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really doesn’t need any fancying up by me.

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  1. Grandsons sat guard duty until 2am so we adults could catch a bit of sleep. We’ve slipped home, which is about 200 metres from son’s house. Will leave again if we have to. Absolutely not a breath of wind here at the moment. But there was a lot of dry lightening at Cann River that sparked a few fires up that way, which are heading towards where kids had been camping until they decided to come home early Saturday. Number one son got a phone call as soon as he arrived home and is now carting water for the fire trucks. He had to make sure all fire tanks that are placed around the whole area were full, and he headed off half an hour ago for another day.

    They are expecting our fire to reach here sometime today now, or as was originally predicted.

    Will update when we can.

  2. David Crowe’s article –

    I’m getting a bit sick of the procession of journalists telling us the last ten years have been wasted or saying Australians have become pathetic (apathetic would have been the better word). Every day another one produces much the same whinge.

    Don’t these dolts understand that they are in large part responsible?

    Once Abbott became LOTO at the end of 2009 they rushed to promote him as the best opposition leader ever, they ran cheerful stories about his stunts and told us what a likeable chap he was (Annabel Crabb said she found him charming). While that was going on they produced constant articles about Labor leadershit but forgot to tell us about all the good things Labor was doing. Instead they criticised Labor’s education plans, rubbished the NDIS and could not find a good word for the original NBN. They picked Julia Gillard apart almost daily – they criticised her clothes, her voice, her unmarried and childless private life (but never applied the same criticism to the equally unmarried and childless Julie Bishop) and completely misjudged the global impact of her misogyny speech. They had become so used to criticising her that they could not find one favourable word to say about that speech, their hive-mind groupthink made them mock it. How wrong they were!

    The same mob clearly desired a reversion to a Coalition government and that’s what their shoddy work brought about. Their wish to keep this country in the hands of the Coalition was blatant and they spared no effort to bring it about in every election since 2007. They didn’t quite succeed in 2010, the hung parliament we ended up with, despite the best efforts of the Press Gallery, turned out to be the best government I’ve seen.

    Thanks to Rudd’s ego they got their wish in 2013 and toiled away with anti-Shorten propaganda for the 2016 and 2019 elections. This year they talked up FauxMo, never mentioned his complete lack of policies or his determination to keep his flock of incompetent, corrupt ministers entirely out of the campaign and rubbished Shorten and Labor’s policies.

    Now they are starting to realise they might have backed the wrong team, but they won’t say that so they blame us, the voters instead.

    It’s all our fault. We brought this on ourselves by – well – by reading the rubbish they produced over the last decade.

    If Australian voters really are fed up with politics and with the constant parade of prime ministers then whose fault is that, really?

    Shouldn’t journalists be presenting us with truthful articles about what is really going on in Parliament House instead of giving us recycled gossip about leadership struggles and biased rubbish pushing their own political bias?

  3. This is the first and probably the last time I will ever agree with NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro.

  4. With apologies if already posted, I am linking this interesting article. Surely this demographic change, as in receding percentage of white USA-ians and the percentage of white Christians, voting patterns must change. I found particularly interesting the point that at this time, in every school year group for Under 10 year olds, white children are the minority. *Of course this article links this to the rise of the Trump and others like him; The last gasp of the ruling elites. With the growing percentage of people moving from religious to no-religion, this is also a bad trend for the GOP.

    *I assume this does not mean individual classrooms, as postcode would play a part in classroom student diversity. Also I wonder how much home-schooling, charter-schools and other educational arrangements only afforded by the wealthier white population (I assume) affects classroom make-up.

    • Home schooling is very big with white “Christians” of the happy-clapper variety in the US. That could explain some of those figures.

      I hope he is right about the big drop in “evangelical” so-called Christians in the US.

  5. As I do not live in Sydney I do not have much of an opinion of their fireworks, other than to refute the stupid comments on Facebook about cancelling them and giving the money to the RFS/fir victims. The money is already spent. it takes over a year to plan these things. Maybe there is insurance if they are cancelled, to cover any claims. But the conditions of the policies I imagine would be strict and cancelling on a whim to look good would not cut it.

    I would prefer silent fireworks because the poor damned dogs get freaked out by the noise. I assume other animals are not thrilled either.

    Nonetheless, I think any cancelling should be done on health and safety grounds. If it is not safe, and/or health can be affected, eg air quality, cancel and Smoko be damned.

    But really it is not my state so it is out of my league.

