Bugger me IT’S 2018

Happy belated new year 2018. My apologies for being a tad late but we have had a bit of bother with Ned that I have been dealing with among the usual holiday time mayhem.


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The year of the dog 2018 is well and truly here if you were born in these years you are a dog person

02/14/1934 02/03/1935 Yang Wood Jia Xu
02/02/1946 01/21/1947 Yang Fire Bing Xu
02/18/1958 02/07/1959 Yang Earth Wu Xu
02/06/1970 01/26/1971 Yang Metal Geng Xu
01/25/1982 02/12/1983 Yang Water Ren Xu
02/10/1994 01/30/1995 Yang Wood Jia Xu
01/29/2006 02/17/2007 Yang Fire Bing Xu
02/16/2018 02/04/2019 Yang Earth Wu Xu

and these are your personal traits apparently

Dogs are human’s most loyal friends protesting their owners since the primitive society. The touching stories about dogs and human beings are too numerous to enumerate. On the street, you can see the dogs helping the blind to cross the street. The renowned Temple of Eighteen Deities on the northern of Taiwan is sacred to a dog saving his master.

Dog people have a strong sense of justice. They are brave, forthright, friendly, loyal to his friends and like righting wrongs. Loyal and honest, they have the most profound sense of duty in career and don’t played job – hopping easily. As a common employee, they can perform well thus are highly regarded by their superiors. There may be problems in work after thirty-five, which requires them to overcome calmly and serenely. They are also good working partners. In love, they are fiercely loyal to those they love.

Their shortcomings for the people under the dog sign are easily angry and irritable. They too often borrow trouble, and anticipate that may geer appear. Also, they are stubborn. They usually pay much attention on the theory while lacking action and judgment. So, never act arbitrarily and dictatorially or they will suffer many disappointments. What’s more, they are fond of getting to the bottom of matters, criticizing others, suspicious and fussy. 

By the time 2019 rolls around what will have changed?

5 questions you may want to have a go at and we will see who will claim smartypants award at years end.

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Will Turnbull still be PM?                                                         I say unfortunately probably

Will the libs still be in power?                                                   see above

Who will the SA. election?                                                          Labor

Will Trump still be USA president or will he be sacked?      Still Pres.

Who will win the Melbourne cup?                                              An Australian horse



But most importantly lets just hope that 2018 is a lot better than shitty 2017 was.






410 thoughts on “Bugger me IT’S 2018

  1. One of the moments that made a convert to cold, wind, ice and scenery. Back in 2001. Lago Grey in Argentina. Every year I try to get a calendar that reflects that. Or Antarctica (same year).

    Not one of my photos but close enough.

  2. Right ! That’s it. PC has gone mad. 🙂 Cyclone parties up the Pilbara are relatively rare events that like fine wines age well in the memory.

    A “Cyclone party” ? Well in the heat and the dust and sfa of the Pilbara when a cyclone comes through there are various stages of alert, The final one makes driving verboten. So what to do when one could be trapped for a day or days ? Have a party. A house is selected where workmates will gather and vital supplies like beer,spirits, beer and much ice ,enough for 2-3 days are stocked. After that que sera sera as the storm hits.
    “Cyclone Joyce has prompted the evacuation of the world’s largest bulk minerals port as police warn against ‘cyclone parties’.”

    • Not my idea of a good time. I’m with the police on this, you need to be sober and with your wits about you, just in case.

  3. leonetwo

    Having been an attendee of two cyclone parties I assure you that the choice of location was based on the safest house/building to be. It may have been bravado,laughing in the face of danger but why not ? There are worse things in the world to do. Besides the actual danger is pretty small compared to the actual danger.

    • And here’s me left with the impression by a friend recently returned from a Pilbara mine-site that the idea of a “cyclone party” was to secure all the loose canons into one place so that they would be safer than wondering around while their shift was cancelled and the cyclone was doing its ‘thing’!
      Her take was that it also made it safer/easier for those who were on the first response teams.

