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Remember him shouting an QT. almost ordering the High court judges that ” SO THEY WILL HOLD”

Well the judges didn’t like being told what to do so they came back with a big

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Todays results were are disaster for these useless incompetents and especially for the so called PM.

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Deputy PM and leader of the Nats is gone along with 4 others. All members of the Coalition or greens. Not 1 labor person has been found to be in breach of the rules despite I am guessing some pretty thorough digging by the opposite side

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The Govt still has a Majority because the speaker can vote in case its a tie and I don’t think he would go against his mates.

All this on top of cashgate and the failed AWU raids.

IT sure is a exciting time to be alive Mal.


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  1. And this is why, dear friends, Bill has Malcolm by the curlies (try to forget that image)

    The Labor resolution gives MPs and senators the option of either declaring they were not a foreign citizen at the nomination date or, if they were, to instead provide “a declaration demonstrating how he or she took all steps reasonably required by foreign law and within his or her power to renounce any foreign citizenship”.

    The requirement for a declaration without “details and evidence” suggests parliamentarians could declare that they had filed for renunciation without producing a certificate that showed when the renunciation was effective.


  2. I live in Victoria but Jay Wetherill looks much better to me than Xenophon or Lib Leader
    I can’t understand why Victorians think Mathew Guy or Marcus Bastiaan would make a better Premier than Daniel Andrews

  3. Manus fences being dismantled

    Within a couple of hours of a notice being handed to the refugees inside the Manus detention centre, fences around the Mike Compound have begun to be taken down.

    Reducing the security around the centre will only raise the detainees’ fears of being attacked even further.

    It was through the Mike fences that PNG locals and staff attacked the asylum seekers in 2014. It was in Mike Compound that Reza Barati was killed and scores of others were savagely bashed.

    The moves to dismantle the fences comes as it is revealed that there is no proper security in the areas that the government is trying to force the refugees to move to


  4. Dastyari might look like Mr. Bean, but Hanson looks like a low-end prostitute that probably hangs around Coalition social gatherings looking to score one of the old boys as a client.

    Actually come to think of it that’s probably not far from the truth.

    A cheap and tacky comment, yes, but it’s in regards to a cheap and tacky politician.

  5. Could Theresa and Malcolm get together for a double suicide?

    The British government’s claim that a deal on citizens’ rights is “within touching distance” is false and its offer this week of a streamlined application system for EU nationals seeking to stay in the UK is inadequate, the European parliament has warned.


    Theresa May’s government was rocked on Wednesday by a second cabinet resignation in a week after Priti Patel was forced to step down as international development secretary.

    The minister quit after being summoned back from a trip to Uganda and Ethiopia by Downing Street after it emerged she failed to be candid with May about 14 unofficial meetings with Israeli ministers, businesspeople and a senior lobbyist.


  6. Wow.

    Banksia school crash: father’s message of forgiveness from hearse

    A dashcam video from the hearse shows the father speaking in Arabic while his son’s green casket — draped in a black and gold cloth — lies in the rear of the vehicle.The driver of the car translates for the father in the video uploaded to Facebook.

    Allah has called for his boy, he is very happy,” the driver says. “The father says all the threats to this lady, the abuse, is not from them. “No retaliation is coming from the family of the boy. They have forgiven — if anything they want to sit with this lady and tell her we forgive you.”

    The father says his family hopes to extend a hand to the woman. “When all of this is over she is welcome to come and sit with the family, have a meal and talk about how they can move forward.” Earlier, the boy’s casket was carried by a dozen pallbearers down the steps of the Lakemba Mosque as mourners spilled onto the street.

    Google au/news/nation/banksia-school-crash-fathers-message-of-forgiveness-from-hearse/news-story/6fe6abe480b85e313c4d6eba01350a6a

  7. First and last paras from Katharine. Comment from me is unnecessary.

    Barnaby Joyce has declared Malcolm Turnbull can win the next election for the Coalition, because he is delivering for regional Australia, and people in the bush think Bill Shorten’s approach is “sneaky”.

