A Friday Rant

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OK . Australia has it’s problems and things could be better. Turnbull and his mob will be voted out at the next election and then Bill and his mob will have a chance to make things a bit better, but I am getting sick off all the doom and gloom that seems to be prevalent in every form of media be it MSM, Social or blogs.

The right hates the left and the left hates the right and the greenies hate everyone that dont wear scivvis,  but FMD, in the middle are some great people working, living ,having fun be they white, black, brown, yellow, christian, muslim, jews, droids etc or straight, gay, bi, tri, quad or whatever.

Most of these folk whom the pollies , media . and social media  try to play against each other as some sort of sport do get along, and do interact and have fun together but in the quest to make out that Australia is getting close to Armageddon and everything is shithouse they will say, video, print upload any crap to further their social,  money making agenda.

Would it hurt to be a bit more positive and not solely focus on the negative all the time. The same sex marriage issue. OK it took a while and could have been done better but in the end it is now law. Who cares who was PM. or which party was in government when it was passed .It passed FFS now life goes on .

International its the same Trumps a Idiot but he is the President of the USA , Putin is a dictator but is the president of Russia, Brexit is happening, North Korea as well as a heap of other countries have the bomb.

The sun comes up, you all hopefully wake up tomorrow and life goes on.

Sure be passionate about politics and your beliefs but remember to live life and enjoy it whatever its faults.

thats my rant



Neddie update

He has unfortunately gone blind which is apparently normal with doggie diabetes but he is having specialist surgery on Monday which has a %75 of working.


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  1. There are not enough words in the English language to express my contempt for Barnaby Joyce’s hypocritical actions. “Do as I say not as I do while I lecture others on their ways if life.” The Joyce motto.

    • How does one react to the refusal to “talk politics”, when one points out that the treatment handed out to this unfortunate pregnant woman, is the same as that handed out to women associated with ALP or ALP associated politicians?

      There are moments when, because I am more interested in “politics” and seem to have a better recall of what stupidities have been perpetrated by all flavours of politicians, I am dismissed as knowing nothing because I am “a card carrying member of the ALP”. Today it is because I won’t let my sympathy for Mr Joyce’s paramour and his ex-wife stop me acknowledging that what the press is doing is distasteful, yet the same sort of rubbish was pulled on the families on the other side of parliament’s benches, and what is sauce for one side is sauce for the other.

      It is very … annoying at times.

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  3. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    Ina good article Peter Martin explains that when the US jobs market is on fire and the unemployment rate is about to hit an unnerving 4 per cent, it will add gasoline and make the stock market flames fly higher. He says Trump is rolling out a policy that should be held in reserve for bad times when times are increasingly good. Turnbull and Morrison could well take heed.
    Eryk Bagshaw writes that mortgage interest rate payments rise at fastest rate in 7 years despite no hike from the RBA in 16 months.
    The Turnbull government wants to ”dud” Victorian hospitals and patients by more than $2 billion, according to Victorian Labor. Tomorrow’s COAG could be a beauty!
    Michael Koziol tells us about the enigmatic George Brandis’s valedictory speech in which he swiped Dutton and right wing politics.
    Michelle Grattan on George’s warning to the Coalition.
    Jacqui Maley writes about the media’s coverage of Barnaby Joyce’s relationship issues.
    Caroline Overingham says that the Turnbull government went to enormous lengths to keep the Barnaby Joyce ¬affair secret, a process that deserves scrutiny. Make no mistake she says, the government hid the story, tried to bury it deep — not because they thought this was a private matter, and therefore nobody’s business, but because so much was at stake. Google.
    Clementine Ford says the man just does not understand marriage.
    Phil Coorey on the question of whether Barnaby having the right to privacy. Google.
    The cover-up of the Barnaby Joyce staffer affair reveals the extent to which the Australia media act to protect the Coalition from scrutiny, writes Dr Jennifer Wilson.
    Michael Koziol explains how the Turnbull government will significantly amend its proposed national security laws to better protect journalists, but has rejected a blanket media exemption from beefed-up secrecy rules.
    The SMH editorial points out some problems with the big WestConnex project.
    The banking royal commission has confirmed it will offer no legal protections to victims and whistleblowers if they breach gag orders when making submissions to the inquiry. And so the coverup support commences.
    And the national secretary of the Finance Sector Union says the truth about toxic banking culture may never be told.

