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Tonight the opening ceremony is on but some competitors have started thier competition . I  wish all Australian  participants  the best of luck and all athletics have a safe and happy games.

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On pollies and the media you can tell it is a closed club and they are all probably bonking each other and treat the rest of the public like shit/ They are already closing ranks and digging in and I would invite one of them to comment how this serves the public/


The first time we see a puff piece about barnyard and his  ex News corp lover  and sprog should be met with howls of indignation  over his demands that his private life is private.

Imagine if it was a Labor deputy female pm who split from her partner and fell preggers to a toy boy staffer/ she would have to resign within hours .

Bugger it lets enjoy the curling while its on

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  1. When you have people like this saying it’s time to step down, I guess the message might sink in.

  2. The longer Barnaby hangs around, the better. Constant festering sore now.

    I’ve only just noticed the Essential poll from this morning (which Leone posted) – still 54-46, eh? I think when we look back over the year, January will have turned out to be Turnbull’s ‘good’ month. Which in context means the one in which the Coalition held their ground. It’s not like there’s any prospect of them having a political or policy win in the foreseeable future. They’ve done their scaremongering, to no effect. They’ve promised tax cuts, to no acclaim (I expect people are so used to the lying that they’ve just shrugged their shoulders and said “yeah, right” this time). And there seems to be a lot of economic advice out there that they’re resolutely ignoring. Can’t be good.

    And best of all, as predicted the return of Parliament has plunged them into utter chaos and damage control. No wonder they’ve scheduled so few sitting days this year. Any scrutiny just kills them.

    • It’s the same number of sitting days as last year, give or take a day. Seventy-three days this year, including fifteen for the Reps only and eight for just the Senate. Last year it was seventy-two, including eight Senate only and sixteen Reps only. I think – my maths could be a bit dodgy.

      As well as that there are all the committee meetings that go on all year.

  3. There’s some stuff on Twitter – saw it a while ago, can’t find it now but it’s getting around – showing that Robodebt has so far cost $120M and recouped $84M.

    So it’s running at a loss of $36M.

    I’ll say that again. A program set up specifically to recoup money for the government – and which has caused untold pain and hardship for many of our most vulnerable, most of whom were hounded for money they didn’t owe – has lost $36M.

    We have the stupidest, most vicious government ever seen in this country.

    • I’m surprised the loss isn’t greater, considering most of the alleged ‘debts’ have been found to be non-existent and a lot of extorted debt payments have had to be returned.

      Surely the government isn’t covering up the real cost of this dreadful scheme. Surely not ……

  4. No ‘reckons’ about it, the trip happened and it really was an official trip.

  5. Michael Pascoe tries to tell us Barnaby will be doing it tough on a backbencher’s meagre $200,000 a year plus all the expenses he can rort, should he ever resign.

    He seems to actually mean this. On what planet does he live? Does he know what the average Australian worker earns? Pascoe says he is “one of Australia’s most experienced and thoughtful finance and economics commentators”.

    He needs a bit of real world experience, he’s been living in a little bubble of privilege for far too long.

    Barnaby’s parents are very wealthy, multi-millionaires, he once said. Surely they will chip in a bit to help out their impoverished son.

  6. US Lawmakers Pushing to Cancel Lorde’s Upcoming Florida Shows

    American Lawmakers in Florida are trying to cancel Lorde’s upcoming shows in the state after the Kiwi songstress and superstar called off her performance in Israel.

    Lorde cancelled her Tel Aviv concert in December, following pressure from fans and activists in the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement, which is making a stand against Israel’s oppression of Palestinians.

    The decision has seen Republican state Rep. Randy Fine this week pushing for Miami and Tampa to cancel Lorde’s April shows, the Orlando Weekly reported.

    Fine based his actions on a Florida law which barred companies that received state funds from doing business over $1 million with organisations associated with BDS.

    “When Lorde joined the boycott in December, she and her companies became subject to that statute,” Fine told Orlando Weekly.

  7. Kim Jong-un Praises South Korean Hospitality, ‘Warm Climate of Reconciliation’

    Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un called for the “warm climate of reconciliation and dialogue” created recently between North and South Korea to be harnessed and enhanced after meeting with the high-level delegation Pyongyang sent to the opening of the Winter Games in South Korea.

