Death Notice

I was on the crux of publishing another article about Fed Parliament, rape, and the rule of law (and will do so soon), but I’m so enchanted by this that I must share – what a brilliant woman!
I hope her family will forgive me for republishing this, but given it’s already in the public domain, and given what a fantastic woman she obviously was, I hope they will forgive me.

EVANS, Elaine Anne

After 84 years of pushing and dominating her family, ‘little sis’ Elaine has lost her final battle with the grim reaper.

Although she managed to get her way on most of the matters she took on during her lifetime, she bit off more than she should with the big C, but she would say only because it took a rare and highly aggressive one to finish her off.

Despite her diminutive stature and disarming smile, only the brave took on Elaine or the causes she fought for, at least directly, and woe to anyone who misjudged her tenacity and will power to push aside mountains of bureaucracy and accepted practice if these stood in her way.

Not content with getting her way with her immediate and extended families, Elaine took her battle for fairness and justice for her beloved Sydney western suburbs to such areas as Board member of Parramatta Hospital (1984-88), Councillor on Parramatta City Council (1987-91), Board member on Parramatta Park Trust (2001 -11).

While these organisations all probably felt the heat of Elaine’s passion to challenge the ‘accepted way’, they would probably all admit they emerged fairer and more responsive to local needs for her time with them.

Eschewing most official recognition for her community work, Elaine was chuffed to be pulled up by the Western Australian police while holidaying with her beloved Bill in 1999, telling her she needed to fly back to Sydney to receive the inaugural Justice Medal awarded by the Law Foundation of NSW at Parliament House for her “outstanding contribution to justice in NSW” – arising from her decade of work at the then Women’s Legal Resource Centre supporting women, especially in western Sydney as well as the more remote and needy corners of the State.

All pretty good for the daughter of a fettler and a railway gate keeper in Armidale who left school at 15 to take care for her newly widowed dad, worked in factories and farms before resuming her schooling at forty by completing her HSC so she could enter tertiary studies to better help others. Always the overachiever, Elaine topped her class at the then Milperra College of Advanced Education and was awarded the Council Medal in 1979.

Elaine’s passion for justice for all made her a very active member and supporter of the Labor Left, and the Evans dinner table at Toongabbie was never free of animated discussion and debate on the failings of the ‘other side’, be it Labor or Liberal, to achieve fairness and equity for those in need.

Elaine will be greatly missed by husband Bill, her siblings Grace, Joan and Gerald, along with her proud children Graham, Jennifer, Jeffrey and Sharon (dec) and their wider families.

Thanks to Sally-Ann, Trish and their respective teams at Mt Druitt Palliative Care Unit for their special care in Elaine’s final weeks, along with Dr Dinh at Westmead Hospital oncology.

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  1. More criticism, and a very valid point –

  2. My bold

    The acting prime minister, Michael McCormack, has just said that the immigration minister, Alex Hawke, will “make an announcement” on the Biloela family this week.

    “We will base it on the health advice, the humanitarian advice,” he said. “We’ve been a very humanitarian government.”

    • More lies –

    • Julian Hill has just posted that clip on YouTube.

      Labor has too many scare campaigns to run come the election. They won’t need policies, they just need to hammer home to stupid Australian voters just what this government has planned.

  3. So… the Victorian storms…trees down…property damage…power blackout for days… a bit like the storms that ravaged SA a while back, with a dozen or more steel power pylons blown over, causing electricity blackouts across the state and even into the capitol.

    As I recall all the blame was placed by the Feds and the MSM on SA’s renewable power, as we reach over 50% at times. The hysterics were amusing but the lies were vicious.

    Of course, being South Australia and with a Labor gov’t at the time. we fixed the problem with a progressive solution. We got Elon Musk to build for us the biggest battery in the Southern Hemisphere, if I recall correctly, storing renewable power.

    This Big Battery went on to save the Eastern states’ arskes during a power crisis.

    Not that a BB could have made a difference to Victoria this time.
    I am pointing out the difference in the media reporting of the two events, which demonstrates the anti-renewables bias of our Coalition-bootlicking media.

    Or maybe they are scared the Blackshirts will arrest them, Friendly-Jordie style?