      She may also have been spinning a yarn …

  4. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    Frydenberg agrees our emissions have gone up but then tries to fiddle with statistics.
    Industrial users of energy are still being slugged with steep increases in electricity and gas prices, with some facing a potential tripling in their power bills later this year as contracts come up for renewal. Google.
    One of the nation’s largest coal-fired power stations has had six failures of one of its units in the past three weeks, placing added strain on the power grid and prompting a call for fossil fuel plants to be set the same reliability standards being considered for renewable energy suppliers.
    As the US was withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement and trying to resuscitate its domestic coal industry, China has been busy accelerating its shift away from coal and enhanced its new energy technology capacity as a prelude to a global roll-out.
    The SMH editorial expresses concern over the inaction on climate change.
    In an op-ed for The Australian Mark Butler says that Turnbull is letting Abbott sap his energy as we strive for a clean future. Google.
    This professor says that framing negative gearing the right way could have positive impact. This gives an interesting insight on the effects of behavioural economics.
    Dave Donovan on how the government negatively gears the truth.
    And Rob Burgess writes that When the Australian people are being lied to, you’d hope that the bulk of the mainstream media would swing into action to expose the liars. But that did not happen during the Coalition’s phoney defence of negative gearing and capital gains tax discounts before the last election.
    !00 Mbps broadband plans are on the nose. I wonder why.
    And the Telstra CEO Andy Penn has warned that the higher wholesale broadband prices built into the NBN Co corporate plan could hurt Australia’s international competitiveness. Google.

  5. Section 2 . . .

    The average Opal fare that passengers pay for using NSW’s public transport has risen by 10 per cent since an overhaul of ticketing just over a year ago, delivering revenue of about $30 million a week to the state government. Just like reducing the weight of cornflakes in the same big box?
    Domestic violence has increased significantly in the East Kimberley since the introduction of the cashless welfare card, casting doubt on the government’s claims of its success.
    The iPhone X was responsible for a huge spike in retail sales in November. Unfortunately little of the benefit will remain in Australia in the form of company tax collection.
    Julie Bishop has refused to endorse her international development minister’s criticisms of China. Google.
    London Lord Mayor Sadiq Khan has published independent research showing the impact of a hard Brexit on London and beyond and says that the country needs official transparency about its options.
    The Andrews-Dutton stoush is getting out of hand.
    Meanwhile the media have been warned not to incite conflict after group of teenagers innocently socialising reacted to a tabloid photographer moving in to take closeup photos.
    Are the feds playing funny buggers here as a payback on SA? Google.
    Today’s teenagers are turning their backs on Australia’s excessive drinking culture, and shunning other drugs, in a change that has been dubbed a modern “youth revolution”. Let’s hope the trend continues.
    The federal government is being urged to stop using Australian travellers as a cash cow, as new analysis suggests its passport has become the most expensive in the world.
    The former Melbourne City councillor who alleges lord mayor Robert Doyle sexually harassed and indecently assaulted her has threatened the Herald Sun with defamation, after a series of articles her lawyer says are “victim blaming” and “intended to discredit” her.
    Michael Koziol tells us that recent university graduates are struggling to find full-time work despite the growth in overall employment, with one in five employed university leavers unhappily working part-time in 2017.

  6. Section 3 . . .

    This clinical psychiatrist outlines the risks for psychiatry in diagnosing Trump and other public figures..
    Tamper-resistant oxycodone tablets have not made a dent in Australia’s dangerous dependence on prescription opioids, a major study shows.
    A dirty pharmaceutical advertising campaign has ended up in the federal Court.
    Start-ups and small businesses finally have the ability to raise money from the general public in exchange for a stake in the company after the regulator approved the first batch of equity crowdfunding platforms.
    The Queensland funeral industry has been rocked by the public response to a ‘coffin swap’ incident in Rockhampton that has raised questions about inadequate state regulations.
    The five types of January bores to avoid.

  7. Pope’s Dutton starting to look a bit simian. Should have those knuckles dragging before long.

  8. I thought the way things work is you join a political party, or decide you are an independent and then you try to get elected to the Senate. I didn’t think the opposite was the way it was done – get yourself into the Senate by any means possible and then shop around for a party to join.

    Silly me. How naive.

    Bob Katter evasive about plans to lure Fraser Anning to his party
    ‘I hope that we will continue working closely together,’ Queensland federal MP says of the former One Nation senator

    • Sack Peter Dutton, for humanity’s sake. @PuffyTMD
      48m48 minutes ago
      Replying to @SkyNewsAust
      bastards. we already had >1 Premier get depression (Kennett et al) + mentally ill MPs +Suicides.. So you bully a Premier for Annual Leave via yr racist beat-up of our good African-Aussies U arzeholes ShameOnU #MentalHealth @SkyNewsAust @KellyODwyer @DanielAndrewsMP @MatthewGuyMP

    • Puffy, Kennett is not deserving of your sympathy. He did untold harm to countless humble Victorians with his privatasion of Victorian utilities

    • She was only allowed to do that presser because the ministers really responsible for finance and treasury, SloMo and The Cormannator, are apparently ……. wait for it ….. on holiday!

