Bennalong by-election

Probably the most important by-election in recent times will occur tomorrow. If John Alexander is returned the coalition hang on to their slim majority in parliament.

if Kristina Keneally wins


3d724b3ad485eb91db83f96de3af860e.jpg Armageddon

Nuclear Bomb Google Mushroom Fire.jpg

will befall Malcolm Turnbull


and his prime-ministership may well be over soon after.

I know at least 2 stalwarts of ” The PUB”

Will be out campaigning for Labor and I wish them the best and can attest that they will not be beaten in a rational argument on policies.

Should be interesting


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  1. My 2 cents worth on Bennelong:
    KK tweeted that this swing to ALP would equate to 25 seat gain at a general election.
    I read somewhere that historically by elections caused by unusual circumstances which the author of the article included Bennelong as such, have always had a swing TO the incumbent.
    The Monkey Pod kept a very low profile in this by election because I suspect they didn’t want to take any heat from within the party because of their actions. Do we really think those Lib MP’s on small margins would be comforted by this result?
    Do we really think Abbott and co are going to stop their undermining?
    Fun and games in 2018

    • That’s for sure. Abbott only knows how to wreck, Turnbull is spineless and can mouth any words without checking their veracity and the RWNJs in the Liebrals along with emboldened Nationals = Turnbull is E. M. B. A. T. T. L. E. D.

  2. The Palestinian equivalent of Madiba:

    Marwan Barghouthi ordered to solitary confinement after statement on Intifada:

    Marwan Barghouthi, member of the Fateh central committee and a prominent Palestinian national leader, was transferred by Israeli prison officials into solitary confinement at Hadarim prison, reported the campaign for his release on Tuesday, 12 December 2017.

    The campaign said that “this decision to isolate him comes to prevent him from communicating with his people in the homeland and diaspora at a time when Palestine and the capitals and cities of the world are protesting widely against the decision of U.S. president Donald Trump to declare his country’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the Israeli occupation state. This decision to isolate is a form of retaliation for a statement issued by Marwan Barghouthi on the anniversary of the great popular intifada a few days ago.” The statement, issued from Hadarim prison, emphasized the rights of the Palestinian people to return, self-determination and their capital, Jerusalem, and urged the expansion of the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement and international solidarity with Palestine.

    Barghouthi has been ordered to solitary confinement on 27 occasions and spent several years in solitary confinement in the past, especially after his imprisonment in April 2002. He was held in solitary confinement in April-May 2017 because of his role in leading a mass hunger strike for 51 days in Israeli prison; he has also been barred from visits by his wife, the lawyer Fadwa Barghouthi, until the end of 2019.

    Recently, a French delegation to Palestine, including a number of mayors involved with the campaign to free Barghouthi, was told that its members would be denied access to Palestine for their role in supporting Palestinian prisoners and the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement. The delegation sought to meet with Barghouthi in Hadarim prison.

  3. It just keeps getting worse – no wonder Turnbull didn’t allow this blithering idiot to say a word during the Bennelong campaign.

    You might have noticed the strategy in play at Bennelong pressers – a journalist would ask Alexander a question, he’s pretend he didn’t hear and would ask or the question to be repeated, that would give Fizza time to come up with an answer and then Fizza would answer the question. It gave the illusion of Alexander participating.

  4. Tomorrow is MYEFO day – Scummo will be telling us the key to a lower deficit is capping university places.

    But that’s not all that’s happening.

  5. I knew it, I knew it: coal will be the death of all of us!

    The Australian federal police have arrested a man in Sydney over allegedly acting as an economic agent for North Korea, attempting to sell missile components and coal on the international black market.

    Do you notice something, else, a bit weird – he has been arrested for allegedly …

    The AFP doesn’t arrest anyone, I hope, for allegedly anything.

  6. Oh dear, pynekins, you do understand that there may be some flow-back? Like the High Court may decide to investigate others?

    Reinvigorated by its win in the Bennelong by-election, the Turnbull Government has refreshed its threat to refer Labor and crossbench MPs to the High Court over their citizenship.

    John Alexander’s win in the crucial vote has given the Coalition back its 76-vote majority in the Lower House, and the numbers to act unilaterally in forcing more High Court challenges.

    Their ABC mentioned Falinski and Kylie Mole but were forgetful about Seenodonors and Sudmalis the Greek.

  7. Newspoll:
    53-47 Labor (No change)

    Primary votes 37 Labor, 36 Coalition, 10 Greens, 7 One Nation.

    Turnbull approval: 32-57
    Shorten approval: 32-56
    Preferred Prime Minister: 41-34 Turnbull over Shorten.

    25th Newspoll with Libs behind in a row.

    Voters clearly thinking Turnbull can shove his renaissance up his arse, they’re still gonna toss him and his awful party out.

    • All those things that were supposed to give Turnbull and his government a poll boost have achieved nothing.

      Same sex marriage finally becomes legal – no effect on Newspoll.
      Turnbull attacks Dastyari – no effect on Newspoll.
      Turnbull wins a by-election in a (former?) blue ribbon Liberal seat – no effect on Newspoll.
      turnbull goes China-phobic – no effect on Newspoll.
      Even the alleged boost in Turnbull’s personal numbers isn’t that great because Shorten is right there beside him.

  8. And then there’s the 2016 ACT election where the Libs went backwards -2.2% against a 15 year government, not sure if Turnbull bothered showing up for that one though.

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