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It is with great pleasure that Inform Pubsters that Leonetwo and TLBD have agreed to take over management duties of  THE PUB

THE PUB needs a more hands on team that I can offer now and I can’t think of 2 other people that are more suited to this than Leone and The Duck.

I am sure that they will continue THE PUBS traditions of respect ,information and fun that has the made it a popular place with all Pubsters.

I along with all of you I’m sure look forward to their first posts and wish them all the best in their stewardship of THE PUB

My Thanks go to Fiona and Bushfirebill for their valuable contributions to THE PUB over the years.

I will still be around as a occasional contributor

I’m sure you all wish them well and will forgive any minor mishaps during the transition.






798 thoughts on “Introducing our new management

  1. It only seems like just yesterday the GG was full of ‘Albo made a speech” #leadershit articles.. Today we find much hilarity

    Lib fury at Howard, Turnbull intervention

    Party elders say the two former PMs should be held personally responsible
    He’s trying to bring us down

    Barnaby Joyce says the former prime minister is “wrecking and sniping” and part of an “active campaign to try and remove us”.
    Revolt within walls of Rome

    Malcolm Turnbull has proven he’s Tiberius on Twitter; his latest tweet demonstrates his intention to take revenge on his colleagues
    Bishop wants clarity on Dutton

    Julie Bishop refuses to rule out voting to refer Peter Dutton to the High Court.

  2. Adding to ScumMo’s woes –

    Julia Banks has nothing to lose, she can’t be bullied into shutting up or threatened with loss of pre-selection if she doesn’t toe the line. She can say what she likes now and there’s nothing ScumMo can do to stop her.

    ScumMo is desperate to get her out of the way. He even, allegedly, offered her a three month secondment to the UN to make sure she was away from parliament and out of his hair – what’s left of it – until the end of the year. . She refused his kind offer. Just to show how desperate he is, these secondments are usually announced early in the year, and don’t actually happen until September.

    PM ‘offered Julia Banks UN posting’

    So we have Julia Banks in parliament, refusing to shut up about bullying in the Liberal party.She is contradicting Lucy Gichuhi and Linda Reynolds and the PM himself by continuing to talk about bullying in the ranks of the government.

    We have Turnbull in New York, out for revenge and showing more backbone than he ever did as PM, leaking for all he’s worth and telling his supporters to refer Dutton to the High Court.

    We have Bishop being a bit of a tease with her will she, won’t she fan dance performance on how she might vote on any motion to get Dutton referred.

    And we have Downer deciding who he would like to be the Liberal candidate in Wentworth and Howard supporting that candidate, Dave Sharma, even though ScumMo says he wants a woman as candidate.

    t’s all going so well, isn’t it.

    • Katharine thinks it’s going well too

      A prime minister succumbing to gravitational forces. Bishop, a former deputy leader lurking, brightly, in the back corner. Tony Abbott, another former prime minister in another corner of the chamber. Joyce, a former leader of the National party a little further on from the former prime minister. Dutton, a leadership aspirant still on the frontbench, turning a flamethrower, liberally, on his enemies. And another former prime minister in New York, with a Twitter account, and an inclination to shit stir.

      As banquets go, the abundance seemed overwhelming, almost ludicrous.

      The Labor veteran Jenny Macklin asked Morrison why Turnbull was no longer the prime minister. Morrison, who is trying to keep everything together with superglue, with bandaids, with sticky tape, was so proud. Proud of serving with Tony Abbott. Proud of serving with Malcolm Turnbull. Proud of everything.

      Proud of “three strong leaders who have achieved strong results for the Australian people”.

      Bill Shorten and his frontbench couldn’t believe their luck.

      They roared laughing at the spectacle of the hydra-headed government. And they applauded at what fortune had delivered: a government apparently happy to kill itself, with the voters watching on.

  3. Is anyone else having issues with the Pub site switching to a “Congratulations you’ve won etc” something to do with telstra?

    I don’t know exactly what it is because I close it instantly hoping to avoid any unwanted stuff on my computer.

