Treading Water


dog-treading-water-slide.jpgI don’t know about you but i feel like we are just treading water waiting for the next election.

It’s like washing machine  at the moment . The Coalition try something to get a poll bounce, the media get all excited,Labor don’t say or do much ,whatever the big issue was dies away until the next big issue comes along. Rinse and repeat.


The ssm marriage issue has died down basically because after all the hysteria most people don’t give a shit what other people do in their love life and everyone knows what the result of this waste of money poll will be.


Dual citizenship  ineligibility is a big yawn but I will ask why Ignorance of the law is no excuse for any other offence why should it be any different for the entitled. I also note no labor pollies are caught up in this despite I bet the best efforts of the conservative forces to find some  Alp member to blame. How much Money have the lawyers made from this .


Power is all the go this week but something else will along come soon.


It is now well into October so most of Australia will now be focusing on the big races, then the end of the school term ,Christmas /New Year holidays and then the start of the next year .There are a few elections coming up next year so things will heat up a bit .

Maybe it’s a good time to chill.






448 thoughts on “Treading Water

  1. About 950 workers at the Holden plant in Elizabeth won’t be going to work on Monday morning. That’s going to do wonders for the local economy (she says with a whole load of sarcasm). Just ask Fizza. He says today was ’emotional’ but he didn’t offer any help. He has never known what it is for the family breadwinner to be out of work with no prospect of a new job. He has been well-off and privileged all his life. To him doing it tough meant his dad renting a flat in ever so posh Double Bay. He should have tried living in public housing at Mount Druitt for a few years, that might have given him a bit of insight .

  2. Meanwhile, across the ditch …

    On Friday Ardern also committed to establishing a climate change commission, setting a target of net zero for greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and restoring the Emissions Trading Scheme which would include the agricultural sector – a move New Zealand dairy farmers say would cripple their business.

  3. JTI casts his beady eye over the NZ election result.

    We’ve always known it. We are miles ahead of the New Zealanders………….Thus Jacinda Ardern became NZ’s fourth prime minister in the last 18 years.We have proven we can manage that feat in the space of about 18 months.

    …………Rather than issuing patronising pats on the head to Ardern, our Foreign Minister Julie Bishop was reported as having to chow down on the ordure baguette. The dung damper, the crap crumpet, the excrement eclair — call it what you will.

    Google trick au/opinion/blogs/welcome-to-our-world-new-zealand-youre-running-late/news-story/744aa17d13017e4182b260f875880c85

  4. The first car I ever bought, not the one in the photo 🙂 but same model and colour. Come on down the HG Premier.Damn I wished I still had the 308 beast. Not a rev head but yea cannae beat the rumble of a V8. . Before this it had been all motor bike. Vale Holden.


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