  4. The Yobbo PM in action. So embarrassing!

  5. Crazy stuff. (Never mind “myself”)

    Over 70s to receive a letter from PM urging vaccination

    Asked if 61% of over 70s being vaccinated is a good result, Hunt says “it’s good but we want it to be better”.

    He adds:

    The Prime Minister, the Chief Medical Officer and myself are writing to everybody over 70 and that letter should be arriving over the course of the next week to 10 days.

    That’s to encourage them all to continue to come forwards and some of them may have bookings for later on, some of them may have watched the program, people change their minds and so what we are seeing is, very strong numbers.

  6. Coming soon – more junk mail.

    Over 70s to receive a letter from PM urging vaccination
    Asked if 61% of over 70s being vaccinated is a good result, Hunt says “it’s good but we want it to be better”.

    He adds:

    The Prime Minister, the Chief Medical Officer and myself are writing to everybody over 70 and that letter should be arriving over the course of the next week to 10 days.

    That’s to encourage them all to continue to come forwards and some of them may have bookings for later on, some of them may have watched the program, people change their minds and so what we are seeing is, very strong numbers

    By the time that letter arrives in my letterbox I will have had my second dose of vaccine. The letter will go straight in the bin – it won’t even make it inside the house.

    • Don’t ya like the timing. Scrott off in another hemisphere and hey presto “freedom’ announced for the Biloela family. He’s all set to be ‘blameless’ should public opinion be against the decision but even more ready to
      be front and centre to be ‘Scrott the Merciful’ if it plays well with the plebs.

  7. Some of the bullshit on stilts bail conditions for FriendlyJordies’ producer….

    He will be in breach if he possesses an image or caricature of the Deputy Premier or if he comments upon the appearance or behaviour of the Deputy Premier,

    • So … are they going to go through his wardrobe?
      Given that FJ has been promoting tee-shirts with less than flattering images on them, I can only hope his family are reacting appropriately … oh, and bill the relevant police unit for the doctor and vet bills

