Friday Follies Return!

It’s been a while, too long really, so now The Pub’s Fabulous Friday Follies are back.

The wine cellars and bar are fully stocked.

There are plenty of bar snacks.

The old jukebox has been banished and replaced with a new state of the art sound system so all you DJs can let loose in style.

And for your comfort and safety, the sofas and chairs have been re-upholstered, the whole place has been given a deep clean, the aircon is in tip-top condition and the bouncers are fitter than ever and determined to repel all unwanted intruders

So have at it, Pubsters, make merry and enjoy yourselves.

154 thoughts on “Friday Follies Return!

  1. The Pub patrons have been somewhat quiet all day today.

    People should not be surprised that Lib snouts in the federal trough find it irresistible to line their pockets with taxpayers cash.

    Stuart Robert in particular couldn’t resist having another grab at this tempting pot of money even after getting into deep sh!t previously & getting sent to the sin bin for his trouble.

    Let out by Morriscum, he straight away got his greasy, sticky fingers into the cookie jar with the reasonable expectation that the new PM will look the other way and allow him unfettered access to whatever access he can conjure up to enrich himself.

    Blimey, these lads & ladies of the L&NP persuasion have little or no conscience about rorting public assets, do they!

    • On the old thread I said the only reason I could think of for ScumMo bringing Robert back from the naughty corner was their mutual Pentecostal belief. I can’t call it a “faith” because it’s just a cargo cult. Robert says his actions are influenced by his religious beliefs. Yeah, sure, the “God will make you rich” prosperity gospel preached at Pentecostal churches which has absolutely nothing to do with any real Christian teachings.

      Take a look at this. It might give us a few thoughts on why he needs so much data. He has his grubby fingers in a whole bakery’s worth of pies.

  2. Here’s another one listening to the Rolling Stones : Gimmee Shelter…These people evidently do these “reaction videos” from their bedrooms or whatever to earn some cash by the number of hits onto their site ..welcome to the gig “economy”…tragic.

    • I was going to link to Siouxsie and the Banshees version of Helter Skelter – but let’s go with Dear Prudence:

    • What did he think we did for music in 1968? Sit around listening to the sound of our ears flapping!

      No Beatles, no rock music, no rock music, no heavy metal. Ergo no Beatles and his heavy metal would never have existed. He would be sitting around listening to his ears flapping.

      And does anyone remember sucking on a bottle of water every three minutes?

    • There’s a strange “disconnect” going on with the later generations..particularly Gen Y and the “Millennials”..I think that is why they use such connecting tools such as Tinder to meet others..but do they really “meet” others, or is it just a variation of non-committal relationships?….weird city..

  3. Still can’t explain why he needed almost $3000 worth of data in just one month for his home internet connection.

    He can use his Parliament House connection any time he wants, his electoral office at Labrador would have a connection, so what the hell does he do at home to need so much data?

  4. freefall852

    From the same year. Back when geetar solos went on forever 🙂 Go Eddie Hazel !

  5. The dialogue with the states that got mothballed when the Morrison government dumped the national energy guarantee looks set to reopen, with state energy ministers summoned to a meeting on 26 October.

    Guardian Australia understands ministers were given word on Friday to come to Sydney for talks, the first meeting with the commonwealth since the Neg was dumped after the change of Liberal leadership. That scheduling puts the meeting only days before the Andrews government in Victoria goes into caretaker mode.

    The new federal energy minister, Angus Taylor, has signalled he would like to pursue the reliability obligation originally proposed as part of the Neg with the states and territories, even though Canberra has now dumped the emissions reduction component of the scheme.

  6. I have a beef stew on the cooktop and wine stewing nicely in my gut!

    Friday Follies, yeah!

    • Just did a mixed grill which was mostly baked in the oven. Pork sausages, saltbush lamb burger, lamb chop, microwaved spud, with two small poached eggs on top for the sauce. I forgot the baked tomato. The meat was from a good butcher in Maylands, just out of Norwood.

      Meoldema was very satisfied.

  7. Trashy

    Gladys Berejiklian has handed broadcaster Alan Jones and Racing NSW a massive public relations and promotional victory, with her government instructing the Sydney Opera House to allow its sails to be lit up with colours, numbers and a trophy to promote next Saturday’s Everest horse race.
    Gladys Berejiklian has instructed the Sydney Opera House to allow its sails to be lit up with colours, numbers and a trophy to promote next Saturday’s Everest horse race.