      Yep, the twit slinging off at Andrews for daring to take a couple of weeks off is herself filling in for two chaps who are also taking a holiday.

      Only Liberals are allowed to take holidays.

  9. The world has gone nuts. The latest ‘trends’ show just how braindead people are becoming, always after the latest craze, until their two-minute attention span shoves them off to something else. Consumerism at it’s worst.

    Some crap I’ve seen over the last two days.

    First, the ‘crossushi’. (Vomit!) I thought cronuts were an abomination, but this takes abominations to a whole new level.
    Crossushi: The next big food trend we didn’t know we needed

    Next – from California. Where else would anyone be dumb enough to fall for this? Raw Water.
    What Are the Dangers of Drinking ‘Raw Water’?
    Summary: The raw water trend in California is all the rage—but it’s also dangerous.

    And last – backwards books. Yep, that’s right. Putting your books on your bookshelves with the spines in. Obviously this ever-so-trendy decorating craze was thought up by someone who has never read a book and thinks they are just some form of decoration.
    Backwards Books: Fun New Trend? Or Insane Game For Psychopaths?

    • Just continuing SNAFU. I mean so unlike 40 years ago 🙂
      Pet Rock is a collectible conceived in 1975 by advertising executive Gary Dahl. Pet Rocks are smooth stones from Mexico’s Rosarito Beach.[1] They were marketed like live pets, in custom cardboard boxes,[1] complete with straw and breathing holes.
      Pet Rock is a collectible conceived in 1975 by advertising executive Gary Dahl. Dahl sold 1.5 million Pet Rocks for $4 each,and became a millionaire.


    • Damn pet rocks. I remember kids making these at school, for craft lessons. They had teensy, googly eyes that had to be glued on, and someone would always spill the box of eyes on the floor.

    • here are the thoughts of the person peddling raw water

      Singh described tap water as “toilet water with birth control drugs in them,” along with healthy doses of chloramine and fluoride. “Call me a conspiracy theorist,” said conspiracy-theorist Singh, “but it’s a mind control drug that has no benefit to dental health.” (No evidence has been found that fluoride is a mind-control drug. The American Dental Association, along with numerous scientists, are convinced that fluoride prevents tooth decay based on decades of scientific studies.)

  10. Gippsland Laborite

    From memory the fluoride conspiracy knutters believe the nazis added fluoride to water to make the locals more passive. Then of course there is their notion that the aluminium producers are part of their conspiracy because they can get rid of some of their waste. Depressing is reading some of their sites. Most ‘red neck’ site comments give me some good lols but the fluoride and anti vaxxers opinions are truly depressing to read.

    One for the Quincelanders. Fluoride conspiracy nutters also claim fluoride reduces !Q. Up until about 2006 Qld had SFA of their water fluoridated. Sooo if the nutters are correct Quinceland should be the ‘smartest state’ 😆

  11. In my eternal effort to earn brownie points from Obergruppenführer und General der Polizei Dutton some music from his clan.

    “The Duttons–Boil ‘Em Cabbage Down”

  12. leonetwo

    It truly amazed me that Labor went for this. the actual savings are sfa the numbers involved not a lot but as far as how it looks they may as well have been clubbing baby seals and expect the public to cheer.

  13. Billie
    Kennett’s name was the only one I could think of at the time. I have no sympathy for the bloody arrogant, heartless Liberal Premier of the usual kind. He did not have a hint of care about mental health until it affected him, and suddenly he was yelling loud and long about it. Like all Libs, it never matters until it happens to them.

    But maybe some good came of it, though I do not know the inner workings of Beyond Blue and how effective Kennett was for them.

  14. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/951679619341737986

    However, the embassy website showed the decision to move the location was made in 2008 under George W Bush, months before Barack Obama took office in January 2009.

    It would have been impossible to retrofit the aging concrete building with the security measures needed, officials said at the time.