    • It’s from something called the full of happiness club and appears to be connected to telstra. However a google search yielded no results at all.

      It’s one of those giveaway sites that downloads heaps of malware and spyware into your computer so if anyone else sees it delete it immediately.

  4. Yet more bastardry

    Australian immigration authorities have deported an Iraqi asylum seeker against his will and despite there being a pending court case scheduled to sit next week.

    Advocates and lawyers scrambled on Wednesday night to get a legal injunction but were prevented from contacting the man on the phone, and by the time a barrister was found to lodge an injunction, the asylum seeker was already on a plane.

    The man was scheduled to have an appeal before the federal circuit court on 19 September – next week.

  5. Just riposting this comment I made earlier in case anyone missed it –

    It’s from something called the full of happiness club and appears to be connected to telstra. However a google search yielded no results at all.

    It’s one of those giveaway sites that downloads heaps of malware and spyware into your computer so if anyone else sees it delete it immediately.

    • It’s spam.

      It’s not your browser, it’s not this site. Someone has planted something on your device.

      Don’t go near it. If you google you will find a lot of people have had this problem going back years.

      I have had similar things pop up on other sites a few times.

      My usual process is to do a full virus scan to see if anything nasty has been planted, if that doesn’t show anything I delete all cookies. That seems to fix the problem on the few times I’ve had something like it.

      If that doesn’t work there are a few other things you can try. I use Chrome, you can reset that back to default settings. I would think other browsers also have something similar. Chrome also has a “clean up my computer” thing in advanced settings that can search for any junk. Others should have something like it. You could try that.

  6. Leone

    Maybe because he is making a joke about himself and lnp he might get away with it. I hear he has taken it down, but too late, like Ash, many would have saved it.

    • I think it’s his media staff were acting on orders, trying to present a cool, young image to potential voters. The problem is whoever chose that song didn’t listen to the whole thing, it’s actually very offensive.

      It seems like ScumMo has made another big mistake, just like his “Where the bloody hell are you” ad campaign.

      The thing was dominating my Twitter feed last night, it’s probably still going strong, even though the tweet has been deleted.

      It’s a big, big mistake, and as Mike Carlton says, illegal. Here’s some of his comment.

      He has also raised the issue of copyright and wonders if ScumMo had permission to use that song. I bet he didn’t.

      It’s astounding for a PM to make this sort of mistake. Apart from the offensive song it’s a whole lot of illegal actions and could see his office (he will dump the blame on his staff) in a world of legal trouble.

