Welcome to the 46th Parliament.

Meet the new parliament.

Same as the old parliament.

Same lack of policy

Same dearth of ideas.

Same corruption (except much worse now FauxMo has surrounded himself with happy-clapper mates.)

Same demonisation of anyone FauxMo doesn’t like – which is everyone earning less than $200,000 a year.

Same plan to make the rich richer and kick the disadvantaged to the kerb.

What on earth will FauxMo find to do once his tax legislation has been passed? There’s precious little on the agenda. 

What will the media find to talk about when they are no longer able to make up crap about how Labor will vote?




409 thoughts on “Welcome to the 46th Parliament.

  1. About Albo, under his so called leadership I’ve lost any faith in the Labor party to stand for anything. The current performance is worse than the kick in the guts election night. So who can they call on as a leader? I have absolutely no idea. They all seem equally useless.

  2. I understand that Tony Abbott is looking for a job and as Albo doesn’t to be the Opposition Leader…………………..

  3. A Victorian MP has hired her teenage children on taxpayer-funded salaries to work in her electorate office, saying there is “plenty of online training” for them to learn the job.

    Independent upper house MP Catherine Cumming told the Herald Sun she obviously had “trust issues” with staff and felt the need to “surround myself with people I can trust and who are capable of doing the job”.

    Her 18-year-old daughter is now earning a taxpayer-funded salary while still at high school.

    Federal MPs are not allowed to employ family members, but there are no such rules in Victoria.


  4. No surprise there

    Australia’s deputy prime minister, Michael McCormack, had told a constituent in Wagga Wagga he disputed evidence of global heating because historical weather measurements might be inaccurate, according to notes from a meeting last month.

    The Wagga City Council, at the heart of McCormack’s electorate, declared a climate change emergency last week.

    The remarkable statement by the city leaders, in a normally conservative part of the country susceptible to extremes of drought, fire and flood, has intensified local pressure on McCormack to clarify his position. The deputy prime minister has previously made some sceptical statements and has suggested praying for rain to combat the drought.

    Wagga-based general practitioner Dr Trudi Beck, who has been central to a community push for the council’s climate emergency declaration, met McCormack at his office on 24 June.

    In notes she made immediately after the meeting, which she sent to McCormack and which were noted by a staffer who was present, Beck detailed comments made by the Riverina MP.

    “When asked if (McCormack believed) in climate change (he) stated that the climate has always been changing and made reference to various flood and drought events over the past 120 years,” the meeting notes say.

    “When asked what (McCormack) would make of data from meteorological agencies that 18 of the 19 hottest years on record have been in the last 18 years (he) suggested that earlier measurements of temperature by agencies such as the Bureau of Meteorology were not as accurately measured.”

    Beck and other community members in Wagga have begun “Fridays for the Future” demonstrations, where they picnic in a small park near McCormack’s office. Beck says the deputy prime minister told her she should abandon the actions and “do something useful like volunteer for Meals on Wheels instead”.

    McCormack told Guardian Australia that “a meeting was held with a constituent at her request to discuss climate” but did not elaborate when asked about his purported comments, or to make clear his personal view.

    “There was an exchange of views and the constituent was given an understanding of the government’s actions on climate. The government is taking responsible and affordable action on environmental issues which are of concern to people not just in Wagga Wagga but throughout Australia,” he said.

    “This has to be achieved in a responsible manner without de-industrialising our nation and driving energy costs through the roof.”

    Beck said she had initially thought McCormack would be open to a conversation.

    “The kinds of points he was raising with me were the same kinds of points I’ve heard people who do not believe in anthropogenic climate change bringing up,” she said.

    The Wagga city council will vote again on Monday, after some councillors launched an attempt to rescind the emergency declaration. McCormack did not express a view on the local debate but did say that “addressing global environmental issues, including those relating to climate, requires a global solution”.


  5. Albo is right to tell them to stop saying the Libs are fibbing. Where he went wrong was not telling to instead call their bullshit bullshit when they bullshit the public. Call them bullshit artists and let them defend a claim they are not.


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