  15. Rachel Maddow might not be that good all the time, but, nights like this, she dissects US politics so well.

    Hence why I honestly prefer watching the MSNBC youtube channel over the CNN channel. Yeah, from the outside, CNN might be the more “liberal” or “anti-trump” news outlet, but, most of its news shows are basically verbal duels with one of Trump’s Gauleiters done for entertainment where nothing of intellectual value is gained.

    Another good show to watch there is Morning Joe. Even though Joe Scarborough is/was a Republican, well, he has his heart in the right place on some issues. I can disagree with him on those issues but agree with him on others and not despise him, that kind of conservative (seemingly a rare breed these days). And Mika Brzezinski can dish it out too, like in this video.

    Oh, and good news, Bill Maher’s back next week. I missed him a lot.

  16. And another thought. I tend to follow US political media a bit better because their media actually criticizes and questions their government. There is no equivalent in Australia, at least on television. There’s no regular centre-left program in Australia that criticizes Turnbull or the LNP, the “news” is basically “Turnbull and the LNP want us to report on something so we’ll do so and paint their shit gold so people keep voting for them”.

    There is nothing of equivalence in Australia, where a progressive person is allowed to appear on television and criticize the depravity of the Coalition for 30 minutes. Of course they’re free to do so against Labor or the Greens, but, never the Coalition. And that rather makes me sad.

  17. Also probably should’ve mentioned earlier, but I just turned 30 today. Didn’t really want to think about politics because feelings like that put a dampener on matters due to my situation, so I did other things, but, it’s happened. It was a fun day with family and I had a good day.

    • And Happy Birthday for yesterday from me too. – I’m glad you had a good day, and I hope that there are many more good days ahead for you.


    • Many happy happys for yesterday. Being 30 was a long time ago for me, your future is just starting, glad you had a good day with many many more to come.

    • Happy Birthday for yesterday. I”m so happy to hear you had a good day. Here’s hoping this year will be the best yet for you.

    • And joining in the chorus of Pubsters, I wish you a belated Happy Birthday Kirsdarke.

      Your postings are always worth reading, plus you and Gippsland Laborite add value to this blog with your psephological analyses. I hope the coming year goes well for you after reading of some of your disappointments in the past year.

  18. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    Fergus Hunter reminds us that Turnbull has been more unpopular than Trump.
    Peter Martin explains how a paper shown to the RBA says that axing negative gearing would lift home ownership to as much as 72.2 per cent of households, cut home prices by just 1.2 per cent and lift rents “only marginally”.
    Trump acknowledged on Friday that he used “tough” language during a meeting on efforts toward a bipartisan immigration deal, but appeared to deny using the term “shithole” to refer to some countries. Sure Don!
    This Washington Post columnist comes out and says that racial tension is why Trump is president.
    Richard Wolffe says that Trump’s use of the words “shithole countries” is worthy of a racist-in-chief.
    Meanwhile the US ambassador to Panama John Feeley, a career diplomat and former Marine Corps helicopter pilot, has resigned, telling the State Department he no longer feels able to serve President Donald Trump.
    And he’s being globally rebuked.
    Downing Street has accused Jeremy Corbyn and Sadiq Khan of jeopardising relations with America for telling Donald Trump he is not welcome in Britain, after the US president called off a planned visit to London in the face of likely mass protests.
    A U.S. Democrat Senator on the Judiciary Committee this week released a 300-page committee report after two Republican committeemen requested a Trump-Russia whistleblower be investigated for possible prosecution.
    Members of the nationalist True Blue Crew are planning to “take a stand on the streets” in response to Melbourne’s so-called ‘African gang crisis’. Thankyou Potatohead!

  19. Section 2 . . .

    Jess Irvine tells us why interest rates are likely to rise in 2018.
    Crispiin Hull continues his examination of why the stepping away from equality in health and education is hurting us badly. Another very good contribution from Hull.
    Signs in the market that power prices are still heading north have increased scepticism about the modelling from the Energy Security Board and other regulators that tariffs will decline over the next few years. Google.
    The SMH editorial looks at how political posturing might unfold in 2018.
    The ACTU has begun collecting information from customers of banks and financial institutions to pass to the royal commission. Google.
    The global electric car revolution is coming to Australia, Environment and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg has declared, likening the scale of technological disruption to the introduction of the iPhone. Nicole Hasham reports.
    Misha Zelinsky from the Australian Workers’ Union rightfully explains how paying a little extra upfront is better than tipping.
    Shopping centre landlords are starting to feel the disruptive power of online shopping as an increasing number of troubled retailers rebel against exorbitant rents. This is just the start. Google.
    The Australia Institute’s Ebony Bennett explains how the greatest threat to our energy security is the extreme het which affects the continuity of operation of coal and gas generators.
    The nation’s major sports codes, including the AFL, NRL and Cricket Australia, have joined the fight to secure controversial exemptions to the Turnbull government’s looming siren-to-siren ban on daytime gambling advertising.
    Elizabeth Farrelly explains that it’s because of childbirth that women don’t go to war.
    A union for tax officials is appealing an industrial umpire decision letting the Australian Taxation Office roll out hot-desking across the agency.
    Kate McClymont says the Doctor Blake series is hanging in the balance.
    Julia Baird writes about another form of harassment.

