To All Pubsters In This Time of Plague…

To all Pubsters, their family and friends, and to all people in Australia in lockdown, or dealing with any effects of the Covid19 Pandemic, we send our best wishes for the best in these times.  

Please stick to the rules of your Lockdown, follow medical advice. Wear your masks, do your social distancing, your handwashing and sanitising.  

Stay home as directed. It is better to be bored than sick. Use your common sense: if in doubt stay home.  

I have some suggestions to help spark ideas to pass the time at home. Do you have other ideas to share? 

With the internet you can learn a new hobby, or a language, or listen to podcasts, music, jokes, explore art or sport or anything. You can go online to Berkeley College, USA, for example. Every lecture in every course is available to watch, for free. Play online (non gambling) games. Talk to others in your household. 

Live cams from all over the world let you see other places from home. My favourite is Africacam at the waterholes to see wild animals gather to drink. 

Get the kids to make their own board-games or invent new or rediscover old playroom games. 

You could start to gather your family history from your elders, by phone. 

Use the phone instead of a visit. 

Lockdown gives you time to do such home-based projects that you wanted to do, but could not fit into your schedules. Protecting mental health is very important. Phone friends! 

Think back to WW2, when restrictions were drastic in many countries. If they could do it, you can. 

Maybe keep a diary, and/or a family scrapbook, so future generations can read about your experiences of these times. 

If you have been ill, or know someone affected by Covid19, we wish for a rapid recovery. 

For all who have suffered grief from Covid19, we give you our sincere sympathy. 

We hope we can keep ourselves and each other safe. 

Remember, consult your doctor, follow medical advice on vaccinations (not internet rumours or human gossip) and other health issues, follow Lockdown restrictions (including mask-wearing and staying home), and err on the side of caution. 

Our leaders are limited in dealing with this pandemic by their abilities and beliefs. Some do well, others less so, as is clear from the data. 

We can only try to influence our leaders, but we have control over ourselves. 

So what are our areas of direct control? 

  • Our conduct. 
  • Our choices. 
  • Our decisions. 
  • Our understanding and patience with ourselves and others. 
  • Our words. 

It is up to each one of us to act for the good of all, because what is good for us all is good for each of us. 

Thank you to all you front line workers, volunteers, health staff, welfare staff and others keeping vital services running, often at risk to yourselves. 

For example, my friend received free delivered meals from a group of volunteers from the Indian community.  Thank you to that group. 

Thank you to everyone doing the right thing to keep us safe. 

Drop into The Pub, if you want! 

Learn to cook in a new style!

368 thoughts on “To All Pubsters In This Time of Plague…

  1. Bill Maher – (new rules 46:20) (geddit while it’s hot, I missed out last week, saved it for later and found that all watchable vids had been take down, silly me :grin:)

    Rachel Maddow – (best I could find)

    Anderson Cooper –

  2. I am a full time carer for Razz. The NDIS does not pay me the carer benefit, the Fed Gov do. The NDIS is supposed to provide support for the things that the person is unable to do, or was able to do but can’t anymore. When Razz was put on the NDIS, the person suggested she have someone come and do the lawns and gardening, and a couple of hours of housework.

    I am old enough to be on the aged pension, but I feel I am earning my keep by continuing to care for Razz so I will stay on the carer’s benefit. If they try any tricks like that, I will just go on the aged pension. I will of course keep caring for Razz, for as long as I am needed, able to.

    Having someone that Razz can ask to do certain things gives her a sense of autonomy. She would love to do everything herself, and values her independence. I work very hard to try and keep her as independent as possible.

    • Should have been done six weeks ago.

      Bugger this idiotic “let’s just live with the virus” nonsense GladBag and Perrottet are preaching.

  3. Had to laugh when I read the biop of an ex-pat kiwi on twitter saying she was now living on the west island of NZ. LOL.

