“Do you think Appalachian women like me with steel in our backbones will yield?”


Just when I was seriously doubting America’s chances of returning to at least a semblance of sanity, this gives me hope:

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  1. Wow that’s powerful and we in Victoria have just as visceral fight in 21 days between Matthew Guy, corrupt Lobster with a Mobster blowhard on law and order
    Dan Andrews who has removed 23 level crossings and replaced them with sky rail.

    Victorian folks please remember that Bailieu Napthine ruled with a 1 seat majority for their first 3 years and in their last year ruled by suspending opposition members

    Dan Andrews governed with a one seat majority.

    As a country boy Dan told Victorians that farmers lost their dairy herds in the St Patrick Day fires around Terang. It was worse than that, as farmers with heavily pregnant cows with burnt udders had to decide whether the cows would be destroyed now or after their calves were delivered. Of course the farmers had to bulldoze their burnt stock into mass graves while living in carbon monoxide fumes from the pear fires

  2. Billie,

    I am so glad you appreciated it. For me, it was SO good to hear an American who understands her scriptures, and who opposes their distortion into the Greed is Good ‘gospel’ espoused by far too many of our politicians.

    All strength to her arm, and voice.

    Besides, I thought a battle cry would ginger us up a bit …

    • Heh, good old Skithouse. A shame they don’t have a DVD out of their series. Them, Comedy Inc and Big Bite were my favorite TV shows from around 2003.

  3. My new “50/20” FTTN NBN connection didn’t last long; it’s now “40/15”.
    On the bright side, it seems to be stable at that speed.

    I want to know what “special sauce” they used to get to “50/20” before signing off the job.

  4. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    Turkish President Erdogan also accused Saudi officials of continuing to “cover up the murder.”
    Cricket Australia’s bold $1.2 billion broadcast rights deal will have its first true test today when many viewers realise for the first time that the one-day international series between Australia and South Africa is shown only on pay television.
    Peter FitzSimons can’t work out why in the hell Morrison goes to talk with Alan Jones.
    The SMH editorialises that Gladys Berejiklian is desperately trying to take the heat out of the issue of overcrowding in Sydney by calling for a cut in overseas migration but she would do better to focus on areas where she does have some control.
    Jacqui Maley writes that that it’s easy to forget that it is a newspaper being sued, not Norvill, and it is a piece of journalism that is under attack, not her.
    Richard Wolffe writes that the only thing Trump seems to fear is running out of fear itself.
    The GFC turmoil resulted in a profound social shift in Australia that may bring about gender equality, a new study shows – but not in a way that will make life any easier.
    Nicole Hasham reports that the former United Nations climate chief Christiana Figueres has repudiated Australian mining giant BHP for its refusal to stop mining coal, suggesting the decision is uneconomic and poor nations do not need the “toxic” and “expensive” fossil fuel.
    We’ve seen the odd apology from bank CEOs and other senior executives over the years for “misconduct” of a bank under their watch. But what has changed after that asks Evan Jines.
    Georgina Dent writes about the pressure of living under the weight of debt.
    Are we about to at last unshackle the one remaining unit of measure, the kilogram, from a physical object?
    And today’s nomination for “Arseholes of the Week” go to all the airheads in Sutherland Shire who have not immunised against measles.

    Cartoon Corner – not much today, I’m afraid.

    Peter Broelman on Morrison’s penchant for displaying his beer drinking prowess.

    Alan Moir on creationism.

    There are a few new ones in here.

  5. from cross the road

    On Bill Maher, his interview today with Bari Weiss – opinion editor of the New York Times with a personal connection to the Pittsburgh Synagogue atrocity – is worth 9 minutes of your time

  6. Fiona

    I think it is fantastic that people who probably would not normally speak out about politics are doing so, and doing it with true passion and feeling. I love the saying, ‘for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction’.

