVID-19 outbreak whether he likes it or not, wiping out the idea of a snap election campaign, writes David Crowe.
    Vaccine supplies are a priority in trying to ‘push through’ the virus says the SMH editorial that is critical of yesterday’s opening up of vaccination for five- to 11-year-olds getting off to a shaky start, making the Prime Minister’s urging ring a little hollow to anxious parents who are having difficulties getting access to jabs for their children.
    General practitioners are being booked out en masse amid a surge of coronavirus patients, severe staffing shortages and a lack of rapid antigen tests that would allow doctors to see more people. The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners’ Victorian chair, Anita Munoz, said she was increasingly worried there could be Victorians ill with coronavirus or other serious conditions who were “trying to go it alone at home” after being unable to book appointments.
    The NSW government has sought legal advice about the best way to ensure residents register their positive rapid antigen tests under new measures set to be introduced as it seeks to understand the full scale of the Omicron wave.
    Pharmacists have warned they may not be able to provide free rapid antigen tests to lower income Australians under the national concession card scheme because of supply issues, as the government says it won’t procure extra kits for businesses.
    Professors Asha Bowen and Sharon Goldfeld say that Australia needs a national plan for children, schools and COVID-19.
    Why has my child’s vaccination been cancelled? It’s because we’re reliant on overseas supply and a complex logistics network, explains Archa Fox.
    Childcare should be returning to normal this week, but instead it’s facing a crisis, explains Lisa Bryant who says that with educators catching COVID-19 and/or isolating, centres will have no choice but to close, rocketing above the already high numbers we have seen in the last few weeks.
    The aged care sector has done an extraordinary job of protecting vulnerable older people during the pandemic, working through their second Christmas in a row to keep people safe. Unfortunately, with over 400,000 known cases, providers and staff can only do so much to keep COVID-19 out of residential care, say aged care advocates Paul Sadler and Tim Hicks. They urge that more help is needed to support those efforts.
    The Coalition’s ‘hands-off’ approach to aged care Covid outbreaks is having heartbreaking consequences, writes Dr Sarah Russell who says that sooner or later our federal government must be held to account for the numerous preventable tragedies that have occurred in the aged care sector.
    Sarah Martin reveals that aged care providers warned the federal government in November last year that widespread rapid antigen testing was needed to protect vulnerable people in care, as the sector says tests are in short supply and face crucial delivery delays.
    Keryn Phelps strikes back at Nick Coatsworth.,15921
    Chip Le Grand pours scorn on the ABF’s performance with Djokovic.
    Whichever way the Federal Circuit Court decides, Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews’ decision to cancel Novak Djokovic’s visa has made Australia an international laughing stock, declares Abul Rizvi.,15919
    Novak Djokovic’s case is about Australia’s flawed border practices, not vaccines, explains Simon Jenkins.
    A sense of proportion is a very useful quality in politics. In the case of Novak Djokovic, the Morrison government has lost that sense entirely, opines Michelle Grattan.
    Novak Djokovic has won a battle with the Australian government after a court quashed the decision to cancel his visa – but he may still yet lose the war. No sooner had federal circuit judge Anthony Kelly revealed the home affairs minister had agreed to settle the case, than the Australian government’s counsel warned the immigration minister could still decide to use a personal power to cancel Djokovic’s visa anew. We shall see.
    Jenny Hocking writes about Scott Morrison, Novak Djokovic and the dark arts of political manipulation.
    Epidemiologist Hassan Vally argues why Djokovic should not have had his visa cancellation overturned.
    As the election nears, get ready for a lot of talk about how strong Australia’s economy is, writes Greg Jericho who says that whenever we hear this, we should remember two things – we have record low interest rates, and a budget deficit bigger than the GFC’s.
    Michael Koziol tells us that a surprise Liberal challenger has emerged in Warringah with a ‘working class’ pitch. He’s also a Sky News type.
    Meanwhile, moderate Liberals in Victoria want the party to dump a preselected candidate for a key eastern suburbs seat, with one senior party official saying her recruitment of Mormon members and religious-right views make her unelectable.
    And Labor has preselected a human rights lawyer with deep roots in the party to run against Liberal moderate Trent Zimmerman in North Sydney, in what promises to become a fascinating three corner race for the federal seat.
    Penny Wong says she is deeply concerned about Russian threats to Ukraine and has requested the federal government consult the Opposition on any changes to Australia’s position heading into this year’s election.
    Backlash has mounted over Minister Stuart Robert’s decision to veto Australian Research Council grants to six humanities projects.
    The US Fed is expected to lift official interest rates this year. That might sound scary, but it’s not, explains Jess Irvine.
    Fears are growing among experts, politicians, and former generals about the rise of rightwing extremism in the US military and the potential threat it could pose to American democracy.
    David Daley outlines seven ways Republicans are already undermining the 2024 election.