  4. Section 2 . . .

    A Productivity Commission finding that the regulatory crackdown on investors loans delivered the banks a profit windfall has reignited the political fight over negative gearing. Google.
    Anna Patty digs into more than 20 University of Sydney staff being investigating for financial misconduct.
    James Massola reports on the emotional statement in parliament yesterday by Susan lamb.
    The effects of concussion linger decades after NRL stars hang up their boots.
    A leaked document containing weekly data for Sydney’s widened M4 shows traffic dropped by 32 per cent in the first full week of tolls to about 942,000 trips, compared with average volumes in the weeks before the charges were introduced in August. A tipping point?
    The Inner West Council is set to become the first Sydney council to formally consider scrapping its Australia Day celebrations. This will get the conservative juices flowing!
    Greg Jericho explains how the government has chosen banking sector stability over competition, and that’s not good for borrowers or the economy. As usual his assertions are supported with pertinent data.
    Bernie Dowling writes Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton is tipped to be on the brink of deposing Malcolm Turnbull and seeking the prime ministership along with rivals Tony “The Delusional” Abbott and Scott “Ima Christian” Morrison.
    Prolonged workplace battles with its own employees have failed to soften the Coalition government’s new bargaining rules for public servants, keeping a cap on pay growth and continuing policies blamed for the industrial strife.
    Rex Tillerson says that Russia is already meddling in US midterm elections.
    The pathologically boastful Trump now wants to have a huge military parade in Washington.
    Jonathan Freedman says that Trump’s desire for a military parade reveals him as a would-be despot.
    It’s Bald Archies time again!

  5. Section 3 . . .

    For the second time in two years Holden is stymying a bid by a foreign businessman to keep the local car manufacturing industry alive.
    James Massola covers Barnaby Joyce’s 7:30 appearance.
    A water-sharing plan for the Barwon-Darling was altered by the former New South Wales minister for primary industries, Katrina Hodgkinson, even though public consultations on the draft plan had ended and her bureaucrats had already submitted a draft for her to sign. The changes made it more favourable to irrigators and delivered valuable additional water during low flows. According to some modelling it may have increased legal extractions by irrigators by 32%.
    Mehajer dips out again.
    And yet another Ibrahim is in strife with the police.
    Collectively, religion is one of the largest private employers in the nation, with unique exemptions from anti-discrimination laws. Will Philip Ruddock’s planned review recommend more? Brian Morris weighs in.
    Legal and family violence experts have called for the “outdated” 12-month waiting period for divorce to be scrapped because it puts victims at further risk of abuse.
    The things that are causing financial stress in families.
    A hunt is under way in Premier Daniel Andrews’ department for a public servant who has been sabotaging the online profile of Labor Senator Penny Wong.
    A revolutionary HIV drug that will liberate thousands of gay Australians from the fear of sex will almost certainly be approved for federal subsidy this week, in a watershed moment in the decades-long fight against AIDS.
    Solomon Lew reckons Myer shareholders have had enough.
    NSW Secretary of Transport Rod Staples explains the virtues of Sydney’s new Metro system.
    A senior White House aide has resigned from his post, after two of his ex-wives aired allegations of physical and emotional abuse in the media.
    Sandi Keane wonders if Labor has lost its nerve on private health insurance.

    • Just a correction –
      Sandi Keane did not write the article on Labor and private health insurance, she just posted it. It was written by Ian McAuley, Adjunct Lecturer in Public Sector Finance at the University of Canberra and a Fellow at the Centre for Policy Development.

  6. Section 4 . . . Cartoon Corner

    David Rowe does it again.

    As does David Pope.

    John Shakespeare on Trump’s tax cuts.

    Matt Davidson on the same subject.

    Cathy Wilcox looks at the front bench.

    Mark David poetically excoriates Turnbull and his priorities.

    Paul Zanetti and the stock market correction.

    A few from Matt Golding.

    Glen Le Lievre expands the political spectrum.

    A good one from Mark Knight.

    And Knight farewells Robert Doyle from the mayorship.

    Sean Leahy with Barnaby’s family problems.

    Jon Kudelka and Barnaby’s effect on Turnbull.

  7. Well, there you have it. Attacking Labor is more important than revealing things that might be preventing politicians (only government ones, of course) from being effective at their parliamentary and electoral duties.