    According to KCNA, Kim also said he was “impressed” by the efforts Seoul made to be hospitable to the North Korean visitors as the delegation briefed him on their journey.

    Kim Yo-jong is a sister of Kim Jong-un. During the delegation’s visit to South Korea, she attended a dinner with South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

    Kim Yong-chol, vice-chairman of the Central Committee of the Workers Party of Korea, and Jo Yong-won, vice department director of the Central Committee, were also reportedly present at the meeting.

    The North Korean leader reportedly praised the efforts of the delegation, including its participation in the Winter Olympics opening ceremony, and expressed satisfaction with their work.

    Kim also praised the hospitality of the receiving South Koreans and thanked them for making the delegation’s presence as comfortable as possible, KCNA reports.

  8. Israel gets bloody nose in Syria. What next?

    On Saturday, when Israeli jets undertook yet another bombing raid – this time an audacious attack on a drone base at the T4 airbase in Homs province deep inside Central Syria – a nasty surprise awaited them. They were confronted by the Russian-made S-200 air defence system. One Israeli F-16 jet was shot down; a second jet was hit but managed to make it home; and, two pilots parachuted – one heavily injured and in serious condition.
    The last time an Israeli jet was shot down was in 1986 in Lebanon. The incident on Saturday is a humiliating experience for Israel. But, more importantly, it contains a stark message – namely, that Israeli air attacks from now onward on Syria may come only at an unacceptable cost.
    The Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani summed up the message to Israel this way: “There is an important point in the recent events and in targeting an Israeli fighter jet: the Syrian army showed to the Zionists that the era of hit-and-run has ended.” In political terms, Tehran has justified the retaliation by the Syrian forces. The influential senior advisor on foreign policy to Iran’s supreme leader, Ali Akbar Velayati said today, “If the Zionist regime wants to make aggression against Syria or any other state’s airspace, the regional countries are entitled to use their space and the Syrian government and nation was entitled to respond to the Zionist regime’s aggression to make them regret.”

  9. Putin’s Phone Call With Netanyahu Put End to Israeli Strikes in Syria

    Russian President Vladimir Putin put an end to the confrontation between Israel and Iran in Syria and both sides accepted his decision. That’s the apparent conclusion to be reached from the chain of events this past weekend.

    On Saturday afternoon, after the second wave of bombardments by the Israel Air Force against Syrian targets and Iranian installations in Syria, senior Israeli officials were still taking a militant line and it seemed as if Jerusalem was considering further military action. Discussion of that ended not long after a phone call between Putin and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

  10. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    James Massola reckons Joyce will get the tap on the shoulder today.
    Denis Shanahan sums it up nicely with “Barnaby Joyce is adrift, in denial and facing peril of biblical proportions”. He’s been cut adrift by Turnbull. Google.
    And Massola has a close look at Barnaby’s 50 nights in Canberra when parliament was not sitting.
    Richo says that Joyce’s decision to clarify the word “partner” has backfired, as Malcolm Turnbull fails another leadership test. Google.
    Mark Kenny says Nationals are staring down the barrel at the unthinkable – life after Barnaby.
    Phil Coorey tells us that Barnaby’s moral authority is shot. Google.
    Joyce’s apology for his affair with Campion is all about him and his political survival, and insults our intelligence according to Tess Lawrence.,11194
    Barnaby Joyce appears to be haemorrhaging support within his party and the government as speculation mounts he will not survive long enough to serve as Acting Prime Minister when Malcolm Turnbull heads to Washington next week.
    Michelle Grattan reports that the Nationals’ federal president, Larry Anthony, has appealed to the party to give Barnaby Joyce “time”, as the Deputy Prime Minister’s future sits on a knife edge.
    Simon Benson writes that Joyce’s future is in peril with the Deputy Prime Minister losing the numbers to ring-fence his leadership. Google.
    Michel Koziol with a cross section of the attitudes of Hew England voters. There is no hope!