  8. Good morning Dawn Patrollers

    Peter Hartcher examines the outcomes of the weekend’s G7 summit which was free of Trump being there as a “saboteur of unity and a vandal of democracy.”
    Paul Bongiorno says Australia was left clueless in Cornwall when it comes to China.
    Behind the spectacle of the G7 summit, global tax reform was the big event, says Simon Jenkins.
    Climate change was a major theme and Australia was the shag on this rock. Morrison trotted out his usual line about doing what was in Australian interests which will not impress anyone outside of the naysayers back home, writes former diplomat Cavan Hogue.
    Tony Walker believes that the G7 showed that post-Trump, the world has shifted.
    The Morrison government faces a rocky two weeks, with parliament returning on Tuesday as Scott Morrison wings his way back from Britain and Europe. Some Liberal MPs are understandably nervous about Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack leading the government for three days in question time considering the politically delicate issues in play, writes Simon Benson.
    “Michael McCormack says coal here to stay as G7 countries commit to decarbonised power by the 2030s”, writes a dismayed Katherine Murphy.
    Phil Coorey says that Scott Morrison and Boris Johnson are poised to sign an in-principle deal today but the Nationals fear it could worsen Australia’s shortage of farm labour.
    Unless productivity rises, a re-elected Morrison government will have to break its spending promises. Neither party can shirk micro reform any longer., opines Craig Emerson.
    Shane Wright explains how Australia’s runaway house prices are making the national economy less stable and lowering productivity, according to research which warns home ownership is now out of reach for anyone under the age of 35 as governments repeat failed policy fixes.
    Shane Dowling complains that the “corrupt NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro has turned NSW police into a Nazi goon squad to assault, harass and jail journalists”.
    The federal government may be forced to make major changes to its overhaul of the $3.2 trillion superannuation sector to get it through the Senate after key crossbencher Rex Patrick raised serious concerns about workers possibly becoming under-insured if the bill goes ahead as planned, writes Jennifer Duke.
    Mike Foley and Nick O’Malley tell us that Morrison has backed his government’s current climate settings as the Group of Seven advanced economies forged ahead with more ambitious emissions reduction commitments at this week’s summit.
    Two big things are happening in the bond market. One, the government is actually borrowing at a profit. Two, there appears to be a quiet plan by the RBA to let bond rates rise and take the heat out of housing. As the banks “printed money” war chest hits $250bn, the central bank has stopped stomping on the key 3-year bond rate. Michael West reports.
    A split of the Labor Party would be for the benefit of workers and progressives. Labor’s long-standing small-target, Coalition-lite strategy is a clear failure and fails the country. As Labor shows no sign of changing, any members with integrity should quit, urges Geoff Davies.–for-another-labor-split,15189
    Linda Johnson has some good news on the Novavax vaccine, of which Australia has ordered 51 million doses.
    Jenna Price begins this evaluation of the Australian honours system with, “The Australian honours system is borked. Far from being a system which really does honour those who have contributed to this country of ours, Australian honours appear to reward those who’ve done their actual paid jobs. The awards are now just additional ornaments to high status employment.”
    Epidemiologists say Victoria’s fourth COVID-19 lockdown should be the guide for interventions against new outbreaks around Australia, as Health Minister Greg Hunt said the federal government had no dispute with the state’s strategy.
    Sarah Martin reports that the federal government was warned in March 2020 it needed a system to track Covid vaccinations in the aged care workforce but multiple approaches from an established provider were ignored.
    Michael Pascoe reckons independents are winning even before they run.
    Melissa Davies explains how doctors have revealed the crisis in Australian emergency departments.
    The Australian Bureau of Statistics has now echoed misleading economic claims that advance the Morrison Government’s position, writes Alan Austin.,15187
    World Vision’s Jerry Nockles argues that we have a legal and moral obligation to allow Biloela girls to stay.
    The Biloela family is set to be released but Hawke has yet to reveal the terms, writes Michelle Grattan.
    The Age reports that Victoria’s anti-corruption commission is considering holding public hearings into allegations of taxpayer funded branch stacking by former Labor powerbroker Adem Somyurek after months of private interviews with Labor politicians and staffers.
    According to Phil Coorey, the politics of energy will rear its head this week when Labor moves motions seeking to overthrow regulations that have enabled two clean energy bodies to fund the development of low-emission technologies beyond wind and solar.
    Adam Morton reckons wealthy countries’ climate shift leaves Australia isolated from its closest allies.
    As News Corp savages its enemies, the ABC must strive for unity, and this makes it the perfect target writes Jonathan Holmes.
    Last week the Anglican Church of Australia reported that a two-year study showed Anglicans were as or even more likely than Australians in general to suffer intimate partner violence. This was challenging and confronting for the church – but not surprising, explains an assistant Anglican bishop, Gennevieve Blackwell.

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  9. Despite the best efforts of this government there is still signs of intelligent life in Australia………
    Quantum Microscope Achieves Unprecedented Clarity in Cellular Imaging

    BRISBANE, Australia, June 11, 2021 — A quantum microscope developed at the University of Queensland can resolve cellular structures that would otherwise be impossible to see. The technology overcomes a significant barrier to furthering microscopy for biological imaging

    Australian scientists accidentally engineer one of the world’s most thermally stable materials. Up to 1,400 °C it doesn’t expand.

  10. So – I watched Four Corners last night and it told me nothing I did not know already, thanks to the sterling work of Ronni Salt and Jommy Tee, who ran their story in early October 2019 and have never been credited by the media for their work

    Here is Ronni’s account of how it happened.

    Threadlet (+ a big thanks)Sometimes, Australia's best researcher Jommy and I get very frustrated putting out research that's either ignored or takes a long time to get traction.I understand it takes time to get traction but it's heartbreaking when it's totally ignored..— 🕯 RonniSalt 🕯 (@RonniSalt) June 14, 2021</a

    Thanks also to Crikey and David Hardaker for following up that research and adding to it. Special thanks to to Jordan Shanks for making a most interesting video which told us everything – and more – that we saw last night. I also learned a lot from Karren Stewart’s blog which I have linked here before.

    If you haven’t already seen them here are the links –

    And the video, from 19 October 2019, before the Crikey article was published. –

    I have deliberately left out The Guardian’s story because they produced a whole article without naming Tim Stewart, referring only to “BurnedSpy” making it pointless. No doubt that was their intention.

    What should force Scovid’s immediate resignation from the parliament, not just his position as PM is the house-sitting allegation.