  7. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    Morrison has been overruled after the NSW Liberals defied his push for a female candidate to run in Wentworth and instead backed former ambassador Dave Sharma. Stand by for more internal troubles.
    Michelle Grattan says that the Wentworth preselectors’ rebuff to Morrison caps a week of mayhem.
    Katharine Murphy writes that voters are seeing a government destroying itself.
    The SMH editorial says that the Liberals do need to talk about gender imbalance.
    Phil Coorey reckons Morrison is heading for an honourable defeat and that more than a few are genuinely concerned the Liberal Party is headed towards an irrevocable split.
    David Crowe explains how Morrison is exposed to a damaging defeat in Parliament as some of his own MPs admit that Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton could have to face the High Court over whether he was invalidly elected.
    And he writes that Morrison needs a better answer to the very reasonable question of why Turnbull was removed.
    Adele Ferguson covers yesterday’s royal commission hearing in which the CBA’s Comminsure’s practices were excoriated by Rowena Orr. Ferguson concludes with “This delusional and arrogant assessment speaks to a bank which hasn’t yet got to the first step of recovery, admitting it has a problem. A systemic, cultural problem. Life in an exclusive incubator college is exposed in this contribution. It’s hardly pretty.”
    Ruth Williams goes a little deeper into Comminsure’s tactics.
    David Crowe posits that religious freedom could be Morrison’s first major test.
    Nicole Hasham reports that industry is urging Federal Parliament to salvage the National Energy Guarantee as Labor contemplates adopting the contentious policy that triggered the Turnbull government’s implosion.
    Australia remains on track to miss its Paris climate targets as carbon emissions continue to soar, according to new data. I thought Morrison said we’d meet the targets “in a canter”/
    Labor has accused the Morrison government of censoring the Commonwealth Auditor-General after key sections of a report into a $1.3 billion defence contract were blocked from publication on national security grounds.
    Frank Lowy has used the 15th annual address of the think tank he founded in his family’s name, the Lowy Institute, to call for the nation to reject the insularity that is sweeping western politics and embrace immigration, innovation and infrastructure.
    Latika Bourke tells us that Morrison has apologised for a bizarre video his office posted on social media, showing him rousing his troops to the soundtrack of a well known US hip hop tune that glorifies money and casual sex.
    Convenience giant 7-Eleven has been called to appear before the Senate inquiry into franchising on Friday following claims it bribed witnesses. It should prove to be an interesting performance.
    Nick Miller tells us that the Brits just aren’t as good as Australians at leadership coups.
    The governor of the Bank of England has warned the cabinet that the impact of a no-deal Brexit could be as catastrophic as the financial crisis that crippled the UK economy a decade ago.
    And Eurostar trains may stop running in the event of a chaotic no-deal Brexit, the French minister for European affairs has warned.
    Billed as a housing affordability fix, Scott Morrison’s first home buyers saving scheme is proving unpopular and problem-plagued a year on from its launch.
    What a shambles has been Sydney’s light rail project!
    Bernie Sanders has said that a new authoritarian axis demands an international progressive front.
    Australia’s migration policy is flawed by examples of discrimination against people with a disability or medical conditions, writes Suresh Rajan.,11883
    Is Indonesia heading towards effectively being a harsh theocracy?
    Female journalists in the UK are experiencing terrible levels of sexual harassment.

    Cartoon Corner

    David Pope conflates strawberries and potatoes.
    As does David Rowe.

    Some Muppet fun from Paul Zanetti.

    Sean Leahy and the united Liberal party.

    I live this one from Glen Le Lievre!

    A nice one from Jon Kudelka.
    More in here.

  8. Well, there you have it. They said Turnbull lacked judgement. This new guy is even worse. He’s so desperate to have a social media type ‘win’ as PM that he just rushes into things without giving them the least consideration. Expect misconceived stunts like that one all the way to the election.

    I’ve always considered the Liberal Party a PR unit first and foremost. They’ve always been about how things ‘play’ in the media and not about how things actually work. It’s been that thinking that got them into most of the troubles they’ve had. Well, now they’re being led by a man whose background is exactly in line with their shallow approach. It can only end in disaster for them.

  9. So the Wentworth pre-selection committee completely ignored the PM’s demand for a female candidate and went with the obvious choice – Dave Sharma. They will spin this as a brilliant attempt to get some ethnic diversity into parliament.

    Sharma does not live in Wentworth, he’s way over the other side of the harbour.

    Has Sharma renounced any claim to Canadian dual citizenship? Did the Liberals check? He was born in Vancouver in 1975.

    “Canada has allowed dual citizenship since February 14, 1977. If you become an Australian citizen, you will not lose your Canadian citizenship unless you apply to renounce it”

  10. It was obvious this was going to happen.

    Farmers say they are being ‘gazumped’ by hay charities buying up feed for drought

    Millions of dollars has been donated to charities offering to help drought-stricken farmers by ‘Buying a Bale’ but there is a growing concern the practice is leading to a distortion in the fodder market.

    There are now concerns from farmers and regulators that charities are outbidding farmers and pushing up the price of hay.
    “Unfortunately, yes, we have had some reports that people have had hay booked up and ready for delivery [when] they’ve been told that unfortunately it was no longer available and that a charity had offered an elevated price for that hay,” he said.

    “So I know there are a few producers who have been gazumped by charities.