  4. How’s that Gold Standard of dealing with covid 19 outbreaks going in NSW at the moment?

    I hope that the NSW Premier is still acting on health advice in deciding strategies in dealing with the Delta variant!!!

    Not like that Labor mob in Victoria. That was disgraceful management of their second outbreak, wasn’t it????????

  5. To those in NSW, I extend my sympathies. It’s a very difficult time right now, and as a Victorian I understand, since we went through this last year.

    I don’t mean to sound patronizing, but I found some strategies were really helpful in getting through it. The most important one being to simply glance at the news rather than read it. All you need is the facts, you don’t need the journo’s opinions about it.

    Another one is to disengage from news and current affairs and just do, play or watch things that make you happy. At the height of Victoria’s 2nd wave last year things were so grim that it broke my attempts to reduce drinking alcohol, but the best days were those where I just didn’t bother with the news. The worst days were those of when I engaged in articles of the smug Canberra Press Gallery all lecturing about how I was a horrible person because I supported Daniel Andrews’ government and their measures. The best days were when I just decided to skip all that and just play video games or watch DVD’s.

    • My antidote

      Check the ABC and The Canberra Times for Covid stuff in Canberra

      Keep up with TGA

      Browse #auspol from time to time

      Keep up here

      Go for my daily walks

      Apart from not going to see relos, Covid-19 has little affect in this bit of Pooh corner.

    • Hasn’t had much effect here either. It’s just normal life without face-to-face contact with friends.

      I admit I live a very quiet, hermit-like life.

    • I get very distressed by innumerate journalists reporting more than 460 rather than 466, also get distressed by their sloppy quoting of nuanced information which I can repeat word perfect, and disgusted when they twist information to suit a political agenda.
      (When stressed, I count)

      Like Kirsdarke I don’t read opinion pieces, watch ABC News but I WATCH VICTORIAN press conferences.

      PLEASE NOTE I find the NSW press conferences shockingly confusing DO NOT WATCH NSW

      SHARNELLE VELLA’s daily summary on Twitter around 6:30 pm is accurate and amusing

    • I watch Korean Drama. I love KDrama. I don’t even know I am reading the subtitles any more.

      I am trying to learn French via a phone app, Duolingo. That app is fun.

      Plus being here.

      Messaging with kids overseas playing with dogs, talking to friends on the phone.

      Kdrama is a nice world to visit. The goodies win out, the baddies get their comeuppance, love wins out or not.

      Skim the headlines. The same with global warming . Do what you can, ignore what you cannot do. We can lobby our gov’t but cannot influence China.

      I have social media mainly for dogs etc. I share political stories, labor stuff, social justice and other stuff. But I equally share pictures of flowers, birds, nature scenes, jokes happy stories, so my feed is 50% warm and fuzzies.

      My dear Kirsey, anxiety can only lead to so much useful action, past that it hurts you. I know because I suffer anxiety attacks.

      I wire fake acrylic fingernails all my working life because I used to chew my natural nails nearly all off if I could get to them.

      Hang in there mate, you are one of the gooduns.

      You are a highly valued Pubsters.

  6. Article from Canada Globe and Mail 25 April 2021 on Ontario ICU Triage and Priority protocols

    Woke up in funk remembering conversation with friend this arvo who had been directed to test & isolate because she visited a Tier 1 site days after an infected person. I was kicking myself thinking I should have got tested as well until I realised we met on Tuesday, she visited tier 1 site on Wed. Time to order groceries online uggh their fresh fruit & veg always about to expire. Better get tested today as well

