Treading Water


dog-treading-water-slide.jpgI don’t know about you but i feel like we are just treading water waiting for the next election.

It’s like washing machine  at the moment . The Coalition try something to get a poll bounce, the media get all excited,Labor don’t say or do much ,whatever the big issue was dies away until the next big issue comes along. Rinse and repeat.


The ssm marriage issue has died down basically because after all the hysteria most people don’t give a shit what other people do in their love life and everyone knows what the result of this waste of money poll will be.


Dual citizenship  ineligibility is a big yawn but I will ask why Ignorance of the law is no excuse for any other offence why should it be any different for the entitled. I also note no labor pollies are caught up in this despite I bet the best efforts of the conservative forces to find some  Alp member to blame. How much Money have the lawyers made from this .


Power is all the go this week but something else will along come soon.


It is now well into October so most of Australia will now be focusing on the big races, then the end of the school term ,Christmas /New Year holidays and then the start of the next year .There are a few elections coming up next year so things will heat up a bit .

Maybe it’s a good time to chill.





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  1. Reporting on a slow phone. Outside GMH Holden factory in Elizabeth SA. Note no spellcheck.
    A few hundred people here.
    A line of Holdens parked along the street.
    A cavalcade of Holdens are deiving past and have been for two hours. Everyone around with a Holden seems to be driving past.
    Media are perched fo r The Shoot.
    A helicoptercircles and hovers.
    The people in the crowd are swappibg stories and are sad but enjoying the display of Aussie manufacturing skill by the impromptu drive past.

    Some of these cars are from interstate. One has Tassie plates RIPGMH.

  2. Amongst all the surly articles re Jacinda in the GG this from Denis Shanana really went contrarian.

    Polish your manners, Julie

    Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is going to have to be “super polite” to anointed NZ prime minister Jacinda Ardern.

    • Herr Kipfler will say no because those ‘reffos’ might become NZ citizens and then SHOCK HORROR that means they could take a holiday in Australia.

    • Dutton and Co have already said NZ is too nice a place for refugees. Sending refugees to a ‘nice’ place will only encourage people smugglers is the very flawed reasoning. Plus the remote possibility they might eventually come here. Remember, he wanted to ban refugees who have settled somewhere better than Australia coming here even as tourists.

      The creature is almost as deranged as Trump.

  3. ore notes from today’s closure of GMH

    I spoke to a family down from Sydney. The Dad said they flew down first thing this morning to be here and made sure the hire car was a Holden. His wife put black mourning ribbons on it.
    I asked him who was to blame and he said “Liberals”.

    He said he was a Liberal voter but he hopes they fall on the @rse next election.

    I asked people the same question and the answer I got was usually, ‘the government’. One bloke tried to blame the unions and high wages until I squashed that one. The people I spoke to all agreed that all countries subsidise their car industries and that 500mil in $Atrillion dollar economy of Australia was a pittance.

    If I did have an effigy of Hockey, I would not’ve been short of offers to light it up.

    • Mixed reports. Hard arske sister, National supporter very 😦 Labour is in. Her daughter YAAAAAAAAAAAAY Labour won. Some good lols seeing them discuss voting intentions before the election. Shocked to discover my mother was going to vote for Peters !!!! Overall there would be 1.5 thumbs up.

  4. Excellent article.

    There’s no point talking about Australia possibly becoming a hub for electric car manufacturing. Once lost we won’t get our car industry back. All those factories will be flogged off, bulldozed and the land used for more jerry-built blocks of poky flats all clad in highly flammable imported Chinese rubbish which will sell for millions, despite not having enough room inside to swing a guinea pig. let alone a cat. . Or maybe they will be replaced by shopping centres, but just who will have the money to spend there is an excellent question.

    Meanwhile Fizza will keep blathering on about Jobson Growth when everyone knows the only job he cares about is his own.

