Not a bad week


Labor won the qld election


marriage equality was finally made law


Labor still well ahead in the latest polls . Malcom getting closer to the 30 newspolls lost in a row benchmark he set when knifing abbott


Kristina Kennerly looks to be doing well in the bennelong by election which would upset xmas dinner at point piper.


Not mush has been heard from or about One Nation this week which in itself is a blessing.


Neds diabeties is now under control and Syd has not got it.



all in all not a bad week.




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  1. Thinking about why the media seems to be backing Turnbull so fiercely, I remember this from probably one of friendlyjordies’ best videos.

    (Of course it gets a bit rude in places, but he puts it so well when talking about Noam Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent)

    Quickly though, this documentary/book obliterates the fairy tale that the mainstream media is there to inform the public. It was designed from day 1 purely to to be PR for the rich.

    That’s why there’s this very strong right wing presence in the media that’s not so much driven by an ideology, as they are, dogs with rabies. As their entire job is to attack and discredit anything that is remotely pro-population, so centre-left parties, unions, green groups…

    While the quote-unquote “Left-wing media” are really what I like to call “Douche bags”. Look into the background of virtually anyone you regard as left leaning in the mainstream media. 99% of the time they’re the private school educated narcissistic hatchlings of wealthy well-connected families, infuriatingly waggling their weak little in-bred fingers at the rest of Australia to check their privilege.

    Which A), works out just fine for the powers that be that the face of the left is that punchable. And B) the function of this “left-wing media” is to give off the illusion of debate, when in reality all they’re doing is distracting the public with vacuous bullshit.

    What’s worse is they know it. I’ve asked these parasites of why they continue to focus on the political equivalent of gossip while worker rights are eroded and the atmosphere gets thicker with poison. And you know what they say? “Everyone’s got bills to pay”.

    So yeah, that seems to be why the MSM always back the Liberals. Because the media itself was meant to be a pro-corporate entity and the Liberals always look after corporations above individuals.

  2. Ms Davey’s report –

    I have this dreadful feeling Turnbull will do all he can to prevent the full redress recommended by the RC.

    • Turnbull is the arsehole that arseholes call an arsehole.

      Labor has right now so ammunition come 5 Feb. And there must more to come.

      “NFI” used to mean “No Further Information.” It has come into more comment with another meaning.

  3. Re the smh article about the NBN:

    1. Faster speeds won’t fix your problems. The guy needs a wifi repeater antenna.

    2. If you aren’t close to your node (as the copper cables run) then hire a licensed cabler (aerial installers tend to be licensed cablers and get him to run a new copper cable from where the copper enters your house to where you want the NBN FTTN router/modem to go and install a phone point there. Remove all other phone points. The new cable should be the highest category recommended (think it is Cat 5.) This will allow you to get the best out of the third rate NBN the Libs are inflicting on us.

  4. tlbd

    Wow, 7.30 was excellent. Julia was treated with respect by the questioner. I agree with the panel,all should be compensated,even the ones that went on to commit the same, as they were abused like all the rest. Who knows how their lives would have turned out if they hadn’t been abused in the first place.

  5. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.
    NOTE: I will be unable to curate the Dawn Patrol tomorrow as I have to make a rush trip to Yorketown and back.

    Laura Tingle on the late dose of sheer desperation in Bennelong. Google.
    Michelle Grattan writes that the ‘China factor’ is an unknown in Bennelong but a big issue for Australia.
    Peter Martin gives the government some credit for the jobs increase.
    Michael Pascoe has his say on the matter.
    Eryk Bagshaw reports that new research has found that cutting penalty rates across the country has failed to create any extra jobs or give workers more hours. Hardly surprising.
    Richo writes that the doing in of Dastyari was unnecessarily nasty and has damaged our ties to China. Google.
    Judith Ireland on the thigh stakes for Turnbull with Bennelong.
    Our wonderful US Ambassador Joe Hockey says Trump would win again if an election were to be held today.

    Helen Pitt was at the last sitting day of the CA Royal Commission.
    The most notable observation Justice Peter McClellan, the chair of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, made during yesterday’s final session was that children are still being harmed.

  6. Section 2 . . .

    Richard Ackland writes that there are grounds to counter and reduce the expansion of religious freedoms, considering church’s cruel contribution during the marriage equality survey.
    James Massola on naughty boy John Alexander for failing to declare some income.
    Clive Palmer has written to Turnbull blaming him for the failure of Queensland Nickel. Google.
    Sean Nicholls with an article about an unwelcome letter to Gladys about filling in the hole left by the clipping of ICQC’s wings.
    The SMH editorial talks about how AGL is going its original way and closing Liddell and how the government has quietly acquiesced.
    Internet Australia says “The way we’re heading now, whoever is in office in 2020 will have to deal with our biggest ever national infrastructure debacle. NBN Co will owe the government about $19 billion, which it is having to borrow to complete the rollout, and within five to 10 years will have to fund an expensive replacement of FTTN. No one seems to know how many billions this will cost. It’s not provided for in the NBN Co business plan.” Ouch! Google.
    And Jennifer Hewett says that Turnbull has more riding in the NBN than Bill Morrow. Google.
    Rather than being the “envy of the world” as the Government claims, our border protection policies are the subject of widespread disgust and condemnation, as shown by U.N. documents released under FOI.,11029

  7. Section 3 . . .

    The ACCC plans to oppose the proposed takeover of Woolworths service stations by BP Australia, saying the deal would substantially weaken competition.
    Dave Donovan looks beyond Dastyari and the Labor Party for gents of influence. Where is the the MSM on this?,11028
    Our friend Mehajer just can’t stop himself. He’s back for yet another court appearance.
    Steph Peatling says truth has been the first casualty in the Bennelong byelection.
    David Wroe writes about foreign interference.
    The NSW highway patrol is going for the Chrysler Pimpmobile to replace its Commodores.