    From Jacqueline Maley, trying (and failing badly) to explain why journalists didn’t bother to write about Barnaby Joyce’s little problem –

    In a newsroom that is hollowed out by cost-cutting, every reporter who is assigned to cover a love child expose, is a reporter who cannot write about national energy policy (which affects far more of our readers), or about the latest factional dispute in the Labor Party, or about the citizenship crisis

    Just how do alleged ‘factional disputes’ in the Labor Party affect readers of the SMH, especially when those disputes are usually fantasies created by journalists?

    Ms Maley then comes up with some mild wet lettuce leaf flogging of Barnaby over his stance on same sex marriage.

    Then she mentions Julia Gillard.

    Some readers will remember the huge scrutiny and nasty sexual innuendo Julia Gillard copped over her personal life and suspect a double standard is at play. The scandal is unlikely to be a career-ender for Joyce. But if a female politician fell pregnant to a staffer while married to someone else, you can bet it would be

    That’s really a low blow. If Julia Gillard had become pregnant at any stage of her political career, without being married, you can bet Ms Maley would have been onto her in a flash, doing all she could to whip up allegations of being unfit for office.

    During Julia Gillard’s time as PM Ms Maley was often downright rude about Ms Gillard.

    She accused her of using her gender as a get out of trouble tactic and of betraying the feminist cause –

    She totally missed the importance and impact of the famous ‘misogyny speech’ then a few months later tried to claw back some lost ground by producing a puff piece about the way Julia didn’t immediately understand how important that speech would be and needed a man to mansplain it to her.

    She was scathing about Julia’s grammar and manner of speaking –

    There’s more, but you get my drift. If Ms Maley genuinely believes that the media treatment given to male and female politicians is different then why has so much of her work involved exactly that unfair bias?

    Attacking Labor prime ministers and politicians especially female ones, is perfectly fine, it can all be justified as important because it “affects our readers”, but when it come to the Coalition they must be given the easiest of rides. She justifies her failure to tell the citizens of New England about the behaviour of their MP before they went to a by-election by saying she didn’t have all the facts. She’s an investigative journalist with all the resources of Fairfax at her disposal, why couldn’t she find out the things that were already circulating online, exactly the same things finally mentioned yesterday? Why would she assume SMH readers, especially those in New England, would not be affected by Barnaby being so distracted by his affair, the bonking in his office, the breakdown of his family life and that pregnancy that he would be unable to concentrate on his parliamentary and electoral duties? Bias, that’s why.

    • Maley, her usual disingenuous-self. JG would remember her. Some of you might believe that If Beetroot had been a female and had had a relationship with her staffer, she would have copped it. No, she wouldn’t have copped it. She’d still be a Lib, protected species. People like Maley would have done everything to keep the affair quiet.

    • Yep. Just look at the easy ride given to Julie Bishop. Instead of being criticised for her lavish, taxpayer funded lifestyle, her blatant expenses rorts and her ineptitude in a very important portfolio she is treated like a celebrity.

    • Nasty types reckon that Julie’s handbag is more maintenance man than developer.

      I heard Julia Gillard’s misogyny speech on TV in Croatia on the German News 2 days before the SMH published an article, then SMH were highly condemnatory, very different tone to European analysis

  8. leone

    And Bishop never really had to face questions about her asbestos past and her love affairs. JG would have had to “answer more questions”. Rotten govt. and MSM.

  9. Fizza has decided to make a formal apology to the victims of institutional sexual abuse.

    What a transparent creature he is.

    This apology will be done some time before the end of the year, he says, so it will be carefully timed to get maximum poll benefit ahead of the next election, whenever that is. It will also include Turnbull claiming all the credit for a RC initiated by Labor.

    Turnbull could barely wait to escape from the reading of the RC’s final report. Hhe tried to leave by the back door, to avoid media questions. He failed, they caught him anyway. Bill Shorten stayed and spoke wit abuse survivors, something Turnbull refused to do.

    Here’s Bill Shorten, paying tribute to those who testified, and to Julia Gillard for setting up the RC. Will Turnbull acknowledge her involvement? Probably not.

    As some of you are probably having lunch, or are about to, I’ll spare you the video of that other chap. pretending to be sincere.

  10. Leone

    I am probably wrong, but don’t you live in or near banarby’s electorate? Have you heard any local reaction to this “breaking” news that’s been around on Social Media what seems like forever?

    • New England is the electorate next door, but to get there I have to do a long drive over a very nasty winding road. Last time I went there was ten years ago.

