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Remember him shouting an QT. almost ordering the High court judges that ” SO THEY WILL HOLD”

Well the judges didn’t like being told what to do so they came back with a big

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Todays results were are disaster for these useless incompetents and especially for the so called PM.

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Deputy PM and leader of the Nats is gone along with 4 others. All members of the Coalition or greens. Not 1 labor person has been found to be in breach of the rules despite I am guessing some pretty thorough digging by the opposite side

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The Govt still has a Majority because the speaker can vote in case its a tie and I don’t think he would go against his mates.

All this on top of cashgate and the failed AWU raids.

IT sure is a exciting time to be alive Mal.



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  1. Tell you what, while this dual citizenship saga is pretty unfortunate when you get down to the personal stuff of it (Keay holding off renouncing dual citizenship because of a link to her father, etc), at least there’s an element of justice to it all.

    Remember in 2011-2013 when every movement of Craig Thomson was breathlessly reported by the media and used as club to bludgeon anything good that Julia Gillard’s government did? I remember that, and that politics is completely drowned out by this game of Constitutional Guess Who? It feels somewhat justified.

    Turnbull wants to talk about Jobson Growth, but nobody else does. And then next week when the results of the ME survey are announced, there’s going to be the spectacle of internal party bitching. It’s terminal government for certain.

  2. Looking around the discussion regarding MPs and citizenship, it seems to me a lot of people out there are still missing the point. It’s not really about how this government can or can not hang on to power, or about whether the constitutional rules are arcane, or even about the timing of renunciations. It’s about something a lot larger than that, and something that strikes at the heart of everyone’s lived political experience.

    It’s about short-cuts, privilege, and the idea within right-wing circles that rules are things you apply to other people. I think we’ve seen enough to know that a lot of MPs were aware all along that they had citizenship issues – they just didn’t care about them because they thought it would never come up. The key to this is that that is their attitude to everything. You do as little as you need to to in order to become an MP – that includes not only just ticking boxes on a form whether or not you’ve done your due diligence on them – but also trotting out whatever empty promises get you across the line, only considering what’s strategically effective as a message and not what’s practically effective as a policy, and just generally riding in on a tide of slurs, lies and slogans. As a party, the Liberals also have that attitude to expense claims. Take, take, take, and justify later on when and if necessary. It’s what got Bronwyn Bishop kicked out of her job.

    Coalition MPs simply aren’t across the details on anything. They think things will work out in the end, but at that level they simply don’t. They spent a lot of time in opposition focusing on minor details, which gave the impression that they were into fine print, But that was just concentrating on gotchas, and even most of those were based on shonky information or misconstruing data – think of any of Hockey’s presentations as Shadow Treasurer; they were all based on distorted information made to look like real research.

    What we’re seeing at the moment is a bizarre manifestation of that general laxity of discipline and accountability. It’s the same attitude that brought us the Census, the NBN, all of our policy-on-the-run asylum seeker bastardry, Robodebt, and pretty much everything they’ve touched since gaining power in 2013. Even their Royal Commissions were half-hearted and shoddily researched. Their Productivity Commission reports were constructed around… you couldn’t even call it ideology, it was just assumptions, as was more or less admitted in the aftermath. Robodebt is almost the textbook case for their double-standard on accountability. Welfare recipients are held to the strictest standards based on data that’s wildly inaccurate, and designed to be that way. It was a rush-job treated as a kind of economic gospel, and of course it ran into problems immediately. The recent raid on the AWU is another good example of the Liberals holding somebody else to strict standards – an internal procedural issue from a decade ago? – while leaving themselves wide open to attack because their own organisation of the raid was so cack-handed. In fact, this pattern goes all the way back to Utegate.

    And that’s what the citizenship mess is telling us. These guys don’t check anything beforehand. They guess at things, expect it all to go swimmingly because they’re Important People, and only energise themselves when it’s time to organise a cover-up to save their arses.

  3. Aguirre

    ” Welfare recipients are held to the strictest standards ” .That ,I hope, will be what screws them. Anyone who has dealings with teh “Government” will know that being found to have ticked boxes for tax $’s incorrectly ain’t no laughing matter. Pollies escaping the punishment the plebs get for the same infraction will not be a good look.

  4. I watched all of Tony Burke’s presser, not just the sound bite the ABC posted on Twitter.

    Labor is relying heavily on the ‘take reasonable steps’ thing to defend Justine Keay and Susan Lamb. I really wish Shorten would order both of them to go to the High Court. Why? A High Court ruling on this issue would be definitive, at present it’s a bit vague, and second, it would shut Turnbull up. If the court ruled in Labor’s favour it would be another blow to Turnbull’s credibility as a lawyer. He’s making a big deal of the whole thing, using it to distract media attention away from his government’s citizenship mess. From what Burke said this afternoon Labor is just going to tough it out, and intends to take advantage of the government’s now minority status to ‘pursue Labor’s agenda while they can.

    Burke’s presser was live on Facebook – I know not everyone can access Facbook videos, but here it is anyway. (Facebook is really good for this sort of thing. I use it as a news feed, and for family stuff, I don’t care about having more ‘friends’ than anyone I know.)

  5. I suppose that’s another problem for Turnbull:

    • Sinodinos has taken medical leave to have treatment for cancer – what sort of cancer he won’t say. He says he will be back. He expects a full recovery – or he did, a month ago.

      He should resign and devote himself to recovering properly, rather than rush back to work before he is fit – if he ever is.

    • I’ve always thought the real threat from a terrorist attack would be something simple like turning off the power, rather than a bombing somewhere.

      Forget inconvenience to business. you only have to sit through a few hours of a blackout (I did that, last Monday night) to realise how dependent we all are on our power grid.

      it’s taken the government a long time to work this out.

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