    Thank heavens for the internet. The msm here, is totally immersed in everything trump does, no mention of any other politician or party. I don’t think there has been a day gone by that they haven’t played trump on any news broadcast.

    It also applies to Australia. Not a day goes by that we aren’t being inundated with lnp spouting their stuff, but barely a word, week after week, from Labor.

  7. While that lady in the opening of this thread made a powerful speech, eh, I have no hope for Appalachian America. For every one of her, there’s two or three that will vote for Trump and his affiliated nazis.

  8. George Monbiot’s suggestions for direct speech about the environment

  9. Surveillance state: NSW intensifies citizen tracking

    NSW police and crime agencies are preparing to use a new national facial recognition system to rapidly match pictures of people captured on CCTV with their driver’s licence photo, to detect criminals and identity theft.

    Under new laws the federal and state governments will be able to access data and photos from passports, driver licences, and visas for a national facial recognition system called the “National Facial Biometric Matching Capability”

    The Department of Home Affairs has been compiling the database for what is known as “The Capability”. Unlike the controversial My Health Record, people can’t opt out of their details being included in the system


  10. Listening to abc/rn, talking about monarchy or republic. The little monarchist they have on, Josh someone, has just said the monarchy is ordained by god. I have never heard that before. It is worth a listen if they replay it. Like the republic bloke, we are just gobsmacked.

    • “Divine Right of Kings”
      Josh might think it flows from God –> King
      but in practice since Henry VIII it flows from Monarch –> God

    • It’s an ancient belief, this “God has ordained” thing. It’s a load of tosh. Royal families became “royal” because the men in the family were better at biffing, head lopping, raping, pillaging and accumulating vast wealth than the men in all the other families. You won the battle, you declared yourself “ruler” and to maintain your power you provided male heirs to take your place when you died.

      To preserve their position royals began to tell their subjects “God” had made them king and had decreed their descendants would continue to reign after them

      This is why there was such an insistence on the wife of the king producing legitimate male heirs. There had to be male princes to inherit the throne and continue God’s mandate.

      Some idiot monarchist trotting out this nonsense in the 21st century in a ludicrous attempt to make sure Australia stays a loyal colony, not a republic, is one of the wackiest things I’ve heard in ages.

      Funny how no-one ever wonders which side “God” was on when all these ordained kings decided to wage war on one another, killing off kings, princes and royal hanger-son in the thousands.

  11. In closing comments on ABC Insiders

    Gerard Henderson said UK Labour faces criminal charges over anti-semitic comments – no mention of the criminal investigations on Brexit funding from Arron Banks or the economic disruption Brexit will bring. Tories claim Jeremy Corbyn, of Jewish descent, is anti-semitic because he disagrees with Israeli policy.

    Katharine Murphy says “watch this space” WRT the Newstart payment of $276 is so low it impedes Newstart recipients ability to attend job interviews.

    [The Greens report into Newstart said that the people administering and breeching recipients had no minimum standards of qualifications and since July 1 recipients can no longer appeal decisions to the department which previously reversed 75% of penalties]

    Malcolm Farr finished with . . . .

  12. It’ll be interesting to see how the Foxtel monopoly of cricket works out of them and Cricket Australia, with the One-Day match against South Africa exclusively on Fox Sports today. The first day of the second test against Pakistan attracted just 132K viewers nationally – that was where it peaked, ratings dropped considerably from day two onward. One day cricket gets more eyeballs, but they’re obviously going to get considerably less than FTA would have attracted. It seems a bad move for CA, as cricket is already having its reputation sliced and diced, and the current team isn’t up to much.

    My guess is that not only will the rating figures for it be disappointing, there won’t even be all that much outrage. People just don’t care about it any more. Cricket needs to reach out if it’s going be supported. My feeling is that people watch it because it’s on, rather than going out of their way to see it on TV. Restricting cricket to pay TV can only harm cricket.