      I used to live in Tamworth, (hated it) a long time ago, then moved to another town in the same electorate which was a much nicer place to live, so nice I cried when we had to move.

      From what little I know of those places, and going by what the local rusted-on Nats here are like, Barnaby’s behaviour won’t cost him any votes. In fact, it might win votes. The voters in New England knew what he was doing before that by-election and responded by giving him more votes. From what I heard on the grapevine the general reaction seemed to be ‘leave Barnaby alone, he’s doing a good job’ or ‘good on him for getting a bit on the side, half his luck’.

      Journalists and political commentators who write about regional electorates usually don’t understand them at all. They see things from a city perspective.

      I grew up in Sydney,my family are still there. I went bush as soon as I started work and never went back, except for visits. I can see things from both angles.

      Barnaby could fornicate with a goat in the main street of Tamworth and the locals would stand around cheering and egging him on.

      The only reason Tony Windsor was elected as an independent was because he used to be a National and the voters there saw him as ‘one of us’. That support evaporated when he helped Julia Gillard form a government.

    • She seemed to have had ‘work’ done just before the Portsea Polo thing, she no doubt wanted to be all spruced up for her annual trip to the red carpets of the US last month.

  11. Amy Remeikis was fed up with QT. I don’t blame her.

    Malcolm Turnbull gives the same answer you have heard all week. Seriously, I could just copy and paste from any other day this week and it would be faster.

    Maybe we could just copy and paste one of the question times from earlier and all go to the pub. I doubt anyone would notice anything different. And we would all be a lot happier

  12. Excellent point –

  13. 2gravel

    Tropical cyclones not infrequently make it down from the Pacific or across from Australia. Generally they are much knackered by the time they get to NZ . A couple have been pretty powerful. My grandfather always compared storms to a yuuge one he went through just before WWII a number were killed and lots of damage as it swept through the country.Needless to say “storms these days” were not like they used to be 🙂

    Up the pointy bit where I come from there is a current of warm water which comes down from the tropics so that provides a bit of a lifeline for the storm as it heads south. Also makes swimming in the sea much nicer than it other wise would be. 🙂

  14. Barnyard’s possible future father in law has been giving him some sage advice . He thinks Barnyard should “give himself an uppercut” and hopes Barnyard “‘can find a respectable job’.

  15. Malcolm Farr’s been attempting to defend the actions of the Press Gallery on Twitter. Getting a bit snooty about it too. Basically telling people who remind him social media had the story ages ago, that they should rely solely on social media from now on and see where it gets them.

    It’s an elitist argument, and it sidesteps the responsibilities of our political media. They have the contacts and they have the access to information, so they’re going to have a permanent leg-up. The argument being put to him is that, if SM could accurately report on what was going on, there’s nothing preventing our ‘mainstream’ media from doing the same thing. But they chose not to.

    He refuses to see the point.

    But then again, I’m used to seeing political journalists swinging a bat on Twitter. Plenty of them have been guilty of it, and all we ever learn from it is that they’re thin-skinned and cloistered.

  16. Will Molan apologise to the Army? It has to be emphasised – these were Molan’s new Facebook and Twitter pages, he set them up yesterday.

    Liberal Senator Jim Molan Criticised For Using Army Photos On His Social Media Accounts
    Molan is no longer a serving reservist, which mean the Defence Force has no power to tell him to take the images down.

    The arrogant fool should know better. Remember when Andrew Hastie and Labor’s Pat O’Neill got into strife for using photos of themselves in uniform in their campaign material?



    Molan obviously thinks the rules never apply to him.

  17. Pat Dodson slams Malcolm Turnbull for leaving Close The Gap breakfast

    Federal Labor frontbencher Pat Dodson has launched a blistering attack on the Prime Minister for leaving an Indigenous event before it finished.

    The Aboriginal leader said Malcolm Turnbull’s move was “indicative of the deafness of the absolute derision and the contempt which this government is meting out to the Aboriginal people”.

    “He may have had something important to do, but he should have stayed there and listened,” Senator Dodson said.

    Mr Turnbull left 15 minutes before an hour-long breakfast to launch the Close the Gap report ended.

    The report delivered a scathing critique of attempts to improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander inequality.

    The assessment was produced by a coalition of non-government organisations, which believe the Government has “abandoned” the Closing the Gap agenda.

