Belated Birthday Bash

Birthday Bash!

It’s been a pleasantly cool weekend in Melbourne, so as promised here is the thread to celebrate The Pub’s sixth birtday.

What an amazing ride it has been!

Thank you so much to The Boss, Joe6pack, for starting the site, and for his firm but always fair treatment of us Pubsters, even when we become a little rowdy …

Thank you to Bushfire Bill and C@tmomma for being excellent moderators and post authors. I hope “retirement” is going well.

And thank you to our new moderators, Leone and This Little Black Duck. Superb choices!

A quick note on this evening’s Raffle: I will start issuing numbers at 6pm Pub time (i.e., 7pm in NSW, VIC, and Mania, 6:30pm in SA, 5:30pm in NT, and 4pm in WA, with a view to drawing about an hour later.

2019 looks as though it should be even wilder than 2018. My prediction is for a successful coup by Dutton, followed rapidly by an election (HoR and half Senate) in February.

Fasten your seatbelts, mes amis – it’s going to be a rough flight.

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  1. Kevin Rudd has accused the ABC of targeting the Labor Party and self-censoring its content out of fear of a conservative backlash.

    The former prime minister unloaded on the national broadcaster in an online interview on Tuesday night, accusing the ABC of “overcorrecting so as to not attract the ire [of] political conservatives in this country”.

    Not so much a matter of self-censorship: more a matter of stacking with managers whose ideology matches those who put them there.

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