  11. Is anyone is watching the last season of “Rake” on the ABC?

    I am, and I’m struck with the similarity between fictional events in this show and the recent events in Canberra. The show was filmed before the leadership spill, but is strangely up to date. It’s just like the way the first series of “The Handmaid’s Tale” echoed, for many, what was happening in the US, even though it had been filmed before Trump became president and the book was not about a Republican president at all.

    Part of the plot in “Rake” involves leadership changes, so it is very topical right now.

    I’m not interested in a debate about whether or not the first few episodes were “funny”. I’ll just say I think some people who are being critical miss the point of satire. My point is just about the incredible fiction echoing fact co-incidences in the show.

  12. I was wondering if anyone would make the connection between ScumMo’s now removed tweet and a certain salute.

    Someone has.

    The idiot doesn’t know that tweets are never really gone, neither are posts to Facebook and Instagram, where he also posted the same video. Someone will always have a copy tucked away, just in case.

  13. Grrrrr –

    The tired old “let’s make those lazy teachers put in a few more hours and let’s open up schools to the community” thing. I could write a long essay on why this is a very bad argument.

    • This pops up more than once “Why not have service providers” .Reeks of begging for another income stream for the spivs. Don’t they love areas where there is a guaranteed supply of ‘customers’ courtesy of the Government/tax payers.

    • It is a bullshit argument. There is no way I could ever cope with being a teacher of kids.

      I do think it is ridiculous that we have these great resources sitting empty for most of the 24 hour day.

      I believe schools should be child development hubs. Morning care with breakfast available, then school day, then after school activities including homework groups, or split school days with shifts of teachers, dental and child health/ mental health centres, disability programs etc.

      On the weekends there could be sports, or games using the facilities or art/craft/etc group.

      Childcare, development, recreation and education offered in the one well resourced hub.

      It would cost a lot, but I believe all private childcare subsidies should be abolished. Childcare, Disability Services and Aged Care should not be listed on the Stock Exchange. Ditto Employment services. That is what the CES was for and delivered for a lot less cost.

      In these areas I am very socialist. Unlike the smelly 1/2bill$ gifted to the GBRA social to private govt funds transfer.

    • Dave Sharma underestimates the level of preparation required to deliver a class. You can’t walk into a class and wing it, but you can walk into an office and start work in fact for security reasons DFAT staff probably do NOT work at home

      Conscientious infant teachers of my acquaintance can spend 2 hours preparing the materials for a class eg cutting out shapes from coloured paper, assembling pipe cleaners, glue, icy pole sticks etc etc that’s after they have had the idea, developed and written the lesson plan and fitted in time for their carefully written report comments that don’t fib and aren’t libellous

      No one has told Dave Sharma that most children grow like weeds in the summer holidays and need long breaks to recover from the stress of the long school day

    • The problem with opening schools up for after-school activities is this –

      In primary schools teachers and kids spend most of their time in the one classroom. They keep a lot of “stuff” there. For kids it might be whatever they hide under their desks, or in lockers or a class storeroom. Teachers store all sorts of personal belongings too, teaching aids, professional libraries, class records and more.

      Classrooms also contain a lot of valuable equipment, often provided after fundraising activities. Things like computers, laptops, tablets, TV sets, audio-visual aids.

      It is unfair and impractical to expect all this “stuff” to be packed away every afternoon to clear the room for whatever activity takes place after school hours, then replace it all the next morning. It would be an extra cost to provide secure locks for all this equipment too.

      Then there’s the insurance issue. Who pays for the extra insurance that would be needed to cover after-hours use? Most schools now are surrounded by high security fences and have security cameras operating, but none of that covers damage caused to goods, furnishings and furniture in classrooms by after-hours users. .

      We don’t suggest offices be opened up for use after business hours, and no-one has ever suggested private schools with their lavish facilities be compelled to share them with local communities. It’s only ever public schools that get socked with this demand to “let us in”.

      If schools are empty at night it’s for good reason. And anyway, who says no-one is there? It’s amazing how much activity goes on in schools at night. Parent-teacher interviews, parent association meetings, classes to show parents the latest IT gear, rehearsals for school performances, maybe a teacher using the peace and quiet of the empty school to do some study for an extra qualification are only a few examples.