  11. Section 2 . . .

    Israeli police have submitted a recommendation to indict Benjamin Netanyahu on charges of bribery and breach of trust in two corruption investigations against the prime minister. Will the likes of Andrew Hastie abuse the media for factually reporting this?
    The RBA’s chief economist holds out little hope for decent wage rises any time soon.
    On the other hand Michael Pascoe says that the RBA is swallowing the business bunkum on wages.
    Chris Bowen has penned a good piece on the three principles of effective reform.
    Is Labor modifying its stance on corporate tax cuts?
    Jenna Price exposes the rorting game around political advisors and poses a series of questions about the Joyce scandal.
    This strong SMH editorial says that as the church moves into secular activities, in schools, hospitals, aged care homes, youth organisations, charities and anything else, it must be subject to all secular rules, including taxation. It’s time!
    Here’s some more on the inquiry.
    And Rodney Croome says that this is how it could go: Philip Ruddock’s religious freedom inquiry recommends a law to allow discrimination in the name of religious conscience; to fight off new right wing parties and wedge Labor; the Turnbull government introduces a religious freedom bill; to smooth over divisions in its own ranks Labor waves the bill through.
    And this article from Michael Koziol shows us what we are up against with the influence of religion as the churches show their hand in a submission to the Ruddock inquiry.

  12. Section 3 . . .

    Shorten has made sweeping changes to his office designed to sharpen Labor’s political messaging and help ready the party for a federal election.
    Ross Gittins reckons private health insurance is a con job.
    There’s many ways to dull the impact of a Royal Commission before it even begins. Swamping it with a ridiculously wide brief is one of them. Ross Hamilton weighs in on Malcolm Turnbull’s ‘Banking Royal Commission’.
    This judge had no kind words for Assange as he threw out an application to lift an arrest warrant.
    Banks are on guard for an increase in money-transfer scams targeting Australian customers, as a shift to near real-time payments pressures banks to detect suspicious transactions more quickly.
    Nicholas Stuart dismisses the government’s arms export announcement.
    More privatisation of public transport in Sydney.
    Is it time to crack down on the release of helium balloons?
    This article gives a good example of how the MSM are failing us.
    The AFL is trying to come up with a T20 style to it.
    Almost every young person in WA detention has a severe brain impairment.
    Angry viewers have hit out at the Seven Network for what they believe to be “woeful” and “insulting” coverage of the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang.

  13. Section 4 . . . Cartoon Corner

    David Rowe and another apology stealing the occasion.

    There’s a lot to see in this one from David Pope!

    Ouch! Cathy Wilcox gets stuck in on the stolen generation.

    And Fiona Katauskas goes even further!

    John Shakespeare and Pistol’s and Boo’s revenge.

    A couple of little rippers from Mark David on Barnaby.

    How’s THIS for a front page picture!

    Paul Zanetti and Turnbull’s little surprise.

    Peter Broelman on revelations about poor nursing home food.

    Cathy Wilcox ventures into Buckingham Palace.

    Matt Golding has four contributions for us today.

    A beauty from Mark Knight.

    Sean Leahy and ominous noises for Barnaby.

    Barnaby’s inspiration?

    Alan Moir takes Barnaby to the ski jump.

    Jon Kudelka applies the pub test to Barnaby’s explanations.

  14. The Daily Smelly front page is an obvious photo-shop job. Does the Smelly really need to resort to this sort of gutter tripe when Barnaby is already destroying himself over his affair?

    So why is it photo-shopped?

    The photo was allegedly taken at the Food2Fork event on Cockatoo Island, Sydney, on 3 November 2016. That event was attended by King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of The Netherlands and of course, by Barnaby.

    The real photos of the event show everyone – absolutely everyone – wearing an orange lanyard and security pass. Everyone, even the press and their photographers. So where’s Vikki’s? Maybe she was there, maybe she wasn’t, but if she did attend do you honestly think she would have been dressed like a fifth-rate hooker?

    There’s a bigger version of this photo, one that shows a lot more people, all with those orange lanyards. The Smelly cropped it for the final cover. You can see the bigger version here,if you are interested in a Murdoch ‘exclusive’ –
    Barnaby Joyce calls time on the pregnant mistress pub test

    Real photos of this event are here –

    I saw this photo last night, it was all over Twitter. The comments from some of the men(?) were what you’d expect, ghastly.