    • Laser shows would be far better than fireworks – no noise, no hideous pollution, no danger of accidentally starting a fire.

      Mexico City did it last year.

      People who enjoy standing around in the dark watching flashing lights would still be able to do that and those of us who think fireworks are a hang-over from the 14th century and should be abolished would also be happy. Our pets would also be delighted.

    • Given the logistics exercise of controlling large crowds when emergency services are stretched even a laser show is too much

      But in future Sydney should ban fireworks for summer events

    • I’d like to see all fireworks displays banned permanently.

      To me they are pointless and mindless. I just don’t understand why I’m supposed to find them exciting. Never have, not even when I was a kid and we still “celebrated” Commonwealth Day with Cracker Night.

  6. Yes, Gladys. Absolutely, Gladys!

    That reduced funding wouldn’t have a bit to do with that, would it?

  7. In all the doom and gloom, news of out of control fires and daily government lies there’s this little ray of hope –

    Narrabri council pulls support for Vickery coal mine, due to ‘inflated job figures’

    NARRABRI Shire Council has voted not to support Whitehaven’s proposed Vickery coal mine extension, following a report which claims the company has inflated the project’s job figures to get it across the line.

    Councillors voted to write to the Independent Planning Commission (IPC), to inform the organisation that council had pulled its support for the project.

    The move follows a damning report prepared by the council, which slammed the job figures put forward by the company, who claims the Vickery extension will create 500 jobs during construction and 450 operational roles.

    “The figures used to calculate these figures appear flawed and the purported economic benefits to the community of Boggabri seem unlikely to materialise,” the report stated

    One small victory in the fight against expanding coal mining.

    Now we need the Queensland government to come to the same conclusion with the very dodgy employment figures being put about by Adani.

  8. Thunberg, 16, was asked what she would have said to the leader who pulled the US – one of the world’s leading carbon emitters – out of the Paris climate accord, and who has taken radical steps to undo decades-old US pollution standards.

    She said: “Honestly, I don’t think I would have said anything. Because obviously he’s not listening to scientists and experts, so why would he listen to me?”

    She added: “So I probably wouldn’t have said anything, I wouldn’t have wasted my time.”

  9. Here’s Part 1

    Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    David Crowe reveals that an average of 77 people a day claimed protection after landing at an Australian airport in November, reigniting debate over exploitation of the visa system.
    And they reckoned FuelWatch was useless!
    Now this government of ours is privatising Aged Care Assessment Teams (ACAT). What could POSSIBLY go wrong?
    Entrepreneur Lachlan Harris says that there is one new year’s resolution has to make.
    Some research has been done on the effectiveness of catastrophic fire warnings and their call to leave early.
    Jenna Price looks at the pathology of Sydney’s dying gardens.
    While the federal government deposit guarantee will help some first home buyers, key reforms are still needed to make the Sydney property market more equitable argues the editorial in the SMH.
    Australia’s energy market operator had to suddenly call on emergency power reserves in Victoria to fill a shortfall in supply as power station outages and bushfires threatened the grid and hiked the risk of blackouts.
    The GFC was supposed to shame the wealthy into slinking away embarrassed, grateful they didn’t land in jail or worse. It hasn’t gone that way opines the Washington Post.
    Margaret Court is proof of the damage rabid Pentecostalism can do to one.
    High-octane real estate deals are fuelling investment in petrol stations but what about the looming threat from ride-sharing, electric vehicles, and tighter emissions standards asks Simon Johanson.
    Joseph O’Donoghue says that privatisation is killing Sydney’s famous New Year’s Eve spirit.
    CJ Werelman posits that Trump’s elevation and amplification of anti-Semitic tropes works hand-in-hand with the central theme of his presidency and case for reelection: that white Americans are locked in a do-or-die struggle with non-white immigrants.
    Today’s nomination for “Arseholes of the Week”.

    Cartoon Corner

    Dione Gain’s view of current political fortunes.

    Cathy Wilcox and sporting parents.

    Morbid work from Andrew Dyson.

    Mark David’s range of tourism ads.

    From Chris Downes in Tassie.

    Peter Broelman.

    Johannes Leak at a music festival.

    From the US

  10. Here’s the second instalment of the Dawn Patrol.

    Amy Remeikis writes about Labor warning that low wage growth to cost average worker $2,100 over four years.
    Michael Pascoe’s 2020 vision. It’s a beauty!
    The Guardian has an editorial on the rise and damaging effects of the gig economy.
    Brexit is a Tory mess. Labour’s future must not be shaped by it says Zoe Evans.
    Owen Jones writes that the left must be prepared for the Tories planning an assault on progressive Britain.