    Senator Dodson said it was wrong for Mr Turnbull to walk out “on a major report by reputable Aboriginal leaders”


    Despite that, and despite this lousy government refusing to have anything to do with the Uluru Statement From The Heart. this person is going to be a Coalition candidate. Go figure.

    Jacinta Price to take on Snowdon in Lingiari is going to be a Coalition candidate.

    It’s not surprising, she’s a female version of Warren Mundine, just another coconut.

  18. Notice anything missing?

    This is the ‘thank you’ part of Turnbull’s statement on indulgence in parliament this morning.

    I take a moment now to express the government’s and the parliament’s deepest thanks to all those whose selflessness and professionalism have enabled us to shine a light on this national tragedy. I thank the commissioners, Mr Bob Atkinson, Justice Jennifer Coate, Mr Robert Fitzgerald, Professor Helen Milroy, Mr Andrew Murray, the chair of the royal commission, the Hon. Justice Peter McClellan, Senior Counsel Assisting Gail Furness SC, and, in total, 680 other members of the royal commission staff, who worked with such dedication over the past five years. I acknowledge the individuals, the expert witnesses, the researchers and the government and non-government representatives who came forward to give evidence over the course of the commission. I look forward, as I’m sure do all honourable members, to doing justice to their hard work and to the survivors by ensuring that together we take the steps needed to keep our children safe


    He did not mention Julia Gillard and he did not mention the government that set up this RC – hers. Instead it was all ‘my government’ and ‘we’.

    What a nasty, petty, gutless little creature he is.

  19. These articles these past 2 days about the handwringing of the Australian MSM about keeping Joyce’s affairs a secret make me pretty annoyed. Mainly because the reason why they did so is not some abstract relationship between politicians and the press.

    It’s simply because most of the press are corrupt pro-Coalition conservative political whores that want Barnaby Joyce to succeed at his career and achieve his goals, because it aligns with their pathetic upper class aspirations.

    A Labor politician does what Joyce did? Lynch them. But Joyce himself does it? Protect him. Because they love him, for some reason, which I don’t know because I’m not a conservative political whore that wants to exchange favours for personal benefit.

    • We banned the saying…..’but if it was Labor or Labor polly, it would be all over the news’…. in this house although it slips out occasionally. I have noticed quite a few I follow on twitter, and even the ones with blue ticks, are now saying it. It is being picked up by some people that I wouldn’t think would have noticed it.

      howard used to get a pretty good run, but the rot really set in when abbott got the reins, and has become much more prevalent since 2013, on the abc. I often wonder if there is a commercial radio station out there that at least attempts to give both sides of the story, but as no one has said anything, I assume there isn’t.

  20. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    Mark Kenny writes that we are shaping for a full on business tax cut election.
    George W. Bush has accused Russia of meddling in the 2016 US presidential election, calling Russian President Vladimir Putin a “brilliant tactician”.
    Gay Alcorn begins this article with “Barnaby Joyce is the deputy prime minister. Take it up one peg and imagine prime minister Malcolm Turnbull having an affair with a staff member and he and his wife Lucy splitting up. And imagine if the now former staffer was pregnant with Turnbull’s baby”.
    And Michelle Grattan asks, “Is Barnaby’s baby a matter of “public interest” or just of interest to the public?”
    Dave Donovan has his say over how the media handled the Barnaby Joyce affair.
    Simon Holmes à Court gives the “slimy” Minerals Council both barrels.
    The head of the World Bank compared cryptocurrencies to “Ponzi schemes”, the latest financial voice to raise questions about the legitimacy of digital currencies such as Bitcoin.
    Peter Martin tells us how the Reserve Bank of Australia governor Philip Lowe has hit out at calls for a rise in interest rates, saying he won’t adjust the bank’s record low cash rate of 1.5 per cent any time soon and he won’t be swayed by increases overseas.
    The major banks have promised not to enforce confidentiality agreements that were threatening to stop victims or whistleblowers from giving evidence to the royal commission into industry misconduct.
    Here’s Evan Jones’ Part 4 of his series on the Clayton’s banking royal commission.