  7. Good morning Dawn Patrollers. Slim Sunday.

    Announced on social media two and a half hours before its implementation, NSW went into a state-wide lockdown for at least seven days yesterday afternoon.
    The crackdown announced yesterday screams of using a sledgehammer to crack a nut – and it’s not even the right nut, trumpets the SMH editorial in a very critical assessment. It says Berejiklian’s police state pivot is desperate, unjustified and scary.
    Intransigence is experienced by many of us daily. It may even dominate our own emotional repertoire. Now, though, as NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian announces rising Covid infections and accumulating deaths, this unhelpful trait seems increasingly endangering, opines Stephanie Dorwick.
    Michael Fowler and James Massola write that as NSW emphasises vaccination as its key tool out of lockdown, researchers behind modelling underpinning the national reopening strategy say opening with high cases is not part of the plan. They say experts are predicting Victoria and other states could return to a COVID-normal situation if vaccination targets were reached and case numbers remained low, but NSW would be shut out by the rest of the country.
    The Guardian looks at how (if) NSW contact tracers and testing are holding up.
    The AIMN says, “If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention”.
    John Faine reflects on the messages being sent by the pandemic.
    In a damning condemnation of the Nats, Jack Waterford says, “One could always rent the Nationals – a generation ago the process was called “churching the old whore” – but now, it seems one can buy it freehold.”
    Think Morrison was wrong about electric cars and weekends? Wait till you hear him on emissions, says Greg Jericho. He concludes his contribution with, “To combat climate change, you first need to be honest about the issue with the public. Scott Morrison has utterly failed in this regard.”
    The Australian Government seems to think it can solve climate problems through technological magic. It hides a failure of moral leadership, writes Jonathan Paul Marshall.
    Earthworks have started for a camp-style quarantine hub on Melbourne’s northern fringe, which is scheduled to open by the end of the year.
    While the focus is on the Nationals’ objections, moderate Liberals say behind the scenes they have all but won the argument over net zero emissions by 2050, writes James Massola.
    Tim Hollo writes that climate doomism is becoming the new climate denial.
    Jacqui Maley describes Morrison’s pledge on ocean waste as a shiny (plastic) distraction from climate policy.
    The Andrews Government has pledged the end of native logging in Victoria by 2030. Yet it is allowing Allied Natural Wood Enterprises (ANWE) to acquire more mills and become a near monopoly, potentially profiteering on what should be an industry on its way to extinction. Conservationist Harriett Swift reports.

    Cartoon Corner

    Matt Golding

    Mark David

    Mark Knight

    Peter Broelman

    Matt Davidson

    Glen Le Lievre

    Reg Lynch

    Dionne Gain

    From the US

  8. Sprocket cross the road says

    A few reports from the ground of MorrisonLockdown aka GladysMockdown in Sydney, talking to family and friends..

    The touted SuperSunday for tradies vaccinations today filled up its 10,000 slots on Tuesday, despite Gladys and Hazzard continuing to promote it at their subsequent pressers.

    To get the business support, you have to provide details from your 2021 tax return income – yes, the one for the year ending 30/6/2021. One reason why the payment rate is negligible.

    In a lockdown LGA area, you have to cancel your childcare centre arrangement – otherwise you still get billed by them (even though you aren’t an essential worker and eligible to take your child there).

    The near daily changing rules are adding to the confusion bigly.

  9. The concerned citizens of Mickleham are dragging out all the complaints used by residents who do not want their neighbourhood to change from what it was in the 1950s – increased traffic, impact on house prices, lack of consultation and, of course, fear of the virus escaping into the community.

    I have seen all this before, many times, apart from the fear of the escaping virus..

    These ploys are the usual ones dragged out by residents, usually retirees, who cannot abide the thought of “riff raff” moving in. It is used especially in attempts to prevent the building of public housing or turning a large block into multiple dwellings. Fear of renters, who are seen as undesirables, is usually behind it but this time it is also fear of a virus.

    If these residents had their way nothing would be built. It’s NIMBYism at its worst and it is why they were not consulted.

  10. Roy Orbison’s experience

    A perfect example of just how pathetically communicated these 5km/10km rules are in Sydney really are. Being in Bayside – one of the “bad” LGAs, we went for a walk through the park at the end of our street, doing the right thing and wearing our masks. Imagine our surprise on seeing just about everyone else maskless! One group explained that it was because they were from 7.2km away, but not in Bayside, they could legally visit this park and they didn’t have to wear masks.

