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Remember him shouting an QT. almost ordering the High court judges that ” SO THEY WILL HOLD”

Well the judges didn’t like being told what to do so they came back with a big

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Todays results were are disaster for these useless incompetents and especially for the so called PM.

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Deputy PM and leader of the Nats is gone along with 4 others. All members of the Coalition or greens. Not 1 labor person has been found to be in breach of the rules despite I am guessing some pretty thorough digging by the opposite side

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The Govt still has a Majority because the speaker can vote in case its a tie and I don’t think he would go against his mates.

All this on top of cashgate and the failed AWU raids.

IT sure is a exciting time to be alive Mal.


1,523 thoughts on “WELL THEY DIDN’T HOLD MAL.

    • They’ve gone from NBN to AWU RAID!!!! to Manus-is-OK-really to Citizenship Calls Are For Everyone to what looks like it’s now infrastructure. All in an attempt to find some clear air for Turnbull and his embattled government. That Murphy article just looks like an ad for Barnaby.

      Often the press gallery world and the real world intersect at a few points, which tends to help the press gallery maintain some respect. This week they’re running on parallel tracks. There’s:

      1. This inconvenient real world where everything is actually falling apart for Turnbull, such that his polling is terminal and he’s got nothing to call on to change his fortunes. In that world Shorten is talking sense and the entire strategy of the government is to delay everything until hopefully it all gets better. And that’s just the surface where the stories are getting airtime. Behind that is a whole series of other disasters we don’t even have time to talk about.

      2. This other, wonderful world where Barnaby Joyce is on the road to political rehabilitation and the government have made lots of achievements that need to be pointed out, and the citizenship issue is not going to present any real problems, and the marriage equality survey is somehow something Turnbull can be proud of. And where One Nation are just delightful.

      Finding anything at all to report about the first world that doesn’t immediately and irrevocably wipe that second world from the table is the current task of our political journalists.

  1. Re the thugs threatening Sam Dastyari and posting their efforts on Facebook

    I would like them charged with threatening behaviour because their behaviour reminded me why I don’t walk into hotels

  2. Some Liberal ladies still think that our NBN is OK and still think solar is dangerous even though Portsea has an intermittent power supply (Now if the Liberals were in charge Portsea would always have power)

    Their faith was shaken when told that people are being forced to replace a working internet connection with an inferior NBN connection

  3. That Mark Kenny thing was just another hymn of adoration to St Malcolm. Sure, St Mal might have lost a bit of paint over the postal survey, but he will bounce back, resprayed and shinier than new. And anyway, he had no choice, a survey was the only ‘realistic’ option. And once the survey results are in the government will magically transform into a force for social justice, and wonderful things will happen. If you believe any of that then give my kindest regards to your BFF, the Easter Bunny.

    Turnbull could have had parliament vote on same sex marriage on 15 September 2015, the first sitting day after he became PM, like all his fans expected Cool, Trendy, Leather-jacket-with-the-collar-turned-up, Q&A Malcolm would. Instead Cool Etc Malcolm immediately morphed into Cowardly Jellyfish Malcolm and signed some sort of infernal Faustian agreement with the Nats, so they would give him the numbers to be PM. An agreement that allegedly said he would not change the marriage laws and would not put a price on carbon for the duration of his government. We aren’t allowed to see that agreement, but Joel Fitzgibbon, right now, is involved in a court action that if successful, will force the government to release that agreement. It should make interesting reading.

    Kenny’s brainfart about the government suddenly turning into a bunch of social justice warriors is pure fantasy, only a devoted acolyte of St Malcolm would think of such a thing. It’s as likely to happen as us seeing the whole pack wriggling into tie-dyed T-shirts and yoga pants, sticking daisies in their hair and sitting around a campfire on the lawns of Parliament House (behind the fence, of course) holding hands and singing Kumbaya before they toddle off inside to vote in favour of increasing Newstart, bringing all those men trapped on Manus Island to Australia and closing down the (so-called) job agencies because they have seen the light and now know social justice is the only option.

    To make Kenny look even sillier, he wrote another piece for today’s paper, with co-writer Jacqueline Maley, which tells us all about the delaying tactics the RWNJs in parliament are planning to use if/when the Yes vote wins. (No link, on principle. Look it up if you want to read it.)