  21. Section 2 . . .

    Molan has refused to accept Bandt’s apology.
    The TGA needs a good kick up the clacker serving up this crap! Yes, I’m not happy about it giving the green light to rapacious charlatans.
    More on this stupidity from Esther Han.
    Catherine McGregor writes that Bill Shorten has peaked – and Malcolm Turnbull has him in his sights.
    Jess Irvine on the Grattan Institute’s call to scrap the super guarantee in favour of boosted wages.
    More trouble for Barnaby as the pesticides authority is facing another probe as it moves to Armidale, after a parliamentary inquiry began looking into the agency.
    Jennifer Hewett says that banning sexual relationships at work is absurd. Google.
    London’s famous fatbergs. Yuk!
    Gladys Berejiklian is under pressure to explain why she agreed to meet two publicans with criminal records including for arson and attempted insurance fraud and illegally owning poker machines late last year.
    Laura Tingle contrasts Brandis and Joyce. Google.
    Is the Sydney train dispute nearly over?
    Hunt will promise an extra $30 billion for hospitals from 2020 but the offer may not be enough to stave off a messy health funding fight. The Labor-held states of Victoria, Queensland and South Australia are expected to argue the money will leave them short-changed, and the NSW Liberal government has also signalled it could demand more from the federal government.
    Warning signs of domestic and family violence are being ignored because of a misconception that the abuse must be physical for it to be reported, a parliamentary inquiry has heard.

  22. Section 3 . . .

    Michael Koziol looks at McGowan’s call for a parliamentary bonking ban.
    How Microsoft turned itself around. It became more boring.
    Jenna Price explains the problem with Facebook and how it will change.
    Serious doubts have emerged about the accuracy of Victoria Police’s firearms registry amid growing concerns about the number of guns available on the black market. This is not a good look!
    Peter martin tells us that new official crime figures show Victoria is safer than it has been at any time for the past 10 years.
    This is an interesting approach to improving students’ progress in mathematics.
    Coalmining companies were given approval to clear nearly 10% of what is now a critically endangered forest in the New South Wales Hunter Valley over the past decade, according to evidence before a government commission.
    The SMH editorial gets behind the Winter Olympic.
    It is troubling for the UK that its government has sanctioned the world’s first repeal of same-sex marriage rights as Boris Johnson puts politics above principle in Bermuda.
    Lawyer Duncan Fine writes “When judges wear wigs and robes, what’s so offensive about a niqab?´
    Lisa Bryant on the value and plight of early childcare workers.

  23. Section 4 . . . Cartoon Corner

    Mark Knight with a ripper here on Barnaby!

    David Rowe and closing the gap.

    David Pope and the banning of the Eureka flag.

    Cathy Wilcox and the four pillars.

    John Shakespeare with a portrait of Barnaby.

    Mark David rains on Trump’s parade.

    Peter Broelman goes up into space to give Barnaby a whack.

    Paul Zanetti gets the boot into Barnaby too.

    Matt Golding and an explanation for the stock market correction.

    Two more from Golding.

    This one is a cracker!!!

    Look at this gif of Trump and his parade!

    From NZ’s Rod Emerson.

    Jon Kudelka and the bonking ban.

    Alan Moir with the current distraction.

    Jon Kudelka with the Jacqui Lambie Party constitution.

  24. “Warning signs of domestic and family violence are being ignored because of a misconception that the abuse must be physical for it to be reported, a parliamentary inquiry has heard.”

    It’s time everyone stopped talking about ‘domestic violence’ and used the correct term – domestic abuse.

    This abuse takes many forms, physical violence is just one of them.

    It’s explained here –
    We all understand the physical results of domestic violence, but we really need to understand the devastating effects of living for years with a partner who indulges in the less obvious forms. Often this is only done in private, often the perpetrator seems charming, loving, caring to the outside world. Friends and family have no idea. It takes a very strong, brave person to extricate themselves from such a situation, often no-one believes what the person might be saying, because there is no evidence except for their own word.

  25. Shorter Catherine McGregor: “I was right about Turnbull every time, except I was wrong, and all my critics were dickheads, and still are. Having said that, I am definitely right again.”

    Or something.

    She makes the mistake of taking one poll (a poll taken in holiday mode) and then extrapolating it to a glorious future. She is correct when she notes that Turnbull has a clever mind, but a political tin ear. Then she ignores her own accurate analysis by predicting that Malcolm’s mistakes are all behind him – no more stuff-ups – based on a single data point.

    McGregor compounds this convoluted hokum by accusing *others* of wishful thinking!

    Is this what masquerades as sober political analysis over at Fairfax nowadays? An isolated poll, some breathless waffle about a forgotten QandA appearance, an easy spray at Sky News, a couple of snarky character assessments regarding her critics, and some girlish gushing about Turnbull’s “brilliance”?