    This sort of stupidity has been with us the whole period of this lockdown. Berejiklian is going out of her way to keep “her” constituency onside while dog whistling continually about those “other people” violating the rules. What fucking rules? They are as clear as mud and seemingly made up on the run, as observed by more and more of the media as the scales come off their eyes about this hopelessly conflicted and incompetent premier.

    And, naturally, the crowds were out and about at Coogee, Maroubra and Bondi. All next door or close to Bayside. Hopeless.

  11. The incompetents in charge cannot even get their own messages right.

    Yesterday GladBag announced a 7 day lockdown. This morning Grunt says it is 14 days.

    Who has their facts wrong?

    Not sure if he misspoke, but the health minister, Greg Hunt said the NSW state-wide lockdown is going for 14 days:

    “The strong, clear, unequivocal support for the hard 14 day statewide lockdown, is a difficult decision. It affects a lot of people. It is the right decision and that is then backed by the very significant injuries and vaccinations which were occurring but which will now be aided by these additional doses”

    NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian tweeted yesterday it was seven days

  12. Wondering why Australia is importing 1 million doses of Pfizer from Poland?

    Easy – vaccine hesitancy among Poles, and the doses are approaching their use-by date.

    Poland will sell its stock of vaccines to other countries

    According to Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, since Poles do not want to be vaccinated, the government will sell its stocks of vaccines to other countries in order not to waste them.

    Preparations bought earlier by our government are now to go to Georgia and Ukraine. But Vietnam and even remote Australia have also expressed interest. In total, depending on the demand in Poland, by the end of the year, we will have sold tens of millions of doses to other countries. The government’s decision is the most tangible proof that the interest in vaccinations among Poles is decreasing.

    As politicians explain to us, Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines have relatively short expiration dates. Within two months some doses could be out of date. That is why we have started talks on their sale,” Minister Michał Dworczyk, the government plenipotentiary for the vaccination program, tells DGP. This is to be handled by the Government Agency for Strategic Reserves (RARS), he adds.

    Our interlocutors from the European Commission emphasize that from the very beginning of the negotiations with companies a provision was introduced enabling a possible resale of preparations to the third countries. There is one condition: you cannot make money on it.

    “There is no fear that our stocks will be insufficient due to the beginning of the procedure of selling vaccines outside the EU. We plan to always have a stock of several million,” says Michał Kuczmierowski, head of RARS. According to the agreements signed with pharmaceutical companies, we are to receive almost 100 million doses this year. So far we have used 31.5 million. 14.5 million Poles have been vaccinated twice. “Even if this number is doubled, there are still tens of millions of doses to be used,” adds Dworczyk

    Note the date – 13 July, a month ago. Note also the time frame explained – “within two months”.

    So our useless farce of a government has been begging other countries to send us their almost unusable left-overs.

    How much did this incompetent government pay for almost out of date vaccines?? I don’t expect an answer.

  13. Somebody mentioned earlier about NSW, premier Gladys Berejiklian speaking gobldygook at her press conferences throughout the time of this current outbreak in Sydney and now in the regional centres.

    This here from today’s media briefing is a classic example. The gold standard has exploded in her face & she is totally rattled and has no idea of what to do next.

    [ Back to NSW, premier Gladys Berejiklian has clearly stated lockdown won’t end if case numbers are still high:

    Can I be very specific about this. We need to keep case numbers as low as possible. We cannot live freely, right, just because you can do it one additional thing doesn’t mean living freely. Living freely will not be upon us until we have lowercase numbers and until we have 70%, 80% double doses. I cannot stress that enough. It is a combination of things that we need.

    There is no way that I will take any decision is a premier of the state which is going to cause unnecessary death and heartache for the people of this state, and on that basis, all of us need to work together to get those case numbers down and get vaccination rates up.