  13. ‘Wrong Way’ McCrann puts in a late bid for the Hyper Bowl prize .
    Bill Shorten and Chris Bowen are proposing the single greatest governmental assault on the capital formation process and investment that we have ever seen in Australia.

    It is utterly unprecedented in the 73-year post-war period of modern Australia

    • McCrann has a pile of judgemental waffle and scare tactics about Labor’s tax reforms

      1. abolish negative gearing on existing property.
      McCrann suggests “limit investment property deductions in any one year to investment property income; with any excess able to be carried forward to be deducted against future income or capital gain.”

      2. reduce capital gains tax on assets held for more than a year from 50% to 25%
      McCrann. this “will discourage the sale of assets and the realisation of capital gains. This would certainly encourage “bad” investment behaviour and potentially “force” higher net-worth individuals to accumulate even greater low-tax wealth.” ie high wealth individuals will park their assets in land held by trusts

      3. the termination of the refunding of excess franking credits
      McCrann says that people in high income tax brackets can’t claim franking credits, you can only claim franking credits if your marginal tax rate is below 30% ie your taxable income is below $28,000. includes some high-net worth or high-income individuals, it only does so as a consequence of deliberate policy — the tax treatment of retirees. from Liberal Prime Minister John Howard

    • Will Virgin staff also be thanking mothers of children for their service in ensuring a continuing supply of taxpayers to fund ScumMo’s pension entitlements and perks for the rest of his life?

      Men and women choose a career in defence. It’s exactly that, a career choice.

      Why should they be singled out for thanks while those who work hard to keep us safe, educated and healthy are never thanked?

  14. A federal judge has denied the justice department’s efforts to halt legal proceedings in a case in which Donald Trump is accused of violating the US constitution, opening the door for the president’s critics to gain access to financial records related to his Washington DC hotel.

    Such records could include income tax returns which Trump has refused to release to public scrutiny.


  15. billie11

    I call him ‘Wrong Way’ McCrann because over the years of reading his economic prognostications I learnt that if you place your bet on the opposite happening you end up well in front.

    • Thanks, I have rarely read him and I struggled with the biased judgemental reporting. The summary was in part to help me understand what he wrote. I find that when it’s difficult to understand a newspaper article it’s probably BS

    • Bloody Liberal government, pandering to the big shops. The small retail outlets are not happy because they either don’t have the staff, so will have to work Boxing Day, or stay shut and still pay their share of the electricity etc bills of the Westfield etc Shopping Centres so the big stores can be open. That is what they said on the TV news tonight.

      I have no sympathy for small businesses caught in this, because most of them probably voted Liberal. I do have sympathy for staff who now have to fill a roster, and it is good to have one day’s break before all the damned shopping sales start again.

    • “Shanahan also argued that people got carried away with the veteran identity while other groups, such as paramedics and aged care workers, who also served their communities went unrecognised”

      What about nurses, police officers, firefighters, teachers, bus and train drivers, pilots, taxi drivers, garbage collectors, posties, hospital cleaners, doctors, childcare workers – they and so many more perform vital work. Without them our society would fall apart. Don’t they deserve some thanks as well?

      This whole idolisation of military veterans is obnoxious. It’s a US-based thing, like everything else ScumMo does. It’s totally unnecessary. He doesn’t have an original thought in his empty head, he just apes Trump.


  16. Comment on TGA

    Two of my best mates are vets. Both of them with multiple pumps in Afghanistan and Iraq under their belts. Both of them are highly decorated, proud of their service and the most down to earth blokes you’ll ever meet. One is a cop, the other working in the corporate world as an analyst.

    We celebrated a Halloween party together last night as is our friend group tradition (gawd I am still so hung over!)
    Because we are close, inevitably our conversation turned to politics and this subject came up. I warily asked what they thought of this initiative. Both of them simultaneously reared up in anger and said and I can quote their words verbatim.
    ‘What the f**k! I didn’t get shot at and serve to get on a f**cking plane first! Who the f**k do they think they are?”