  5. My first car was a FJ Holden. I got it in the most crass manner possible, and have been embarrassed by my behaviour ever since. There was a young bloke about town, a bit of a lair and petty hoodlum in the making who drove the flashest FJ for several hundred miles. Sadly for him he got into a fight with another bloke outside a church one sunday and the other bloke fell, hit his head on concrete and died. The FJ owner was arrested and eventually sentenced to about 10 years hard labour. A couple of weeks later I saw his mother in town and asked if I could buy her sons car, pointing out that he wouldn’t be needing it for quite a while. She agreed and I paid her about $150 if I remember correctly, and I swanned around in it for several years until it was stolen from me in Paddington, Sydney, then a wild and wooly sodom and gommorrah.

  6. About 950 workers at the Holden plant in Elizabeth won’t be going to work on Monday morning. That’s going to do wonders for the local economy (she says with a whole load of sarcasm). Just ask Fizza. He says today was ’emotional’ but he didn’t offer any help. He has never known what it is for the family breadwinner to be out of work with no prospect of a new job. He has been well-off and privileged all his life. To him doing it tough meant his dad renting a flat in ever so posh Double Bay. He should have tried living in public housing at Mount Druitt for a few years, that might have given him a bit of insight .

  7. Meanwhile, across the ditch …

    On Friday Ardern also committed to establishing a climate change commission, setting a target of net zero for greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and restoring the Emissions Trading Scheme which would include the agricultural sector – a move New Zealand dairy farmers say would cripple their business.

  8. JTI casts his beady eye over the NZ election result.

    We’ve always known it. We are miles ahead of the New Zealanders………….Thus Jacinda Ardern became NZ’s fourth prime minister in the last 18 years.We have proven we can manage that feat in the space of about 18 months.

    …………Rather than issuing patronising pats on the head to Ardern, our Foreign Minister Julie Bishop was reported as having to chow down on the ordure baguette. The dung damper, the crap crumpet, the excrement eclair — call it what you will.

    Google trick au/opinion/blogs/welcome-to-our-world-new-zealand-youre-running-late/news-story/744aa17d13017e4182b260f875880c85

  9. The first car I ever bought, not the one in the photo 🙂 but same model and colour. Come on down the HG Premier.Damn I wished I still had the 308 beast. Not a rev head but yea cannae beat the rumble of a V8. . Before this it had been all motor bike. Vale Holden.

    • Then perhaps poor precious little snowflake Barnaby should resign if his personal problems are affecting his ability to do a proper job which is to serve Australia?

      Just a thought. Of course since he’s a National this article in the Terror means that they think we should all feel sympathy for him and lash out at all those meanies that say (with truth) that he’s too incompetent to hold the position he is now in.

    • Just found a beaut zinger from Bill re MT on the link to above –

      “His 300-word slogans must stop!”

      😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  10. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    Peter Hartcher begins by suggesting the NEG is a triumph but ends the article with “There is no policy achievement so promising for Australia that the petty intransigence of federal-state relations can’t strangle it at birth.”
    The road to the NEG has many potholes. These are outlined by the AFR. Google.
    But Crispin Hull says that Turnbull’s government grows more Trump-like every week. Last week’s health insurance announcement and this week’s energy announcement illustrate the point. He uses the NEG and private health announcements to support his point of view. Ouch!
    Richard Denniss advises us to be wary of letting Turnbull bore us out of the energy debate. He concludes with “The problem isn’t the design, but the ambition. Turnbull is betting he can bore people out of caring about climate policy. But like betting that no old coal or gas-fired power stations break down this summer, I don’t like his odds.”
    This contributor to The Guardian says that looking at the information available – with the very big caveat that there is not much information available – there is very little reason to think that coal will benefit from the reliability guarantee.
    And Karen Middleton asks, ” While the government’s proposed national energy guarantee has been criticised as being more about saving Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership than good policy, has the prime minister smuggled in a carbon price under the noses of his conservative colleagues?”
    Paul Bongiorno has his say on the NEG.
    Jacqui Maley has a close look at what makes Josh Frydenberg tick.
    And Mark Kenny sort of endorses Frydenberg as a leadership contender.
    Phil Coorey reckons that the Coalition’s anti-business strategy may have hit its limits. Google.