    I have confidence in the people of this state to achieve both. People have come out in droves to get their vaccine and communities respond in ways that never have but we need everybody to do the right thing and everybody to respect the rules we have and everyone to appreciate the importance of getting their vaccine to save lives people out of hospital. ]

  14. Comical Ali rides again !!

    The Chief of Staff to President Ashraf Ghani has taken to his Twitter account to urge the people of Kabul, ‘Please don’t worry. There is no problem. The situation of Kabul is under control.’

  15. Looks like it is close to a done deal.
    Calm reigns in Kabul as Taliban, gov’t prepare to hold talks.

    The panic in the city of Kabul has largely dissipated as most of the residents take to their homes and the heavy traffic has cleared……………..Likewise, officals have told media that a peaceful transition of power is expected, as the Taliban had previously stated.

  16. With Kabul looking like it’s going to fall today, I’m sitting here pretty shocked and stunned to see Afghanistan fall so quickly.

    At least South Vietnam lasted around 2 years after the US forces withdrew, Afghanistan looks like it barely lasted weeks.

    It’s just embarrassing and shameful that the US allowed this to happen. It’s both a foreign policy and humanitarian disaster.

    • PS

  17. OMBG. If Scotty has been conned by Poland offloading some of its counterfeit versions of coronavirus vaccine to Australia, then nobody should be surprised at this.

    Scotty seems quite able to be conned by even people with barely a reasonable level of credibility and then we have statements such as this which makes it even more harder for ordinary people like us to understand.

    [ Just had a video call with our relatives in Italy and the contrast with Australia’s disastrous COVID vaccine rollout is astonishing. Italy is awash with vaccines of every kind, while the Morrison Government is now scouring the world begging for leftovers. ]

  18. A bit of an under statement ! This guy Barardar is one of the founders of the Taliban/
    48 seconds ago (20:40 GMT)

    Taliban senior official says real test begins now

    One of the Taliban’s most senior officials declared on Sunday that the movement’s swift victory over the Afghan government was an unrivalled feat but that the real test of governing effectively would begin now that it had won power.

    In a brief video statement, Baradar, the head of the Taliban’s political bureau, said the victory, which saw all of the country’s major cities fall in a week, was unexpectedly swift and had no match in the world.

    However he said the real test would begin now with meeting the expectations of the people and serving them by resolving their problems.