    Cartoon Corner

    Cathy Wilcox

    Peter Broelman

    Matt Golding

    Dionne Gain

    Warren Brown

    Glen Le Lievre


    From the US

  6. Dr Henry Madison with more graphs, UK this time but trends would apply to Australia

  7. I am enjoying the Morrison fexk up of Novaxgate.
    I am currently in line for a PCR covid19 drive-thru test. I have been here since 7am.It opens at 8 am. It is 7.59am an 18 cars ahead of me!

    We are moving!

  8. It should now be very clear to all voters that this lousy government can get nothing right and does not deserve to be re-elected.

    But the rusted-ons will still vote for them, even though Grandma with dementia has been confined to her room in a nursing home for weeks, rapidly deteriorating due to lack of interaction and stimulation, the kids are being forced back to unsafe classrooms despite their vaccination appointments being cancelled because Scovid forgot to order more vaccines, the family has run out of toilet paper and is running low on food and no-one can get a RATs test.

    Why would you vote for this mob after all that? People will, though. As I always say – so often these days I’m sounding like a cracked record – never underestimate the stupidity of the average Australian voter.

  9. Hi folks. Hoping to get an operation to fix my badly broken Calcaneus bone in my foot on Friday. Apparently I fall into a high risk category because of my age so I am hoping the only surgeon available to do the operation approves it to be done.

    The one that saw me this morning said that otherwise it would likely take two years with no guarantee that it would even heal then. Bugger. Even though there are potential complications with this operation and following on from that, to me it will be worthwhile to take the risks with the operation in order that I can eventually get mobile again and certainly a lot quicker than two bloody years.

    I could have broken another bone somewhere else and it would not be such a serious and complicated fracture.

    So now I’ve got to try and get a Covid Test and get the results back before Friday otherwise no operation. We have gone from zero infections here three weeks or so ago to at least 89 current iunfections. Rockhampton Base Hospital now opened a dedicated Covid ward now and there are patients in it already so they are very wary with regard ensuring inpatients and people having operations and other procedures are Covid free.

    If we have a major outbreak here it would be a disaster. The Hospital is already running over capacity in every department and I think there are only four IC beds and staff to man them. This stupid idea to open up the joint and let the new variety of Covid run to fulfill Morrison’s wish to get Herd Immunity is the worst decision by any Australian Government that I can ever remember.

    Luckily my fracture fits in the Category one and is not something that can be put on any lengthy waiting list.

    Bugger you Morrison and your mate in NSW.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I really hope the surgeon is able to do your op. I know what it’s like to wait in pain for surgery.

      All the best for the op and for a good recovery.

    • Hello Scorpio,

      Sorry to hear of your painful situation, with the added complication of Covid test deadlines.

      The national and international collateral damage caused by Morrison’s failings is absolutely disgraceful. I hope there aren’t any delays caused by the Covid test, I hope your operation isn’t delayed, I hope it goes well and your recovery is swift.

      I also hope that the shadowy behind-the-scenes players in our political system wake up to the fact that the LNP is not fit for purpose. An acknowledgement that it hasn’t been for a very long time would also be nice.

      All the best, Helen

    • Hi scorps sorry to hear of your predicament, how? in the name of all that is mighty, do these horrible excuses for human beings keep getting elected is completely beyond my level of understanding. I hope you get sorted soonest and keep the pain at bay.

      In the meanwhile here are some wise words from the prophet Monty to throw at these bar stewards –

      and a bit of music –

    • Scorpio, sorry to hear about your broken foot.

      Hope you get your op on Friday and have a good outcome.

      Ask if Rockhampton Grammar have some RATs floating around and try the pharmacy in millionaires row

  10. The top of the ‘front page of The Australian not too flash for Bulshit Mam.
    Great to be a Hillsonger loon.

    Singing, dancing banned indoors, but at church? No worries
    Singing and dancing is not permitted at indoor music venues across NSW, but it’s perfectly fine for music fans to stand, sing and sway together before a live band at Hillsong Church.

    Albo gets his lines in

    ‘Diabolical’: Albanese slams handling of RAT shortage

    RATS. Free for me but not for thee

    Free RATs for MPs -but not for everyone

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