    Whatever Ms Campion is, whatever she has done, she does not deserve this treatment.

  15. Some word coming through (via Keiran Gilbert on SKY) that Nationals MPs are starting to back off from urging Joyce to resign because…. wait for it….

    – they don’t have anyone good enough to replace him.

    If that’s not the definition of a useless party, then I don’t know what is.

  16. The media are waking up to something – Barnaby was never the preferred leader for the Nats. He bullied his way into that job.

    Before he became leader there were doubts.

    Many Liberals have long dreaded a future with Mr Joyce as second-in-charge and for some, that sentiment remains.

    Most of the Nationals believe he deserves the honour but a handful still occupy the “anyone-but-Barnaby” camp.

    They think he is a loose cannon and have little respect for him.

    There is angst among Queensland Nationals about the lack of senior roles now held by representatives from their home state.

    But Nationals do not have powerbrokers and factions like the Liberal and Labor parties, so it is unlikely Mr Joyce will not assume the throne

    Penny Wong knew exactly why he would be a poor choice.
    Penny Wong scoffs at ‘entertaining but erratic’ Barnaby Joyce leading National party
    Acting opposition leader says deputy leader of junior Coalition partner does not have ‘sober and sensible approach’ needed for deputy prime ministership

    Tony Windsor, in December 2015, wrote about the machinations that went on to try to prevent Barnaby – “this idiot”, he calls him – becoming leader. Windsor believes Turnbull may have been behind Ian Macfarlane’s failed attempt to defect to the Nats, a tactic to stop Barnaby becoming leader. This is an excellent read, and with what’s happening now, somewhat prophetic.

    There is real concern that Joyce as leader and potentially deputy prime minister could be electorally damaging for the Coalition. And this concern is well founded

    What Turnbull lost when Ian Macfarlane failed

  17. A good piece from Bernard Keane on the idiotic ‘not a partner’ decision. Not paywalled.

    ‘Not his partner’: the single phrase that sums up this wretched government
    Deciding that Barnaby Joyce’s girlfriend wasn’t his partner, so that Malcolm Turnbull could avoid being dragged into the Joyce affair, was the worst idea anyone’s had in this incompetent government.

    • Chastity belt? More like BYO condoms.

      The salary is interesting, up to $74,900. It shows us just how overpaid Ms Campion was for her media advisor position (I really struggle to use that word when talking about anything Barnaby now) in Canavan’s office, even though she had experience (another word I have trouble with) from her – er – um – whatever in Barnaby’s office.

    • And now his military service was falsified as well as i have recorded earlier he is lying cos his lips are moving

  18. It’s really telling that these monsters and their supporters have simply sold their souls for power. Really vile and pathetic comments being thrown around. “He’s done nothing wrong” – um, except sullied the sanctity of marriage, which his side of politics was so indignant about a few months ago. “He’s only human” – oh, yeah, except humans are generally raised to not act like animals and screw someone other than the one they’ve made an oath to be loyal to. But I suppose it’s all on board with them because in the end he was only disrespecting women, so, nothing wrong with that for his base.

    Still, I expect him to still be there. It’s impossible to shame a conservative into resigning these days because they simply have none. Especially BJ.

  19. Let’s just ignore the government-in-chaos thing and party on, dudes.

    What din-a-ling thought this was appropriate right now? Who chose the gif?

    For a celebration of all things beautiful with a touch of the strange, join Enlighten’s premier masquerade party on the exclusive Members and Guests Terrace of Parliament House. Enjoy a roaming food service showcasing regional produce, and a selection of Canberra’s best wines. Channel your ‘inner Bond’ at the Martini Bar and be entertained by cool and seductive rhythms.

    As the party winds down, head to the forecourt and see the festival’s themes come to life in captivating projections inspired by the Parliament House Art Collection.

    This is a super rare opportunity to kick back and sip a Dirty Martini in an exclusive space rarely accessible to the public. Pull out your finery and get your mask on for an evening of beautiful and unusual surprises.