  19. Good morning Dawn Patrollers

    The Taliban have taken control of the Presidential Palace in Kabul after the President fled, signalling the collapse of the Western-backed government two decades after the United States invaded Afghanistan in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks.
    The 20-year western mission to Afghanistan collapsed in a single dramatic day as Taliban gunmen poured into the capital, Kabul, yesterday to seize back control of the country.
    It’s time for the simple truth. After 18 years of propping up an illegitimate, corrupt and venal government in Kabul, the US has finally had enough, writes Nicholas Stuart.
    Nick McKenzie and Joel Tozer begin a series exposing the presence of the white supremacism movement in Australia.
    The editorial in The Age puts the above threat into perspective.
    Alexandra Smith looks at Kerry Chant’s dire warnings about the current state of the pandemic in NSW.
    Paul Kelly begins this contribution with, “Australia’s hopes of sticking by a national plan at 70-80 per cent vaccination to open the economy, the internal borders and ease restrictions are being torn apart. The premiers continue to run their agendas. And the premiers are divided. On a bleak Sunday NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian admitted reality, saying it was “not possible” to eliminate Covid cases, while West Australian Premier Mark McGowan boasted that even at 80 per cent vaccination, his goal would still be “zero” cases and he would attempt to achieve that.”
    Ian Verrender writes at length on how an ongoing apprehension towards total lockdown in NSW has come at an enormous cost.
    Unlike some past prime ministers who have seized what history threw at them to shape the rhetorical landscape, Scott Morrison has failed to make a major address to help the country through this crisis, points out the AFR’s James Curran.
    In a small pharmacy 40 kilometres west of Sydney’s CBD, Veronica Nou has single-handedly vaccinated 10 per cent of Oxley Park’s residents in a week. This is one example of the overwhelming response from Sydney communities seeking to get vaccinated.
    When doctors are scared, it’s time to listen, declares the NSW president of the AMA, Dr Danielle McMullen. She says that if we were scared about COVID-19 in March 2020, we should be terrified about its Delta variant in 2021.
    Jennifer Hewett reckons NSW’s latest measures are a signal of desperation.
    NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has killed off Australia’s de facto “COVID zero” policy, saying on Sunday that the delta strain was so transmissible that it was “near impossible” to eliminate, writes Michael Read.
    Jordan Baker and Matt Wade describe a tale of two Sydney cites and the great lockdown divide.
    Further lockdown extensions loom as Melbourne has hit a COVID ‘tipping point’.
    Elyse Methven and Samantha Lee explain why the $5000 COVID fines might backfire.
    The failure to identify First Nations communities in western NSW as a priority in Australia’s vaccine rollout is now a national emergency, says indigenous lawyer, Teela Reid.
    Meg Keneally takes us back to what life was like in pre-vaccination times.
    There is an ethical and political failure of leadership on Covid vaccination policy in Australia. The arguments against making Covid vaccination broadly mandatory are spurious, explains ethicist Bernd Bartl.
    Mandatory vaccinations cannot be uncertain, and it cannot depend on thousands of businesses getting legal advice, writes Elmer Funke Kupper.
    The Conversation explains how behaviouralists would approach boosting vaccination rates.
    A growing number of mental health leaders are warning the aggressive pursuit of zero-COVID through lockdowns is coming at too high a cost to people’s wellbeing and we must learn to live with the virus, amid surging calls for help. Prominent psychiatrist and former Australian of the Year Patrick McGorry said eliminating COVID-19 was unsustainable and should be abandoned as soon as the 70-80 per cent vaccination threshold was reached, reports Michael Koziol.
    Sean Kelly examines the politics of blame.
    Frank Bongiorno tells us how the pandemic has given rise to extreme views and fractured conservative politics.
    Noel Towell writes that leading Victorian economist says Australia’s closed borders have saved the state from mass unemployment during the COVID-19 downturns, with the economy instead experiencing a growing shortage of workers, but experts warn that the tight labour market will not lead to a bonanza of well-paid jobs. There is no sign of wages rising despite the increased scarcity of workers as job vacancies sit well above their pre-pandemic level.
    Ross Gittins unveils the pernicious business model of Afterpay and its ilk.
    “We have run out of time for obfuscation (lovely word!) because we have wasted too many decades ignoring the truth. It is not a question of how much will it cost to change tack and really start reducing emissions. It is a question of what cost will our descendants have to bear because of our stubborn refusal to accept that – like those experts whom we believe when it comes to directing how to deal with a pandemic – the climate scientists have been right all along”, begins the AIMN’s RosemaryJ36 in this contribution.
    The tragedy unfolding in Afghanistan resonates for Australians because it was our war. Should the PM have the sole call to take Australians to war? Tasha May reports on our politicians’ mostly grey responses to the #warpowers investigation.
    Michael Koziol tells us about the “astroturfing” of Zali Steggall happening in Warringah. The Liberals are diving for cover.
    Lisa Visentin writes that Kevin Rudd has called for the country’s media watchdog to be abolished, saying the regulator had “monumentally failed” in its responsibilities during the pandemic by not upholding broadcast standards at Sky News Australia.
    Although the rest of us are tackling the downside of COVID-19, our Government has been making money out of the pandemic — charging fees to companies and migrants without giving any services at all, explains Lini Li.,15389
    Christopher Knaus reports that Rex Patrick has launched proceedings in the administrative appeals tribunal to overturn a government decision not to release archived cabinet documents setting out Australia’s strategy for bartering with its impoverished ally on the Timor Sea maritime boundary.
    Allan Behm headlines this argument for a federal ICAC with, “Mischief, Disingenuousness and the ‘Doctrine of Ministerial Discretion’ by Bridget McKenzie”.
    Karen Maley writes that the gaming giant, Crown, committed a big tactical blunder in not appointing a new chairman earlier because it undermines the credibility of its commitment to reform.
    Conservative Christian voices weren’t ignored in SA’s euthanasia breakthrough, they just didn’t get their own way, writes Lainie Anderson.
    Afghanistan will be seen as Joe Biden’s defeat. And it may come back to haunt him, says Simon Tisdall.
    Defence has elevated “opportunities for Australian companies” over human rights and transparency in weapons sales, as an investigation by Michelle Fahy reveals 187 permits for military exports to Israel.
    These clowns get nomination for “Arseholes of the Week” after a guest at a crowded engagement party last week attended by dozens of people tested positive for coronavirus.