    Tim and Lynelle Stewart had “house-sitted” at Kirribilli House while the Scovids were away.

    FFS! Why?

    The house has full-time security, it is well guarded and fully staffed. The house does not need house-sitters.

    This is actually a serious breach of security let alone a gift from a PM to his closest and most dubious friends.

    Who knew what Tim might get up to in that house? What documents might Scovid have carelessly left in his desk? What personal information might Tim and his wife have rummaged through?

    Are we really happy with Scovid leaving these QAnon loons free access to his official residence? It’s bad enough having “Auntie Lynelle” working there (until recently, apparently) at our expense, but having the whole family stay there, ALONE, with free run of the place has to be a major scandal. Not that you will hear a peep about it in the ever-adoring media, of course.

    Can you just imagine the broader media response if Daniel Andrews was the one with the clear, specific, personal and influential connections to #QAnon that Morrison does? It’d be the end of him, as it should be. And. That. Tells. You. Everything. #4Corners— Adam Voigt 🐯🏆 (@adam_voigt) June 14, 2021

    And this bombshell –

    .Wait until you hear the story about the mobile phone left on the table then. .— 🕯 RonniSalt 🕯 (@RonniSalt) June 14, 2021</a

  11. To those who believe the government has softened its approach to the Biloela family – think again..

    Over the weekend we learnt that Tharni’s doctors said she would need at least 8 weeks of treatment before she could be considered well.

    All the government has done is allow the family to reunite in Perth for the duration of that treatment, and while the current court case continues. They are still in detention – community detention this time.

    They are still regarded as illegal arrivals and to this government that means they must go back to Sri Lanka which both parents fled in fear of their lives years ago.

    My fear (and that of many others) is that should Tharni receive a favourable court decision that allows her to stay the rest of the family will be deported without her. This level of cruelty is exactly what I would expect from the government.

    Here’s Alex Hawke, this morning, pretty much confirming my thoughts.

    Here was Alex Hawke a little earlier, on ABC radio, on why he made the decision he did:

    There has been a medical situation emerge which I have taken into account on advice from WA health and other people who wanted to provide support services. It is close to all of the necessary school and support services and the government’s view hasn’t changed on our border protection regime which means, if they are not found to have matters where we owe them protection or they’re not refugees, we will ask them to leave for Sri Lanka

    Again, it does not mean the family can stay in Australia. They remain in detention

  12. McCormack being McCormack

    • Would that be public or private beds?

      I shouldn’t ask tricky questions- poor MicMac’s brain isn’t up to answering them.

  13. ‘Overloaded and dysfunctional’: doctors reveal crisis in Australian emergency departments
    Healthcare workers fear retribution for speaking out about patients being harmed due to delays in public hospitals

    An emergency department patient with a broken neck ended up slumping to the floor while waiting to be seen, and a patient requiring urgent surgery for a fractured pelvis and internal bleeding waited four hours just for an assessment.

    These are some of the recent stories emergency department doctors have revealed to Guardian Australia as they describe an overwhelmed public hospital system where patients are being harmed due to delays in care.

    On Monday, the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM) published a piece in the Medical Journal of Australia saying these “tragic stories accentuate the need for change”, and that emergency department health workers were burning out while waiting for reform

  14. Amazing speed from the AFP, totally unlike the slower than snail pace they usually move at.

  15. Seth Meyers –

    Stephen Colbert –

    Jimmy Kimmel –

    Brian Tyler Cohen –

    Chris Hayes –

  16. A mighty fine mushroom cloud from Novosibirsk in Siberia ! Noone killed.

  17. Scovid really does have a serious problem with alcohol abuse. Let’s hope he didn’t wet himself this time.

    • So will our ‘esteemed leader’ and his 20+ staff be also enjoying two weeks hotel quarantine when they return to Australia? Or will our closed borders abandon them over seas (we should be so lucky!)

  18. Top marks to MP Julian Hill for getting a ‘far queue” in 🙂

  19. This trade deal with the UK was rushed just so Scovid could announce it (yet another announcement) before he came home. It seems to leave Australia at a clear disadvantage.

