A Friday Rant

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OK . Australia has it’s problems and things could be better. Turnbull and his mob will be voted out at the next election and then Bill and his mob will have a chance to make things a bit better, but I am getting sick off all the doom and gloom that seems to be prevalent in every form of media be it MSM, Social or blogs.

The right hates the left and the left hates the right and the greenies hate everyone that dont wear scivvis,  but FMD, in the middle are some great people working, living ,having fun be they white, black, brown, yellow, christian, muslim, jews, droids etc or straight, gay, bi, tri, quad or whatever.

Most of these folk whom the pollies , media . and social media  try to play against each other as some sort of sport do get along, and do interact and have fun together but in the quest to make out that Australia is getting close to Armageddon and everything is shithouse they will say, video, print upload any crap to further their social,  money making agenda.

Would it hurt to be a bit more positive and not solely focus on the negative all the time. The same sex marriage issue. OK it took a while and could have been done better but in the end it is now law. Who cares who was PM. or which party was in government when it was passed .It passed FFS now life goes on .

International its the same Trumps a Idiot but he is the President of the USA , Putin is a dictator but is the president of Russia, Brexit is happening, North Korea as well as a heap of other countries have the bomb.

The sun comes up, you all hopefully wake up tomorrow and life goes on.

Sure be passionate about politics and your beliefs but remember to live life and enjoy it whatever its faults.

thats my rant



Neddie update

He has unfortunately gone blind which is apparently normal with doggie diabetes but he is having specialist surgery on Monday which has a %75 of working.


1,044 thoughts on “A Friday Rant

    • Some of the 4th estate without a right wing bias include
      Micheal West
      The New Daily
      New Matilda
      Independent Australia
      Inside Story
      The Conversation

      much harder to keep across all of these sources. It was so much easier when you could rely on the ABC News at 7:45am

    • I’m a bit browned off with some of the independent media sources now. I used to think the more indie media the better and was happy to kick in from my very limited resources to support them. Not any more.

      I was a founding financial supporter of New Matilda, I subscribed for ages, through various owners, until it became too anti-Gillard for my taste and I cancelled my subscription. These days the current owner seems more interested in witch-hunt ‘investigative’ journalism than in pursuing decent articles. I still read occasionally, but not much.

      I financially supported Independent Australia for years too, but last year I was banned for making a comment Dave Donovan said he found ‘personally insulting’. He then denied I had been banned, claiming it was a Disqus glitch. I have never had such a glitch before or since. All I said was parts of an article on his site about Eric Abetz’s citizenship were a ‘silly conspiracy theory’, in support of another commenter who also had all her comments deleted. We had included links to newspaper articles and Hansard to prove our points, but they were not permitted to be seen. Apparently whoever wrote the article is a close friend of Donovan’s, so was not to be criticised.

      Last week here was a bit of a Twitter kerfuffle involving Donovan’ He tweeted a comment, naming names, about someone he claimed was behind the filing cabinet debacle. The tweet was defamatory and someone said so. They also used the magic words ‘conspiracy theory’ and that got them blocked by Donovan.

      I’m no longer interested in supporting a site that censors perfectly innocent comments, when so many rubbish comments get Donovan’s approval, nor am I interested in someone who is so very, very touchy about certain words.

      Michael West is good value, although I was a bit concerned when he linked the story about Michael Smith ‘helping’ the FBI, a piece of crap that referred to Smith as an ‘investigative journalist’. Very poor judgement, to link that, I thought.

  1. New South Wales and Western Australia have agreed to the federal government’s hospital funding deal, breaking ranks with most state and territory governments and health groups.

    The two states said the funding deal was fair, and gave them “certainty” of health funding for the next seven years. NSW and WA will also receive a funding boost, through a new health innovation fund, which was offered to states that signed up to the hospital deal at Friday’s Council of Australian Governments (Coag) meeting.


  2. The hospital funding deal won’t matter, or I hope it won’t. It doesn’t start until 2020, well after the next election, and we won’t have this government by then.

  3. I admit this latest development in Victorian state politics of Jane Garrett thinking of running for Lord Mayor of Melbourne divides me.

    On the one hand, I think that Garrett has been treated terribly. If she’s speaking true, she has been threatened with physical violence in the union dispute in Victoria in mid-2016 and has been cast aside for that inconvenience, by being refused a seat in the upper house.

    On the other hand, if she runs for Lord Mayor, wins, then the Brunswick by-election falls to the Greens, then the Coalition can gloat and screech that Labor is now a minority government in Victoria, relying on the vote of disgraced MP Don Nardella to stay in control. And that isn’t a healthy situation for Labor to retain government in November.

    The whole conundrum is regrettable.

    • If this is accurate then she was using Liberalesque tactics during the firefighter dispute.

      View at Medium.com

      Also It’s fairly clear that she and her mates were leaking embarrassing information about the government to the Herald Sun so she’s hardly blameless in this whole saga.

  4. No surprises here (except, perhaps, the ratio):

    I’ve participated in several citizen science projects, but didn’t know that there was an Australian Citizen Science Association – let alone a conference in progress:

  5. @GL

    Yeah, I guess that’s true. Still, there’s something about that dispute that unsettles me, that Garrett claimed that Peter Marshall threatened to put an axe through her head. He denies it, so, who is speaking the truth there?

    If it’s Marshall then yeah, Garrett is a liar and a disgrace. If Garrett’s speaking the truth, then Marshall is a liar and disgrace. I don’t know if it’s been resolved with any decisive conclusion. I just hate that this schism exists and I think it’s a real weakness.


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