    • He makes a habit of referring to dead firefighters by their first names, to give the impression they were his mates and he cares about them and his families. He’s always the marketing man, never the caring human being he wants us to think he is. Everything he says is manipulative.

  11. Yesterday the SMH ran an opinion piece by Albo.

    Hardly anyone noticed, which may well have been a good thing, because it’s clear Albo intends to remain a meek, mild, wishy-washy, government-friendly LOTO until lord knows when..

    Shout less, listen more: let’s make this our New Year’s resolution

    He’s right to ask Australians to be more tolerant, the current government deliberately fosters intolerance and thrives on division, but he has no plans on how greater tolerance might be achieved apart from “let’s talk to one another”.

    He’s right when he says we crave leadership, because we certainly don’t have that now. Unfortunately Albo is set on proving he’s no leader either.

    If this is the best Albo can do, if this is the direction Labor will take over the next year then the party can expect to remain in opposition for many years to come.

  12. A smokey Sydney, ready for the fireworks. Anyone dumb enough to turn up will struggle to see through the smoke by tonight.

    Viewing areas at North Head and Bradleys Head have been closed tonight, those who bought tickets will get a refund (and have nowhere to go) because the severe fire danger rating and predicted very high winds will make those areas dangerous.

    And yet the fireworks will go ahead.

    Honestly, I can’t think of a worse way to spend the day than sitting in the sun on the baking-hot, shadeless Opera House surrounds waiting for tonight’s fifteen minutes of flashing lights. .

    • Yes but all the people that matter have spent eye watering amounts of money to be winded and dined in various comfortable viewing locations. It’s why they had to go ahead.

    • I suppose FauxMo will be holding a viewing party at Kirribilli tonight for his favourite donors.

      Would it be too much to hope a stray spark blows up his boardies and sets fire to his nether regions?

  13. leonetwo

    Re Albo’s beige speech wailing about shouting. Kudelka………………

    Would honestly be quite heartened by a bit of shouting from a potential alternative government about now.

  14. As we near the end of the silly season my best wishes to all for the coming year. Hug your family, be nice to each other and above all stay safe.

  15. I understand how helpless people feel watching the fire catastrophe unfold but I’m so sick of idiotic comments on social media, usually from those who should know better.

    If I see one more “Why won’t the PM call in the army” comment I may well destroy a monitor.

    The PM doesn’t have to do that. State premiers can ask the ADF for help, as Daniel Andrews has done today.

    Local councils can ask for help if there is an ADF base in their area.

    The Minister for Defence can order participation and has already done that..

    As I’ve already said a zillion time, the ADF has been involved since at least 8 November.

    And – I’m sick of “helpful” advice about how our Hercules aircraft could allegedly be easily be converted to air tankers in less than an hour then “easily” reconverted back after the fires. These helpful comments usually come from people who wouldn’t know a C-130J Hercules from a Tiger Moth.

    Let’s not worry about the other firefighting duties these aircraft are already performing, shall we. Trivial stuff like ferrying firefighters and equipment around the country.

    The time for planning aircraft was back in April, when emergency leaders were pleading with FauxMo for a meeting, a meeting he is still refusing to have, not now, when it’s all too late.

    We need a proper national firefighting aerial fleet, we need a huge investment in that, but all the PM will do is re-promise money he promised ages ago, money that was never delivered. We need to spend a lot more than a lousy $11 million, just peanuts to a government, and we need to start planning now.

  16. Not a pretty sight
    The Princes Highway in Cobargo, after bushfires destroyed a number of businesses.

  17. Scotty will be getting quite excited and titillated with so many comments from people at various places threatened by fire likening it to or saying it looks like “Armageddon” . How good is Rapture !

    • Just shows you how dumb your average Aussie really is.

      Don’t these people know about the bushfires? If they do, why on earth would they think it’s still OK to go away on holidays?

      Anyone with a brain would have cancelled their bookings and stayed at home.

      Honestly, sometimes I’m left stunned by such stupidity.

    • If we want to leave town to go to Bairnsdale we can, but UNLESS we get a permit we are not allowed to come back. Son is a water contractor, has a contract with CFA, took water over to Swan Reach for the CFA, they tried to stop him from coming back. He managed to get them to let him back, but has applied for a permit now. He didn’t know about the permit thing. I don’t think anyone does.