    I’m old enough to remember the post-war years when Australia sent food to Britain for about a decade, food that was sold in the UK at far cheaper prices than Australians paid at home for the same products. My mum went right off the whole idea when she heard a Pommy woman at the shops saying “We only use Australian butter for cooking at home because it’s not as good as English butter”. I get deja vu when I read about this lop-sided “deal”.

    I’ve just read Scovid’s gushing about this deal – it was almost enough to make me vomit. Boris certainly recognised an idiot when he saw one, possibly from spending too much time gazing at himself in a mirror. I wonder if the Sydney Harbour bridge is still standing or did Scovid give that away too?

  20. Is there nothing this government will not sell?

    Canberra opens bids for gas, oil drilling near Twelve Apostles

    Oil and gas companies are being invited to bid for exploratory drilling rights across 80,000 square kilometres of Commonwealth waters, including an area just a few kilometres from Victoria’s prized Twelve Apostles national park.

    The federal government on Tuesday released 21 offshore blocks across the country for exploratory drilling, including in Victoria’s Gippsland and Otway basins, plus basins in Western Australia and Tasmania. One designated area sits six kilometres from the Twelve Apostles Marine National Park, off the coast of Port Campbell in south-western Victoria

  21. Good morning Dawn Patrollers

    David Crowe reports that a new Nine survey shows most Australians want the federal government to cut greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050 but do not want a carbon price as part of the plan, as Prime Minister Scott Morrison holds out against renewed global calls to set the target.
    But Nick O’Malley says that despite Morrison’s popular determination to tackle climate change with “technology not taxes”, the decision might not long remain in Australian hands if the G7 leaders’ statement from the weekend meeting in Cornwall is anything to go by.
    Here comes the renewables spend, despite Morrison, declares Michael Pascoe.
    Shane Wright and Jennifer Duke tell us that some Liberal MPs are demanding the federal government consider radical plans to bring the runaway housing market under control after new figures showed the value of the nation’s homes soared by a record $450 billion in three months.
    Blink and the boats will restart the Government says. But that is nonsense proclaims Abul Rizvi.
    The end of JobKeeper wasn’t a blip. It might have cost nearly 100,000 jobs, opines Peter Martin.
    In an interesting contribution, Paul Begley argues that Scott Morrison gained power through a lack of due diligence.,15191
    Professor David Hayward explains what happens when we socialise the losses from housing policy while privatising the gains.
    As long as we accept injustices perpetrated by the Morrison Government, claiming “this is not we are” is disingenuous at best, writes Dr Jennifer Wilson who uses the Robodebt scandal as a prime example.,15190
    In quite a good read, John Lord makes a proposition for Albanese to make the next election all about Morrison, a bit similar to Biden’s campaign.
    With the house price boom showing few signs of cooling, it may soon be time for regulators to place restrictions on mortgage lending, writes Clancy Yeates.
    The treatment of Biloela’s Murugappan family shows cruelty never works, says author Steve Biddulth.
    Rachel Clun reports that two federal ministers have backed a One Nation motion condemning the use of medical treatment for transgender children in a vote that split the Coalition. The proposition was defeated 35 to 23 in the Senate in a conscience vote.
    Australian eSafety Commissioner, Julie Inman, argues that we need to ensure online safety before big tech profits.
    Bevan Shields writes that when Scott Morrison stood in a Cornwall churchyard a few days ago and said he was prepared to wait for the right trade deal with Britain rather than a rushed one, he wasn’t bluffing. Shields says Johnson needed trade deal a lot more than Morrison.
    Not perfect but the Australia-UK free trade deal is the real business, says Greg Sheridan.
    Caleb Bond explains how the Prime Minister’s own party is flatly denying the memberships of people who share his religion. He is defending the Pentecostal push.
    Australia’s resources minister, Keith Pitt, is urging oil and gas producers to turn the “spotlight” on environmental groups campaigning against an expansion of the fossil fuel industry on climate change grounds, writes Katherine Murphy.
    Michaela Whitbourn reports that Ben Roberts-Smith has told a court that he hired a private investigator to follow a woman with whom he had been having a relationship to check whether she had an abortion because he suspected she was lying about being pregnant. Nice.
    Australia must eventually face reality: live with Covid or become a hermit nation, argues infectious diseases physician Peter Collignon.
    A deeply flawed and potentially corrupt land purchase by the New South Wales government has prompted an investigation of 20 similar property acquisitions, an inquiry has heard. Christopher Knaus reports that a NSW parliamentary inquiry is currently probing the state government’s purchase of a contaminated block of land in the Sydney suburb of Camellia for $53.5m, just months after it was purchased at a fraction of the cost by property developer Billbergia.
    In neglecting the National Archives, the Morrison government turns its back on the future, complains professor of politics, Judith Brett.
    Ouch!! Former high-flying Dick Smith executive Michael Potts has been ordered to pay $43m plus interest to National Australia Bank after the NSW Supreme Court found he had engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct during negotiations for a loan facility.
    Tom McIlroy tells us that Labor frontbenchers Jim Chalmers and Chris Bowen have demanded Scott Morrison explain his links to Australians pushing the QAnon conspiracy theory, claiming they pose a national security risk.
    Julie Szego reckons we should learn how to tolerate idiots like QAnon.
    The Ibrahims vs The Daily Telegraph in a defamation case. A perfect match!