    Kenny can’t have it both ways. He can’t tell us Turnbull is a miracle worker for pulling off this survey and leading us to a social justice Nirvana in one article, and then in another list all the ways Turnbull could come unstuck, not even if he does finish by telling us it’s all OK because Dutton and Morrison will use their influence to make sure it’s all done and dusted before Christmas.

    Three weeks ago, in a Facebook Live interview, Turnbull assured us we would have marriage equality by Christmas, he’s even on video saying that.

    There are only eight sitting days left this year for the Reps to get this issue sorted. Turnbull also has to sort out the citizenship mess at the same time. If these two huge problems for the government are not resolved in those eight days then Turnbull will be under pressure to recall parliament for an extra week. He has already suggested doing that, and he might come to regret mentioning it. That’s another week in which he will have to face Labor hammering away about citizenship and possibly marriage equality. Will he have the stomach to face that extra week? Will he be able to get his troops together to fix the mess? I don’t think he will be up to that task.

  4. There is not enough time for him to quit, renounce and run in a by-election. That is the excuse they are using to bash the Labor mps with.

  5. I love the smell of karma in the afternoon.

    On Friday, the high court justice Stephen Gageler held off on declaring elected Hughes, who held the sixth spot on the Coalition Senate ticket at the 2016 election and was due to replace Nash after the Australian Electoral Commission conducted a recount on Monday, because of an affidavit disclosing her tax-payer funded job.

    Hughes was appointed by George Brandis to the administrative appeals tribunal in June 2017 after she missed out on a Senate seat. Section 44(iv) of the constitution disqualifies anyone who holds an office of profit under the crown from election.

    Constitutional experts have suggested that Hughes could be disqualified because of a high court authority that the election period stretches from the nomination date to the date a seat is validly filled, which included Hughes’s time on the AAT during the period Nash was ineligible.


    • More proof that all you have to do to become a PNONey candidate is put up your hand and have enough money to pay the fee. If you have the money Hanson will accept you, no questions asked.

    • Online polls are notoriously unreliable because they can be gamed by enthusiasts. When I first went on to vote Yes, the number was somewhere near 90%, which confirms the problem with relying on them. However, it has been around for a few hours now, and the Yes support is still holding up at about 76%.

      That would at least imply public support for the safety of the A/S, which Spud has done nothing to assure us of.

    • I’d love to use the FrogID app. – but it requires Android 4.4:

      Why?! Record sound, analyze sound, produce result – it’s not rocket science.

      You know the world’s gone mad when redeeming a stupid McDonalds “Monopoly” voucher code requires Android 4.4+ – instead of a barcode reader.

    • Yep, and when I go in, instead of telling me how many tweets there are to read, I get (*) instead of a number, and lots of old tweets as well. Why do they do this when things were going fine. Leroy is the only one that needs that amount of characters for his great links.

    • I hardly ever tweet, but I like having 280 characters.I really don’t care what people who write extremely long books think about a word limit. If they still want to use only 140 characters then they can. No-one is forcing them to use more.

      I do not like the new (*) tweets thing at all.

    • We’ll all get used to it, as we get used to everything.

      I do find myself scrolling past the longer tweets, though. It’s not a deliberate thing, I’m just used to getting the gist of a tweet quickly and don’t have the patience to read the wordier ones. That’ll change for me too, but so far I’m still restricting my own tweets to something around 140 characters. Aesthetics.

    • What I don’t get is people writing about Twitter as if they share ownership of it. It’s not a public marketplace, no matter how communal it seems, It’s still privately owned and the owners can set their own rules. As a user you can choose to participate or not, but it’s not our place to make any demands of it.

      I barely use Facebook because i don’t much like the set-up. But I don’t expect they’d care much for my opinion on that, so I’m happy just to give it a (mostly) wide berth.

  6. Today I’ve seen Alabama Republicans closing ranks around senate candidate Roy Moore using bible quotes to justify pedophilia.

    Hillary Clinton did lie last year during the campaign. The lie was that only half of Trump’s support base are deplorables.

    • Remember, this is a country that elected as president a sleaze who boasted about groping women.

  7. Heh, speaking of birdwatching, I was listening to old episodes of I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue and heard a fun ad lib from the late Humphrey Lyttleton.

    He was saying that he came up with a perfect line to an interview while driving on a motorway the day after.

    The interviewer said something like “So in regards to your hobbies, I’ve heard that you’re something of an Orthinologist”

    and Humph said he realized that he should have said “Not so much an Orthinologist, more of a Word Botcher”.