  20. Section 3 . . . Cartoon Corner

    These two from Mark David really hit the spot!

    Here’s the real shithole.
    Paul Zanetti takes us whale watching with Sarah.

    At the winter Olympics with Cathy Wilcox.

    Three beauties from Matt Golding.

    This one on the proclivity some people have for large families.

    Glen Le Lievre on Rocket Man and interest rates.

    David Pope gets stuck in to the latest welfare reforms.

    Pat Clement and Assange’s “personal hygiene” issues.

  21. “Shithole countries” – shades of Alexander Downer there.

    You might remember Downer referring to ‘busted arse countries’ during an international meeting in South America in March 2001. The media reports of that incident have vanished, but there is always Hansard, which also gives us some insight into Downer’s petty, vindictive ways.


  22. Jay and Lynn saw it coming back in 1980

    Buranda is a fictional West African LDC (less developed country, later known as a developing country) that features in the second episode of Yes Minister (“The Official Visit”) and (briefly) in Yes, Prime Minister (“A Conflict of Interest”). Formerly British Equatorial Africa, it is referred to privately by James Hacker as a “TPLAC” (tin-pot little African country), much to Sir Humphrey’s consternation.


  23. We are heading into dangerous territory. Dutton has more power now than any Australian politician ever has had, he controls ASIO, ASIS, the AFP and Border Force. He’s the defacto Prime Minister now, because Turnbull is so weak, so spineless, so tired he just won’t stand up to him.

    Now Dutton has included the judiciary in his racist attacks on ‘African gangs’.

    It sounds like Dutton wants to make decisions on appointments to the judiciary all by himself, even in state courts.


  24. You might have noticed the faux outrage from the Queensland LNP over what they say is a sudden move to have gender removed from drivers licences.

    Queensland politicians are dumber than I could ever have imagined. That change was proposed two years ago and they didn’t notice.

    Queenslanders Are Spewing Over A Change They Haven’t Realised Happened Ages Ago

    Even the Queensland Police Union is whinging.

    It’s all Labor’s fault! Plus some added hate for the LGBTI community who are being blamed for this decision.

    Now NSW Roads Minister Melinda Pavey has shown us all just how braindead NSW Nats are by chiming in with her own ‘NSW will never, ever do this’ rubbish. Apparently Mrs Pavey is too stupid to know that NSW has never had gender stated on licences. You do have to put your gender on your paperwork, but it has never been on the actual licence.

    No-one thought to check, to pull out a licence and have a look at it. They just went along with the government-sponsored faux outrage. Says a lot about the standard of journalism in this country, doesn’t it.

    It’s the second big misinformation campaign this year, the other one being the ‘African gangs’ rubbish, and we are not even two weeks into 2018. Both have been engineered to make people believe Labor is behind these non-existent scandals. It’s going to be a rough and very dirty year, and the MSM are going to be doing all thy can to prop up Fizza and his miserable government.

  25. ABC news. You know all that work Red Cross and others is doing helping immigrants and refugees? Well, that work will be taken over by Border Farce and will be outsourced.

    More corruption, here we come!

    • The next Labor government needs to make a royal commission into this. This has become too much. I will accept nothing less than that if Labor next comes into government.

      I want to see Coalition ministers pay for their cruelty and crimes. I want to see a watershed of this kind of behavior.

      If Labor wins the next election, they need to act immediately to purge the public service of these awful people and do it too quickly for the media to start whining about it.

      To me, the Border Security force seems to be more like the White Supremacy force (even though they are technically failing because immigration is actually still incredibly high, but for cheap foreign labor purposes that boost profits rather than humanitarian purposes so it’s ok).