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    John Spooner does his job for News Ltd

    From the US

  22. Good to see Rowe linking Scrott to the Washington loons. Plenty of QAnon peeps there.


  23. Ben Roberts-Smith says this about an allegation he punched a woman in the face –

    The woman, known as Person 17 to protect her identity, had been “extremely intoxicated” after a dinner at Parliament House in Canberra, the former Special Air Services soldier said, and had fallen down a flight of stairs.

    He said he iced the resultant bump on her head after putting her to bed in their room at the Hotel Realm

    So he left a woman alone after she, according to him, “had fallen down a flight of stairs”.

    Assuming that was true, which I very much doubt, what on earth was he thinking?. He didn’t call a doctor, he didn’t call an ambulance, he didn’t even take her to Emergency, he just put her to bed to, presumably allow her to sleep off her intoxication. Why didn’t he bother thinking a fall down a flight of stairs might have caused concussion, or maybe broken bones?

    Why do I believe he is lying? Because that old “fell down the stairs’ crap had been used for centuries to hide domestic violence. Usually a woman will use it to explain bruises and injuries, but in this case it seems like a male is attempting to use it to gaslight the woman he was having a relationship with.

    What a bastard! Either way, truth or lies, he has not shown himself in a good light here, rather he has revealed himself as uncaring and callous, exactly the sort of person who would commit war crimes.

    • More lies.

      Who would you believe – the family, the advocates who have supported and fought for this family and the medical staff at the hospiutal or the minister from a government with a world-wide reputation for dishonesty and cruelty?

      Andrews is merely trying to create a distraction by shoving all the blame on those who have been fighting to free this family for three years.

      How serious Tharnicaa’s illness was doesn’t matter.

      What matters is a very sick child was left with no decent medical treatment for TWO WEEKS while ther government’s pet IHMS, renowned for their uselessness when dealing with asylum seekers and refugees and with the court cases to prove their negligence, tried to fob her parents off with Panadol. Priya had to ring the IHMS hotline (heaven knows where that was, definitely not on Christmas Island) for help, she did this repeatedly and all the help she received was guards delivering more Panadol and Nurofen, one dose at a time. Guards were not permitted to leave a whole packet – unnecessary cruelty in my book, and I suppose done according to Andrews’ orders.

      A severely ill child was neglected and denied proper medical care on the orders of a minister – let that sink in, then you will understand why Andrews is now lying to us as a way to cover up her own negligence and cruelty.

  24. Stephen Colbert –

    Jimmy Kimmel –

    Rachel Maddow –

    Chris Hayes –

    Brian Tyler Cohen –

  25. I have often said that National voters would vote for Daisy the Cow, or Daffy Duck or even a rotting corpse,if one of them ran as a Nats candidate. National voters just keep on voting for the Nats until they too become rotting corpses, they never ever wonder if someone else might do a better job than an oaf like Barnaby or a nutcase like MickMack. I know this because I have lived in Nats electorates for around 45 years.

    This is all the proof you need to prove I’m right – enough people keep voting for this loon to return him to parliament again and again.

    He also responded to a question on why the government has no plans for helping farmers with the mouse plague by saying “…. we have signed a historic UK-Australia free trade agreement that is going to look after farmers.”

    Dumber than one of these, he is.

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