  8. “Used to be my 5:30 AM listening along the other great BBC shows.”

    The Common (Eastern) Koels are up around 4am – but that’s climate change for you.

  9. Jaeger

    Speaking of climate change. Fresh in from NZ via Malta….I used the Malta link just to show how the intertubes has changed things. Published in NZ but popping up all over the world. Would nae have happened pre intertubes.

    New Zealand’s winter shorter by 30 days, study finds

    Winter in New Zealand has been shorted by 30 days over the last 100 years, meaning that “true winter”, with very low temperatures and snow starts significantly later and ends earlier.


  10. Getting a bit of a nostalgia hit, watching old episodes of Good News Week from 2008-2009. TV just felt so much more fun and happy in those times.

    Incidentally, the only time in my adult life that I’ve actually ever felt happy about the state of politics was late 2007 to late 2009. After Abbott took over the Liberal leadership it all pretty much turned to shit. Hell, there’s hardly ever any decent comedy on the air anymore.

    Hopefully after Shorten is elected that might result in the 2nd time when I’m really happy about politics in this country.

  11. Kirsdarke

    Getting a bit of a nostalgia hit, watching old episodes of Good News Week from 2008-2009

    Ah youse younguns , nostalgic years with a 2 at the start ! 🙂

  12. HI Reinstatement

    Everyone is very polite and concerned.

    HI has already informed her new boss of different ways and alternative processes to carry out routine tasks. New boss is amazed they can be done so quickly, and asks why not with previous person in HI’s position? HI can only shrug shoulders.

    New boss introduced HI to whizz-bang database program to keep track of various ins and outs in the office. HI is good at jigsaw puzzles. Saw patterns emerging immediately, without need for database. Did work in half the time compared to before. New boss was expecting a monthly deadline to be missed, but in fact it was met with an hour to spare, thanks to HI’s lateral thinking.

    HR heavy came down for a report and confab regarding HI’s first week. They all had a meeting in the new boss’s office. New boss told HR that HI had already steered office back towards being on track. HR heavy took all this in, and then in front of HI’s new boss said to HI “I know you’ve had some problems with management in the past {some?????} but as far as I’m concerned this matter is over and the past is ruled off. That is my brief, and I can see it’s correct.”

    Well, it’s no apology, and hardly even an acknowledgement of what they’ve put HI through. But that’s at least progress from their last position, which was that HI was an official workplace psychopath. It helps that not one person – not one – who was originally involved in HI’s case on a day-to-day basis when it started is still employed by the organization. She’s survived them all. Sure, some of the bosses are still there, but they’re keeping a low profile. They’ve seen how we chew them up.

    Young girl in office who got her nose out of joint when HI started relieving her of responsibilities was amazed to hear HI has a son in his 40s. “I thought you were only 48 yourself!” said young thing. Even though “48” is about the oldest age anyone under 30 can conceive of, HI was still chuffed. Young girl is now on-side.

    A few tears from HI on various occasions helped. They weren’t “put-on” either. They were real enough. But she is starting to see a possible way forward to regaining her self-esteem and eventually being able to leave with her head held high.

    That’s all that matters to me.

    It’s really starting to sink in that we beat the bastards.

    • So good to hear, BB. Despite the prolonged battering she’s had to endure she has survived, her confidence and self-belief has returned and she’s respected by those around her. Wonderful news and reward for your joint efforts in enduring. And a valuable employee’s talent is put to best use.

      In some ways it has been a horror tale, making a stand not just for HI’s rights but for what is right and just in human relations. Not everyone has the strength and endurance to do so. And even when they do, they do not always win. But we all benefit from such a courageous stand that the two of you have taken.

    • I’ve seen Jules referred to as ‘Jewellery Bishop’ a lot, “Jewel Citizen’ is an excellent variation. She really does pile on the bling.

      Who could ever forget that dreadful feather dress and the dreadful boob-line. Apparently it cost $32,000. I hope she just borrowed it.