    • Well, that work will be taken over by Border Farce and will be outsourced.

      I can see Adolph Kipfler’s vision of the future. All together now Tuber Uber Allles ,Oi Oi Oi

    • It’s legal and Labor has voted for a lot of it.

      Labor is never going to hold a RC into something they willingly participated in. Too much ancient history would come out, like the Keating government starting mandatory remote area detention camps, and bringing in the ‘if you arrive by boat you will never come to Australia’ thing. The half-hearted noises Labor are now making, demanding Turnbull allow refugees to go to New Zealand, are sickening, because we all know those poor sods should be here, living in the community and enriching our country. Labor still won’t demand that.

  26. Just to make everything that bit more deprerssing –

    I suppose by now you have all seen this thread –

    Dutton must be so proud. A drugged-up (looks like meth to me) Queenslander with an accent that sounds odd making threats, talking about immigrants and Melbourne bikie gangs. The really scary part is this moron followed a woman and her little kids home from their preschool. Thank goodness her husband was at home when they arrived. Dutton has really got all the nutters, haters and white supremacists hyped up, and no-one is going to ever convince me that was not his and Turnbull’s intention all along.

    The Queensland police are now investigating. I really don’t have any confidence in them to do the right thing.


    There have been many times I’ve been ashamed to be Australian, been ashamed of this country, but never like this. I’m appalled at the way this revolting government is acting, and it’s all being done so they can stay in power. All I can do is hope a majority of Australians become more and more sickened as we stagger towards the next election and decide to shove this mob where they belong.

  27. @2gravel

    What I have in mind is that a future Labor government cooperates with the UN Human Rights council and investigates the breaching of international law with these crimes against humanity.

    The UN has said that Australian policy breaches these rights, so, that’s the grounds for a royal commission right there. “Royal Commission into alleged Crimes Against Humanity against Asylum Seekers”.

    Terms of reference would be any government decision that caused a breach of human rights. Labor or Liberal, it shouldn’t matter.

    • And frankly I think such a royal commission should have no mercy. The Coalition tried to take down Shorten with Heydon. I think Labor should put Michael Kirby in charge of this hypothetical RC.

  28. Have the two cricketing grandsons staying tonight. I bet no one can guess what we are watching on the tv, and have been since they rocked in about 4pm. It’s okay though, I’ve set the video to tape The Ghan that goes for 17 hours. Hope we don’t have a blackout.

    • I’ve never understood the electoral college thing. George W Bush was elected the same way as Trump – he lost the popular vote to Al Gore but the electoral college thought otherwise and gave him the presidency. We all know how well that decision turned out.

      There are two ways to go here, for the US. They abolish the electoral college and go with the popular vote, as a real democracy would do, or they abolish elections and just leave it all up to the 538 members of the college to decide, as they do now.

      You really have to wonder why the US bother’s with elections when the popular results really mean nothing.

  29. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    Andrew Leigh explains the false economy of sacking public servants. Yes, it’s the difference between price (head count) and cost (outsourcing).
    Dom Knight rips into NSW transport management by the government and has a crack at Cricket Australia.
    Immigration academic Melanie Baak says that ‘gang’ hysteria will cause lasting damage to South Sudanese community.
    This suburban journalist is not impressed with the standard of MSM journalism with resect to the African crime issue. A good article.
    Peter Martin turns his mind to the gang crime our leaders help create.
    The Coalition’s catch phrases are all about creating more and better jobs for Australians — but how good is its record really? John Haly looks at the numbers and says they don’t add up.
    Make up your own mind on this contribution from David Leyonhjelm on the aftermath of the SSM legislation.
    Now Robert Doyle is under investigation for declaring a $40,000 donation he made to his own election campaign more than a year after the poll was held.

  30. Section 2 . . .

    The Trump administration’s nuclear policy review loosens constraints on the use of nuclear weapons. We should all be worried.
    It seems that Trump, the embodiment of much that is wrong with much of America, paid off with hush money a porn star just before the 2016 election.
    Trump has had a turbulent week, but an expert says the worst is probably yet to come with controversial comments and burgeoning scandals only deflecting attention from an administration in turmoil.
    Here’s more reaction from around the world on Trump’s “shithole” comment.
    This contribution from Chris Ogge is a good read.
    More has come out on the big Las Vegas shooting.

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