      Those who like to say teachers finish work at 3 pm and schools just sit there empty and dark from 3 pm to 9 the next morning have no understanding of the ways schools are used.

  14. I used the community non-profit childcare provided at the university, Family Day Care, non-profit Kindergartens, and school-based before and after school programs to study and work when the kids were young.

    I believe commercial childcare is a scam supported by the gov’t.

  15. Thank goodness.

    Now, Mr Butler, please tell Bill Shorten to stop saying coal will continue to be important to Australia for many years to come.

  16. Tony Wright has a lovely time ridiculing Scummo’s week from hell.

    Scott Morrison and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week

    That was published this morning. There could be more to add by now. Unless, of course, Scummo has spent the day locked in a broom cupboard with a crate of booze and is refusing to come out.

    Will Scummo still be PM in December?

    • Scummo is excused his stupid video on the grounds he’s just a daggy dad trying to be cool.

      He’s PM, he’s supposed to be statesmanlike and dignified, he’s not supposed to be an oaf from the southern suburbs who tweets clips from very offensive hip-hop songs.

      Turnbull was praised by the media because he was statesmanlike, Scummo is praised because he isn’t.

      Sharri Markson claimed his video had attracted more viewers to QT. Funny though, he or his media team tweeted that video hours after yesterday’s QT, so I don’t know what all those newly attracted viewers were watching.

  17. An investigation of ten years of government spending by data expert Greg Bean shows the value of no-tender, “amended” government contracts exploded to $34 billion in August. That equates roughly to the cost of building 1,700 schools.

    The biggest single item of spending appears to have been with US defence contractor Lockheed Martin via arrangements which allowed Lockheed to pay no Australian income tax.

  18. My primary school put out a video featuring the types of students teachers will encounter. So accurate and I am sure All youse tragics met them at your school. I confess to the ‘Mum” faux pas . Still feel the embarrassment 🙂

    • Yep, pretty much the same types crop up in every class.

      The “Mum” faux pas – I couldn’t tell you how many times a kid called me “Mum”, it happened so often. I used to take it as a compliment.

  19. Abbott survives backlash in own electorate
    “Mr Abbott’s camp estimated 30 per cent of the members voted against him.”