    Joyce said while Shorten had emphasised that Labor’s vetting procedures were comprehensive, he said there was “no evidence from Penny Wong, no evidence from Tanya Plibersek, no evidence from Dougie Cameron, they just keep on saying, ‘trust us’.”

    “We could have used that line, Mr Shorten, but we didn’t – myself, [Fiona] Nash and [Matt] Canavan put ourselves before the high court.”

    “Penny Wong has not proven that she isn’t a Malaysian, she probably isn’t, but she has never proven it, Dougie Cameron has never proven it.”

    “You have to prove it, especially we’ve been to the high court and suffered slings and arrows and don’t have a job because of it.”

  8. One of the things that pisses me off most in Australian politics is that so many people just lap up this crap that Barnaby Joyce is an affable decent true blue son of the soil.

    No he isn’t. He’s a greedy, cruel, offensive, stupid, drunkard piece of garbage.

    And frankly it’d be less strain on my stomach if these corrupted vipers in the media stop trying to lie to me and the rest of the country. Do they think we can’t see with our own eyes? Hear with our own ears?

  9. Thinking about it more, how is Dastyari resembling Mr. Bean supposed to be a negative?

    Mr. Bean tends to be a highly eccentric yet very plucky character that almost always ends up on top in whatever silly situation he finds himself in. From his silly little games with Teddy to his vendetta with the driver of the 3-wheeled car.

    Frankly I find that a good thing for a politician – being plucky and ending up on top in the end.

    Better than other famous dead ringers in parliament, such as Eric “Colonel Klink” Abetz.

    • “Colonel Klink” had some redeeming features, one being a fantastic conductor, not that I’m a fan of classical music. Erica on the other hand?…..sweet FA

  10. To quote:

    November 9, 2017 at 8:16 PM

    Don’t worry about it Kirsdarke. It’s only Kath Murphy.Not anyone important.”

    I’ve given up on Ms Murphy, I don’t even read her articles anymore because all they are is some sorry attempt to make Trumble look good. As the orange one would say, “sad”

  11. Also, bugger it, I’ll tell the reason why I’m feeling particularly venomous tonight.

    It’s been 11 months since I completed my honours degree course last year, and I have not yet secured a full time job yet. So now I’ve been told that from next month I’ll have to do a work for the dole program.

    It’s like… wow. If I knew the end result of me putting up all those hours of university would result in me working in a thrift shop for less than the minimum wage maybe I shouldn’t have even effing bothered with university in the first place?

    It’s just so disgusting and humiliating and honestly I would be in a very, very dark place right now if I didn’t have everyone here to talk to as well as the extensive help given to me by my family and VVCS.

  12. In the ‘why not ?’ category
    “Mike Oldfield ‘Tubular Bells’ Live at the BBC 1973”

  13. Kirsdarke

    It’s just so disgusting and humiliating

    Damn right it is and it is why I have a visceral hate of the bastards that promote kick the unemployed shite.I am a “ninja’ at what I do but discovered the “joy’ of being over 50 and having to engage with the current system. Totally not fit for purpose . Scum employment agencies did SFA but still collect money.

    • You could get Puffy and me going on that issue very easily. It was one of the great travesties of our time that the Howard Government shut down DEET and the CES network. It was dressed up in Thatcherist ideological language of the time about competition being so good for us and the private sector being so much more efficient (which was a laugh after the HIH and Fairfax disasters). But it became very clear over time that it was a sellout to the rent-seekers inside the government tent. KK has highlighted how they simply just cream off payments for placing the job-ready U/E who would’ve found their way into work anyway.

      The CES dealt with this also, as a community service in labour exchanges set up around the country. But they did much more, especially with their local labour market knowledge. It had specialist staff working with programs and disadvantaged jobseekers that the labour market had left behind. The Job Network makes only token efforts at this. Retraining and skills development lacks the research it had in DEET.