    Equally outraged my other mate John said and again I quote. “What?! I’m gonna get first preference on a Virgin flight to a pregnant lady or elderly person just because I wore a uniform? Screw that! I never liked virgins anyway and now I’ll not be flying on their f**ing planes!”

    How many votes do you think the latest ScumMo Manoeuvre has lost the government?

  17. Fiona

    Thanks. Brought back 🙂 memories. This is one I worked on. In the replay at the end if you watch the top floor you can see the debris that went horizontal and knocked out a few windows next door. Was my fault but it was Allan Bond’s windows so stuff him 🙂 My fault ? Not really, try hanging out up 13 stories up with a jack hammer trying to jack hammer around a corner after a 80-100 hour week. A building absolutely has to come down on time so whatever hours are needed are worked. Pay was rather nice. Tax ? About $1800 that week. In today’s inflation adjusted money, it was FMD!!

    Also did this one


    Nostalgia overload for me 🙂

  18. ScumMo seems to be putting all his effort into “shoring up the base”.

    Visits to marginal seats – again. Morning tea with well-off oldies in retirement villages – again. Visiting the usual array of small businesses owned by conservative rusted-ons. Pandering to veterans because he assumes they are conservative voters and so deserve bribes. Pandering to the wealthiest members of the Jewish community in Wentworth in the hopes he would save that seat.

    Grovelling to what his minders believe is the Liberal Party base hasn’t gone well for him so far.

    A sane PM, one with a functioning brain would be out there trying to steal Labor voters with some stunning new policies, but not ScumMo. He’s all spin and slogans, there’s no substance in anything he says or promises. The only substantial thing about him is the size of that beer gut.

    No doubt this week’tour of Queensland marginal seats (aren’t all the LNP seats marginal now?) will produce more embarrassing stunts performed just for the cameras. Maybe next time someone decides to have ScumMo guzzle a beer they will make sure a few of the “blokes” in the photo are holding beers as well.

    In last week’s stunt ScumMo looked like an old drunk who had wandered in by accident. Look carefully. No-one else is drinking. The chap on the right wearing a black hat seems to be so embarrassed he can’t bear to look at the PM.

  19. The only substantial thing about him is the size of that beer gut.

    Leone, if scum persists in this behaviour during his Queensland jaunt, it’s almost certain that the size will increase.

  20. I just read some of the comments on the last post about Freefall asking to have some of his stuff used as a starter so we can discuss stuff.

    I actually read everything he writes, whether I agree or not. The historical stuff about SA are stories that need to be recorded. I like his writing style and storytelling. His words draw a picture for me.

    Now in the eternal question with no definitive answer, ‘What divides us more, nationality or class?’, FF falls on the side of ‘class’.

    This has led to him tarring people on this blog with the one brush and making some outrageous statements. But he also makes some really valid points on a range of matters and raises criticisms of the Left that could do with some discussion.

    Do we chase the middle and upper-middle classes for votes at the expense of workers?

    Do we understand that the old class divides still impact on the lives of people and their life chances, but the gutting of the middle class has destroyed the USA?

    Is the right trying to destroy all the gains of the union movement, and return us to a feudal society, i.e. Ruling Class, Merchants, Priests, Warrior (and Police), Bailiffs (management) and Serfs?

    I have met FF personally during our SA Bludger Knees Up (which I am woefully lax in arranging this year). And I can say he and his lovely wife are decent people. Maybe FF is a bit stuck on some of his opinions, and I know he has sailed close to the wind and got up people’s noses with accusations of class differences, and he was rightly set back on his heels.

    But if the is offering material suitable for publishing here, and that is up to the mods, I think some scrutiny before acceptance or rejection would be fair.

    After all, FF’s class-views were formed on the building sites, working his trade with muscles and sweat, and have validity as much as mine have from my life experience and university studies.

    So all I am asking is for a consideration of material on merit, rather than an outright rejection.