    With Sports Minister Stuart Ayres acting as the broker during a tense two days of negotiations, the government has also agreed that the word ‘Everest’ should be included in the projections, which will be used to promote the barrier draw for the $10 million horse race. Racing NSW had also wanted to list horse names on the Opera House sails, but that will not happen.

    The agreement was secured only an hour after Opera House chief executive Louise Herron told the Herald her organisation would not depart from its policy of not allowing logos or branding to be projected on to the World Heritage listed structure, but would ultimately do as instructed by the government.

    “If we said yes to this, ‘we’re fine put the Everest logo on there’ our policy is worthless to us, we’re just going to allow whoever comes along to use the Opera House as a billboard,’ we would lose our World Heritage status,” Ms Herron said, about an hour before the government agreed to do almost exactly that.

    • Worse than trashy.

      What next? Betting odds shown on the Opera House sails?

      Why not go the whole hog, Gladys, and hand Opera House patrons flyers advertising Tom Waterhouse’s betting tips as they enter? Hell, why not go the whole hog and install poker machines in all the foyers.

    • I am a bit into racing through rellies, and I think that is trashy as hell. The Everest is not going to be won by an Australian horse, most likely. It is an international race for very, very rich people. Your average owner, trainer, jockey, etc will not be there.

      A lot of racing people are not going to be happy with this either, as it is gaudy, cheap and an example of bullying getting its way, again.

      It is a fvcking disgrace. Jones needs to be called out for this rev\olting bullying of elected officials.

  8. freefall852

    Re Millennials. One wrote a piece in the Grauniad re becoming a father.His opinion of Gen-X ? 😆

    Opinion Parents and parenting
    Millennial dads are a force for good, but even we can’t breastfeed
    Dan Nolan

    …………. There are honestly Gen X parents out there whose love for medical progress ends at IVF. The moment little Bonathon pops out, he’s vax-free, gluten-free and a committed paleo warrior. Don’t vaccinate your kids because someone with a triple-barrelled last name on Instagram says measles can be cured by drinking one to two litres of unpasteurised horse urine daily. Only feed your children organic chia. Never let your child face east. If the child sees an LCD screen, it will die

    • Kaffee’…In my first marriage I was introduced to all sorts of alternative hocus pocus…I sometimes wonder how some of those people ended up…I’m listening to that Funkadelic track while I am writing…I recall that group, but not their playing style…it must rank up there with psychedelic music…there was a lot of tripping done to that stuff…I still hold a warm spot for the old George Harrison : “Blue Jay Way”…no great guitar riffs, but it does wander away…

  9. Iranian Kurdish journalist Behrouz Boochani has won the Anna Politkovskaya investigative journalism award for his work documenting Australia’s offshore immigration detention program.

    The award, named after the Russian journalist who was killed in Moscow in 2006, is bestowed by the Italian magazine Internazionale each year to recognise excellence in investigative reporting.

  10. Tassie doesn’t have that sort of shit happening! (or if it does, who the hell cares?)

  11. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the new official anthem of New South Wales, as ordered by Premier Gladys, in acknowledgement of the de facto premier, Alan Jones –

    For those who don’t understand –

    This song was for years used by Jones as the lead-in to his radio show. He might still use it, I wouldn’t know because I never listen. I wonder if he ever bothered to listen to the lyrics, and the talk of “voices in your head”.

    Because of this Jones is still referred to as “Gloria” by unkind persons.

  12. How are we ever going to stop bullying in schools if this crap is allowed to continue?

    And do not get me started on local country owners and trainers who cannot get a chance at the country cup races and good prize money because the upper-class trainers swoop down and clean them all up. Country Cup meetings, run once a year at each racing club, have higher prize-money and nice trophies. The owners and trainers who race at these clubs with their country rated horses and keep them going all year have to watch the elites turn up on the day, win all the goodies and head back to the city or leafy rolling hills. sorry, I have digressed from the topic, toxic bullying in full public view.