      I sometimes likened the old nationwide CES system to the ABC radio and TV network. There were flaws, leaving both open to discontent, but both served country and regional areas well and allowed public access regardless of remoteness or means. Now of course, the ABC is high on the IPA wish list for a similar demolition. I’ve been as critical as anyone of it myself, especially on News and Current Affairs but it still does vital work for our community, just as the CES once did.

  14. I wonder if Bill will seek leave to show/table all of Labor’s citizenship details on day one of the next sitting period?

    Tick, tick, tick.

  15. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    Mark Kenny tells us that in practical terms, the SSM survey has given Coalition MPs the cover they need to ignore their recalcitrant base and vote squarely for social justice. More than that, it brings a moral and democratic obligation.
    Adam Gartrell report that Turnbull is setting a dangerous new course in threatening to use his meagre numbers to refer ALP MPS to the high Court.
    Laura Tingle declares that the Turnbull government is on hold until March at least. Google.
    Shorten’s playing hardball.
    David Crowe writes that the gloves are off in the citizenship row. The key principle applied in the early months will be cast aside. Google.
    By mobilising the Holocaust defence, Turnbull has ensured the “citizenship debate” now turns entirely on emotional responses — which is a danger to the nation, writes Ingrid Matthews.
    Grattan on Friday: Voters just want citizenship crisis fixed – but it isn’t that easy.
    Barnaby Joyce lashes out and demands Penny Wong prove she’s not Malaysian.
    Jennifer Hewett comes out confidently says there will be a March election. Google.
    John Hewson explains why the Adani project should be rejected. It’s a “house of cards” supported only by the prospect of $1b of support by the NAIF he says.

  16. Section 2 . . .

    Waleed Aly has peened a very good article in which he warns of what will follow the SSM survey result. He says that the survey has changed nothing.
    Tensions are deepening within the Coalition, with conservatives being warned against undermining the survey result. Google.
    David Wroe on the latest YouGov poll on SSM.
    And another survey on the subject with some concerning results.
    Jonathon Hunyor writes that Dean Smith’s marriage amendment bill is a way to break through the political impasse with minimal damage. Any further concessions must be rejected.
    Eryk Bagshaw on how investors are being pushed out of Australia’s housing market with government regulations generating a 6 per cent drop in investor loans as first home buyers record “strong growth” for the first time in years.
    A year after the 2016 presidential election, the political divide between Republicans and Democrats is wider than it has been at any point in at least 23 years, according to an October report from Pew Research Center.
    A bid to stop the Tax Office moving staff off their workstations and onto hot desks will enter arbitration at the industrial umpire on Thursday.
    Stephen Koukoulas on how there is a bit of an investment shift from property into stocks.
    Almost 600 men still holed up in the Manus Island detention centre are bracing for confrontation after being given two days to relocate to new accommodation and Papua New Guinean authorities warning them “force may be used” if they do not leave voluntarily.

  17. Section 3 . . .

    Forget China, no country has interfered, spied and endangered Australia’s security, sovereignty and the integrity of its national institutions than Israel and its powerful lobbyists, writes former Palestinian Ambassador Ali Kazak.
    Steph Peatling opines that Pauline Hanson is getting set to be the kingmaker in Queensland.
    Streaming media group Stan is taking legal action against a group of men who racially abused Labor senator Sam Dastyari, after it was revealed that the far-right group took their name from Stan’s upcoming drama series Romper Stomper. Karma.
    Quentin Dempster writes that up to 25,000 Australian creative content jobs are now on the line with the Turnbull government under heavy pressure to abandon or water down protective regulation.
    What will happen with Rebekha Sharkie?
    The Paradise Papers show tax avoidance by the rich and powerful is not only systemic but also implicitly endorsed by the Government. Former ATO Assistant Tax Commissioner John Passant reports.
    Wendy Squires wonders if things are going too far with the #metoo thing.
    Now Optus is offering to compensate customers that have not got the national broadband network speeds they were promised. But it does bucket the NBN in doing so.

  18. Section 4 . . . Cartoon Corner Part 1

    David Rowe – want more can one say?

    Andrew Dyson’s view of Turnbull’s SSM survey.