  20. Good morning Dawn Patrollers

    Tony Wright takes the piss out of Morrison’s shocker of a week.
    Peter Hartcher reckons that Morrison’s biggest problem is that he’s stuck in the past. Compared to the government led by Morrison, Shorten’s Labor party is positively futuristic, he says. It’s quite an endorsement for a Shorten government.
    Dennis Shanahan writes that there are now enough senior Liberals who believe the gutting of the parliamentary Liberal Party is necessary to ‘start again’. Not a pretty picture.
    Paul Bongiorno gives us his impression of the Morrison Muppet show. He says it is clear is that the Liberal brand is on the nose and the next big test of that will come with the Wentworth byelection.
    A more light-hearted look at the Liberals’ woes from Richard Ackland.
    Laura Tingle posits that leadership coups have nothing to do with actual leadership.
    Paul Kelly declares that the Liberals are doomed unless they reach a truce. He says the Liberal side of politics is now locked into a civil war from which it cannot extricate ­itself either before or after the coming election.
    Peter van Onselen writes that f Morrison thinks he can get away with acting like a traditional opposition leader between now and polling day — attacking Shorten’s plans with little details of his own — he needs to think again.
    Karen Middleton has been doing some good stuff of late and here she explains Dutton’s cabinet recusal.
    Ross Gittins explains the smoke and mirrors of Morrison’s projected surpluses.
    Mike Seccombe begins his contribution with “With the ascendancy of a Pentecostal Christian leader, the Liberal Party slides further to the religious right. But can it find salvation without the coffers of Malcolm Turnbull?” Quite sickening really.
    A tearful effort from Gerard Henderson concludes with “Turnbull’s lobbying from New York raises the question as to whether he has a similar loyalty to the Liberal Party that made him prime minister.”
    In another very good contribution Jack Waterford says that cronyism is a weeping sore in Australian government.
    Simon Cowan writes that if the government is looking for a new economic narrative, it could start by positioning itself as the party of consumers. After all, not everyone is a small business owner or union member, pensioner or public servant — but every voter is a consumer.
    Chris Masters examines what makes Alan Jones tick. It’s not complimentary.
    Bevan Shields tells us that the woman Prime Minister Scott Morrison backed to replace Malcolm Turnbull in the blue ribbon seat of Wentworth was once a member of the Labor Party, raising fresh doubts over the Coalition’s candidate vetting regime ahead of the federal election.
    Koziol and Hunter write that Queensland Liberals have warned colleagues considering voting to refer Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton to the High Court that they could send the government to the gallows early by setting up a devastating byelection in his seat of Dickson.
    Tony Wright wonders if Frydenberg will be the Liberal party’s next PM.
    Paul Manafort has agreed to plead guilty to two criminal counts as part of a deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, according to federal court documents released yesterday. Flip time?
    Cara Waters goes inside Deliveroo’s dark kitchens, the food delivery fight’s new front.
    life insurer TAL came out very badly at the royal commission. The woman the company served up was, to be charitable, inept.
    Adele Ferguson looks at some of the questionable practices used by insurers to reject claims.
    Yesterday the banking royal commission hears an 8-year horror story that should shock us all.
    Josh Frydenberg has slammed the past failures of ASIC and promised new powers to speedily compensate victims of misconduct.
    The UK Electoral Commission, charged by parliament with ensuring the 2016 EU referendum was fair, unlawfully tilted the playing field in favour of leave. That’s the striking consequence of a high court decision yesterday.
    Three recent events reveal the racism and historical ignorance that infects our society, writes John Passant.,11890

    Cartoon Corner

    David Rowe add rapper ScoMo.

    Peter Broelman with Porline and the schoolgirl.

    Zanetti goes clubbing in New York.

    Sean Leahy with Morrison’s followers.

    Glen Le Lievre and bracket creep.

    Jon Kudelka with interviewing technique advice.

    David Pope with our rapper PM – and look at the DJ desk!$width_828/t_resize_width/t_sharpen%2Cq_auto%2Cf_auto/8026000d3f77ad7fb1f4da617f41201e3515cc17
    Many more in here.

  21. non paywalled version

  22. I always enjoy Richard Ackland’s “Gadfly”. Today I was horrified by his suggestions for GG. Funny though, Cosgrove said he’s retiring because he’s “running out of puff” after five years and the job demands “new vigour”. I took that to mean he thought he was getting too old for the job.

    Howard will turn 80 next year, Cosgrove is a mere kitten in comparison at 71, and he says he’s getting tired.

    How would appointing an even older man as GG bring “new vigour” to the position?

    Whoever Morrison chooses will be an absolute disaster, that much is certain.

  23. Got this from someone who posted it on PB, an Anti-Paywall addon for Firefox

    It was on this, scroll down to see list of sites it workes with.

    You can use it to read The Australian, The Daily Telegraph, The Washington Post, The New York Times and others. So far its working for me on the articles I’ve tried. Went to the Oz and Hun sites, clickied straight through to paywalled articles.

  24. Thanks BK for the huge roundup today. Many of them are pushing the proverbial uphill in regards to scumo and are hoping he’ll turn it around. Ofcourse, Shorten can’t win, he has no (whatever you want to put there). I certainly didn’t read any opinions like that when Labor did their leadership tango.

  25. From BK’s most excellent links this morning –
    “Koziol and Hunter write that Queensland Liberals have warned colleagues considering voting to refer Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton to the High Court that they could send the government to the gallows early by setting up a devastating byelection in his seat of Dickson.”

    So the Libs know Dutton is ineligible to sit in parliament and know he would not survive a High Court challenge.

    What other explanation could there be for this?

    They are scared witless.

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