  8. Section 4 . . . Cartoon Corner

    Jim Pavlidis goes to Bennelong.

    As does Paul Zanetti.

    And David Rowe.

    A nice one from John Shakespeare.
    David Pope on the CA Royal Commission report.

    Mark David questions Turnbull’s Chinese influence strategy.

    This is a ripper from Jon Kudelka.

    Matt Golding on the HSC results.

    Glen Le Lievre releases a new magazine.

    Alan Moir and a Christmas surprise.

    Jon Kudelka with a special delivery to the CBA.

  9. Remember this? Turnbull trying to justify cuts to penalty rates by making a lot of pie-in-the-sky claims.

    ‘Masses of evidence’: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says penalty rates cuts will result in more jobs,
    “They’ve heard hundreds of witnesses and they have come to the conclusion that reducing Sunday penalty rates, not right down to the level of Saturday penalty rates but closer to Saturday penalty rates, will result in more jobs, more opportunities, more businesses being open, more owners being able to not work on a Sunday and employ staff to do so.”

    As usual, he was lying.

    Six months (almost) after the cuts, and just in time for the end of the campaign in Bennelong –

    Penalty rate cut fails to stimulate jobs, survey shows.

    Guess what Kristina Keneally and Labor will be talking about today.

  10. Siberia is SUCH an amazing wilderness.Unimaginably vast.

    I often Google Earth over it, zooming in on some wild and isolated lake or road (among thousands of candidates). The pictures attached to these lonely places take you to another world. You wonder if the lakes and other features like mountains and streams even have names.

    Quite a vicarious thrill.

  11. Some suspicions confirmed 🙂 Pawleen would have to be the queen of “Low-Effort Thought’.

    Low-Effort Thought Promotes Political Conservatism

    ………. Together these data suggest that political conservatism may be a process consequence of low-effort thought; when effortful, deliberate thought is disengaged, endorsement of conservative ideology increases.

    …………………. When researchers in the US loitered outside a bar in New England and asked customers about their political views, they found that the drunker the punter, the more right wing their leanings. That wasn’t because right-wing people drink more, or get pissed more easily. Wherever people stood on the political spectrum when sober, alcohol shifted their views to the right.

  12. More on Adani.

    i had a bit of a conversation on Facebook yesterday with a couple of people who thought because Premier Annastacia has vetoed the NAIF loan Adani won’t be going ahead with their mine and the Great Barrier reef is now safe.

    As I said yesterday, nothing could be further from the truth.

    Here’s the latest development.

    Adani breaks silence on Palaszczuk government after election

    The veto was one of the first acts Ms Palaszczuk undertook after reclaiming office.

    Adani responded to her move by saying it would not alter its plans. It had declined to comment on the controversy during the election.

    “Adani Australia will now fully consider and adjust to the constraints the veto of funding brings,” a spokesman said.

    “Adani Australia is 100 per cent committed to Queensland, we have a strong regional Queensland presence. This will not change.”

    Adani has the Turnbull government, especially Matt ‘It has been such an honour to represent the Australian mining sector’ Canavan in his pocket. The Qld government has always been there too. The next Labor government will also be only too willing to support these mines. Now the only things standing in the way of Adani (and Gina Rinehart) carving gigantic holes in Queenland and adding to carbon emissions are a few not-for-profit organisations and some groups of protestors. They deserve support.

  13. Question for bush lawyers out there:

    “Is time spent on suspension from work, pending disciplinary suspension, classed as ‘service’?”

    Some facts:

    *Full Annual and sick leave are accrued while on suspension.

    * The employee is at management’s direction for 40 hours per week (must respond to any queries, invitations to meetings, requests for written submissions, emails, phone calls etc.) at management’s discretion, upon pain of further discipline for disobeying a management direction.

    * No leave is offered or may be taken by the employee while on suspension, including RDOs, Xmas, Easter, recreational etc. (this includes even when investigative staff and management are on leave)

  14. Records of Jerusalem Deeds Found in Ottoman Archives: The Deeds Prove that Palestine Belongs to Palestinians.

    here are 171,306 deeds recorded in 46 registries of Jerusalem in Ottoman archive records. Of these, 133,365 are private property and 37,671 belong to foundations. In addition to this, Turkey’s archives also have records of Jerusalem between the hijri years 950 and 1917.

    Among the records of private property were 139 deeds belonging to Sultan Abdul Hamid II, 137 of which were transferred to the treasury in the past. The remaining two are in Jerusalem’s Erihav region. The records show that there is a plot of land approximately 30,000 square meters in size that is recorded under the name of Sultan Abdul Hamid II.

    The deeds proving that Palestine belongs to Palestinians were handed to Palestinian officials. Israel did not ask for deed records from Turkey. Had Israel requested these records, it would mean that Israel would be accepting that it is occupying Palestine.

    A memorandum was signed between Palestine and Jordan. Procedures such as the maintenance and repair of foundations in Jerusalem were transferred to Jordan. Therefore, in 2016, upon the request of Jordan, Turkey provided copies of the deeds of foundations in Jerusalem to Jordan.

  15. Razz is doing good. Pain down from 8 to 4 so final two infusions are set. Much to her disappointment she won’t be home until Sunday, probably afternoon. Hunter is still looking for her when I come home, but is not quite as frantic as he was on Wednesday. He’s in for a great surprise on Sunday.

    Oh, and my computer has supposedly been fixed, will give it a bit of a bash for a couple of hours while I don’t have much to do.

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