    Simon Letch with the inevitable result of the survey.

    Cathy Wilcox on the shallowness of the far right.

    A concerned effort from David Pope.
    John Shakespeare on the Queensland election trail.

    Jon Kudelka being unkind to Malcolm “Crisis Man” Turnbull.

  19. Section 5 . . . Cartoon Corner Part 2

    Three more good contributions from Mark David.

    Peter Broelman on dual citizenship.

    Paul Zanetti does think much of Turnbull’s bipartisanship call.

    Some prolific work from Matt Golding!

    Mark Knight and a new Aussie citizenship test.
    Ugly work from Alan Moir.

    Andrew Dyson in Parliament House.
    Matt Davidson and super salesman Turnbull.

  20. Kirsdarke

    I am so sorry this is happening for you. I feel helpless with nothing to offer you. With all your hard work and ability to do excellent research, it is unbelievable that your talent and skills aren’t being snapped up.

    I am glad you have us here at The Pub to vent your frustration, and a good family to support you.

  21. If it wasn’t so farcical it would be funny. The msm have allowed this government to get away will completely outrageous stuff for the 4 plus years they have been running the show, and the spruikers aren’t coping with the fall of their hero’s.

  22. Jennifer Hewitt is absolutely certain there will be an election in March, although she’s not sure what sort of election. Is this prediction based on her close contact with political sources, or information from members of the government? Nope. She says it’s a sure thing because she will be on holiday overseas in March.

    Journalists – pffft.

  23. Mark Kenny can fuck right off. His article at the top of The Age is disgusting. Not gonna bother linking it.

  24. ********* MODERATOR'S NOTICE ************

    Can we please tone down the defamatory stuff guys?

    Unsubstantiated comments about various politicians being perverts, molesters etc. do not elevate the debate.

    I've been guilty of some robust language myself in the past, so I'm no Holy Joe, but really, some of the stuff that's been written in recent days goes WAY too far.

    Legal actions for defamation can be very expensive to defend.

    Thanks youse,


  25. Apologies about that, Bill.

    It’s frustrating though, how racists can get away with bullying Dastyari and Hanson getting a dig in calling Dastyari a pipsqueak and implying he deserved it. It’s like there’s hardly any justice in the world anymore.

  26. Well, I guess I’m enjoying the way the press gallery keeps trying to shift the narrative to something that presents the Turnbull government in a good light. The sheer amount of bad stuff you need to ignore in order to do that is presenting a huge problem for them. But they’re up for the task, it seems. You have to stand on your head with your body bent 130 degrees at the waist and your arms and legs forming a swastika in order to find an angle on Manus you can present positively. Hartcher went ahead and did that the other day, a gymnastic feat even I thought was beyond him. And now Mark Kenny has crawled into a hole a quarter the size of his body, crossed his eyes and stared clear through three feet of mud to give us his clear-eyed take on the ME plebiscite.

    What a man Turnbull is, eh? He wasn’t up to the task of standing up to his party to give the country something it was demanding as a matter of course, so he submitted to a few months of expensive, non-binding, socially divisive debate instead. And it was worth it too, now we see the end point: a public decision exactly the same as polling indicated prior to the plebiscite, and a right wing rump of the Liberals still prepared to dig in and delay/obstruct the passage of any legislation put before them. Which is where we were six months ago. Brilliant politics.

    The default position of the CPG is the same as always: “The Coalition, despite all their faults, are still the best party to run the country – now, let’s see how we can finesse it so that they continue in power.” Yes, they grumble about the faults, once the faults are so manifest they can no longer be ignored. But having acknowledged the faults, the CPG then expects us to forget the faults and move on to the talking points. We’ve already left the NBN and the highly shonky raid on the AWU in our wake. Not worth writing articles about any longer, apparently. Manus is already barely getting a look-in, even as the tragedy continues to unfold. No, no – we need to concentrate on getting Barnaby back into Parliament, apparently, and then see what we can do about subverting the Constitution in order to let all these ineligible Coalition MPs keep their positions. Priorities, people.

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