  13. freefall852

    Hocus Pocus ? I loved Focus’ Hocus Pocus 🙂

    Und as an encore the song that was the sound track to my best summer ever

  14. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    Phil Coorey reports that the Coalition could lose up to 19 mainland seats – including four held by ministers – putting Labor in power with a firm majority, according to the latest quarterly aggregate of the monthly Fairfax/Ipsos poll.
    Michael Koziol wonders what is in the report that Fifield commissioned on competitive neutrality as it applies to the ABC and SBS.
    Mike Seccombe goes into how the stacking of the ABC board has been with us for a long time. It comes down to the question he cannot bring himself to answer.
    Crispin Hull says that legislating religious freedom will be a minefield for Morrison. Hull concludes his contribution with, “Give me constitutional freedom of speech and allow them to spout whatever nonsense they want, but beyond that they should comply the ordinary law of the land and pay tax like anyone else.”
    A good contribution from Paul Bongiorno on the haunting of Scott Morrison.
    Paul Kelly says that for Shorten, balancing union demands with a reassuring image will require skill.
    Ross Gittins has some thoughts on why so many big businesses are behaving badly.
    Peter Hartcher delves into the strategic importance of the South Pacific and the crisis facing Australia.
    More good work from Karen Middleton as she tells us how lobbyists are dominating the mental health sector.
    Matthew Knott writes that the Kavnaugh saga has delivered Republicans what they needed: an issue to rev the party’s base up before crucial midterm elections.
    Peter van Onselen opines that Scott Morrison’s quick fix to resolve inequities in GST distribution looks set to backfire. He describes is as a Band-Aid on a flesh wound.
    Gabrielle Chan tells us that a group of Tony Abbott’s constituents have formed Voices of Warringah – based on the successful Voices for Indi, the community group that tipped out former Liberal frontbencher Sophie Mirabella.
    Will “No house, no full time job” become the norm for Gen Z?
    Simon Benson reports that Bill Shorten has written to Scott Morrison calling for a joint-party population blueprint to tackle ­future immigration rates.
    Tim Flannery fact checks Morrison on climate change.
    In the first instalment of a special investigation Kate McClymont reports that since his anointment by Pope Francis as the leader of Australia’s Catholic Maronites in 2013, some parishioners have become increasingly troubled by what they see as Bishop Tarabay’s preoccupation with matters material rather than spiritual.
    The AFR’s James Frost explains how Hayne is driving out financial services fringe dwellers.
    Richard Ackland looks closely at the Wentworth by-election.
    Paula Matthewson writes that Labor has shifted its focus and is ramping up a whole new set of election promises.
    So Stuart Robert has admitted to the crime of getting caught out and will pay back the cost of certain excesses.
    Paul Karp explains how a Morrison government bill that would override state donation laws – including bans on developer donations, caps and other transparency measures – has been labelled unconstitutional by a leading academic.
    As the victims of corporate crime rose, so did the “performance” bonuses at the corporate regulator. Michael West investigates, with consultation from forensic accountant Jeffrey Knapp. Hmmm.
    Michael Pascoe examines plummeting new car sales.
    Medical doctor Graham McLeay accuses the Coalition government of being negligent with respect to the climate change issue.
    Esther Han exposes what a mess the privatisation of the NSW Land Titles Office has turned out to be.
    The Australia Institute’s Ebony Bennett puts the case that big government is good.
    FITCH Ratings has warned that global bond markets face a rude shock as the US Federal Reserve jams on the brakes to avert overheating, with grave implications for inflated asset prices across the world. The London Telegraph says that it is clear is that the era of easy borrowing across the world is over. We will have to live within our means.
    The $3 billion NorthConnex toll road under construction in Sydney’s north is likely to be up to six months late opening to motorists due to technical challenges facing contractors.
    This piece from Tony Wright on the children in Nauru is worth reading.
    In a long essay Jack Waterford explains why politicians and public opinion make for poor jurors.
    And in news just in, Brett Kavanaugh is set to be confirmed.
    Anne Flaherty explains how the new blockchain technology will affect the real estate industry.
    Elizabeth Knight asks the $20b question: Should investors keep their Coles shares?
    Hot on the heels of the gig economy company Foodora shutting up shop in Australia amid accusations about its labour abuses, a Senate Committee report has recommended more robust laws to protect gig economy workers. But this doesn’t go far enough.
    An IPA mouthpiece has written a piece that proposes there is a great divide driving voter disgust.
    The white Chicago police officer who shot black teenager Laquan McDonald 16 times in an encounter captured on dashcam video has been found guilty of second-degree murder.
    A poll shows a majority of undecided voters disapprove of a special-funding deal for Catholic and Independent schools.
    Australia is running an “investment” scam that relies on an ever-increasing number of punters to join in, writes Stephen Williams.,11964
    Look at this big LEGO model of the Australian Parliament House. It took 740 hours to build.
    And for today’s “Arsehole of the Week” nomination . . .

    Cartoon Corner

    Wow! Peter Broelman really goes after Morrison’s religiosity here.

    Mark David sums up Shouty ScoMo.

    From the US.

