Vale Neddie

I am sorry to report That This sites dog Overlord has passed away


After a few years living with Diabetes which saw him lose his sight 3 times and enduring the operations to restore it as well as a couple of bouts of Pancreatitis and the torments of his little brother Neds little body had had enough .He was a champion dog always happy no matter what . Everyone who got to meet Ned loved him . He didnt have a mean bone in his body. In the end it was the hardest decision of my life but as silly as this sounds the easiest. Neddie was going to suffer and he didn,t deserve that. To have kept him going a bit longer would have been unbelievable selfish on my part.







Goodbye Ned . The best mate I ever had.

Sorry my return post is indulgent But Ned deserves his Pub Goodbye.

1,097 thoughts on “Vale Neddie

  1. Which is why I don’t bother with TV cover, I prefer the AEC site.

  2. Good morning Dawn Patrollers

    Jess Irvine tells us what Ken Henry really thinks about tax reform.
    The federal government will cap overseas arrivals into Sydney Airport at 450 people per day, as NSW faces pressure on its capacity to quarantine returned travellers.
    The editorial in the SMH says that the Victorian hotel debacle has put the nation at risk.
    The system is cooked when a ‘sexual harasser’ is promoted, not punished proclaims Jacqui Maley as she examines AMP Capital’s latest moves.
    Misogyny and sexual harassment are a problem within the Australian jazz scene, similar to that of the world’s most powerful political figures, writes Carla Bennett.,14068
    Benjamin Law looks at the rise and rise of Norman Swan,
    These two public health experts believe that the CovidSafe app will be of value as we move into an inevitable second phase of the pandemic.
    Residents of the Flemington towers have vented their frustration with the Andrews government ahead of a five-day hard lockdown, saying that outbreaks were foreseeable in the densely populated towers.
    Noel Towell wonders if Victoria’s outbreak has caused Daniel Andrews’ crown to slip.
    The Guardian explains the real reasons for people in Victoria refusing Covid tests.
    Experts in the genomic sequencing testing science are playing an increasing role in containing transmission amid Australia’s biggest coronavirus cluster in Melbourne. Here’s how it works.
    No industry has been hit harder by COVID-19 than tourism. And the scary thing is, no one knows how long the pain will last writes Patrick Hatch.
    The case against Dan Oakes exposes how dangerously fragile press freedom is in Australia, says a concerned Peter Greste.
    How to fuel an economic disaster. The New Daily’s Matthew Lloyd-Cape provides a beginner’s guide in 3 easy steps.
    Victorian AFL clubs have been told to get out of the state as soon as possible and not wait until Monday with more parts of Melbourne shutdown due to conronavirus restrictions.
    Rather than offer an apology, Scott Morrison has shifted the blame for the robodebt scandal to a welfare principle used by both parties, writes John Maycock on the Morrison Government’s robodebt cover-up lies.,14069
    Warwick McFadyen is uneasy about our latest defence positioning and diplomatic posturing.
    On the subject of increased military spending Crispin hull writes that the acid question is not “Where is the money coming from?”, but “Where is the money going to?”. He makes some valid contrasts.
    Historian Liam Byrne writes about what lessons can be learned for current day politics from John Curtin. He loos at Curtin’s new model where social needs were considered as important as abstract economic targets.
    In a bid to push the major parties to embrace deeper cuts to Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions, the Greens have targeted net zero emissions by 2035 report Mike Foley and Nick O’Malley.
    The Morrison government will be spending billions of dollars over the next 6-to-12 months to kick-start the economy. A small fraction of that new federal spending – less than 1 per cent – should be spent on tutoring in schools says the Grattan Institute’s Julie Sonnermann.
    Peter FitzSimons calls BS on the greyhound racing industry’s new code.
    Sam McClure goes inside the camp that brought down the Adelaide Crows.
    On the Fourth of July national holiday, a day after the US reported a third straight day with a more than 50,000 new coronavirus cases and as Florida reported another record rise there, Donald Trump claimed “a tremendous victory” was at hand. This clown is without peer!
    Trump is scooping up the world’s Remdesivir. It’s a sign of things to come, writes Devi Sridhar.
    The world still knows too little about Epstein’s secrets, but Maxwell holds the key explains the Washington Post. Are we going to see another “suicide” in custody, I wonder?

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    Matt Golding

    Glen Le Lievre

    Alan Moir

    From the US

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