Bugger me IT’S 2018

Happy belated new year 2018. My apologies for being a tad late but we have had a bit of bother with Ned that I have been dealing with among the usual holiday time mayhem.


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The year of the dog 2018 is well and truly here if you were born in these years you are a dog person

02/14/1934 02/03/1935 Yang Wood Jia Xu
02/02/1946 01/21/1947 Yang Fire Bing Xu
02/18/1958 02/07/1959 Yang Earth Wu Xu
02/06/1970 01/26/1971 Yang Metal Geng Xu
01/25/1982 02/12/1983 Yang Water Ren Xu
02/10/1994 01/30/1995 Yang Wood Jia Xu
01/29/2006 02/17/2007 Yang Fire Bing Xu
02/16/2018 02/04/2019 Yang Earth Wu Xu

and these are your personal traits apparently

Dogs are human’s most loyal friends protesting their owners since the primitive society. The touching stories about dogs and human beings are too numerous to enumerate. On the street, you can see the dogs helping the blind to cross the street. The renowned Temple of Eighteen Deities on the northern of Taiwan is sacred to a dog saving his master.

Dog people have a strong sense of justice. They are brave, forthright, friendly, loyal to his friends and like righting wrongs. Loyal and honest, they have the most profound sense of duty in career and don’t played job – hopping easily. As a common employee, they can perform well thus are highly regarded by their superiors. There may be problems in work after thirty-five, which requires them to overcome calmly and serenely. They are also good working partners. In love, they are fiercely loyal to those they love.

Their shortcomings for the people under the dog sign are easily angry and irritable. They too often borrow trouble, and anticipate that may geer appear. Also, they are stubborn. They usually pay much attention on the theory while lacking action and judgment. So, never act arbitrarily and dictatorially or they will suffer many disappointments. What’s more, they are fond of getting to the bottom of matters, criticizing others, suspicious and fussy. 

By the time 2019 rolls around what will have changed?

5 questions you may want to have a go at and we will see who will claim smartypants award at years end.

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Will Turnbull still be PM?                                                         I say unfortunately probably

Will the libs still be in power?                                                   see above

Who will the SA. election?                                                          Labor

Will Trump still be USA president or will he be sacked?      Still Pres.

Who will win the Melbourne cup?                                              An Australian horse



But most importantly lets just hope that 2018 is a lot better than shitty 2017 was.





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  1. Section 4 . . . Cartoon Corner (monster edition!)

    Now David Rowe has trump as a threatening whale.

    David Pope gives the private insurers a health check.

    Matt Golding and Feeney’s political trajectory.

    Cathy Wilcox searches for a suitable date for Australia Day.

    Simon Letch with Trump’s race card.

    Andrew Dyson and Paradise Regained.

    Matt Davidson goes shopping.

    Clever work from Mark David!

    This speaks for itself.

    Paul Zanetti at Trump’s medical assessment.

    Michael Leunig at the NPC.

    Bannon’s gobstopper.

    Matt Golding has three more for us.

    From Glen Le Lievre (whose services for Crikey have just been discontinued).

    Sea Leahy on the state of our oceans.

    Alan Moir farewells the silly season.

    Some historical fact finding from Jon Kudelka.

  2. You know what? I don’t care what the SMH editorials say. I have not forgotten that in the last three elections whoever writes these things urged us to vote for the Coalition.

  3. Some good news –

    • She’ll make it positive all around. She’ll get most women on side and some expecting couples. She’s smart. Like Julia. Possibly luckier.

    • I suppose it had to happen – Sky had some interview where ‘questions had to be asked’ about why PM Ardern did not tell Winston Peters she was pregnant when she was negotiating with him.

      Why should it matter?

    • Congratulations & best wishes Jacinda

      Would she have known she was pregnant when she negotiated with Winston Peters? Maybe maybe not

  4. This tweeter answered my question.

  5. Bit warm here today, 37.6c, coolest gear I’ve got is my nightgown, so I’m not getting dressed!!! Looking at players on tennis court, they seem to be coping okay at the moment. They can have it all to themselves.

  6. Cory Bernardi is having a huge sook about bands refusing to allow their work to be used in his Australia Day playlist.

    Spotify has removed the playlist. Laura Jayes, Sky News, tried to criticise that decision and was taken to task by tweeters for not understanding Spotify’s terms and conditions. It’s a good thread –

    I really liked this response –

  7. Hope everyone at The Pub is keeping cool. Got the a/c going here, it is 41.1c and we won’t be getting cool change as we are inland, no sea breeze.

    • We are not getting the nasty heat up here. It’s 26.4C now, we won’t reach the forecast 28C. Same expected until Monday, when it’s supposed to go to 30C.

  8. Australia Day gained quasi religious overtones when it changed from being a long weekend, to be stuck on 26 Jan and I can see how it offends various people.

    Personally I think it’s NSW day and Jan 1 is Australia Day

    However we need a long weekend at the end of the school holidays so why not rename it
    BACK TO SCHOOL holiday

  9. Wetland wild things – recovery 15 years on from a major bush fire event, Tidbinbilla, Canberra, Australia

  10. Looks like the government gave Donaghue his instructions

    Chief Justice Susan Kiefel said the relevant question appeared to be which date in the timeline of Gallagher’s renunciation attempt, nomination, election and renunciation confirmation mattered.

    The solicitor general, Stephen Donaghue QC, said Gallagher took steps to renounce her British citizenship less than two months before the close of nominations, leading to potential questions about the “reasonableness” of her timing.


    • Last time the SG appeared in a citizenship Their Honours pretty much made mincemeat of him.

  11. Congratulations @jacindaardern on your wonderful news today. When we spoke this morning you sounded more excited than you did when you won the election! Lots of love and best wishes from me and Lucy and all of us across the ditch.— Malcolm Turnbull (@TurnbullMalcolm) January 18, 2018

    Did Mesma give Jacinda a call to congratulate her?

  12. With the current storm about Corgi’s Spotify play list I’d like to suggest an anthem for him and indeed the whole government
    “You sh*t me to tears” by The Tenants



    This is a sequel to an earlier, much shared, 2013 satirical piece.

    I said warning, because apparantly there are people on instagram passing around and getting outraged by the mocked up image of the pink t-shirt, thinking its real.

    This is like falling for a joke in The Onion

  14. If you have “one of those days” think of Oscar Speck and don’t feel so bad. Poor chap kayaks from Germany to Australia and his reward for such an epic journey ……………………………. 4 years in an internment camp !!

    From Nazi Germany to Australia: The Incredible True Story of History’s Longest Kayak Journey


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