Not a bad week


Labor won the qld election


marriage equality was finally made law


Labor still well ahead in the latest polls . Malcom getting closer to the 30 newspolls lost in a row benchmark he set when knifing abbott


Kristina Kennerly looks to be doing well in the bennelong by election which would upset xmas dinner at point piper.


Not mush has been heard from or about One Nation this week which in itself is a blessing.


Neds diabeties is now under control and Syd has not got it.



all in all not a bad week.





191 thoughts on “Not a bad week

  1. Australia’s immigration minister has accused refugees on Manus Island of lying about being threatened by locals, despite video of at least one incident.

    Asylum seekers and refugees have claimed they have been subjected to multiple threats from local Papua New Guineans since being removed from the Australian-run detention centre and placed in accommodation in Lorengau.

    Separate videos provided by refugees to Guardian Australia show two apparently intoxicated men at the transit centre, one of whom made death threats.

    In one clip, which refugee and journalist Behrouz Boochani said was shot on Saturday, a man staggers around the outside of a building at West Haus wielding a long metal implement. He gestures towards a person or people out of shot, shouting “You are a dead man” and “I will kill you” in Tok Pisin.

    He continues to shout and wave the weapon around as another man drags him away.

    The video, shot through the metal fence, shows the man throw a rock at the centre before leaving.

    But in Canberra on Monday Peter Dutton said the refugees’ claims of being threatened were “complete nonsense”.

    “The propaganda must stop,” he said. “I didn’t put them on Manus Island but I have the job to get them off.

    “Some people are lying. There is no question of that. Some advocates are behind those lies,” he said.


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