  11. Section 2 . . .

    Jess Irvine writes about the wages stagnation that has bedevilled us for so many years.
    The SMH editorial has a dig at Julie Bishop whilst pondering over what is in store for NZ under Ardern.
    The next meeting of the NSW Liberal Party in December is shaping up as another round of the Abbott-Turnbull cage match. Google.
    Peter van Onselen throws his newspaper’s headline back in its face and says we should have a lot to learn from NZ’s electoral system. Google.
    His expertise in canoe building has landed David Johnston a plum job with SAAB.
    Trump has controversially linked an increase in recorded crime in the UK with the “spread of radical Islamic terror”. The Poms have retaliated.
    China’s central bank has warned in the clearest language to date that extreme credit creation and trouble in the shadow banking system could lead to a full-blown financial crisis.
    Serial whinger Gerard Henderson has a whinge about Fairfax’s stories on the Queen’s involvement in the dismissal of Whitlam. Google.
    Mike Seccombe expounds on the Hanson plot to kill the ABC. He praises Guthrie’s recent speech that will not win her many friends in the Turnbull government.
    James Packer’s been having a tough time lately.

  12. Section 3 . . .

    Commonwealth Bank chair Catherine Livingstone has defended the board’s decisions on disclosure and executive pay, under at times heated questioning over the money laundering compliance scandal that has rocked the bank. Liberal committee chairman has been doing a good job.
    Doctors wear stab-proof vests, nurses carry duress alarms and security guards have body cameras. This is the new reality as Victorian hospitals try to tackle rising reports of violence against their staff. What is the world coming to?
    Authorities are attempting to ward off a potentially violent crisis as the Manus Island detention centre closes, warning refugees their food, water and power will be cut on October 31.
    The Turnbull Government has refused to condemn the horrific humans rights abuses by the Burmese military against the Rohingyar people, writes former U.N. senior policy manager Professor M. Adil Khan.,10840
    More than six months after Brexit was officially triggered – a quarter of the way to the final deadline – there is still no agreement on the “divorce bill” that Europe has demanded Britain must settle before discussions about their future relationship can begin. Tears will be shed before this is over!
    And Emmanuel Macron has accused Brexiters of seeking to “bluff” the EU into softening its negotiating stance by championing a no-deal scenario.
    The NSW state government should investigate a network-wide cap on charges for Sydney’s growing labyrinth of toll roads, an inquiry has recommended. There is a big West-East divide.
    David Marr wonders why the aspect of “sin” has been conspicuously absent from the SSM NO campaign.
    Rob Burgess writes that the Catholic Church has chosen ‘national anti-poverty week’ to promote a powerful idea that would stop politicians using vulnerable Australians as political footballs.

  13. Section 4 . . .

    If the Myer board thinks it has dodged a bullet at its annual meeting next month by replacing its chairman and appointing a new director to the board, it is in for a rude awakening. Adele Ferguson says Solomon Lew is ready and waiting with all the bullets he needs.
    Barack Obama has called on voters to reject a growing “politics of division” that he says is corroding American democracy. Without mentioning Republican President Donald Trump by name, Obama told campaign rallies in New Jersey and Virginia that voters could send a powerful message about the type of politics they want by backing Democrats in November 7 elections in the two states.
    Mark Kenny on the passage of the Victorian voluntary euthanasia bill through the lower house and Paul Keating’s reaction.
    Of course Pontificating Paul Kelly is aghast as the passage of the bill. Google.
    The Victorian Parliament’s decision to legalise voluntary euthanasia in Victoria could pave the way for other states and territories to “follow”.
    Tony Wright is waiting to hear what Bob Hawke might say about it.
    Meanwhile Phillip Nitschke has invented a 3D printable euthanasia machine that people can potentially have in their own homes. Google.
    A plan to force the friends and family of single parents to sign legally-binding Centrelink forms vouching for their relationship status has been labelled “intrusive, offensive and demeaning”.
    German retail giant ALDI has cemented its position as Australia’s third-biggest supermarket chain, after another year of extraordinary growth