  13. retweets from Wayne Swan

  14. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    Ouch! Mark Kenny begins with this – Failing governments, like fish, usually begin stinking from the head down. But Malcolm Turnbull faces no challenger. Instead, his parliamentary majority is drifting away for reasons that have nothing to do with policy nor internal dissatisfaction with his management.
    Jack Waterford writes that the citizenship crisis is Malcolm Turnbull’s burden, not Bill Shorten’s. well worth reading.
    Laura Tingle says Turnbull is bracing himself for a possible minority government. Google.
    Now Turnbull government MP Nola Marino may have acquired Italian citizenship through marriage, in what would represent a new twist in the eligibility crisis that has engulfed the federal Parliament.
    And one of Australia’s most respected barristers says three more lower house MPs, including two Labor members, would likely be disqualified from Parliament by the High Court.
    Serial whinger Gerard Henderson continues his whining about the High Court citizenship ruling. Google.
    James Massola tells us that the Nats are secretly plotting to get Fiona Nash back in to her vacated Senate spot. I’s rather have her than that manic Jim Molan!
    David Speers tells us to ready ourselves for a very political summer. Google.
    Karen Middleton says that as the dual citizenship crisis expands and fuels leadership tensions, Malcolm Turnbull struggles to plot a policy course to Christmas.
    None other than Chris Kenny writes “Tony Abbott is looking better by the week as this dismal decade draws to a close.” Google.

  15. Section 2 . . .

    Just to add to the confusion Peter van Onselen ponders a return of John Howard! Google.
    Michelle Grattan has a look at Alexander’s and other situations.
    Paul Kelly writes “Despite the citizenship chaos engulfing Turnbull, it would be utter folly for the Coalition to change leaders.” Google.
    An excellent contribution from Jacqui Maley in the wake of the abuse laid onto Sam Dastyari.
    We spend a lot of time in Australia denying, minimising and even normalising racism. This occurs while racist taunts, threats and outright violence are directed at racial minorities on a daily basis.
    Peter Hartcher tells us why it has never been more important to tax the rich. He concludes with “Companies and wealthy tax dodgers have to be seen to pay their due before voters will accept that they deserve lower tax rates. Viva la revolution!”
    The street-level response to the Paradise Papers, the mighty follow-up punch to last year’s Panama Papers, has been curiously tepid. This is probably not what many activists, and the 100 media organizations involved in the leak, expected to happen.
    The Tax Office has hit out at “ineffective and unrealistic” schemes being promoted to US companies identified in the Paradise Papers to set up exotic offshore structures. Google.
    Global economic failure has left a vacuum being filled by angry voters.
    Michael Flynn is under investigation for involvement in an alleged plot to kidnap a Turkish dissident cleric living in the US and fly him to an island prison in Turkey in return for $15m, it was reported yesterday. Trump sure is a good judge of character!

  16. Section 3 . . .

    Mike Seccombe writes that the Greens believe they have put a difficult year behind them, and are seeing their ‘Cassandra’ foresight picked up by other parties.
    Why has BHP distanced itself from legal threat to environment groups?
    Canada has blown a trade pact with Australia and nine other nations out of the water after snubbing a leader’s meeting. Google.
    Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau sabotages Trans-Pacific Partnership, shocking leaders.
    Up to $1.2 billion must be spent in NSW alone to deliver power created by the Snowy Hydro expansion, new figures show, prompting a prediction that power customers will be slugged $160 million a year to pay for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s pet project.
    The story of license suspensions in the US reveals the extent of the injury states are willing to inflict on low-income people in order to balance their books.
    Twitter admits a problem with its verification system.
    This judge didn’t hold back on the banks here.
    Dutton refuses to acknowledge much of the problems on Manus Island. Well he would, wouldn’t he?
    Meanwhile there were ugly scenes as protesters targeted a Liberal Party fundraiser.

  17. Section 4 . . .

    Paul Bongiorno writes, “It’s likely Malcolm Turnbull doesn’t want to cross Immigration Minister Peter Dutton. The creation of the new Home Affairs ministry, against the objections of erstwhile allies in cabinet such as Julie Bishop and George Brandis, is as good an indication as any of Dutton’s clout and Turnbull’s craven need to appease him. ”
    A recent correction in Australia’s housing market could turn into a full-blown crash if the Reserve Bank hikes rates too soon or too fast, a global investment bank has warned.
    Adam Gartrell writes that John Alexander is mulling resignation and an attendant December byelection.
    Tories can take being hated. But not being laughed at.
    The best research available does not support the Turnbull Government’s ‘get tough on welfare drug users’ approach.
    A sign of things to come?
    Norm Abjorensen says fake Trumpisms continue a centuries-old tradition of made-up quotes. It’s a good historical examination of the phenomenon.
    The ABC is setting itself up for a war with the government over the revealing of salaries.
    When religion mixes with US politics anything can happen!
    Rio Tinto is quietly backing right out of coal.