    Basically, Malcolm’s Renaissance is an old-fashioned media bootstrap. Towards the end of last year it was decided in his press office that victory would be declared. The word went out that the SSM survey was the Turning Point. Throw in some malarkey about Labor MPs under a citizenship cloud. Beat up a totally predictable New England win for Barnaby Joyce (aided by the willing complicity of a po-faced press in burying his shameless adultery on the basis that they “respected” the “privacy” of a public politician who made sport of invading the privacy of others). Then keep serving up the same gruel to a starving CPG until they stop throwing up at the very thought of swallowing it., and may even pretend to like it.

    Once you know how, it’s easy Catherine.

    • I didn’t bother reading Catherine McGregor’s thing. I thought it would be exactly as you describe. Thank you for confirming my suspicions.

    • You’d think these people would’ve learnt by now that they underestimate Shorten at their own peril.

  26. Journalists are currently jumping all over this article, claiming it vindicates all their inaction over Barnaby:


    I’ve read it through. It doesn’t help their case at all. A local newspaper asked Barnaby a couple of questions over the affair, he said it was a private matter, and then everyone went away. Never mind investigative journalism, that’ not even how run-of-the-mill journalism works. If you think you have a story, you keep at it until you confirm or deny. You don’t just cower at the first ‘nothing to see here’.

  27. OK – more Barnaby. Sorry, but I believe there’s much more to the story than the MSM is willing to reveal, so I’m going to keep going.

    Tony Windsor sometimes tweets about the Barnaby affair. Yesterday there was this –

    That was a response to Dempster saying he thought the media had done the right thing by running with the story.

    I agree, the media did the right thing, we have every right to know what our elected representatives are doing. It’s very important when the man involved is the deputy Prime Minister. I don’t think there should be rules that ban romances in the parliamentary workplace, that’s a ridiculous idea, but Barnaby is a different case to the usual.

    There has been some ‘leave the woman out of this’ comment. Why? She is an adult, she knew what she was doing. She’s not some innocent little petal cruelly seduced by Barnaby. She’s as much a part of the discussion as Barnaby is.She not only knew Barnaby was married, she knew his wife and his daughters.

    Vikki Campion, as his staffer, went everywhere with Barnaby, she even spoke at functions with him. Their relationship was, apparently, very obvious to everyone who saw them. Who knows what influence she had on portfolio decisions? Barnaby assures us he did not rort his expenses to allow Ms Campion to travel with him. Well, he didn’t need to do that. As a staffer she would have been able to claim her own expenses. One way or another we paid.

    When the affair became too much for Barnaby’s staff to handle Matt Canavan kindly created a position in his office for Ms Campion.

    The Saturday Paper’s daily email, The Briefing, says this –

    The Daily Telegraph has claimed ($) Nationals Senator Matt Canavan created a paid position on his staff for the former Barnaby Joyce employee who is now pregnant with Joyce’s child. The newspaper alleges the staffer was moved to Canavan’s office after knowledge of her relationship with Joyce caused personal tensions in Joyce’s office. It also claims Diana Hallam, Joyce’s former chief of staff, quit due to her closeness with Joyce’s wife Natalie and the deputy prime minister’s refusal to resolve the relationship and the dysfunction it caused in his office

    The story is strongly paywalled by the Smelly. I can’t be bothered trying to crack it.

    All the current chatter confirms this romance has been going on for a long time Maybe we didn’t need to know about it at first. We have not had media headlines when other politicians have fallen for staffers and ended up together. But as I said, this is different. The full story has been kept secret, done to protect Barnaby Joyce and possibly to influence the result of a by-election and to save a government. That’s what makes it serious. It’s not because the voters of New England would have abandoned Barnaby because of his love affair, they knew and they gave him a bigger vote. It was done because a romance is one thing, but accusations of molestation of teenage girls and pregnancies ending in abortion are definitely going to cost votes and in this case might have brought down a government. .

    That’s the problem. There is much more to this story. We have been tossed a few crumbs in the hope we will all forget the whole mess by next week and Barnaby’s political career can sail on

    Last October, just after breaking the news about Barnaby’s affair, (it wasn’t Independent Australia breaking the story, no matter what Dave Donovan says) True Crime News Weekly posted this –

    SHOCKING! Australia’s Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce alleged to have ‘stalked’ & ‘molested’ teen girl and young woman

    Tony Windsor has sometimes tweeted about this too.