    I cannot stay silent on what I see as an issue of fairness. I have met Bludger/Pubsters during get-togethers and I can say we all have a lot more in common than our differences.

    • Puffy

      There’s a lot to this story, the whole thing has been brewing for months now.

      I’ve been biting my tongue for weeks, I didn’t want to comment until The Boss had had his say.

      Freefall was abusive towards both me and Duckie, he made snarky comments and then wondered why we didn’t respond. His attacks and snark really ramped up when we became admins. He baited, goaded and tried to get me in particular to bite, so he could have arguments with me. I refused to respond to anything he said because this blog is not a place for fights and I knew from past experience that anything I said to him would result in an attack. We all saw how he attacked Gigilene when she dared criticise his work. He wanted everything his way, did not want anyone to disagree with him and then accused the admins of being bullies.

      He demanded the blog be remade in the way he wanted (he tried that before, a while ago).

      I have no problem with Pubsters posting links to their own work and their own blogs, but Freefall really pushed this beyond tolerable limits. He used The Pub to boost hits on his own site, posting an excessive number of links. .

      There’s more which I won’t go into.

      As The Boss said, Freefall’s own blog is there if you want to read his work and discuss it with him – Lord knows, he has posted more than enough links over the last few months. He is free to run his own site in whatever way he wants but he is not free to make demands here or to be abusive.

  21. Showboat is sounding off. Any chance of his going down next election?

    Sending refugees from Nauru to New Zealand would be a “giant magnet” for people smugglers, the Australian defence industry minister, Steven Ciobo, has said.

    The government intends to evacuate all asylum seeker and refugee children from Nauru by the end of this year.

    But Ciobo said he “absolutely” had a problem with any plan to accept New Zealand’s offer to resettle some of the refugee families.


  22. Could be a late night Wednesday. Looking forward to GL’s comments

    America’s midterm elections are principally for the House of Representatives and the Senate, but they are usually regarded as a national referendum on the performance of the sitting president – and an important indicator of how the next presidential election may turn out. That’s especially true of polls held, as with Donald Trump on Tuesday, held during a president’s first term.

    Historically speaking, the party of a first-term president has lost seats on all but two occasions since 1789 – sometimes disastrously, as happened to the Democrats in 1994 during Bill Clinton’s first term. In 1858, President James Buchanan’s Democrats were crushed by Abraham Lincoln’s newly formed Republicans, a fracture that opened the way for the American civil war.

    While opinions differ over the prospect of a civil war#2 under Trump, there are other, objective reasons for believing he and the Republicans are heading for a drubbing. Trump’s personal approval rating stands at around 41%, according to the latest Gallup survey, well below the average, for this stage in a presidency, of 52%. Only one in three voters feel the country is heading in the right direction.

    In findings mirrored by other polls, the performance of the Republican-controlled Congress also gets a resounding thumbs-down, with only 21% expressing satisfaction. Most tellingly, high public confidence in the expanding US economy – normally the top issue for voters – has not translated into greater approval for Trump.

    Most estimates suggest the Democrats are on course to gain the 23 House seats they need for overall control. Of 33 seats judged to be “toss-ups”, 29 are Republican-held. The Senate, where the Democrats require a net gain of two seats to win control, is more finely balanced.

    But if the political world has learned anything since Trump’s shock victory in 2016, it is that traditional indicators must be taken with a barrow-load of salt. Trump does not behave like a conventional politician, for the simple reason that he is not one. His midterm campaign tactics have surpassed, in crudeness, the worst excesses of his most cynical White House predecessors. He has appealed unashamedly to voters’ most primitive instincts, primarily fear – and nobody yet knows how those voters will respond.

    Let’s hope Nate has it right


  23. Evacuate to where?

    ScumMo won’t allow them to stay here, he won’t allow them to go to NZ. The deal with the US has pretty much run its course. Where is he thinking of sending these people? Is he planning another $55 million deal with Cambodia? Last time he did that it was a total disaster.

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