    This is an over 18s event only.

    ** Please note ticket price includes all food and beverages **

    Sip a Dirty Martini with your dirty mistress in a place rarely accessible to the public – Barnaby’s office.

    For those unaware of the meaning of ‘dirty mistress’ –

    • It seems that with the Libs it’s all show-off and no substance. The Nats say Barnaby is the only Nat with charisma. I think I fail to understand the meaning of “charisma”.

      NB And Nola had a rose bigger than her face and as yellow.

  20. We all know that Vikki Campion took stress leave in October last year, and never returned to work. Why would she possibly need a couple of months stress leave?

    I’ve been waiting for a journalist – any journalist – to make the obvious connection here, but as none of them have, I’ll do it myself.

    Ms Campion needed to vanish because her pregnancy was becoming visible. What better way to get time off until the end of the parliamentary year than by taking stress leave. All she needed was a cooperative doctor prepared to give her the necessary paperwork.

    If the media had not finally revealed the pregnancy (I know the indie media did it first, but that’s a whole other thing) possibly on orders from Rupert, then chances are we would never have known about it,. The indie sites would have kept plugging away, but apparently news isn’t really news until the MSM say so. Whatever the indie sites said would probably have been dismissed as gossip, baseless rumours.

    Chances are that baby would have arrived without anyone knowing, apart from the families concerned. Chances are the whole thing would have been kept hidden.

    I really think this was the plan – keep it all quiet, keep it it out of the media, don’t let the public know. What a shame for Barnaby that it all got out.

    • I don’t know, but it’s pretty obvious the MSM were refusing to touch the Banaby’s baby issue until the Murdoch papers ran it, then it became open slather. the Oz and the Daily Smelly have been leading all the MSM revelations.

      Rupert doesn’t seem to like Turnbull, either, so it could be the opening shots in a ‘get rid of Malcolm’ campaign. I’m not saying Rupert wants a change of government.

    • I think it’s probably just a matter, at this stage, of Murdoch conceding the Coalition can’t win under Turnbull. Doesn’t take a genius to figure that out, but this more or less confirms it. Murdoch wants a change at the top and another crack at winning votes. He doesn’t seem to have anointed a successor though, so that’ll be interesting.

      It could just be that the ideological program has to roll out more slowly if they need to balance it against Turnbull’s ‘image’ – and it’s becoming a waste of time. A more hardline bastard can just get on with it.

      Once that happens, and the Coalition don’t get any better (or, in all likelihood get worse), somewhere close to the election the Murdoch press will shift temporarily to the Labor camp. Strictly in order to have been seen to make the right call.

  21. Jesus the Drum has Fairfield(Sydney) councillor Dai Le and “Christian broadcaster” Stephen Cor??? explaining the Murray Darling legislation that has been held up in the Senate

    FFS get some talking heads with knowledge of the subject area or just program more episodes of POINTLESS

    • “Pointless” would have to be the most aptly named show on TV. It really is completely pointless. It’s best avoided.

  22. Tony Windsor has finally named the woman who allegedly witnessed bad behaviour by Barnaby Joyce and allegedly had her bottom pinched by him back in 2011. I think it’s OK to mention it here. I was holding off, because just about everyone who was involved in an incident at the Rural Women’s awards in 2011 (and at other events) has either denied everything or has lawyered up, or both. I didn’t want joe6pack getting sued, but now it’s openly on the public record it should be alright.

    Georgie Somerset’s name has been all over Twitter for days. She’s not only a member of the ABC board, she is a regional director of AgForce, Queensland, so it’s no wonder she is now denying any knowledge of Barnaby’s bad behaviour. We all know how vindictive Barnaby can be to those who criticise him. Just ask Darren Chester.

    In other developments – yesterday’s story in True Crime Weekly was taken down earlier today because Jannette Cotterell has taken legal action for defamation.

    Ms Cotterell is well connected to big money.

  23. ABC24 ca 5:15 showed Fizza dissing Alberici’s report.

    The Alberici was on in the studio. She hosed his comments down with facts. She has been a business reporter for at least 15 years and Fizza has been …

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