  14. Section 5 . . .

    Fairfax Julie Szego gives her account of the sexual violence and harassment she has received in her life.
    Men must confront the facts: too many women are victims of sexual violence and the vast majority of their attackers are men known to them, writes Jonathon Ireland.,10841
    Christine Forster, whose campaigning on the marriage equality postal survey has put her at odds with her brother, former PM Tony Abbott, stars as a widow grieving her partner, who is played by her real-life partner Virginia Edwards.
    Federal Court staff locked in a fight with their bosses over a new workplace agreement will strike for the first time, saying employers haven’t listened to their fears about cuts to rights and conditions.
    A Texas town makes hurricane aid applicants pledge not to boycott Israel.

  15. Section 6 . . . Cartoon Corner.

    David Rowe goes to New Zealand.

    What a great start on Ardern by David Pope!
    John Shakespeare thinks the tables have been turned.

    A cracker from Alan Moir.

    Peter Broelman and the AFL’s latest issue.

    Paul Zanetti on what’s ahead for Ardern.

    Matt Golding and assisted dying.

    Cathy Wilcox and the patriotism of the old.

    Are poker machines designed to favour the house? Surely NOT says Mark Knight.

    A classic from Sean Leahy – Queen takes Bishop!

    And Leahy farewells Holden.

    As does Andrew Dyson.
    Oh dear! I said yesterday that Ardern’s teeth would be a boon for cartoonists.
    Jon Kudleka and the kiwi in the room.
    Pryor and incursions into our bedrooms.

  16. I follow Tony Windsor on twitter, I haven’t seen any provocative tweets from him. He has pointed out where barnaraby has let the farming community down, but I suppose to some people telling the truth would be provocative.

    • I haven’t seen any of those alleged tweets from Windsor either. Just another journalist making up crap,. What else would anyone expect from something written by Markson?

      I see this story as an attempt to klll off Windsor’s election chances. The language used to refer to Windsor is derogatory, and there’s a lot of ‘poor Barnaby’ hints to boost his vote, should he need to go to a by-election.

      I have seen other tweets though, from other Tweeters, referring to Barnaby being kicked out of the family home, the affair going on for eight months, politicians noticing it ages ago and wondering why no-one had said anything to the media.

      I can’t believe there’s a woman out there who would find Barnaby attractive.

      Only the Daliy Telegraph is running this story. For what it’s worth, here’s the link.

    • Ok then – I trawled through Tony Windsor’s tweets and found these, referring to the Weinstein scandal and linking it to Australian politics.

      If we have politicians getting drunk and chasing teenager girls into toilets or otherwise abusing their position of power then those men deserve to be outed. I can’t see anything ‘vicious’ in those tweets. ‘Provocative’. maybe, but if my local MP was using his position to abuse young women I’d want to know about it.

      I’m more interested on Tony’s tweets about our governments planning to approve the Adani and Shenhua mines and the Santos Narrabri gas project just before Christmas, announced all at the same time, deliberately, to make it almost impossible for protestors to organise mass rallies.

  17. How correct Flight of the Conchords were that in NZ ..”you can kind of stick your head out the window and yell down the street and get the Prime Minister”. 🙂

    ABC journo rings around to check on the pronunciation of Ardern and…

    After struggling to get through to a Labour office he phoned the New Zealand Parliament to ask someone there.

    A Beehive staffer who answered his call told Webb he’d put him through to Ardern’s office, Webb said.

    He was surprised when after a few rings he heard a voice on the line say “hello Jacinda”.

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