    Zanetti reverts to type here.

    Alan Moir on the emissions report that the government has been sitting on.$width_828/t_resize_width/t_sharpen%2Cq_auto%2Cf_auto/132e5c59cdd19cff775eefe1551e14af2ca926a8
    David Pope with a shocking depiction of Trump.$width_828/t_resize_width/t_sharpen%2Cq_auto%2Cf_auto/64485f4de2cadae12c27834fc2d43cbe7408cad7
    Johannes Leak can’t help himself.
    More in here.

    • No-one bothered to tell him!

      I thought POTUS has a body man who is supposed to make sure everything is in order before the boss appears anywhere in public. Someone not only allowed Trump to climb those stairs with toilet paper on his shoe, they also failed to notice it when he got into the car. His staff clearly have no respect for him.

  15. I think I did an Essential poll last night. Lots of questions about trust in various forms of media, questions about trust in the ABC and government interference there, plus the usual voting intention and rating the PM and LOTO stuff.

    I’ll know for sure on Tuesday, when the Essential results come out.

    You can guess how I responded.

  16. “National interest”?

    Something about the last resort of scoundrel.

    Theresa May has drawn up plans for a secret charm offensive aimed at persuading dozens of Labour MPs to back her Brexit deal even if it costs Jeremy Corbyn the chance to be prime minister, the Guardian has learned.

    Senior Conservatives say they have already been in private contact with a number of Labour MPs over a period of several months, making the case that the national interest in avoiding a no-deal outcome is more important than forcing a general election by defeating the government on May’s Brexit deal.

    Now, with talks in Brussels entering their frantic final phase, the prime minister and her party whips are stepping up efforts to win backing for a compromise deal that one minister described as a “British blancmange”.

    They are convinced they will need Labour votes to win, after a fractious Tory conference in Birmingham, at which determined opponents of the prime minister’s approach, including Jacob Rees-Mogg, won plaudits for saying they would vote against it.

    One Tory source compared the challenge of striking a deal with the EU27 that would satisfy both sides of his own party to “landing a jumbo jet on the penalty spot”.

    Labour MPs will thus be the focus of intense lobbying, in the period between May returning from Brussels with a Brexit deal and the meaningful vote, which is expected to come about a fortnight later.

  17. Dunno if this newspaper article from The Kapunda Herald 1910 will come out..But if you think you have some bad luck?…
    I couldn’t copy and paste the original article as it is in PDF form and I had to convert it to Word…Here:

    ” Mr. Gus. Riebke of Steinfeld, met with a serious and painful accident on Saturday last. He was chaffing some straw and was feeding the chaffcutter, when his hand was drawn in, and his four fingers were completely severed from his hand. The bleeding was very severe. Mr. Riebke was brought on to Truro. Mr. Schultz of the Willows Hospital, Nuriootpa, was telephoned to come to Truro to attend the injured man, but was unable to do so, and advised the injured man to go to the Kapunda Hospital. He is now an inmate of that institution and is progressing as well as can be expected.

    Mr. Riebke has been singularly unfortunate of late. Owing to terrible drought that has prevailed on the Murray Flats, Mr. Riebke lost all his horses. He had 17, and not one was saved. A kindly neighbour gave him a horse, and other kind friends helped him to put in his crop.

    Only 2 weeks ago Mr. Riebke lost his wife, who had been ill for a long time. He is now left with four young children. Much sympathy is felt for the maimed man.”

  18. Prime Minister Scott Morrison is facing a mammoth task in winning back voters before the next election as a new analysis shows the Coalition is trailing Labor by 47 to 53 per cent in two-party terms.

    The results confirm a horror slump for the federal government since the last election and reveal the scale of the challenge for Mr Morrison after the Liberal Party dumped Malcolm Turnbull as leader in August.

    The government has lost ground in key states and fallen behind with female voters, trailing Labor by 45 to 55 per cent when people are asked how they would allocate their preferences.

  19. Overtime (get is while it’s hot, it will be taken down at some time but I’ll keep an eye out)

    • No worries billie, I’m just joking anyone who is capable and wants to can and should post whatever they want whenever they want. It’s just my way of contributing.

  20. Well you don’t see this very often. Former Lib leader basically saying he hopes the Libs lose.

    John Hewson addresses Stop Adani activists campaigning in Bondi on Saturday, ahead of the Wentworth byelection.

    Wentworth byelection: John Hewson says seat ‘ripe for protest vote’
    Former Liberal leader suggests a loss for the party might alter government’s thinking on climate change”

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