    In his investigation for Independent Australia, written just before the New England by-election, Ross Jones mentioned these allegations but couldn’t get through the Tamworth Wall of Protection around Barnaby to either confirm or deny the rumours.

    One day the truth will come out. let’s hope it’s soon.

    Barnaby has assured Turnbull that his love affair is true love and will last. Turnbull, it seems, has accepted that. I have my doubts.

    • “Vikki Campion, as his staffer, went everywhere with Barnaby, she even spoke at functions with him.”

      Same with Credlin and Abbott. Nothing was inferred. Reprehensible MSM.

    • “All the current chatter confirms this romance has been going on for a long time”

      It might have been going on during the last Fed election when Barnaby, his mob and MSM accused Windsor of adultery.

    • gigilene
      You can bet it was going on last election, and long before that.

      Barnaby getting drunk and harassing or stalking teenage girls at functions and hotels go back to at least 2011.

      Today I’ve learnt Barnaby’s name around Parliament House is ‘the red octopus’. That tells us so much.

      I think voters will tolerate romances, divorces and realtionship breakdowns among politicans because we have all been there ourselves, but when you get the media deliberately covering up truly revolting behaviour, for years, because the person (I can’t call him a man) behaving in such an appalling matter is one of their favourites, and because the owners of the main media companies would prefer a Coalition government, then things really start to stink.

  28. Blimey, the Daily Mail isn’t holding back (now that the story is “out there”). A pics not in other articles.


    Barnaby Joyce’s pregnant staffer mistress had a six-figure job created for her in political ally’s cabinet shortly after they began their affair

    * A six-figure position created for Barnaby Joyce’s new partner by Matt Canavan
    * Vikki Campion was made senior adviser in Queensland Senator Canavan’s office
    * The 33-year-old was paid to look after his social and digital media last year
    * Mr Canavan did not have anyone in the job before her and she was not replaced

    By Fiona Connor and Sam Duncan For Daily Mail Australia
    Published: 07:29 AEDT, 9 February 2018 | Updated: 11:09 AEDT, 9 February 2018

    A six-figure position was created for Barnaby Joyce’s new partner by a close ally of the Deputy Prime Minister – Resources Minister Matt Canavan.

    Vikki Campion, 33, was appointed as a senior adviser in Queensland Senator Canavan’s office to look after his social and digital media in April last year amid concerns about the relationship from within the party, the Daily Telegraph reported.

    Prior to her hiring, Mr Canavan did not have anyone working full-time in the job, and the position had remained unfilled since Ms Campion left the role to work for Nationals whip Damian Drum.

    There is no suggestion Ms Campion did not merit being employed in the position in Mr Canavan’s office.

    Party insiders claimed Mr Joyce’s former chief of staff Diana Hallam had a close relationship with the Deputy Prime Minister’s wife Natalie.

    They claim she left her role because Mr Joyce, 50, would not address the inappropriateness of the relationship and the effect it was causing within the workplace.


    Other insiders within Parliament allege Mr Joyce’s personal life began to impact the roles of other staff who spoke about or judged his relationship, leaving them overlooked or dumped from his office.

  29. Reports that the rumours about Joyce have been swirling about Canberra for several months are only true if you accept that under rating those rumours is truth telling. Rumours about Joyce have been hot gossip for several years. Perhaps a decade. I won’t add any new ones in order to protect Joe SP from defamation laws, but acts of adultery, sexual harassment and gross drunkeness with collateral misbehaviour as has now been only hinted at in the MSM are just the tip of the iceberg, and the CPG knows it all to well.

    There is a couple of questions about all this which are intriguing to me though. Why is the Daily Telegraph the organ for these revelations to be aired in the wider public? Barnaby is just about the paragon of their readership, a loudmouthed drunkard racist shyster perpetually on the ran tan. He is not the kind of bloke that normally gets put through the wringer by the Tele. And why Sharri Markson as the reporter to do the soft core hatchet job? That trollop has whored herself out to News Corp as a writer without a skerrick of morality nor civility and equally has shown herself to be as dependent as a crack whore on leaks from the LNP. especially the more unsavoury elements of the coalition. I think the Tele is trying to hide more than it is actually revealing. The CPG will as usual stand around like stunned mullets and fail to explore this matter to our satisfaction.


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