  18. Section 5 . . . with Cartoon Corner

    Elizabeth Farrelly is spooked by Sophia, the smiling robot.

    David Rowe gives us two cartoons today.

    David Pope is in really good form. Here he takes us to APEC.
    Alan Moir with the good ship Constitution.

    John Shakespeare and how the masses are seeing the uber-rich.

    Jim Pavlidis and the Paradise papers.

    I do like Mark David’s work.

    Jon Kudelka with the difficulties facing MPs. Google.
    What a ripper from Peter Broelman!

    Paul Zanetti on the Sam Dastyari abuse.

    Matt Golding cruels Potatohead.

    More from Golding.

    Sean Leahy really goes after Pauling Hanson with this tryptic.

    Andrew Dyson goes to the Oaks day meeting.

  19. Anticipated Putin-Trump meeting realized with handshake in Vietnamese attire (VIDEO)

    Hopes of a bilateral Putin-Trump meeting on the sidelines of the APEC summit have waned with the White House citing “scheduling conflicts,” but at least the two were all smiles while shaking hands during the photo call.

    Preparing for the traditional leaders’ photo at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit – held this year in Da Nang, Vietnam – Putin had already taken his spot when Trump approached him, extending his hand. In the manner which has become famous, the US president then held onto Putin’s hand for several seconds, patting his counterpart on the back.


  20. Legal blackmail? Congress considers withholding support for countries opposing US position at UN

    US lawmakers want to legally prohibit any financial and military assistance to countries opposing Washington’s foreign policy. A bill advocating such course of action based on a certain country’s “behavior” at the UN has been introduced by Republican Congressmen.

    The “United Nations Voting Accountability Act of 2017” has been put forward by Louie Gohmert (R-TX) and Steve King (R-IA) and referred to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. The lawmakers want to legally “prohibit United States assistance to foreign countries that oppose the position of the United States at the United Nations.”

    Any “monetary or physical assistance” including economic support and military cooperation should be suspended for those international players that consistently vote against the US in the UN Security Council and the General Assembly, the document states. If a UN member state’s position is not the same as Washington’s in more than 50 percent of the recorded voting, it should be considered an “opposed” country.


  21. Trump thinks Scientology should lose tax-exempt status, Longtime Aide Says

    President Donald Trump believes the Church of Scientology should have its tax exemption revoked, a longtime family aide and current top official at the Department of Housing and Urban Development told an actress and producer in May.

    In an unsolicited Twitter message, Lynne Patton, who has worked for the Trump family since 2009, told actress Leah Remini of Trump’s position and said she would interface with the IRS directly to seek more information in an effort to initiate revocation. Remini sent HuffPost copies of Patton’s messages and has declined to comment further.

    It’s not clear if Patton ever communicated with the IRS. But if Trump did express an opinion on the church and Patton did contact the IRS about it, as her message suggests, that would be a highly inappropriate level of interference with the IRS by the administration, one expert said.


  22. US Justice Department forces RT America to register as “foreign agent”

    RT, the Russia-based TV and Internet broadcaster, announced Thursday that the US Department of Justice has forced it to register as a “foreign agent” under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). Washington has given the outlet until Monday to register as a foreign agent or its director could be arrested and its assets frozen.

    The move is a product of the ongoing anti-Russia witch hunt being led by the Democratic Party, together with the US intelligence agencies, aimed at delegitimizing and outlawing domestic political opposition.

    The Justice Department’s actions will have a chilling effect on the numerous independent journalists who have either worked for or appeared on RT, as well as on press freedom in the United States as a whole.

    “In demanding RT America register as a foreign agent, the government has produced no evidence that RT qualifies as a foreign lobbying outfit, nor has it bothered to explain how this network is different from Al Jazeera, the BBC, or other state broadcasters,” Max Blumenthal, senior editor for AlterNet’s Grayzone Project, and a regular guest on RT America, told the World Socialist Web Site.

    “The only conclusion to draw is that the US government is targeting RT on political grounds, on the basis of its role as a platform for critical perspectives on American foreign policy, and as a test case for a wider campaign of media suppression,” he added.


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