    Cartoon Corner

    David Rowe celebrates 70 years of the AFR and pictures the seven businessmen who have shaped Australia.

    Matt Golding

    Peter Broelman

    Glen Le Lievre

    Mark Knight


    From the US

    • Let the blamefest begin !! Fox News will be going feral. By tonight this will be eleventy times worse than Pearl Harbour according to “Fox Correspondents”

  20. A call to the Pub’s brains trust. This is a still from a video of the Taliban in the Presidential Palace. The painting in the background behind the presidential desk really looks a ‘Jesusy’ scene. I wouldn’t think that such a picture would be there. Any ideas as to who the ‘jesus’ figure might actually be ?

    • Can’t find any mention of this anywhere. Judging by all the heavily armed chaps in turbans it is some victorious general being rewarded or blessed for winning a war or being made Emir. Or both.

      Rustednut makes a good point.

      Afghani male fashions have not changed much in centuries, have they. Only the weapons have been updated.

    • Mohammad? Alexander the Great?

      Jesus is a recognised in Islam but am unsure of context

  21. rustednut
    True but I didn’t think he was that far up the ‘rankings’ to be given such a pride of place. Mind you the President spent a shed load of time in the US growing up and was a US citizen. So it may well be.

  22. Taliban spokesman Mohammad Naeem said he did not think foreign forces would repeat “their failed experience in Afghanistan again”.

    “Foreign forces” never learn that Afghanistan is a lost cause.

    Alexander the Great conquered it in 330 BC but he died before he could consolidate his empire. His generals tried to divide that empire, including Afghanistan, between themselves so armies have been fighting over Afghanistan ever since.

    The Brits fought three wars in Afghanistan during the 19th and early 20th centuries but could not win lasting control The objective was to protect their Indian empire by keeping Russia out.(Look up “The Great Game” if this British/Russian conflict which dominated the 19th century interests you.)

    Now the US, and its foolish allies have spent 20 years, billions of dollars and countless lives attempting to keep out the Taliban or “get” Osama bin Laden or whatever other excuses for this pointless war were offered This war has failed too.

    When is the west going to learn to stay out of Afghanistan?

  23. I remember thinking this when they decided to go into Afghanistan, that’s after the Russians left with their tails between their legs. If the Russians couldn’t do it what hope have the yanks.

    • “Hope” is the latest buzzword from Scovid. He keeps yammering on about it. The almost expired 1 million doses of vaccine were described yesterday by this moron as “1 million doses of hope”.

      We don’t want “hope”, we want vaccine!

      My “hope” is to get rid of Scovid and his vile, corrupt government ASAP.

  24. Hope, This idiot doesn’t want hope he’s waiting for the end times where he’ll get the “Beam me up Scotty”. That’s what his plan has been all along, just wait for the big invite to heaven and leave all us plebs behind.

  25. Despite his obvious immaturity and his apparently increasing insanity people keep voting this loon back into parliament.

    A lot of good comments in the thread. No-one seems to like Canavan or his views, except those who would vote for a rotting corpse if one ran as an LNP candidate.

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