  18. I want to kill that myth that says the fireworks must go ahead because they have already been paid for.

    Does anyone seriously believe that?

    The usual business tactic is not to pay for anything in advance, you wait until the goods are delivered or the function is over and then you pay the account You may pay a deposit for a function, but the full account is never settled until afterwards.

    Anyone who has run a small business, organised a function at a club or even a wedding reception will tell you that, so why would fireworks displays be any different?

    Insurance would have been taken out by whoever has the responsibility for that, and cancellation would be covered. A deposit may have been paid, but what sane council would pay in advance the entire cost of an outdoor event that could be cancelled because of bad weather or ……… bushfire.

    Our local council cancelled our NYE fireworks weeks ago, there was no mention of them having been paid for in advance. The council money that was to be spent has been reassigned to the Wauchope show society. They may well put it towards their usual fireworks display.

  19. We’re baaack.

    All is okay with us. Nothing burned in town but a few houses gone in local area, one is a friend. We spent the afternoon early evening watching the fires around us. It is the most terrifying thing we have seen. There were loud bangs and huge flames high up in the air. Lots of helicopters an firerys and tankers. We could see spot fires starting and the lights of the tankers swarming and killing them.

    We feel like we haven’t slept for a week and it has only been two nights. Don’t know how the fireys cope. We also have more of this to look forward to as the weekend is looking bad weather wise.

    Oh and the power went out while the big bash was on and the grandsons weren’t impress. Power has just come back on and we have mobile reception back. Razz is chatting with her Mum, and her cousin has left a heap of messages so she will be busy on the phone. Number two son has tried to contact a couple of times so will get back to him really soon although he is not a panicker.

  20. Give Razz a ‘thank dog you are safe and well’ from us, and while you’re at it give one to yourself. Thanks for keeping us updated.

    • Back at ya, and thank you for caring, says Razz. Talking of dog, Hunter was privileged to be allowed inside ‘over the road’ as we were staying there, and I think everyone was so tense and worried, no one cared.

  21. 2gravel

    Must be great to be baaaack. Does it look like you are OK now and won’t have to worry about a further flare up ?

    • Looking a bit iffy for the weekend. Told son and fantastic daughter in law to let us know, as they find out these things, we only have to go across the road, Razz goes on her scooter and I take the car load with her wheelchair and our most precious belongings.

    • From the Hillsong page !!!!

      “It’s amazing how God can strike a match in Australia and the whole world catches on fire.”

      Bishop T.D. Jakes
      (The Potter’s House)

    • The Potter’s House is a name used by a Pentecostal sub-cult of evangelical Christianists.

      It comes from an obscure line in the obscure Old Testament book of Jeremiah, which I had completely forgotten existed.

      The relevant verse says “Arise, and go down to the potter’s house, and there I will cause thee to hear my words.” (Jeremiah 18:2) Don’t ask me what that means because I don’t have a clue.

      As the inmates of these churches indulge in weird rituals like speaking in tongues and waving their hands in the air while praying to allow the Holy Spirit to enter their bodies via their fingertips it well may be a sort of institution for the mentally befuddled.

      Note – They say the Holy Spirit, but considering the way they carry on I say probably a delusion brought on by over- indulging in another type of spirit.

    • Also worth remembering that after Judas hanged himself, his corpse was buried in the potter’s field …

  22. Thanks everyone for the good wishes and the photos. Tried to take some last night with phone but they are unviewable.

    Honestly haven’t given politics hardly a thought. Had Dan Andrews on the local radio (batteries are worth their weight in gold) and he as requested ADF resources. Our local CFA came up to our viewing spot next to the Pub, and one of our great footy players was saying this will go on so long that he doesn’t think he’ll be playing footy this year because it will take him the winter to recover.

  23. 2gravel

    Great you get a couple of days rest. Catch up on some sleep. I wouldn’t sleep a wink if fires were within 50 km !

  24. I hope everyone is safe as 2019 goes out and 2020 comes in. The fires is SA are not very close to me. I am in a zone deemed safe to evacuate to, so I just worry about friends interstate.

    Cripes, I hope 2020 is a better year.

  25. Maybe now I am waking up to the real reason PM Margaret Thatcher closed England’s coal mines. I do not approve of the brutal and damaging way it was done, but maybe we should have done the same thing at the same time.

    • She did get it, and that was unusual for a conservative politician. The Australian variety is still denying climate change exists 20 years later.

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